Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Bring me Joy

Sometimes God puts people in your lives to show you that he cares. That he is there. That has happened to me recently.

Sometimes you know that you have God's love. You have faith that he is there. And you know that all things work together for his purpose. And you know that you are doing your best to follow him and to do what he wants.

But, sometimes you need to feel the hand of God through someone tangible. A friend that touches you and maybe even puts an an arm around you and just holds you while you cry.

Ihave some friends like that. Some of them I met through this wonderful blogging world. Some I met through my (cross that out)...the ministry that God has allowed me to be a part of. ministry.

This week I want to show them how much I appreciate them.

I am not real blogger or computer savy. And I don't know how to make a fancy button but I have figured out how to upload photos, doctor them with Corel and how to send them in an email or post on my blog.

The above photos I am sending to some none blogging friends today.

This week I am going to give them to my new bloggy friends.

If your a new friend and you haven't left a comment and you want to share my Joy with your friends then please take the photo and share with someone that has been Jesus to you.

Please leave me a comment because it is the comments too that make us all feel Jesus' love during those times that things are tough.

Later in the week I think I will write about how hard things are right now. But for now I find/seek joy.

Love you all,
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