Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Good Bye to Tea Time Tuesday

 Good  Morning today is the last Tea Time post for the year.  But do please come around for Hit Chocolate  Parties starting next week! I promise fun! 

Except when it's  Hot Chocolate time!

Today I am sharing  images from Pinterest  . . . 

A couple of years ago because of blogs.  I fell in love with Tea Parties and Tea Cups. 

 I love cups on books.  And stacked like the photo above. 
I love cups on pretty tables.  And I love pretty linens.  

You know the ones you don't let Him or the kids touch! 

Just look at the yummiest.  I don't  even have to have Tea or Sweets to be happy. 

I have a secret!  

It's  really kind of a Birthday  wish. I want to go around town to all the antique  shops and find Tea Cups.  I am sure I won't  buy any.  Because  they are so expensive but,  I'll sneak a few pics! 

Don't  tell!

See you next week for

Hot Chocolate w/

The Big Guy! 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Busy Monday & Challenges

 Good Morning. How r u! 

Today along with my Busy Monday I am sharing  a couple challenges.   And a Prayer Request. 

Challenge #1

Part 1 . . . Domino has been loosing weight.  And we realized she is allergic  to Green Beans!  

Oh My gosh can you believe it? 

So my challenge is adding a Morning meal.  Which means it is followed  by a walk.   Which is good for me I know but . . . 

Which brings me to: 

Part 2 . . . Making a Skinny plate for Lola. 

She is my Foodie Girl!

So I guess Lola will have a Veg plate while Domino gets Rice, Chicken and an Egg.  And Oatmeal every other day. 

I am reminded about when we first got Domino.  She was super skinny. 

 We thought it was from being in the shelter.   Now I am not so sure! 

So . . . I pray over all thier meals now.  I need help with all this.  It is important  to me for them to be healthy. 

I also pray every morning  for my stamina.  I have been having alot of excruciating  back pain.  So the additional morning walk is going to be hard for me.   

I started on Sunday and I realized that night that I never touched my crochet  all day!  

I am glad I have my crochet to keep me Busy but I do still miss my quiting.   

I have had my new sewing machine almost a year now and I have barely use it.   Not really because I am Busy but because I realized almost all of my supplies didn't  make the move to Galveston.   So my Santa list will include a ruler and cutting mat.  And if he is extra rich this year a good table to work on.  


So that is the beginning  of my Busy Monday. 

Today I will be Busy finishing putting up Christmas  decorations. 

And putting away Thanksgiving and putting my area of our 'Music Room' the name he gave it.  I don't  like it but I couldn't  think of anything  better! 

This week  I will continue  being Busy trying to get the Cowboy to slow down on sweets. He us currently  eating 3 huge Sugar Cookies after eating 1 Egg wrapped in a Tortilla.  He refused 2. 

On this note.  The doctor is eased with his weight gain.  Everyone  refuses to listen to me about why he is gaining weight. 

I guess this is actually  Challenge  #3. 

For fun because I need a bit after all the above!  I will be Busy working on my crochet blanket.  

I have found instructions  to complete the edges so I am happy about that. 

I have been Busy looking for my next project. I have considered several.  Here's the one I am leaning  toward today.  

Colorful.  I can use a lot of the yarn I have.  

I am still looking at patterns.  

The challenge oh there's another one is finding one I like that is free. 

A couple of weeks ago I began joining one of my FB groups.  They are active and I need the stimulation . . .  So I am Busy writing a Scripture, Studying  a Word and drawing or Doodling another word every day. 

I have already  been Busy this morning.  First walk at 7:20.  I felt good so we walked a block instead just around yard.  Got back and posted on FB group.  Swept bathroom and kitchen.  Put away clean dishes and cleaned counters and island.  Now I have Rice cooking and I will make breakfast for dogs.  And then another walk. 

I have to get Busy and get my prescription plan signed up for Medicare.  They whole thing is just a pain. 

And, I will  be Busy just breathing a Sigh of relief that I really don't  have a lot to do!  

And before I go sharing some sweetness . . . 

That's  sweet Busy

I hope you day is great! 

And filled with

Fun Busy 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Foodie Friday On Sunday


Well it was a strange week where eating and cooking is concerned. 

Most days He didn't  feel like eating.  

I try . . . 

He is frustrated  he really isn't  supposed to eat Bacon. 

We had a great lunch (the pictures  are below) 

And another day I made a tray of Nachos for lunch
Leftover Roast from the freezer.  Odd He seems to want Pot Stickers pretty regularly! 
The Gumbo the neighbor  made for His bday 

And the lunch was flowed by the Pop Corn . . . 
It was a rainy day.  The guy said he would bring our food out . . .

Look at this Burger!
So yummy and those fries!

His Burger.  We had a car picnic
He had tests at the hospital  which happens to only be a couple blocks from or favorite  Mexican place. 

Foolish man.  He never eats his Rice. I kind if think it's  the best part.
Hmm. . .he ate all but the Rice! 

I love the Taco plate.  It's  about $8.00. 

Breakfast Eggs in a Flour Tortilla  from the Mexican  Market 

And Christmas  is here.  I'll  he sharing the rest of the decorations this week. 

Hope you weekend  was pleasant. 

See you Monday! 

Simple Sunday