Friday, December 30, 2011

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Bible 2012 part Two

First . . . Thank you to all of you who have already commented or emailed about my challenge. Your sweet comments and emails honesty Blessed me.  

So with that said it brings me to a couple more comments and confessions. Mine; about the subject of reading the Bible through in 2012. 

As I said yesterday I have made the attempt many times.  But as I think about it now I realize a couple of reasons why I failed so miserably. 

Here's a couple of reasons I tried before . . .

  1. A legalistic attitude . . . sounds kind of strange dosen't it?  But; as I thought about it.  I realized that some of those times I was trying to be able to check of a mark in my Sunday School quarterly.  (anyone remember those?) 
I am wondering how many of us have tried and tried because they heard a pastor or a teacher.  Or even a friend talk about or encourage you to Read the Bible this year! 

             And how many of us me included tried for this reason.  And, failed miserably. 

  #2. It's good for 'me'. It'll help 'me' get closer to God.
'Me' yep.  What a good reason for 'me'.  To help 'me'

Yes just like beause someone else suggested it.  Doing it for 'me' is actually a very good and valuable reason but let's face it if it worked for 'ME'  I probably wouldn't be writing this post. 

And so this year I want to do it Just Because.  Yep no other reason.  Not because someone told me to.  Not because I want to check of a box in a quarterly.  Not because I want to learn more about the Bible.  And all the other 'good' reasons. 

Just Because . . . God said to. Yep. That's right. 
Obediance.  For me I think that the big key at least for me right now is obediance.  I want to please my father. 

But, your thinking in away all those other reasons are being obediant.  And actually they are. And I think you'll agree that it's our mind set that will spur us on and keep us going.  We have to determine to do this. For all those reasons and many more.  And Just Because.

But,we are human and we fail.  And so that is why we need each other.  We need each other for . . .

I need your help.  I  need you sweet sister to pray me through this challenge.  And, I want to lift you up and pray for you and with you daily as we go through this Journey together. 

I want to begin today praying for you.  Some of you I don't even know yet.  But I know that there are sweet sisters out there feeling a longing to Obediently following the Father.  And are ready to jump in and join me and take this challenge. 

And there are some sweet friends that I am praying will decide to join.  In fact I'll be emailing and commenting on your posts and walls ane inviting you!

Those of you that have already joined me I began praying for you as soon as I received your email. 

And, I am praying for your weekend.  I pray that you have a peaceful and stressless next few days.  I pray that you and your family are safe throughout this weekend. 

And I look forward to starting fresh on Monday and begin our Journey through the . . .

Thanks again for joining me.  It is my plan to actually begin reading together with you on Monday.
Tomorrow I hope to write another post to encourage you and others to join us.  If you haven't already please sign up to receive my posts via email.  And, when you do either email me or write a comment on any post and let me know your joining us!    See you tomorrow!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading The Bible in 2012

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible through in a year and never quite made it?

 Have you felt the desire to grow closer to God; but things get in the way?  

Do you pray 'when you think about it'? 

I am going to be real and honest and say . . . Yes.  (Embarrasing as it is). . . 

This year I am challenging myself to follow through and Grow Closer to God, Pray more like everyday,  and . . .
Read the Bible through this year.  Yes, yep, Uh hu,  Si the whole thing! 

And, because you are my dear sweet friend, my dear sweet sister I am asking you to join me in accepting this challenge. 

I am not sure how this will work,  I am thinking that . . .

No matter what version you want to read.  Or what type of plan you want to use  . . .

It doesn't matter.  Whether your Bible is brand new.  Or worn with age . . .
I am Praying that you will join me and Read The Bible in . . .

I would love to do this together.  So, leave me a comment, send an email, message me on facebook or heck call me if you want and let's chat about how to do this together.  We have a few days to work out the details.  So let's pray together and lift each other up,  challenge and encourage each other this year! 

On my Journey through the Bible this year . . .

Thankful Thursday Bye Bye 2011

Wow! Where do I  begin?  First let me get this out there . . . I am very, very Thankful that 2011 is coming to a close.  Because this is a thankful post I won't dwell on all the reasons why.  Onto the Thankfulness . . .

#1 I am thankful that I am writing this post today.  I haven't had inter-net for most of the year and my posts have been few and far between.  But I am still here.  I miss you guys!  I do read your posts on my phone.  Which leads me to . . .

#2 I am thankful that I get the inter-net on my phone.  And that I have been able to keep my phone on most of the year.  I love our no contract service!  If your looking at cutting down on expenses for the New Year check into a no-contract service.  I get talk,text and inter-net unlimited $40.00 a month.  I haven't found anything cheaper.

#3.  Probably should be #1 but . . . I am thankful that God has been with us all this year.  I am thankful for His provision and His timing.  I am thankful for the lessons he is still teaching me.  And I am thankful that he is patient even when I am slow in learning those lessons!

#4.  And another big one that could be #1 in it's own right . . .

. . . I am thankful that my grandson had a Birthday party given by his little friends and their mommy's.   He turned 3 one week before his momma finally made the decision to separate from her husband.  Because of the seperation we had to cancel his party.  So a couple of weeks later their friends gave him a party!   It has been an extremely hard year (3 years for him. . . 5 for her)  But, they are safe.  They are happy and getting happier everyday.    And, I pray that God continues to keep them safe while they go through the next phase.  Court.  It is dreaded but we will be singing Praises when it is over and they can move on.   I cannot express to you how hard it is to see your daughter and grandchildren go through these kind of situations.  I am Thankful God has been with her every step of the way. 

And, I am thankful that 2012 is around just around the corner . . . 
I look forward to 2012 and His promises and a New Journey! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordfilled Wednesday Dec. 14

Welcome to Wordfilled Wednesday . . .

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come back and take you to be with me that you may be where I am. " John 14:1-3
Last Saturday night I went with my daughter to church.  The pastor made a comment about Christmas and Easter and how some people only go to church for these two events. 
Then on Sunday Cowboy happened to use this photo in his powerpoint. 
I got to thinking again about the people that only worship at Christmas and Easter.  And, about what they are missing.  
At our daughters church they were passing out invites for their Christmas services.  I pray that many people will pass them out and that lots and lots of people will come.  I know the services will be a Blessing!  I pray that those that are there are touched. 
It's my prayer today that someone might be touched by these words and remember that God is with you everyday. That no matter where you are.  Or whatever circumstances you are in he is in control.  If you believe in Him.  Trust in Him.  He will be with you.  His word promises it! 
That's reason for Praise. 
Merry Christmas!   And don't forget to go over and visit the other WFW posts.
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