Saturday, December 31, 2022

Blog 365 Post 1 Day 1

 Hello January!  

I am always happy to Welcome in a New Year.  I alwas look at A new Year is filled with possibilities! 

This year I gave a couple goals starting with . . . 


A post a day all year

I think this a fun idea created by Sandra my friend at Happy Homemaker Monday.   

And I have a goal to find the magic in each mew day . . . 

And here my verse for the year 

See ya. Tomorrow for 365 #2


Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome to my regular Saturday  feature.  I've  missed a couple weeks  but hopefully  I can stay organized and motivated  in the New Year!  

I will join Sandra  as usual  for her party.  She provides the prompts . . . 

The weather A gorgeous  sunny day.  Predicted  to get 79.  But I am not holding out alot of hope.  It is still windy, cloudy and a bit chilly.   Hopefully  the sun will warm it up. 

Outside my window   

The sun is beginning to come out from behind the clouds.  Someone's dog is barking and barking and barking . . . 

What I am wearing  the time of year I wear several things during the day.  1st outside walk between 7:30-8:00 sweat pants and a hoodie and thin Tshirt underneath. 

Next inside shed pants and hoodie change into shorts. 

If we go out I will change to a nicer shirt.  My shorts are all new so they look o.k. for errands. 

On the breakfast plate 

He is still sleeping.  I had a bowl of Rice Krispies.  

On the luncheon plate 

Depends on his suggestion.  We need to go to Kroger with all the other crazy shoppers who forgot thins like toilet paper.  

He will probably want to get food while we are out. 

Updated 12:40 he got up and fixed himself a sandwich. 

Plans for the week/New Year 

We will go to Amy Lane the Christmas Gift Shop in town and pray in the prayer room 

I have to get papers ready to reapply for 'His' financial aide at the hospital.  

Transition from Christmas to Winter Theme. 

Make and shop for a few things for Valentine's Day.  I want to replace my grey bed pillows with Valentine's.   Hoping to find appropriate fabric and just recover the pillows I have. 

Discuss with the Cowboy a better way to store chips and cookies.  They are all stacked on my only counter space.  It is so hard to prepare a meal!    

Make an effort to make everyday a Magical Holiday even if I don't feel like it. 

Not allow his moods or how he feels affect me and bring me down .  

Weekly bake a new Cookie Revipe to share here and on Our Holiday Journey blog.n

Around the house/To Do List 

Take down/put away Christmas

Put Snowflakes on Christmas tree

Keep up with kitchen.  My daily chore/goal that is normally not accomplished 

On my reading pile  

Two for reviews . . . 

I just finished . . . 

I had the audio version.  I really  enjoy audio.  I can crochet or do others crafts while I listen. 

This was my first Amanda Flower book.  I loved it.  I have another print copy on my shelf I will read soon. 

On the t.v. The Lost Kitchen is back a few episodes to go.  It is just too short.  New show Out Chef'd.  

We've watched a few Christmas  movies. 

He watches hunting shows,sports and I guess those Mountain Man shows are back on. 

Scripture verses this month 

For my FB group writing verses every day. 

The Menu not planning a menu.  Kind of have a roller coaster life.  Somedays he is not interested  in eating so I am constantly  making changes, encouraging, bribing and praying. 

I do have tentative plans . . 

Mussels, Angel Hair Pasta, Ceasar Salad 

Prime Rib Soup and Bread 

Hot Grilled Italian Style Sandwich and Homemade Mushroom Soup 

Pork Chop, Rice and Blackeye Peas

Prime Rib, Cabbage,  Carrots, Fried Potatoes 

Chi Rellenos and Tamales, Rice and Beans


This is my verse of the year . . .

From the camera 

I try to get picture several times a week.    This time I just pulled over after leaving  Kroger it was on Friday afternoon.  The island is filling up with tourists for New Years
I wanted to take and share this shot with a Praise the Lord  we no longer have to search for a handicap parking space.  We got permanent  tags!

Linking  with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday.  Her blog is over Here

Happy New Year  

Friday, December 30, 2022

Foodie Friday

 Welcome  to Foodie Friday.  The day I share what I cooked and what ended up on the dinner plates . . .

Starting last Wednesday ( I think I forgot to share last week) . . . 

'He' had an Oyster BLT . . Look at the size of it.  And the amount of Fries!   But the size of the plate made it look like even more!  (A resturant plating trick that doesn't  impress me) . . .

I had a delicious  Ceasar Sald that was $10.00.  His plate was $17.00 (lunch)  Although the food was excellent  the service was horrible.  And just too pricey  for our budget.  

I made Clam Crowder  and a little Crab on the side. 
Delicious  and the best I have ever made with fresh Clams! 

The huge Croissant was a perfect dipper!

'He' served dessert

Pancake with fresh Blueberries.   Next time I will make a cooked syrup concoction of Blueberries 

My plate . . .
His with the added Cucumber

We have been craving Chicken Fried Steak.  Served minus our regular Mashed Potatoes . . . 
We are needing to add a few more veg's and fruits to 'His' diet.  

Interestingly I found out Corn is high in Potassium.  We don't do like Bananas but we do like Corn.  I just haven't cooked it often in the past. 

Left over Prime Rib.  He needs lots of Iron.  He got a Creamy Horseradish Sauce.  I didn't  care for it.  The Purple Cauliflower made a pretty plate. 

I planned a super easy meal for Thursday.   I was worn out from a busy week.   
I found JalapeƱos cleaned seeded and cut in half on sale.  So JalapeƱos Poppers were  a great addition  to Fish n Fries. 
Yummy Poppers!  Simple and a fun treat! 

Tonight I plan to make a Mushroom Soup to pair with  a Hamburger Steak. 

Got a bargain at Kroger 

He's  been making party mix.  Amazingly  he will eat the Wheat checks it!  

He added a new ingredient  this time . . . 

So yummy but he should have added more!  He rations it like the nuts . . . 

See the French Fried Onions.  And they were on clearance to for like 1.00.  Spices were a dollar and Corn Syrup too.   

I take advantage  of the bargains for sure. 

Well that was our week.  Good and nutritious meals.  And he ate well.  
Thank you Jesus! 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Should You Transition From Christmas Decor to Winter?


So some of us are in a dilemma. 

 We're the ones that really hate putting Christmas away . . .

We're the ones into the holidays. 

We/I celebrate with my new blog over Here where it's all things holidays everyday.  And Christmas year round with special days devoted to Christmas.   

I'll share more later.  Today though we are talking about the Transition from Christmas . . . 

We got a new tree this year.   Some of my Santa prints are hanging on a gallery wall beside the tree.  
 It's o.k.  

I liked this better.  My favorite print hanging above my antique mantle in my sewing room. 

I loved being able to group the other Santa's together.  

Those days are gone.  So maybe that is a little why I am in the keep Christmas alive a bit longer. 

Part of me though considered starting to put it away on Monday!  

I know Gasp! 

Even though I am team that considers Thanksgiving us just a prelude to Christmas well, I think it is because we are in a smaller place.  

I have been looking at ideas for my transition.  I saw this on another blog . . . 

How to Transition from Christmas to Winter Decor

 #1. Put away all the Red decor.         

#2. Declutter your spaces.  

#3. Keep all the greenery out for display.  

#4. Add elements of nature.

#5. Finally, add texture.   

I kind of scratch my head and saw hmmm.  

I am not really in an area that has greens to bring in.  

Our elements of nature are Palm Trees.  

I mean this is how folks around here decorate . . . 

We don't have a Hobby Lobby to just buy those kinds of things. 


I am keeping the Red. 

 And planning for Valentine's.  Why not? The stores already have fun gifts, and home decor out already.  

And candy . . .   

So today I  am hanging stockings on our bed.   

Because A I  found the prettiest Red ones half price at Marshalls yesterday. 

And B heck why not leave 'em out for Valentine's and start a new tradition?  

Happy Valentine's Day 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

My Ta Da Moment

 Good Morning today I am sharing my new feature.  A true . . . 

Ta Da Moment

For several years I have been wanting to publish a blog dedicated to Holidays.  

And it is here.  Let me share a few favorite posts.   

 Here a few of my favorites and why I chose them . . . 

My favorite Antique Shop in North Richland Hills ,Texas . . . 

I could literally live there!  Janet the owner obliges and offers a gorgeous bed . . . 

Surrounded by pretties . . . 

So many pretties to enjoy I might never get to sleep.  But I could count them instead of sheep! 

My next favorite post is . . . 

My mini home tour.  I was happy to reveal my side of our Music Room (he calls it that cuz he listens to music in here) 

Not super comfortable really to sit on but it is pretty and trendy and ok and of compliments (in an odd way) his Cowboy/Ranch theme side of the room.  

I have always wanted a big fancy framed mirror to lean on the wall.  If you kind of hold your head right and imagine the closet door kind of works.  

Maybe I should have called this Let's Pretend!  I can Pretend it always looks like this 

'Ready for company!' 

My next and last favorite post is another Let's Pretend post . . . 

I have grown into Adoring 


I am thinking of doing my whole side of 'The Room ' 

And getting me a gorgeous dress to wear when we have guests . . . 

Let's Pretend