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Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

 Add a caption _________

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday on Tuesday

Welcome to my Tuesday Edition 
Happy Homemaker Monday
It wanted to do something a little different this week.
Click here to read my Monday post 
A Little About Me part 1 
And now on to 
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The weather 
Springtime in Texas is quickly leaving us!  It's hot and humid 
some heat index's over 100.  Bye Bye Spring.  And it's not even officially summer yet is it?

On my reading pile
A few fun ones I am hoping.  All for reviews. 

Favorite post 
Today I am starting something new.  I am choosing a favorite 
link/post from my Fabulous Party.  My party is over here:
The party goes all week.  You can link any day, anytime. 
Here's my favorite from last week . . . 
Debra over at Dragon Fly Treasures shared this sweet post about her garden.  It's dedicated to her mother.  Click here
to visit her blog. 

Something fun to share 
 A link party starting this week here on My Journey Back.
I hope you'll come over and link your Patriotic and Red, White and Blue posts.  And your  Hometown posts.  Any post about your town is Welcome.  Invite us in for a visit to your town this summer.

Blog hopping
I love visiting blogs.  I found this one the other day  . . . 
I am a quilter.  (I should scratch that and say I was) I love quilters blogs.  I found this wonderful blog over at 
Share Your Cup Thursday.  I enjoyed visiting Sally at 
her blog and seeing her work.  She's inspired me.  I should make a pillow. Click here to visit. 

On the menu this week
Monday - Oven roasted 1/2 chicken with potatoes, green beans 
                cucumbers, banana peppers,tomatoes from garden
Tuesday- Ribs, cole slaw fried potatoes (didn't thaw the ribs last week)
Wednesday- Spaghetti, Fried Calimari, Salad and Bread
Thursday - Kid friendly Mac/Cheese
                  Adult friendly  Shake/Bake Pork,Potato Salad, Black eye peas
Friday - Sausage Casserole, Salad, Fried Zuchinni

One of my simple pleasures
I am sure I've said it before.  But I love my blog. 
I wrote about how it started on Monday.  Click here 
to read my post.

Looking forward to this week
Making potato salad for dinner on Thursday with my grandson.
Maybe he will try it!  Here's a pic of him peeling cooked potatoes from a few weeks ago.
The green band aid is from when he cut himself with a pocket knife that the Cowboy gave him.  He was trying to cut a nerf ball.  In Gigi's kitchen we are learning safety. Just sayin'

From my DIL's camera 

Scripture Card - Kind Words Like Honey - Proverbs 16:24 by SeasonedWSalt on Etsy

Available on Etsy over here

Thanks for sharing your day with me!
Enjoy your week.
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Monday, May 29, 2017

Meet And Greet Monday Part 1

Image result for monday
Welcome Friends
I was thinking about doing something a little different today. 
And, then I read the morning email from Grammy's Grid and was inspired to join her for Meet and Greet Monday.  
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I always find the cutest photo's and graphics when I google a topic.
I usually add some in my posts if I don't have a lot of personal photos.  Which sadly happens too often.  But actually most of the time they are cuter than what I can supply.

So a little about myself and my blog (s) 
My Reading Journeys. (book reviews) Click here
Our Holiday Journey (link party) Click here

I began My Journey Back (your are here) way back in 2006. 
I first became acquainted with blogs when I stumbled onto 
BooMama's Christmas tour. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
                                         Click here
 It was New Years Day. I was home alone and I was binge reading her tour (s).   I jumped in with both feet into the blog world. 
Image result for blog world
See aren't these graffic's cute?

I chose my photo and name because I was at the time in a state of exhaustion and I felt like I needed to get back to 'me'.  
I had spent 6 years in full-time ministry.  I loved the ministry. 
We taught at-risk and incarcerated teen age girls to sew.  We made quilts and donated them to charity.  I loved this ministry.
 I just didn't love the failure at the end.  When funding dried up so did the ministry.  That's another story to share at another time.
gosh I was so skinny.  What happened?
This is me back then at one of our last fundrasing lunches.
If your interested visit
Sadly the doors closed . . . 
And so with a broken heart and shattered dreams
Image result for god is close to the brokenhearted
 I began ever so humbly sharing my day and my life here at 
My Journey Back
                     The name came from me wanting myself back.  
The long name came from My Journey Back wasn't available. 
And actually I think it works because it has been a journey back to me.   
Image result for happy
I was am Happy with my blog.  It makes made me smile.  After 
awhile I decided I wanted to be a blessing to anyone who might stumble onto and join my journey so I tried to be a Blessing to anyone who came over.  

I found a wonderful blog that shared a Tuesday link party called Titus Tuesday.  I began writing and sharing encouraging posts. 
Click here to read one. (the one bad thing about google images sometimes they disappear)  I wrote this post to encourage anyone feeling tired and worn out as a mom.  I have a label on my sidebar Titus Tuesday. 

In fact I have a lot of labels.  If you look you can see I write about alot of things.  I have joined lots of different blog parties.  
That is why I have on my header 
Welcome to my crazy chaotic life
I do tend to write about too many things.  Maybe your head is spinning.  I hope not!  

I do feel like I am a bit eclectic.  I have waaay tooo many interests.   I find way to many hobbies to keep me too busy. 
So many that I put some of my favorites on the back burner for too long.  I need to dust off my sewing machine and get my sewing room in order before . . .
                                                         My Closet Sewing Space Tour
Time flies.  I cannot believe I have been doing this party for so long!   This cute button is on my sidebar with a link to my post.
I hope you've enjoyed getting to see a little bit of how my blog started.  

I hope you'll come over and share your posts at 

Click here

In June I hope you'll come back here and join the June/July party.
The party begins here at My Journey Back 
on Thursday
Remember way back at the beginning of this post I mentioned I began blogging after finding Boo Mama's Christmas tour?

I am still partying!  And now I am joining the parties.  

Here's a few I am linking with today.
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Happy Memorial Day

The Clock Stirkes Nun-Book Review

About the book (provided by Great Escape Tours)
When terrified Elaine Patrick knocks on Driscoll Investigations’ door and insists her house is haunted, Giulia Driscoll’s first response is “we don’t handle ghosts.” When Elaine’s housekeeper and crackpot filthy rich cousin descend on Giulia and demand she find out who’s trying to steal sweet, fragile Elaine’s family business out from under her, that’s a different story. They want DI to provide Tarot readings, ghost hunting sessions, and even an exorcism.
Ghost hunting? There are apps for that. Tarot readings? Experts in the skill are right across the street. Exorcisms? Having a priest for a brother-in-law comes in handy. Giulia plunges into a crash course in all things supernatural, convinced everything happening to Elaine is stagecraft.
Except when it isn’t. Giulia’s about to discover a new dimension to sleuthing, if she can survive attempted murder long enough to see through the web of lies around her client.
And I thought
Interesting plot
This is the first chance I have had to read an installment from this series.  I didn't feel that reading prior books would have added to the reading experience.  In my opinion this is a stand alone novel. 

But, I want to read the rest because I enjoyed the characters. Guilia's team of investigators brought the story to life for me. 

The plot was o.k.  The myriad of suspects was a little confusing. 
There are alot of characters in this plot.  

The plot...Is the castle haunted?  Who's trying to set-up Elaine?

There's Elaine's husband, the governess, the cook, a few other house hold members that I never really figured out who they were.  

Then there are the business associates too many to name.  

Guilila must be a super sleuth to figure all this out!  

The plot once it's reveal at the end totally makes sense but didn't 
really 'get me'.  

I was more interested in Zane Guilia's computer geek and her assistant Sidney.   And Gulia's very hunky, Italian husband that tends to go off in Italian when he's frustrated with the situations/danger Guilia's constantly getting into.  Kind of reminded me of an Italian Ricky Ricardo.

So, I am looking forward to reading more?

I think I am.  If I get the chance I  want to see how Gulian and her team got together in books 1-3. 
 The book covers and titles have me wanting to read them all!

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escape Book Tours
This review will appear on retail sites where the book is available. 
This review will appear on Net Galley
This review will appear on My Journey Back and Good Reads.


About the series
Visit amazon at the links below for details and purchase
 Changing Habits Cover 2 NUN TOO SOON cover 2
 details  here   details here   details here

Nun But The Brave (A Giulia Driscoll Mystery Book 3) by [Loweecey, Alice]
details here

The tour
To read more reviews and author interviews click here.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day--Enjoy Your Weekend

                                           Image result for vintage memorial day

Image result for vintage memorial day

Image result for vintage memorial day

Wishing you a wonderful blessed weekend

Friday, May 26, 2017

Deceiving Bella-Book Spotlight and Giveaway

Deceiving Bella by Cate Beauman

Book Details (provided by I Read Book Tours)

Book Title:  Deceiving Bella: Book #11 In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series
Author:  Cate Beauman
Category:  Adult Fiction, 588 pages
Genre:  Romantic Suspense 
Publisher:  Createspace
Release date:  October 13, 2016
Tour dates:  May 22 to June 16, 2017
Content Rating:  R (Sex scenes, language, some intense moments)

Book Description:

Isabella Colby has always yearned for normalcy. Now that she’s settled in LA, she finally has it. Good friends, a pretty home, and her thriving career as the Palisades’ top skincare specialist are a dream come true. Bella is content until she meets her hunky new neighbor, but her attraction to the blue-eyed cutie is the least of her worries when contacting her long-lost father threatens to destroy her happy life.

Reed McKinley is more than ready to forget the past. His seven-year stint as an NYPD detective nearly got him killed. His wounds have healed and he’s starting over as Ethan Cooke Security’s latest recruit. With sixty-hour workweeks and little time to himself, the last thing on his mind is a relationship. Then he bumps into the gorgeous woman next door.

Reed and Bella become fast friends. Before long, Reed discovers that Bella is keeping dangerous secrets. Bella may have the answers to decades-old questions he’s been searching for. Reed will risk it all to uncover the truth, but he soon realizes that the deeper he digs, the direr the consequences.
A Giveaway Follows

Buy the Book:
Amazon  ~  Barnes & Noble  ~  Kobo  ~ iTunes
Add to Goodreads

Meet the Author:

International bestselling author Cate Beauman is known for her full-length, action-packed romantic suspense series, The Bodyguards of L.A. County. Her novels have been nominated for the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, National Indie Excellence Award, Golden Quill Award, Writers Touch Award, and have been named Readers Favorite Five Star books. In 2015, JUSTICE FOR ABBY was selected as the Readers' Favorite International Book Award Gold Medalist, while SAVING SOPHIE took the Silver Medal. SAVING SOPHIE was also selected as the 2015 Readers Crown Award winner for Romantic Suspense and FALLING FOR SARAH received the silver medal for the 2014 Readers' Favorite Awards.

Cate makes her home in North Carolina with her husband, two boys, and their St. Bernards, Bear and Jack. Currently Cate is working on her twelfth full length novel.
Connect with Cate: 
Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  
Goodreads  ~  Instagram

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