Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Date Night Wednesday Filled with Words

Welcome to our first Date Night Linky party!  Today I added the linky!
Usually on Wednesday I post a scripture and then write what is on my heart.  Today I am taking a little break and inviting you to join me for Date Night. 
It's simple write a post about a date with your man. 
In fact it is so simple that you can even right about a dream date.
The whole idea is just to share ideas about fabulous dates! 
Maybe you and your man don't get a lot of chances for dates.  Write about it too.  I know my Cowboy and I don't many dates out. 
We all them.  Maybe someone can share some ideas on inexpensive dates.  Or ideas on how to motivate our man out from in front of the t.v. or out of the garage or whereever it is he hides away!
So join the fun and share your dates with us!

Date Night Returns

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