Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alphabet Thursday -- Good Old Fences

Today I am sharing with you some 'Old' pics from my photo

 This is the last house we lived in.  I loved this 'Old' place.
 And old collage I made of some of my favorite pics.  I love the
shots I got of the horses laying down. 
 And to cool us down abit.  The last snow snow in Texas! 
We got dumped on a couple of years ago on Christmas Eve.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Who Walks Who? A view from our Walk/Drag!

While on our regular walk/drag I took a few pics.  The flower
beds are struggling a little in the triple digit heat here in Texas.

One pic of a new bed.  These plants and flowers are in a little better
shape than some of the others.  They were planted recently.
Outside our apartment complex the entrance to our Tom Thumb.
These vines just cover the pillars.  They stay really green. 
Good choice for the heat.

Returning back to the first bed here is a shot of the other side.
This was originally a putting green.  They changed it in the spring to a firepit.  I noticed a stray graham cracker the other day but I didn't have the camera.  I quess its getting some use.

Lastly this bed is by the office.  I think that is purslane on the border.  It's a little sad looking.  The impatients are sad too. I am not sure what the purple is. I think in the very back the bright green leaves are a hibiscus but it hasn't bloomed all summer so I am not sure. 

I love the area that I get to walk in.  It is one reason we both are struggling on what to do long term.  Stay here or move to something bigger and hopefully less expensive. 

We're discussing houses now!  I am so excited.
  Tips to Save for Your First Home - Krystal's Kitsch: Sanibel, Cape Coral, Florida Lifestyle Blogger
I am praying God will show us the right place and ease the Cowboys mind! 

Thanks for walking with me!  Now lets put up our feet and have a big 'ole glass of sweet tea!
nothin' better than a ice cold glass of sweet tea!
Isn't this sign just darling!  It gave me a great idea.  I have a sign I got at a dumpster dive!  This would be perfect to re-purpose it!
I found this one on Pinterest.  It is available on Etsy.  Click Here.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Count Down To Christmas

Welcome to the final week of the Christmas in August Count Down
We've had a great time! 

During September we will think about Fall for all you guys that aren't quite ready for Christmas! So plan your fall posts. 

Today I am sharing just a few pics from past Christmas just to keep you in the mood!
A Few From My Favorite Antique Shop

 A local shop owned by an old friend.  Filled with booths.
 Love these little trees.  And look at the Retro Santa.  I want to take him home!
 I love window displays and merchandise displays!
 And next just one of my favorite.  Because I can't seem to do a post without him!

The adorable grandson.  Not the Cowboy LOL. 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Mosaic Monday

Just a few fun Blue pics.  I love the way restaurant decorate. 
I was taking this from across the room while we were waiting . . .

 I felt bad we didn't have any coins .  The wait wasn't long and then he made . . .

. . . Tortilla soup.  Cracked me up!
And a great Mosaic collection to share with . . .
Photography Collage
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Favorite Christmas Pinterest Boards LInky Party

A collection of Christmas Themed Pinterst Boards

Meowy Christmas Card

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Lots of great family activity ideas and ideas for children
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Just a couple of my favorites.  Do you have a favorite Christmas
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Blue Monday Midnight the Trick Pony/Thrifty Girl

Look close there is some Blue.  Our little Cowboy.
  Cowboy 6 years old . . . "Midnight" 32 years old

She's actually not a pony but we lovingly call our horses 'ponies'.
This dear old girl our daughter got for our grandson for $40.00.
                                     Now that's Thrifty

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweet or Not Great Tips


Not such a sweet topic today. . . House Cleaning.  Yuck!

I was planning a post about doing a little house cleaning here on the blog.  And while I was thinking I thought I would see what I could find on Pinterest about House cleaning.   Not too sweet but . . .
Easy to fill bucket that doesn't fit in the sink.
This is brilliant! Perfect for the bathroom. I have this problem in my classroom. Now I can fill water play bins fast!

Today I am planning on working on the blog. Cleaning up a little adding something new. Visiting. And as always laundry is going and house work never stops. Before the work lets get some help!

I am going to try this one today!

Coffee filter TV screen cleaner
And here's the link to check out 9 other tips! Click Here.

Here's another tip I need to try . . .

Squeegee Hair Picker Upper - I knew this one, but now I can tell everyone! | 55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks
I did something similar.  I used my vented brush.  I work but I bet this works better!

And here's another one I need to remember.   I have thrown away good knifes for this reason . . .
diy home sweet home: 21 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks....Most of these are compatible with natural cleaning....I don't use ammonia, however.
Here's the link to the bloggers post.  And there are other tips too.

And then I found the coolest blog from a Pin.  Took awhile to find the actual post but it was worth it to scan the other posts!

how to fake an immaculate house

There are some really cool tips.  I love this blogger.  She mentioned in this post that a lot of her organizing tips came from Emalie Barnes.  Have you read her books?  I read them years ago when I was a younger mom.  They are great.  I still have a couple of devotionals that I read over and over. 

Well now that I have been reminded of all these great ideas and tips I am inspired.  Maybe I'll be so inspired I'll even do a house tour!

And using all these tips I know my little house will be all ready for Christmas guests!

My Vintage Mending
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Fences Fort Worth Back In The Day Part Two

Yesterday I posted some 'Back In The Day' pics of a Fort Worth Icon. Today I have more! And their Fences! Come along with me on a tour of the Historical Fort Worth Stock Yards . . .
I remember many Sunday afternoons driving across 28th Street bridge.  This was the view.  I still remember the smell. Back then it wasn't so pleasant!

There were literally miles and miles of cattle pens. This is a little before my time but he shows a lot of Fences!

This one from the 60's about the time I would have been driving by on our weekly trips to my grandmothers.  On Sunday afternoons we would make the rounds.  To 'Northside' for one grandmother visit
and then down the street from our house to the other. 

Another shot from back in the day before . . .
To read how it all started click here. This was a fascinating article.

Many years later most of the cattle pens are gone . . .
And in their place a few for the tourists.
A few of the old pens remain for the weekly Rodeo . . .

And Cattle Drives through the streets wow the tourists

Fort Worth Stockyards
                                           All pics found on Google Images
It's been many, many years since my weekly drive over the bridge that crossed over the stock yards. As I child I was always in awe of the area. And now many, many years latter it is alive and thriving again.   Ready for me to shar with my grandkids!    Yep they are coming to visit me and the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  We're gonna be tourists.  Well they will be tourists.  I am a Native!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Letter M

 M is for Memories . . .
When I was a child a big part of my life was this Icon.

 My mother was employed at Montgomery Wards.   This is the way I remember the building.
 Since she didn't drive every night I rode with my father to pick her up from work.   I remember many a nights driving between these two buildings and parking at a back door waiting for my mother to come out. 

There is a lot of history behind this old building . . .

The flood went up to the 4th floor. 
I remember stories about the flood . . .
I remember the many years my family was a part of the Montogomery Ward family. 
I watched as a thriving business began to take a down side.  I remember the warehouses and the catalogue business thriving.
Then years later returning and seeing the empty buildings sitting and sadly rotting away. 
It was sad to see.

 But from what was once crumbling sad history arose something new.
Something no one would have ever thought . . .
Instead of allowing this icon to just crumble it was transformed.  Do you notice the opening?  They actually cut the building into a kind of tunnel . . . here is the info from the architect.
And, it seems that almost overnight what was dying became alive and thriving again.

And now Montgomery Ward is making history and memories again.

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