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Recipe Post-Book Spotlight- Dead Week by Kelly Brakenhoff-Great Escapes Tour

About the book
Will Dead Week kill Cassandra’s career?
VP of Student Affairs Cassandra Sato has a desk full of problems and it’s not even Thanksgiving break.
A student’s injury and a deaf advocacy project brings national media attention to underfunded Morton College.
Cassandra’s new boss talks to her dead husband. Cassandra’s mentor thinks he’s a superhero in a senior citizen’s body. And Cassandra, recently moved from Hawai’i, can’t crack the code of what to wear during November in Nebraska.
Is there more to the Vietnam-era story of a student’s death? Cassandra’s search for the long-buried truth stirs up the wrath of those who want to keep the past forgotten.

Kalua Pork
When Cassandra Sato attends a luau at home in Hawai'i, the highlight is eating Kalua Pig, roasted for hours in
a traditional imu, an underground oven. Cassandra's father also uses the same seasonings to make Kalua
Turkey for Thanksgiving. Luckily, you don't have to dig up your back yard to enjoy the ono flavors of Kalua Pig.
This recipe can go in your crock pot or insta-pot.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Hawaiian
Keyword crock pot, Hawaii, luau
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours
Servings 8 people
Author Kelly Brakenhoff
4 lb Pork butt roast
1 tbsp Hawaiian sea salt
2 tbsp canola oil
1 tbsp liquid hickory smoke
1 cup water
1. Rinse and pat dry the pork
2. Sprinkle roast with salt and pepper. In a large skillet on med-high heat, heat the oil and sear the roast on
all sides.
3. Add the seared roast to the crock pot. Add water and hickory smoke.
4. Cover and cook on LOW for 10-12 hours.
5. Using two forks, shred the pork. Discard any fat. Mix the shredded pork with the juices remaining in the
crock pot.
Serve Kalua Pork plain on a lettuce salad, or on Hawaiian rolls. For a full plate, add a scoop of macaroni salad,
sticky white rice, and pass sriracha sauce for those who want more ooph in their meat.
(or subsitute a whole turkey for Kalua Turkey
or pink Himalayan sea salt or kosher salt

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Love Is In The Air-Feat. The Broken Prince by Jewell Allen

The Broken Prince (Royal Billionaires of Mondragón Book 3) by [Allen, Jewel]
About the book 

He's cocky, irresistible, and can't remember who he is.

Brooke Hill has had her share of rude boat renters at Lake Powell, but nothing like the hunky and insufferable tourist who rents a boat under the ridiculous alias John Wayne, aka Duke. To her dismay, when Duke falls in a slot canyon and suffers from amnesia, her brother Oscar takes him in and gives him a job as a boat mechanic. Guess who has to train him? After several false starts, their clueless new employee turns out to be a pretty decent mechanic whom she finds hard to resist…until the explosive revelation of his true identity.
Read an excerpt

She took his paddle and watched as he bent at the waist in one smooth movement. Thinking of his head injury, she said, "I don't think that's a good idea."

Still, he did a handstand on the paddle board. “I’m doing it,” he said, triumphant, “I’m doing it—”

He tipped over with a spectacular splash. When he came up surfacing for air, she worried for a moment. But he seemed fine, snorting with laughter. With a mischievous smirk, he swam towards her.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she said, just as he reached over and pulled her leg, making her lose her balance. She fell backwards and crashed into the water. Sputtering, she surfaced. “The paddles,” she gasped.

She got one and he got the other, laughing. Then he used the paddle to splash water on her. She splashed right back until they went all out in a water fight. 

“You’ve asked for it,” he said, and she stuck her tongue out at him before swimming off to her board. It was hard swimming with a paddle in hand. His arms went around her waist and she squealed.

“Let me go!” she said. She turned in her arms and was about to pound playfully on his chest when she caught the expression in his eyes.

Intense. Hungry.

Her smile died as her chest tightened. Their faces were close together, his breath warm on her lips. She might as well be underwater; her lungs had forgotten to function. Droplets of water hung from his long dark lashes. A lock of his wet hair had flipped over his forehead, like some wild rock star. She had the sudden urge to reach up and run her fingers through the strands.

And then she remembered: she needed to keep her distance. She pushed firmly against his chest until he let her go.

“Sorry,” he said, his voice husky.

She turned and swam off, her skin still tingling from his touch. Wanting to return to him and scuttle all common sense to the wind.

What was wrong with her? Why did she always fall for the guy who wasn’t available? He wouldn’t be when he recovered from his amnesia, anyway. He had a life back home somewhere.

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Love Is In The Air Tour feat: The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Cathy McDavid

Welcome back to the tour!

The Cowboy's Christmas Baby: A Clean Romance (The Sweetheart Ranch Book 3) by [McDavid, Cathy]

About the book 
She gifted him with a daughter
He stunned her with the truth
When Tanner Bridwell discovers he’s a father, he gains some much needed hope. A year ago, Tanner lost his livelihood as a champion bull rider, and—more important—Jewel Saunders, the love of his life. Now this cowboy wants to do right by his family. But first he must reveal a stunning secret that will send Jewel and his beloved daughter either packing…or into his arms forever!

Read an excerpt 
Ava cooed and flailed her arms and legs. She probably wanted out of the baby wrap.
Jewel patted her daughter’s bottom. “Not much longer, my sweet little girl.”
Hearing a noise, she glanced over to see a man half hidden by the shadows and pushing a wheelbarrow into the horse barn from the opposite end of the aisle. She didn’t pay much attention, not until he drew closer.
She sensed more than saw him come to a stop, and she slowly turned to face him. The hairs on the back of her neck inexplicably rose.
Whatever words she’d been about to utter lodged in her throat as the man emerged from the shadows and his features took shape beneath the weathered cowboy hat he wore. A wild rush of shock and then alarm coursed through Jewel, and she involuntarily tightened her grip on Ava.
She couldn’t have been more stunned if she’d seen a ghost. Then again, she supposed she had, for Tanner Bridwell stood before her.
He looked different. The beard was gone, but she’d have known him and those arresting steel gray eyes anywhere. How could she not, when she’d spent endless hours gazing into them and countless nights dreaming about them?
“What are you doing here?” she blurted.

His stare hardened, and he replied with a question of his own. “Is the baby mine?”

People are talking  (a few reviews)
The characters seemed so read to me, as they went about their everyday lives. And as the story unfolds, it did well to keep my interest. There was enough going on in the story till the very end too keep me reading. It’s nice to read stories that talk of getting ready for the Christmas Holiday, and the families getting together. These were more scenes that I enjoyed. The author clearly researched her story and did a very nice job of creating this story. If you are looking for a nice, clean Christmas read, this is one you will enjoy.
The Cowboy's Christmas Baby is a sweet, clean and heartwarming romance. I loved getting to know Tanner and Jewel. I thought they had great chemistry and was rooting for them. I enjoyed watching them grow throughout the book. Such a great story of forgiveness and second chances. I highly recommend The Cowboys’ Christmas Baby for readers who love to read cowboy romance. I am giving it five plus stars. I believe this one should not be missed and definitely a must read. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion
 A review on KOBO

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it. This was a wonderful story. I so enjoyed reading this. I was captivated right from the beginning.
                                                                     A review on KOBO

I love a good cowboy romance and The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby was definitely good.  Well written with a good plot and believable characters.  I look forward to reading more books by this author.  I highly recommend this book.  My thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
A NetGalley review

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About the author
As a sophomore in high school, NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Cathy McDavid won a local writing competition with her self-illustrated children’s book. Who knew that small triumph would eventually lead to a career writing contemporary romances with over 1.3 million books sold? With forty-seven titles to date, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins recently married her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world four years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking men who ride the range or fight fires or hunt creatures all while sweeping the girl off her feet. It’s a tough job but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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Love Is In The Air

Welcome to the tour! 
 I am super excited to share with you some of my favorite Romantic Authors.  I am taking the next two weeks to introduce you to some great authors and some great books!
Most of you know my favorite hobby is reading.  I read alot!  My 
second favorite thing to do is to review and promote books and authors. 

I hope you'll settle in with your favorite snack and drink and enjoy the tour.  

You'll meet some fabulous authors.  Not only are they fabulous 
authors that are just darn good people.  I was overwhelmed by the 
response when I sent invites!  

Today I am featuring
A Rancher to Trust

About the book 

Searching for forgiveness…and a future.

Suddenly a husband…and a father? This bachelor is ready to claim his instant family.
After learning his ex-wife isn’t so ex after all, rebel turned rancher Dan Whitlock is determined to prove he’s a changed man…but Bailey Quinn is just as set on finally ending their marriage. When tragedy makes Dan the guardian of little orphaned twins, he and Bailey are drawn back together. But can she forgive the past and open her heart to the family she’s always wanted?

Click here to read an excerpt

What readers are saying 
I cannot say enough how much I love this book! A Rancher To Trust is my second Laurel Blount book (after A Hometown Hope) and I don't know which one I love more. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled across Laurel's books but I'm so glad that I did.
Amzon review

I have so enjoyed Pine Valley. Bailey has been such a great character throughout the series. I'm happy she finally has her story told. All of Laurel Blount's books are very well written but A Rancher to Trust just went above and beyond. The friendships and relationships are very real and relatable. This one pulled on my heart strings.
Amazon review
I love complicated stories with happy endings. Especially two people having a second chance at love.
The story was very relatable to me.
The character's were stellar even the not so pleasant one.
Dan and Bailey's life explores the undisputed fact that true love never dies and that if we could just learn to trust God and his plans we'd never go wrong
I love complicated stories with happy endings. Especially two people having a second chance at love.
The story was very relatable to me.
The character's were stellar even the not so pleasant one.
Dan and Bailey's life explores the undisputed fact that true love never dies and that if we could just learn to trust God and his plans we'd never go wrong
I love complicated stories with happy endings. Especially two people having a second chance at love.
The story was very relatable to me.
The character's were stellar even the not so pleasant one.
Dan and Bailey's life explores the undisputed fact that true love never dies and that if we could just learn to trust God and his plans we'd never go wrong

I love complicated stories with happy endings. Especially two people having a second chance at love.
The story was very relatable to me.
The character's were stellar even the not so pleasant one.
Dan and Bailey's life explores the undisputed fact that true love never dies and that if we could just learn to trust God and his plans we'd never go wrong

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Book Spotlight-Glitter, Glam And Contraband by Heather Weidner-Great Escapes Tour/Giveway

This is a spotlight post for The Great Escapes Tour
I have not read this book

About the book 
Private investigator, Delanie Fitzgerald, and her computer hacker partner, Duncan Reynolds, are back for more sleuthing in Glitter, Glam and Contraband. In this fast-paced mystery, the Falcon Investigations team is hired to find out who is stealing from the talent at a local drag show. Delanie gets more than she bargains for and a few makeup tips in the process. Meanwhile, a mysterious sound in the ceiling of her office vexes Delanie. She uses her sleuthing skills to track down the source and uncover a creepy contraband operation.
Glitter, Glam, and Contraband features a strong female sleuth with a knack for getting herself in and out of humorous situations like helping sleezy strip club owner, Chaz Smith on his quest to become Richmond’s next mayor, tracking down missing reptiles, and uncovering hidden valuables from a 100-year-old crime with a Poe connection.
And others are saying
Full of action and humor, Heather Weidner delivers another enjoyable story.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book
Using a drag show and a strip club as settings in a cozy mystery was innovative. I liked that the cases were wrapped up in different times in the book—rather than waiting to the end of the book for all the mysteries’ solutions.
~Diane Reviews Books
Glitter Glam & Contraband by Heather Leigh Weidner gets my rating of four stars as it was highly entertaining. I loved this type of mystery, and I can’t wait to read more from this author.
~Baroness’ Book Trove Bulletin
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BookBub  –  Kobo –  Scribd 

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Bound For Murder by Victoria Gilbert-Great Escapes Tour-Spotlight/Giveaway

About the book 
Blue Ridge library director Amy Webber learns it wasn’t all peace and love among the “flower children” when a corpse is unearthed on the grounds of a 1960s commune.
Taylorsford Public Library director Amy Webber’s friend “Sunny” Fields is running for mayor. But nothing puts a damper on a campaign like an actual skeleton in a candidate’s closet. Sunny’s grandparents ran a commune back in the 1960s on their organic farm. But these former hippies face criminal charges when human remains are found in their fields–and a forensic examination reveals that the death was neither natural nor accidental.
With Sunny’s mayoral hopes fading, Amy sets her wedding plans aside, says “not yet” to the dress, and uses her research skills to clear her best friend’s family. Any of the now-elderly commune members could have been the culprit. As former hippies perish one by one, Amy and her friends Richard, Aunt Lydia, and Hugh Chen pursue every lead. But if Amy can’t find whoever killed these “flower children,” someone may soon be placing flowers on her grave.
And others are saying 
Victoria Gilbert writes entrancing and engrossing stories that pull you win and leave you wanting more!
~A Wytch’s Book Review Blog
Bound for Murder is the fourth book in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series. I’ve read them all and they just keep getting better. Maybe it is because the characters feel like old friends.
~Diane Reviews Books
Bound for Murder is a charming cozy mystery with a dredging disaster, misplaced persons, a charismatic journalist, a hippie homicide, campaign commotion, and revealing research.
~The Avid Reader
Bound for Murder by Victoria Gilbert is an excellent story with a couple of murders that keep you guessing.
~Baroness’ Book Trove
An intricately plotted mystery with lots of red herrings and subtle clues, BOUND FOR MURDER shows that past decisions can not only impact you but those around you. Who knew research could get you into so much trouble?
~Cozy Up With Kathy
Bound For Murder was a great clean cozy mystery with wonderful characters, it was also filled a few twists and turns to throw you off and keep you reading.
~eBook Addicts
Bound for Murder has engaging characters paired with some shady ones that keep both readers and our protagonist on our toes.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book
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Silenced In Sequins Book Spotlight/Author Interview-Great Escapes Tour

About the book 
Former Manhattan fashion buyer Kelly Quinn is turning her grandmother’s outdated consignment shop into her quaint hometown’s hot spot for upscale style—until her second-hand couture makes the scene of an ice-cold crime . . .
With her bottom line looking a little threadbare, Kelly is going all out to promote the Lucky Cove Resale Boutique. She’s counting on Black Friday to recover her start-up expenses—including a website and an advertising blitz. But the publicity is overkill when two warring divas, and one sparkly evening dress, thrust Kelly and her fledgling business into a scandal she can’t afford.
The gorgeous garment came to Kelly from the walk-in closets of Wendy Johnson, one of reality TV’s Long Island Ladies. When Wendy’s former co-star, Diana Delacourte, graces a Christmas gala in the dress that was once her rival’s, a very public catfight ensues. But is Wendy to blame when sequin-clad Diana turns up dead? Dodging the show’s ever-present cameras—and a detective’s stern warnings—Kelly hunts for a killer before the powerful celebrity-suspect makes good on her threats and rips her to shreds . . .
An interview with the author

  Since we just got past the holidays I am still enjoying the annual Sausage Balls my neighbor makes I am curious if you have a favorite holiday food?
I love Christmas cookies. I look forward to baking at the holiday season and it’s all about cookies. The cookie I look forward to the most is my Rugelach. I only bake them at Christmas.

What is the nicest gift you received from a loved one?
That's a really hard question to answer because all of the gifts from my family, my husband and friends have been wonderful. I’ve been very fortunate over the years to receive thoughtful and generous gifts and there’s no way I can select just one.

Speaking of holidays.  What is your favorite? 
My favorite holiday is Christmas. It has always been a magical time of the year for me. Growing up in New York City, the city would transform into an amazing wonderland with the beautiful and festive store window displays, the tree at Rockefeller Center and the hustle and bustle with shopping bags and the aroma of roasting chestnuts on street corners. And now living outside of New York City in the suburbs, the town I live in has traditions. There are two tree lightings in two separate sections of the town and there are craft fairs and a local firehouse sells Christmas trees that came from Vermont. It’s also a really special time when you’re with friends and family get together dive back into your traditions. 

 If you could spend some quality writing time in a cozy cabin in the woods, Or on the beach which would you choose?
I would choose the cozy cabin in the woods because the beach might be too noisy. If I'm going to travel to someplace to spend some quality time writing I want it to be quiet.
What is your favorite or dream vacation spot?
My favorite vacation spot so far has been Wyoming. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We had a great vacation there and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Let’s talk about the tour.  What is your favorite part of the Great Escapes Book tours?
Hands down, having the opportunity to get in front of new readers. It’s my hope that when a reader discovers me for the first time, she’ll connect with me either through my website/blog/newsletter, Facebook or Instagram and then we can have hangout online and talk all things books, fashion and food. Having the opportunity to meet new readers is one of the best things I enjoy about the blog tour.
Now let’s get into the book and talk a bit about Kelly.  I’m sure with All the drama and murder going on she is ready for a vacation.  Where would she go?
Kelly would go to a beach. She’d love to lay out on the sand, order a drink with a little umbrella in it and read one of her fashion magazines.
The cover of Silenced In Sequins was just so glittery and dreamy did you have any input In the cover design?
Yes. My editor asked me for cover ideas. I usually send him a few for ideas. For the cover of SILENCED IN SEQUINS I knew that I wanted a female silhouette like the cover of MURDER WEARS A LITTLE BLACK DRESS,  and have her dressed in a silver sequin dress. I sent some inspiration photos I found on websites and Pinterest. I also requested that Kelly’s cat, Howard, be on the cover. My editor takes my suggestions and passes them along to the art department. It takes a few months before I see the final cover. And I have to say that I have not been disappointed with any of my covers from either of my series.
In case some of our readers may have missed Murder In A Little Black Dress should they read it before getting into Silenced In Sequins?
No, they don't have to. SILENCED IN SEQUINS can be read as a standalone. But I think readers would enjoy the first book.

Does Kelly have sleuth side kicks?
She does! She has her best friend from childhood, Liv Moretti. Liv works at her family’s bakery and is often a sounding board and the voice of reason to Kelly. There’s also Ariel Barnes. She helps Kelly with her finely-tuned research skills.

Is Kelly intentionally a sleuth or does murder and dead bodies just happen to show up wherever she hangs out?
Kelly has not set out to be a detective. For lack of a better phrase, she has stumbled into murder. Though, she does have good reasons to begin sleuthing and inserting herself into the murder investigation. Those reasons are found in the book. 😊

Sometimes the reader and the ‘sleuths’ have a time figuring out ‘who dun nit” from your perspective as a writer how easy or difficult is it for you to figure out who to make the  villain(s) in your stories? 
I start with the victim. I need to know who the victim is, his/her lifestyle, career, backstory. I try to develop as much as I possibly can about this person. While I’m doing that work, I’m looking for reasons why this person would be murdered. And it’s usually the reason that leads me to the who the villain is. So, it’s not easy or difficult, it just takes work and time to decide who those two people will be.

I am sure there is much more come for us in this series.  Can you give us a sneak peek of what is on your mind for the series?
No, I’m sorry. I can’t. But I can let you know what’s coming up. In September there will be a novella, WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO A GRAVEYARD, released and it’s Halloween themed. Then in January 2021, the third full-length Resale Boutique book, HOW TO FRAME A FASHIONISTA, will be released. Also in October, my fourth Food Blogger book will be released, THE CORPSE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH.

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Simple Sunday

Have A Blessed Day

Cozy Corgi Series Spotlight-Author Interview-Great Escapes Tour

Author Interview

Hello Mildred it is so nice to meet you here in the cyber world!  I 
am excited to chat about the tour, the new book and your Cozy Corgi series!

Hi! I’m thrilled to be here at My Journey Back, thank you for having me!

Let’s get acquainted with some fun/fast questions!

Okay, sounds exciting!

Here goes!

Chocolate-Nuts or No nuts
I don’t turn down chocolate in any form, but if I had to pick… nuts!
Coffee, tea or soda
Coffee. Much like Winifred, the main character in the Cozy Corgi, I’m an addict.
The beach, the mountains or the city
Right now, I could really use a beach.
Just dogs? Or cats too?  

I knew it would be fun chatting I adore dogs too!  Let’s get into the
Series and talk about the tour.  

What excites you about the tour?  

Readers!  Both old and new. I’m always flattered when my readers take the time to dive into the tours even when they already know everything about the series. Their support means the world!  And, of course, reaching new readers is huge and such a valuable opportunity. We indie authors don’t have large budgets to reach everyone, so I always fear that there are people out there who would love the Cozy Corgi series, but I’ve not be able to let them know of its existence. However, as a reader, I know that there are series I’ve come after many installments that I adore just as much as ones I’ve followed since the very first book, so, perhaps, it simply happens when it’s the right time for the right reader.

What is your favorite part of a book tour? 

I actually think the interviews are really fun. It’s amazing how many different angles different bloggers take, and there’s always a question or two I’ve never been asked before. In addition, I’m always so literally into my books, thinking about them from my characters’ POV and from the big picture of story arc, that it’s a strange sensation to speak about them from a literary framework. I enjoy it.

I know I enjoy the tours because I love meeting new authors and being introduced to new series like the Cozy Corgi Mysteries.

And again, I have to say thank you for taking the time to have me, and even more wonderfully, to give the Cozy Corgi series a chance. There are countless books out there, more than any of us could ever get to. Any time a person picks up a new book and new author to them, it’s an act of faith, one I’m extremely grateful for. 

Can you share with us how you came about writing the Cozy Corgi series?

Well, I adore cozy mysteries. They are where I go when I want to escape the world in a way that I know will be entertaining and intriguing but will have that sense of comfort and satisfaction, so I wanted to create that as well. As far as the cozy corgi part? I’m an avid dog lover and have had several corgis throughout the years. When I started this series, I had a corgi named Alastair. He offered his personality to be used for Watson, the corgi side-kick of the series. It was like he was just sitting there, staring at me, knowing he needed to star in his own books.  How could I not oblige?

Did you ever consider another location instead of Colorado?

No. Not for a second.  There are other locations I want to do for other cozy mysteries series, but I knew Estes Park, Colorado, was the right one for the Cozy Corgi. It’s the perfect setting. A charmingly gorgeous mountain town. Just enough tourists to keep the huge variety of stores bustling, but small enough to allow for an extended cast of characters that the readers get to know and fall deeply in love with as they go about their lives. I lived and worked in Estes Park for several years (after visiting it constantly with my family as a child), so it was a place that I knew well enough to make believable while still romanticizing a bit. I must say, if you get the chance, take a trip to Estes Park, it’s lovely. And, I promise, you’ll be safe, there aren’t nearly as many murders in town as the Cozy Corgi suggests. 

You’ve been a busy girl with 15 books in the series do you happen to have a favorite? 

Of course not! No author would ever, could ever, pick their favorite. Just ask any of them, they’ll tell you the same thing. 
And… they’d be lying. 
I do have some favorites, but more because of either what they mean to me personally or how they move the series along. Each of the installments can be read as a stand-alone. The primary murder/mystery will be solved in every book. However, there are ongoing mysteries, issues, personalities, etc, etc, etc, that evolve, grow and change throughout the series that have been mapped out since book one. There are a few books, where certain on-going plot lines either get answered, change directions, or new revelations are revealed. Those are the ones I enjoy the most. They’re like rewards for slowly building up to them. 

For those of us who are new to the series do you recommend book 1 or can we jump 
at any of the books? 

You absolutely jump in wherever. Each book has a murder that will be solved by the end, I don’t do cliffhangers in that sense of the word. However, I do believe the series will more enjoyable if read from the beginning, as certain things that happen will have a greater weight or impact if you’ve seen what our characters have gone through to get there. I will say this, the first three books are all pretty light, intentionally.  After that, though they are remain light—they are true to the genre cozy mysteries—things really start to deepen and grow more complex. 

Which one was the hardest to come together or write? 

Quarrelsome Quartz. I try not to preach or have any of my books take on an ‘After School Special’ feel, where there’s an obvious lesson to be learned. As a reader, I hate that, even when it’s about a lesson or an issue I agree with or believe in strongly. I want to read to enjoy and escape. And, with fiction, I believe that those lessons or issues should come across in a natural way, as I believe fiction, by nature, imparts empathy. If you’re beating someone over the head with something, you’re not crafting your art very well.  I slipped into that in Quarrelsome Quartz and let some of my own personal pasts impact the writing. As a result, it wasn’t subtle, and upon reading it after the first edit, realized it wasn’t really even a cozy, as it was much too dark. Much of that book was re-written and while the plot and events didn’t change, the tone and ease did. As a result, I think the book and series came out much stronger for it.

Was there one that was easy. . .everything just flowed?

I know this sounds like a cop-out, but most of them flow pretty easily. I do massive pre-planning, mapping, and outlining, so the hard work is done. More than anything, I LOVE these characters and I truly miss them when I’m not writing or editing them. That makes t pretty easy. I’ve also been through some cancer stuff this year, so many of the books, while not mentioned in the writing, hold dear places because of where I was, what I was going through, or what I was overcoming/facing that causes me to hold them close to my heart. 

I have noticed that food and baking is a part of the series.  Do the books 
include recipes?

They do!  To me, food always plays a part in my favorite cozy mysteries. Actually, food plays a huge part in my entire life. That comes through in every book. (Small spoiler alert: fairly early on in the series the Cozy Corgi Bookshop opens a bakery in the second story of the business.) I love incorporating the recipe included in each book into the storyline. I think it’s so fun to hear from readers that they are actually making and eating what the characters are talking about in the book. 

This has been really a lot of fun getting to know you.  I am looking forward to 
Reading the series.  Before we call it a day can you give us a sneak peek of what you’re currently working on?  

I’m currently working on book 16, Phony Photos. Remember that I mentioned there are certain books that alter the arc of the series or reveal huge secrets.  Well… this is one of those and I can’t wait to see how people react.  I’m also starting a second cozy mystery series, Cordelia’s Casserole Caravan (yes, there will be recipes in that one too), which will start late spring or early summer of 2020.  But, don’t worry, the Cozy Corgi isn’t going anywhere, there are still many cases for Winifred and her corgi sidekick, Watson, to solve!

Thank you for visiting.  Best wishes on the tour!

Thank you so much for having it. It was a blast!!!

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