Monday, April 26, 2010

Mosaic Monday

A crafty Mosaic Monday

Just a few of my fav's . . . some mine some others. Please don't send out the police. I have no idea where some of these came from but I loved them so I kept them because I want to make them someday. Upper left a cute pillow made with yo yo's and felt I think. Next to is "Whatever" I got this from StarShine Chic. I loved it and asked if I could use it someday. Next is a little crocheted item. I thought it was so cute. The big photo is a raffle quilt from a fundraiser for our ministry. The girls came to Mission Makeover and made quilts for charity. The cat is mine. He lived at the ministry building. The quilt top in the middle was one of the first quilts ever made at Mission Makeover. And lastly I found the planner on someone's blog. I would love to make one of these for my daughter in love's school room.

And since I was playing with craft things I thought I would put together some of the fabrics I have for sale in our Ebay shop. There is a link on my sidebar if your interested.

And you can visit Dear Little Red House for more Mosaics. I almost stole Mary's today. Go over there and see why.

Did you notice all the crafty things are Blue? Well it is Blue Monday after all.


No words needed:Favorite photo . . .

The weather in my neck of the woods: Beautiful

Things that make me happy: Watching the grandbaby sleep. Makes me smile.

Book I'm reading: Lord Teach Me To Pray in 28 Days by Kay Arthur

What I'm enjoying on TV: My Cowboy usually has control of the clicker but I really like Chopped 'cept when it is in reruns.

On the menu for dinner: This was Sandra's Cowboy Lasagne ...have to check it out! I am cooking chicken sausages stuffed with spinach and Asiago cheese. These are so yummy. Usually do them in the crockpot with a couple of potato's and green beans. Today oven roasting because I am doing a batch of French Onion soup in the crockpot. Yummy.

On my To Do List: Baking Blueberry Muffins this afternoon with the grandbaby. And getting ready for rummage sale and moving this weekend.

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon: Waitin' on Sandra to post the Cowboy Lasagne!

In the craft basket: Charity quilt the halfway house girls are working on. I am squaring up the blocks and doing the quilting.

Looking forward to this week: Moving and settling into our new house.

Tips and Tricks: I am beginning to really love my iron skillets. Once they are seasoned well they are great to cook in. Nothing sticks, you can't scratch them. They don't ruin if your Cowboy cooks on too high heat!

My favorite blog post this week: Found a new one I really like. Poppies at Play and they are having a Parade of Homes this week too. The link is on my sidebar or here.

Lesson learned the past few days: No matter how much you want the best for your kids (no matter what age) when they are grown you can't fix everything. It hurts when you see them hurting. All you can do is pray and ask God to keep them safe.

On my mind: Moving and my daughter and grandson.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses: "Give us this day our daily bread." Matthew 6:11. I am learning that God provides our needs. I am leaning and trusting him to gives us what we need.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Review-Bridegrooms Allison Pittman

I have to begin this review with a big 'But'....I am not a fan of historical romances. But I have changed my mind. Or at least Allison Pittman's Bridegrooms changed my mind. I really, really enjoyed this book.

I was caught up in it and was not able to put it down. For me it was one of the times when the everyday household chores we put on hold! Is that a good thing or not? You be the judge.

I have to say that I was a little surprised about the story. I expected like everyone else I am sure a Little Women kind of story. A story about the four sisters pictured on the front all looking for Bridegrooms.

That really isn't what the story is about at all. The bridegrooms in the story is a baseball team.
Cracked me up!

The story is about Vada Allenhouse and her four sisters who live with their father the towns physician.

The story begins with Vada preparing for the opening of the towns Symphony. Vada works at the musical theatre and assists the conductor Herr Johann. It just so happens that Vada's beau Garrison is in the orchestra.

Each of the other three sisters have their own stories and romances or wishes for romances.

As Vada returns home after an evenings rehearsal she finds members of the baseball team in her home. A fan had been hit by a stray ball earlier in the day. Vada's father brings the injured man home and so begins an adventure for the players and Vada and her sisters.

This was really a fun book to read. I didn't have any trouble keeping up with the characters or the plot. I think I have found that where historical romances are concerned that I like Allison Pittman's work.

I went to Ms. Pittman's website and found these two quotes there:
Praise for The Bridegrooms
"Sisters. Secrets. Squabbles. Symphony and suitors. Allison Pittman's newest historical romance, The Bridegrooms, has it all. What happens when you match up an every-man hero with a conflicted heroine? You find yourself enthralled by a story full of improbable pairings that showcase love's surprising ways. Again, Pittman has me waiting impatiently for her next compelling tale."~Mona Hodgson, author of Two Brides Too Many and Too Rich for a Bride
"Get ready to put the rest of your life on hold. The Bridegrooms will sweep you off your feet and carry you over the threshold into the hearts of Vada Allenhouse and her unpredictable sisters. Mysterious romance is not the same thing as true devotion--or is it? And can one sister tell another how to choose between them? Allison Pittman's literary sparkle shines better than ever in this story of hilarious, heartfelt love."~Karen Roth, author of Found on 16th Avenue and My Portion Forever

I loved the above quotes description of the girls as 'unpredictable'. Great description.

You can go to to purchase this book. Here's the link

I received a giveaway copy of this book so I have copies to giveaway. Check out my Book Reviews page for details.

This book was provided for review by Random House and Waterbrook Multnomah.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review- Forget Me Not

I found a new author I really enjoy! I was excited to receive this book when it was offered by the publisher Waterbrook Multnomah. Only bad thing about it was there was a deadline and I already had a few other books on the stack to read! But that was not a problem. I picked this book up and was drawn in.

I did have a little difficulty keeping up with all the characters and the sub-plot but I was so drawn to the two main characters and I wanted to know what was going to happen that the sub-characters and their antics just kind of stayed in the background and I paid more attention to Benjamin and the mystery woman. Who by the end is relieved and all ends well.

There are some twists and turns in the story and honestly I didn't put it all together who was the real villain so that part was good. I mean who wants to figure it all out there's no suspense in that. Although I was a little bored with that part of the story just because it was confusing with all the players involved.

The book begins with this mysterious woman running for her life. She ends up being car-jacked and then found by an elderly man and taken to Crossroads Crises Center where she eventually meets Benjamin Brandt the owner of the center. She soon realizes she doesn't remember who she is. She remembers nothing of her past before being car-jacked. Bearing a huge resemblance to Benjamin's deceased wife doesn't help his grief stricken heart. The two are literally thrown together as they soon realize that someone is 'out to get' the mystery woman.

It doesn't take long for her to realize that she believes in God and trusts him to take care of her.

And as she begins to remember her past she realizes more and more that her faith and trust in God is what kept her safe and alive. It also doesn't take long for her to realize that because of the death of his wife Benjamin lost faith. As they are drawn together they both also struggle with their feelings as they are both so far apart in the beliefs about God.

Here's the trailer from you tube.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. But if your still on the fence about purchasing it go here
to read a sneak peak and you can purchase it while your there.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I do what I do . . .

Today I want to share one prayer request from one of the girls living in the halfway house. We met this young lady three years ago. At the time we had lots of support. We leased a building and we worked daily with local kids. And every Friday morning we had the girls from the halfway house.

This particular young lady was from Louisiana. She was so funny. She was always a really picky eater. Always afraid to try new foods. She is still that way. But there are things about her that have changed in three years.

She is back at the halfway house awaiting to go a program for teen moms. She will only be with us a short time but I am glad God brought her back into our lives and that he provides provision through the Wings program.

Here's her request.

I want prayer for my child that she's very healthy, beautiful inside and out, and of God. I want my attitude, my mind frame and attitude to be positive. I want the Lord to show me his way. And be with me and my child. I want to be independent and financially stabled. I want all of me and my baby girl' needs to be met. However, I know life's not perfect but choosing God is the perfect decision and I really need Him in my life. I want a special prayer for things to get better with me and my child father relationship so that he could be a part of his child's life.

This is why I do what I do. I know life's not perfect but choosing God is the perfect decision and I want Him in my life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking a break for a few days. We are planning a fundraiser for next week. And we are finishing packing and preparing to move.

Tonight and for the next few days I covet your prayers my dear sisters. As of tonight we do not know where we are moving. We have a house and a building for the ministry located. But we are waiting on God to provide the funding to make it happen. If funding isn't arranged by Friday we will loose this house.

We have till the end of the month to be out of the house we are living in. We are depending on God to provide what is needed for us to move and find a place to live.

Tonight I am sad and frustrated. It is so difficult to find a place that is perfect not only for us personally but for the ministry and not have the financial resources to move forward. We wait on God.

I am sad because I do not know where I will live. I am scared and afraid. We continue the ministry. We continue to move on because we feel called to this ministry. It is hard because there are people that tell us we need to get "regular jobs". It is difficult to listen to non supportive statements.

And then, when week after week young people are making decisions to follow Christ we are affirmed.

Please forgive me dear friends for writing this post. Please forgive me for pouring out my questions and anguish here.

Please do not give up on me. Please lift a prayer up to our Father for our ministry.

Thank you for following me on this journey and thank you for your prayers.

Book Review-Free Book Brian Tome

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17
I love this verse that Brian quoted in the following video.
I have to say that this was a difficult book to read. Possibly it was more about where I am now than the book so I don't want to be negative. I am a little self observed with preparing to move and finding a place to live so I have taken some time before writing this review and getting it posted. I loved this point Tome makes "Freedom is being who God designed you to be." and "It's developing a healthy conscience and not allowing things in your past that you've repented and been forgiven of to taint your conscience. It's about believing that God is okay with you."
The book is not all that long 230 pages. But for me it was a little deep. Don't get me wrong it may have been more about me having a hard time keeping on track and reading it.
As your reading you are reminded over and over that Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.
I would recommend this book. I needed to hear that Jesus wants us to go forward. One chapter covers strongholds. It talks about what a stronghold is and how to break free. I also liked the part that reminded me that we don't have to live with the burdens of past mistakes or other peoples expectations. Being reminded that we can have Joy like little children. It is within our reach. We can be free.
This book was provided by Thomas Nelson publishers for this review. It can be purchase on thier website
There are also other blog reviews you can find them by doing a search on google. It is also available at Amazon and there is a great video introduction there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dreaming of an Enchanted April

I found a give a way over at Gina's. She is offering this book. I would love to read it. The movie looks great too. Gina wanted to know where we would spend an enchanted time. Maybe a villa in Italy, or a France like the movie. I think I would feel I was in the lap of luxury in a Villa in Mexico or maybe Raton Honduras we visited there on a cruise it was so beautiful quant and not real touristy (then). I saw it not too long ago on HGTV International House Hunters. Guess it isn't so isolated anymore. Of course my dream place would be on the beach but it would also have a stable on the property filled with horses. Sounds like heaven on earth to me. Gina invited everyone over to visit her blog and enter so go on over.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayers Please

Dear friends I am asking for prayers today. Tomorrow I begin our Mission Makeover program at my church. The halfway house where we minister will bring a van full of girls to my church. I have ladies lined up to work with the girls. Above is a photo from an evening with another church where girls that were in our program taught the ladies to sew. Each pair made a quilt top.
Tommorrow we will have a meet and greet. And I will share what we will be doing. (sewing quilts for Christ's Have in Keller, Texas) I will also share a devotional around a great verse Phil. 4:13. I had a really rough week. I am leaning on that verse tonight as I prepare the food for tomorrow.
I covet your prayers, for the girls for the ladies. And for our ministry.
I hope you all have a Blessed Friday. Please come by and visit often and please leave me a comment.
Sending you a hug and Blessings on your Journey.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yummy yummy . . . What you cookin' for dinner?

Looks yummy doesn't it. These yummy enchilada's were cooked by Melanie. She was kind enough to agree to reviewing our cookbook. You can go here to read her review. This is just one of the great recipes.

So if your wondering what to cook for dinner check out our cookbook. It is filled with tons of recipes submitted by ladies at our church and by volunteers.

Melanie even posted the recipe so if your thinking this looks yummy just hop over there and get the recipe!

To learn more about our ministry click here.

Book Review - HomeSchooling . . .

What a great book. I really enjoyed reading this book. I have always been an advocate for Homeschooling. I only had the opportunity to Homeschool my daughter for one short semester when we relocated. I really wish that I had the chance to read this book oh so many years ago.

For me chapter 10 Dealing with relatives would have been a great resource for me as I tried to get my family to realize the many benefits of homeschooling.

The book is filled with lots of information and is a great resource for the beginning family as well as the pro's.

It is very easy to read with lots of suggestions, charts and illustrations. I found it really easy to comprehend even with distractions. It would be easy for a mom that is already homeschooling to fit in around other activities and distractions.

I liked what the back cover says:

  • Discover a realistic vision of homeschooling your family
  • Help your child get excited about learning
  • Find a routine that fits your goals and lifestyle

and my personal favorite

  • Nurture a biblical worldview in your child's heart and mind

I loved this too from the bio on the back . . .

Sonya Haskins and her family see each day as an adventure in learning.

I urge you to check out this book and make your children's schooling an an adventure in learning.

This book was provided for review by Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group.

You can purchase on line by visiting thier website:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ebay Sales to help ministry

updated 4/15/10 the pig fabric is sold. I will be posting more hopefully on Saturday. Please come back.
Well I have finally taken the plunge and started listing some things on Ebay. If you click on the photo on the sidebar it will take you to the listing for that item. Then on the sidebar there you can find other items we've listed.
I have listed books,Department 56 items, fabric and quilting kits. Above are a couple of photo's of things we have listed.
Since I really don't know what I am doing I set prices based on what I thought I could sell stuff for. If you my loyal readers see anything you want let me know and I will be glad to revise the listings to give you a better deal. Most of them I put my bottom dollar price but if you find something you want I will be glad to change it if we both agree to something fair.
I am going to start putting some photo's up before I post stuff so keep coming back if your interested in fabric or cookbooks. I have a lot more stuff to list. I would rather sell it directly to you and save a little money on listing fee's especially since all the money raised goes directly to help our ministry.
I will write a seperate post about why the sudden push to rash funds so please check back. Until then you can always go here to learn more about the ministry.
Thanks for stopping in and please send your sewing or quilting friends by and tell them about the Ebay listings too.

Do you ever feel like this?

. . . Like you've done a balancing act all day and then by the end of the day your just worn out?
That was my week last week. I had grand ideas about posting. Had some posts drafted because my intention was to share with you about missions. But real missions crashed into my world and I woke up and it was Saturday. And then I kept the grandbaby all day. And then it was Sunday. And then it was Monday and I had the grandbaby all day. And now a week later I have some spare minutes.

I hope you visited yesterday because I did squeeze in time to leave a bouquet of flowers for you. If you didn't see it yesterday well just scroll down.

Today I want to share with you about a ministry that I have only recently heard of. Nascar is rather big in our area. I live 1 mile from Texas Motor Speedway. On quiet evenings I can hear the dull roar of cars going around the track. I am not a Nascar fan. But neither am I a football or baseball fan. Mainly because I don't see the point in spending the money to go to a game or race. And I don't relish the idea of fighting crowds. And, I just don't like to watch any of the above on t.v.

So being a non-fan I didn't know anything about Nascar and what is involved. Did you know that for a week before a race that hundreds of people drive in and set up a minature city? They are driving anything from a pick up with a tent loaded in the back to million dollar buses. When you drive by the track on the days before each race you can see a virtual city appear before your eyes.

As Cowboy and I drove by Sunday on the way to do chapel we saw already 100 or more campers. We were driving saying to each other how we didn't get it. I mean I get camping in the mountains or in a park where there are activities hiking, swimming etc. But at Texas Motor Speedway you just camp. And in most cases drink beer or something similar. I guess that is the activity of choice before, during and after a Nascar race.

Another thing that I didn't know about Nascar is that it is the only sporting event that begins with a prayer. And I bet you didn't know this that Dr. Roger Marsh says a prayer at every Nascar event. Dr. Marsh is the Executive Director of the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries. He is also the President of The Texas Alliance of Raceway Ministries (Txarm). And, he is our Praise and Worship Leader at our chapel services on Sunday morning. (when he is in town)

Through Dr. Marsh I have learned a lot about Txarm they provide chapel services at the races. They provide childrens games and activities. They have a hospitality tent with coffee, lemonade and popcorn. They provide golf cart rides to people that can't walk to the gate. And they share the Gospel to anyone that will listen.

Not only is there a chapter of Raceway ministries at every Nascar track. There is also a chapter at most dirt tracks and other racing events throughout the United States. They do similar activities and share the Gospel.

Do you live near a track? I know that Dr. Marsh and the other volutneers at Txarm need help. If your interested in meeting God where he is working check out the Raceway ministries in your area.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Hug and Flowers for You!

If I was there I would find a field and pick you a bunch of flowers. And give them to you with a hug!
Today if you need a hug I am sending one your way. And, take the flowers too and post on your blog.
This is going out to someone special that always cheers me up when I am down.
Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary suggested doing something 'nice' for someone today.
Sounded like a good idea.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review- This Little Prayer of Mine

I just finished reading my first children's book provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group.
I have to honestly say that I would not buy this book. I was not exactly sure what age group this book was intended for. And I didn't do any research to find out.
The prayer is written in my opinion as more of a story. It isn't short and in fact goes through the entire 28 pages of the book. It covers topics like: forgiveness, being sad, being alone, being sad, helping others and it also hints about Jeremiah 29:11. There isn't any scripture in the book just little hints about God's word.
This little portion of the prayer is on the back cover:
I know you're up in heaven, God, and can hear my voice from there. I'm just a little child. Will you answer my short prayer?
Although the actual prayer in the book is o.k. there were many other things that I didn't like.
Especially the illustrations. I thought many of the drawings were a bit scary. Take the cover for instance the doll laying on the bed, the angels in the picture in the background. They don't look at all inviting to me.
I actually got input from 2 teen girls at the halfway house and also the school teacher there. They liked the book initially until I pointed out the things that I didn't like.
I felt like the muted colors in the book were not appealing at least not to me. You have to remember I am a 50 something grandmother so I am writing this from my perspective. I am trying extremely hard to be open minded but I just didn't find much I like about the book.
I mentioned my question about the target audience. I could tell it was definitely not intended for a pre-schooler. The book is rather a large size measuring about 8 3/4" x 8 3/4". It is hardbound. But, the quality of the binding in the book was questionable to me. I think that a really small child would easily tear the pages. When you open the front and back covers you can see the strings in the binding. There are many places that you can purchse this book and including directly from the publisher (link below). The U.S. cover price is $12.99. I would not pay $12.99 for this book.
This book in my opinion is for an elementary age child.
This book was provided by for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.
They are hosting a blog tour this week and so if you go to their website you kind find a lot of other reviews and you will find an option to purchase too. Here's their link
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What my week was like . . .

This is what I felt like this week. It was a whirl wind! I woke up and it is already Friday. I had some great posts planned but unfortunately many things go in the way. And now it is Friday and I am beat!

I hope you guys missed me! I hope you were looking forward to stopping in and seeing something new.

Because I write here to share with you what God is teaching me, what I am learning and alot of the time things I like or enjoy!

This was a crazy but productive week for me. We had lots of meetings concerning our housing situation. We met with one of the owners of the property. We are still arranging the financing on our end. Because we are in ministry we are funded by donations. We have some corporate sponsors. We are trying to gather a couple more to be able to make the deal happen.

Last night when we went to the new house to talk about the lease and all we found out from the husband that the real reason the are selling is because they are separated. They had not told us that before. And we were shell shocked. It was sad talking to him. I looked around the house and remembered them showing it to us the first time. It made me sad to see what has developed in just a few short weeks. She has moved to another city. He is out of a job is moving to a different city. He appeared to have little hope.

We told him we would pray for him/them. And he was definitely appreciative he said he believes in prayer. He had told us on our first visit that they had prayed the right people would want the house. He was happy when he met us and learned about the ministry.

You know I started writing today just to put up a quick post to update why I haven't posted. But I think in a way sharing their struggle their need for prayer and their need for God's direction is just what he would have me do.

You know missions is not just about going to some foreign country. It isn't even always about serving as my Cowboy and I do. Sometimes it is about writing a post and sharing your day or your week. Sometimes what is going on in your life and how you handle it and what you share about it is exactly what someone else needed to hear. So I think that just writing a blog in a way sometimes is an act of mission work. Sharing God's love.

And our writing about someone else's needs and struggles and praying together is another form of mission work. That is what I was trying to say on Mon. . . Just because your a stay at home mom. . . Just because you have ''short people' (pre-schoolers) hanging around. . . Just because your homeschooling and your up to your neck in lesson plans and getting things finished before summer. . . doesn't mean that you can't be on mission. . . doesn't mean you can't serve God where you are right now.

Because God can use even the most insignificant thing you do to help someone.

Last night my Cowboy was able to share and council Jeff. When he opened up to us and shared what was going on he was sad. He seemed depressed. Who wouldn't be?

But by the time we left his spirits were lifted. God used that moment. We opened ourselves and allowed him to speak through us.

And so. . . I leave you with the question do you ever catch yourself in a moment and realize you've said something or done something that meant something to someone else. It may have even been when you were wiping a nose or tying a shoe. . . Well I would venture to guess that God was smiling down on you in that moment and he was saying "Well done my good and faithful servant."

You may be on Mission and not even realize it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Mission Journey

Hi thanks for joining me today and continuing the mission Journey. Wasn't that a great song? I downloaded to use for worship on Sunday at the girls halfway house.

Today I wanted to share with you an opportunity for you to help a local charity.
Did you know that today and tomorrow if you sign up at Good Search and choose your charity that they will get a $1.00 just because you decided to use Good Search?

Here's how it works your charity has to be signed up. And then if you download their toolbar they get $1.00. Everytime you use the Good Search engine they receive One Penny. O.K. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but how many followers do you have? Some of you have over 100 can you imagine if they all did this? And then their followers. And then their followers. See how fast it adds up?

If you don't have a charity well of course I'll invite you to join ours just put in Auto Mission but you can also look at the list that Good Search will provide.

And not only can you help them out when you search when you shop you can also help! Yes when your sitting in your computer chair and your ordering online from Gap or Old Navy your charity can get a % of your purchase! And, if yo shop on Ebay well that is a big %. And there's lots of other shops like Crate and Barrel and many more!

When you download the toolbar it will appear just below your regular Google bar. And each time you go to Gap or Ebay or any of the other shops a little pop will tell you that your purchase helps your charity!

Now of course since we're talking missions this week just think about ministries that are 501c3 in your area. Is there a church that offers a food pantry? Is there an organization that helps abused women and children? What about a prison ministry.

Maybe your local organization doesn't know about this offer from Good Search. Tell them about it. There is still time!

And well if you want you can help our ministry. Just go to Good Search and put Auto Mission Inc. Bedford,Texas as your choice.

Want to know more about us? Here's our blog. Here's our website.

Thanks for coming by. Come back tomorrow for more Mission Journey's.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Babies and Grandpa's

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Monday 4 Missions

This week I will be dedicating My Journey Back to Missions. Each day I will be posting something about Missions. Sharing with you about our ministry or another ministry opportunity or my thoughts on missions and ministry.

A few months ago a fellow blogger named Peggy began a Monday Meme after awhile she felt the need to retire Monday 4 Missions. I hated to see it go and for awhile I have been thinking about continuing it and sharing with you about our ministry and about other ministries I feel led to tell you about.

I tried to check in with Peggy today to let her know I wanted to begin posting about Missions on Monday but I didn't find her blog. So if any of you know her please pass it on to her.
Today I will begin sharing a little about our ministry.

This is one of the girls that lived in the halfway house where we minister. We are working at our local food bank. It is amazing the things that are donated. Here we are cleaning soda's and sorting.

This is a photo taken at our mission facility.(we no longer have a building) The photo is a few years old but it just really shows so much about our work I wanted to use it. On this particular night the girls were teaching women from a local church to sew. Each pair made a baby quilt top. The quilts are donated to charities.

This month we are partnering with my church First Baptist Keller. We will be bringing 8 girls from the halfway house to the church each Friday to sew with volunteers from the church. I am excited to begin this part of our ministry again.

The sewing and food bank is only a small part of the ministry work God allows us to do. We have a ministry blog that shares a lot more. And we also have a website.

The cookbooks that are for sale on my cookbook page support our ministry.

I hope that you will come back everyday this week because I think I have some great posts planned that might help you and encourage you to step out and serve God in a new area.

Believe it or not even if your a stay at home mom with a toddler, preschooler or school age children you can be God's servant! And what a great learning and teaching opportunity for your kids!

I am looking forward to seeing you this week. Please leave comments!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. May your weekend be filled with God's Blessing and mercy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that our God is all knowing. He knows when I hurt. He gives me peace. He gives me direction. I just have to wait and listen for his word.

Yesterday we received some news that we weren't expecting. It came out of left field and has left us discouraged, scared, confused and saddened.

We each seperately are wondering how much worse can it get?

We are each praising God that today we have some place to live but tomorrow may be a different story.

We lost the corporate funding that provides for our programs and our salary. When I say salary I mean it pays for our rent and utilities and gas money.

Without this funding we cannot move. We can't even find a place to live withouth being able to show a means of support.

Today I am praying this verse:
The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them. I am asking God to deliver us. I am asking God to give us a miracle.

It is confusing. For the last 7 years we have been in fulltime ministry. We have thought we were serving God faithfully.

The last few months have seemed to have been the best because we began chapel services.
This past Sunday 4 boys accepted Christ. 5 boys rededicated thier lives. And 2 boys said that they weren't ready. One of them asked that we pray that he would be able to pray "the" pray one day soon!

So it is confusing that as everything seems to be going so good how things can go so wrong.

Today I am Thankful that even though I am feeling isolated and alone that God understands. God will provide in his time.