Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years

                                                Image result for happy new year

                                                     Happy New Year

Join me New Years day for a 12 hour posting 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Morning.  Sharing my week with you and Sandra at 
Family Corner . . . 

The weather outside is ...
Cold.  Tornado's over the weekend.  Hail here on Sunday.  

On the breakfast plate ...
Breakfast Pizza w/ bacon,an egg cooked on top of kale and spinach.   It was sooo yummy! (leftover from Sunday)

As I look out my window...
Cold and dark.  I miss writing my post later.  I have to write before work now.

Right now I'm wishing ...
I didn't have to go to work.  Wishin' my quilting could pay the bills.

As I look around the house...
Remembering Christmas.  We leave our decorations up a looong time! We love it!

On today's to do list ...Thankfully not alot. Got laundry done yesterday 

  1. Hopefully stop at Michael's on the way home for sale stuff and paper craft items, embellishments, paint for my daughters altered book scripture journal.
  2. Prepare paper for journal
  3. Tidy house
Happening this week...
We're really boring.  Nothing going on but work.

Currently Reading...
My Bible.  Waiting on review books.

On the t.v.
recording Scandal episodes.  (I know I'm bad)

On the menu this week...
Monday--leftover prime rib (we cooked Sunday the Cowboy was sick Christmas day
Tuesday--five bean soup, corn bread
Wednesday--Pork cutlets, rice, okra 
Thursday-- Steak and Potato Soup, Bacon Sandwichs
Friday-- eat out I hope

What I am creating at the moment ...
A project that I started for Christmas and didn't get to finish because I got a last minute commission quilt!
I am making a calendar a day for my daughter.  I'll give her January's on New Years Eve.  And then an installment at the end of each month.  
A big fun endeavor.  I made one last year and we both loved it!

New recipe I tried ...
Oh wow it was so good.  Check it out!
This is a unique and delicious breakfast or holiday brunch recipe! Plus, who doesn't love pizza anytime of day? Bacon & Asparagus Breakfast Pizza Recipe from Hot Eats and Cool Reads:
Mine was a little different.  The recipe called for Asparagus. 
It was too expensive but I found Kale and Spinach on sale.  I think I liked it better.  Leftovers this morning for breakfast.  We each had 1/3.  

Favorite photo from the past few days ...
I love my daughter!  I shared the post here

Prayers, Inspirational, Devotionals
Rough Draft:
One of the day calendar pages I'm creating.  

Thanks for coming by and visiting.  Hope your week is wonderful.
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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sweeties And Critters

The weather has been beautiful!  We've taken advantage!

      The day was perfect for spending some time with the horses!
This is my grandsons sweet 'ole girl.  She plods along ever so nicely for a little boy . . . 
We're lucky to have her.  She is perfect for the therapy sessions that  he has to do after his surgery last summer.  
This is one of his favorite things to do.  He loves riding backwards!

Notice all the Blue There's always lots of Blue around the barn. 
Horse Therapy:
What a sweet and patient girl!
                                            Horse Therapy:
                    What a happy and proud Mama and Grandma. 
                                #1 Rule of horse ownership . . . 
                                                                  Give treats!
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wit and Wisdom Wednesday

              Charlie Brown Christmas. It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters; it's who's around it...:


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!  I enjoy so much
everyday your visits and comments here on my blog. 
And even though we're not close in miles I consider us close in Spirit.  Even though we don't exchange gifts.  I consider each and everyone of you someone special that if I had the chance I'd be giving you something sweet.  

            I am glad your around my tree!

Many of you I know well because we've been friends a looong time. 

Many of you I feel a weird kind of sisterly/kindred spirit because we are so similar.  (you know who you are my sisters!)

Many are friends I've met recently.  And let me say I am so happy to know you!

I love this medium of Blogging.  I have had a chance to meet so many people!  

I am Blessed by so many people.  

I am thankful!    I love you all!  

                  Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

                                                            Merry Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday - 12/20/2015

                                        Good Morning 
                            Merry Christmas
Joining Sandra  . . . 
The weather outside is . . . Wintery.  It just looks like winter outside.  A bit chilly but beautiful. 
On the breakfast plate . . . The Cowboy made biscuits last night!  Yummee.  Maybe I'll scramble an egg.
As I look out my window . . . Cold and dreary.  The sun isn't up yet. 
Right now I am . . . Wishing I didn't have to go to work.  And praying it get better. 
As I look around the house . . . I'm excited our daughter and grandson and my mother will come over Christmas day.  My mother has heard all about the new porch decor.  And the new Santa's.   I can't wait to show her. 
On today's list . . .  1. Go to work.  2.  Finish commission quilt.  3. Wrap gifts. 4. Tidy up. 5. Finish laundry
On The Menu This Week . . . 
Monday: Chopped Bar B Que Sandwich, Cole Slaw and Chips                                                                   Tuesday:  Pasta (new Spinach noodles I got at Sprouts)                                                                               Wednesday: Pizza 3 cheese and Pepperoni                                                                                                    Thursday: Chili                                                                                                                                            Friday: The Cowboy is cooking Prime Rib, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Popovers                              Saturday: Leftovers                                                                                                                                      Sunday: Hmmm
What I Am Creating. . . Completing daughters illustrated scripture book (at least this months)
Favorite Photo From The Camera            Click Here to read the post. 
                                        Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals                                         
                           Every Knee Shall Bow

Blue Monday Christmas

Traditional I share a post all about Blue Christmas . . . 
                                Vintage Christmas Card: Old-Fashioned Indented Ornaments - Blue/Silver Highlight:                      
                            I love Vintage don't you?  
                       een vermoeide kerstman na een lange nacht eindelijk heerlijk slapen. mooi plaatje.:
Of course being a Santa collector I loved this one.  
It is available as a puzzle hereThis artists work is amazing.  I'm glad someone pinned it so I could find it!

                              Holiday Cocktail Library for the Festive House Bar - Blue Sparkling Star Cocktail, just one of over 30 recipes.:
I love festive looking cocktails.  The post here has 30 different 
printable winter subway art:

Fun free pintable Subway art.  Click here.
Red Velvet Cake Truffles.    The original like did not work for me. This is a good link which explains the steps involved.:
Oh my goodness.  I need to make these!
           Image detail for -Blue Christmas decorations look great on a white , silver, blue or ...:
This post shared 37 photos.  All Blue!

                  Gorgeous.  The Atlanta holiday walk. 
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Friday Party

I'm a little late to join.  But I found a new friend. And a new linky party.  The link is still up so here goes . . . 
Feeling Beachie

Prompts to fill in!  Fun!
The statements: (my answers in Bold)
  1. Cupcakes taste yummeee!
  2. Have you finished your Christmas decorating?
  3. My Cowboy always gets mad at me for not completely filling ice trays!
  4. When my alarm clock goes off, I  I wish I could stay home!
Thanks to Annie over at McGuffey's Reader for sharing this new fun party!  

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                I hope your weekend is going great!

Friday, December 18, 2015

On The Lookout For

. . . For something to write about. But I have some help in my search.
And we left you something to enjoy while we look . . .
. . . The light is on.

We left a few books for you to enjoy.

And some cake in case you get hungry. And here is  . . .

                                                          . . . Some place to sit and enjoy the sunshine! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tales Of Christmas Past

Welcome to my Tale of Christmas Past Tablescape . . . 

                        A simple, frugal table setting
I thought I would share with you today a little luncheon table I set up for Cowboy and our daughter and the grand baby a few Christmas' ago.

I chose the simple, cute & whimsical really, really cheap grocery store dinnerware . . . 

The dinner plates, salad plates and the mugs were markdowns from Kroger. They were marked down because the handle of one mug was broken. But that worked fine for me because I set an even cheaper plastic cup on that place setting and planned if for the baby!

  • I added some old little fruit dishes and juice glasses that were cheap too in their day they came out of oat meal. (I wish they still did that) If you look closely again the baby's is slightly different. I got these from my mother and she only had three matching bowls. (We didn't eat much oatmeal) The fourth I found at a shop.
  • The green leaf plates are some of my favorites. I only have 4 they are Vintage Pier One! I say Vintage because I bought them over 20 years ago. Vintage sounds snazzier than old! Love them. I used to have a platter but I broke it. Darn it.
I thought the little candy canes added a little more fun so I put some in the mugs then tossed a couple on the table.
BTW I really didn't have a plan I just pulled together pieces that I love that were in the same color theme. 
And, the meal was Taco Beuno!
I didn't really plan this table for a post but since I had this photo I thought I would share it.  
  Are you setting your table for Christmas activities?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wit and Wisdom

Sharing with Linda Kay at Wit/Wisdom a story about a photo . . . 
                Christmas can be a very lonely time for some people.  
                  But, for some everyday can be a lonely time.
Some people go throw their day just 'getting by'.  Some people 
want, wish, crave, desire that someone would reach out to them.
                              Some people need to be needed.  
                    Need too feel that someone cares about them. 
It's hard to continue to go on day after day without anyone really caring.  Or at least without feeling that anyone cares. 
                              Silence can be menacing.  
                                When no one says Hello.  
                                        No one calls. 
                                        No one texts.  
                                    No one comments.  
                              You can feel utterly alone.  
                   Especially when you've initiated contact.  
                 You've called. You've texted.  You've posted. 
                   When you receive silence it is deafening.  
         You feel unwanted.  You feel unloved.  You feel sad.  
                                    And, you can't change it.  
                You can't make people like you or love you.  
                                   Or show you that they do.  
             You give in. You give up.  You stop caring.  
                   Because you feel like no one cares.  
                          Christmas is a lonely time.
                                 And, so I ask you.   
Is there someone in your world that needs your attention? 
I can tell you that just a kind word can make someones day!
                                I know.  I understand.  
                                    I've been there. 
                   Sometimes you can only trust in Jesus.  

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Wordless Wednesday--Merry Christmas


                                                               Merry Christmas
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas with toddlers A repost with additions . . . 

I originally posted the following back 2009.  Today I'm adding more thoughts that I hope might be relevant to any young moms that might get the opportunity to read this post.   Today I'll be linking my post at all the regular Monday and Tuesday linky parties . . . 
2009 . . . We are enjoying our grandson so much. Last night we let him decorate the Christmas tree with a little help.  He is 2 1/2. 
2015 . . . The help he received was basically just helping him put the ornaments on when he got stuck.  Some of the hooks or hangers are difficult for little fingers to manage.  
At the time I/we didn't realize the importance of allowing him to decorate the tree all by himself. 

2009 . . . This was just after the afternoon nap I didn't notice I should have combed his hair.
Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary got me to thinking about Christmas traditions and decorating. I remember when I was a young mother and actually not so young mom I was a little festidious about how things needed to look. 
2015 I was alot Fistidious.  Or OCD as we label it now adays.  
2009 . . . Actually that is why the kids had trees in their own rooms. That was when we moved to our dream house and we had a tree in every room. The trees in the living areas needed to look "just right". 
Actually I think the whole idea of the children having their own trees is a good idea if it is done for the right reasons. 
2015 I didn't have the children's trees for the right reasons.  I wanted the living room, den and actually the entire house to look 'just right'.  I wanted my home to look like a magazine.  If we had been 'blessed to have the internet and blogging back then I would have. . . well I hate to think how I would have been.  
2009. . . Mine weren't. And that is just one of those things I wish I could do over. I wish I had been a little more relaxed in some areas. 
2015. . . I do wish I could do it over again.  And many other things. 
I still like the idea of trees in the children's rooms.  I am a grandmother now and my reasons for trees in children's rooms has changed a lot!   
A tree in their rooms is the perfect place to start a collection that they can take with them when their married.  (Read more about collection trees in part two)
2009 . . . This is the tree that the toddler decorated.

2009. . . And by the way remember the ornaments that weren't used on the trees in the family and living room well this is part of them. Somehow or another when I went to get ornaments out the only box I could find was my son's box. Hence cats. There were a few random ornaments mixed in with greenery and candles they made their way onto the tree too.  
And if you look really closely some are clumped together. And some spots are empty but that is what happens when a toddler decorates the tree.
2015 . . . If I could go back I'd have to say that I'd have to do things differently. 
Would I still have an over the top tree in the living room?  Yes.  But,  I would have 
special trees for each child.  And, a family tree.  A special tree that holds family memories.  
Would I still have a tree in every room.  Yes . . . 
you can never have too many Christmas Trees!
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Happy Homemaker Monday Link Party

Happy Homemaker Monday--December 
Good Morning sweet friends.  Today I'm joining Sandra and a few
friends to share our week!  

 The Weather outside is:
Wet from Sunday.  It rained alot Saturday night.  I didn't even realize I/we slept right through it. 
So did Daisy we opened the door to go out and it was still drizzling.  She stopped in her tracks!
She isn't a fan of rain!  

On The Breakfast Plate:
Since starting a new job I don't put much on the plate.  I know I'm bad but I usually eat nothing or stop for a hash brown at McDonald's.  Today I need gas and I'm hungry.  I wonder what yummy healthy treat the have at Quick Trip?

As I Look Outside My Window:
Winter arrived at least for a few days.  Cloudy and wintery.  Wet from the Saturdays rain. 

Right Now I Am:
Thinking about my new job.  I'll be working this week with the curriculum director learn 
how "they" teach 18 month olds. 

As I Look Around The House:
Our vacuum broke.  I think it's the belt.  We got one from beside the dumspter but it needs a bag. 
Our daughter was going to start this week coming over and doing the carpets, sweeping and 1 other job every other.  I needed the help she needed the money.  We'll start next week when I get my first pay check!

On Today's To Do List:

  • Washing Daisy's towels and rugs
  • Roast for dinner then soup from the left overs for the rest of the week
  • I got the binding attached to the commission quilt now I just need to do the hand sewing!
Happening This Week
I lead a borrowing life.  Work, laundry, keeping up the house, cooking

Currently Reading
I just finished Worship Changes Everything by Darlene Zschech
Waiting on a romance novel!

On The T.V.
Nothing much. I am a little boring.  I'm watching the Christmas movies when they are on.

On The Menu This Week:
Monday--Pot Roast (I'll make soup for lunch for the rest of the week with the leftovers
Tuesday-- Mexican Stack (ground beef on a bed of chips lettuce quac and cheese
Wednesday-- Seafood.  Probably Etoufee there's always fish, crawfish and shrimp in the freezer
Thursday -- Pork Chops, Rice, Black Eyed Peas
Friday-- Easy something thrown in crock pot
Saturday and Sunday play it by ear.  Depends on what we find on sale

What I Am Creating At The Moment
My daughters Christmas present a 365 calendar of illustrated scripture.  She might get 6 months worth.   It's a huge endeavor!

New Recipe I tried:
Beef LoMein (from left over Beef and Brocolli)  I used a recipe and tweeked it.  It was really good we will do it again!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:
Not from my camera.  And I really can't share the source.  Don't know where it came from. 
I saw it on FB.  But it's too precious not to share . . . 

Prayers, Inspiration, Deovtionals:

Remember what matters most.:

                              Merry Christmas
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

O Holy Night/Critters

                                       Too sweet not to share.  I don't know the source.  
                                                  Merry Christmas 
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Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Minute Friday/Reflect

Writing for 5 minutes on a topic.

Start . . . 
Reflect hmmm.  This week I'm reflecting 'thinking about' alot of things.  I started a new job on Wed.  Last week I left old friends. 
I'm reflecting 'thinking about' them.  I miss my old friends.  
I'm reflecting about my week.  I'm thinking wondering how long it will take my new co-workers to 'cozy up' to me an consider me 
'friend'.  Amazingly it was only a few months ago that I really began to feel I had 'friends' at work.  I sincerely hope it doesn't take almost 3 years to feel that way.  
I'm such a people person.  That's why I blog.  I want the company of friends.  
I'm reflecting today about blog friends.  I've had a few through the years.  A few have disappeared.  I'm sad when people just disappear.  Blogs/Bloggers that I frequent become friends.  At least to me.  It truly does make me sad when the just disappear. 
I've had two close blogger friends.  We commented on each others post and I joined their linky parties.  And then one day they were gone. 
Reflecting 'Remembering them' is bittersweet.  But I wish them well. I wish and I pray that they are doing well and have just moved on to other interests.  
I have to admit that there are days that I just want to 'give up' blogging.  The day or days when there is no traffic.  No visitors. 
No comments.  But then I remember how I've felt when my friends 'disappear'.  And.  I don't want to be that friend.  The one that just disappears.
Days/years from now I want to Relfect on all the good times and fun we've had together.  
We are all blessed to have this medium of blogging and FaceBook.
Today I was able to communicate with a friend on FaceBook just to check in to make sure she was ok.  She had not posted in a week. I was worried.  
I do Reflect on the many hours we've shared through our blogs. 
A friendship begins and it is a treasure . . . 
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa Mantle Part 1

Welcome!  I hope your having a great week.  Today I wanted to 
share my collection of Santa's.  
They adorn the mantle.  Come over and sit by the fire . . . 
                 Santa mantle:
I display most of my collection together.  They are about to overflow the mantle!    
          Some are recent purchases.  Some are years old.  
                         I love everyone of them!

                         Wanna see them up close?

First I'll share one of the newest.  I think he pulls the entire mantle all together! 
I call him 'Tall Santa'  I came home from work one day and he was sitting on our kitchen counter.  My Cowboy is a great thrift shopper.  Since he works evenings he can 'hit' the shops mid morning and find treasures.    
I call this my 'Fancy Santa'.  He was one of the first ones and he wasn't bought at a thrift shop nor was he a bargain.   His coat is wool and the trim is Rabbit.  He is signed and numbered by the artist.  I'm very careful with them all but extra careful with "Fancy"
                                               Santa carved by my father:
I haven't named this guy.  But if I did he would be named "Priceless"!  He was carved by my father before he passed away.  Carving was a hobby he picked up just before he passed.  My parents did craft fairs and he sat and carved while my mother peddled their crafts.
                                        Thrift shop treasure!:
Another thrift store find.  We've stumbled on to a few of these porcelain type figures recently. 

                      Santa with a list.  This one I've had for years.  One of my first!:
Of course this is "List Santa"  he is another older one.  He is made out of paper mache and fabric that has been treated with a mod podge kind of substance.   
                                                 One of my favorites I love Rabbits.  Another thrift store treasure! And he was a bargain!:
He made me giggle when I walked in on my birthday last year.  
The Cowboy just happened to find him on my bday!  I love rabbits. I miss my rabbit so much!   I just love this guy.  The Cowboy paid 
$18.00 at thrift store.  We usually don't pay that much but he was worth it since he was a one of a kind!
                              S is for Santa:
And of Course "S" is for Santa!  I love my bargain "S" from Kirklands last year!  

And one more special part of my collection.  Something new I got this year . . . 
                                               Hand painted by my DIL:
My DIL (in Missouri)  enjoys my mantle as much as I do.  She sends me treasures each time I change my mantle them.   Love the sign it's perfect for the collection.  

I hope you've enjoy part 1 of my Santa collection.  Tomorrow I'll share a few more parts of the mantle and the Santa tree.  

                          Come by and sit by the fire!
                             The cocoa bar is set up!

We Love Snowmen

Welcome to Wit and Wisdom on Wednesday hosted by Linda Kay!
              A fun link where we share a photo and tell a story!
           Animated candy cane striped bar
I've always loved Christmas and Santa Claus.  Maybe it goes back to that ill-fated birthday when I asked for a Barbie cake and got Santa!  (For that story click here).  I began a Santa Claus collection in about
1990.  It's grown in leaps and bonds!

In 2000 I/we were living in Potosi, Missouri.  (I called it Misery) We left Texas to go to a job in
Boulder, Colo.  Six months later we were in Potosi.   I pictured Gilmore Girls.  What we got was
more like Duke's of Hazard or something similar.  I can't describe it.

It really wasn't the people.  They were fabulous! It was the fact that Pitosi is 2 hours from a mall.
It was 45 min. one way to a Walmart.  Yes ma'm there was no Walmart in Pitosi.

They built a Taco Bell while we were there.  We got sick of Taco Bell!

But, the people were darling.  I have a lot of friends left living in Pitosi.  In fact our son and his family are still there!

While we were there to keep myself busy I  began recruiting friends from church into crafts and quilting.

One group got together weekly at my house and we made soft sculpture snowmen.  I had the patterns in my stash.  I just collected all the supplies and sewed up the snowmen before the class.  On class day the ladies stuffed the snowmen and added embelishments and dressed them.

It was a fun time.  That year for my birthday everyone gave me snowmen.  Hence the Snowman tree.
Many of the this treasures came from those ladies!

There were indeed a Blessing from God.  They made those days bearable for me.  I'm grateful to have these sweet ornaments to remember that sweet time.

            Animated candy cane striped bar
 Do you have sweet Christmas memories?  Today is a great time to write about it and share at Wit and Wisdom! 
Go over to Linda Kay's and join the party!

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