Friday, October 29, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas


The day I join Sandra for her party. 

The Prompts 

The weather  
We had high winds Thursday then over night a cool front came in needed a jacket Friday morning.  Saturday and next week it's predicted back to mid 70's to mid to upper 80's. 

On the breakfast plate  
I really never plan much.  I hope today the Cowboy be will get up to go to the Donut shop and go Curb Shopping 

Looking around the house 
LOL.  Chaos!  I plunged into the boxes holding fabric by my crafting table.  3 boxes now empty.  I put the fabric in laundry baskets that fit nicely in the closet.  The top basket is holding my paper.  Now I can easily flip through it. 
The rest of the room is chaos with Christmas things that I am sorting through!  Still organizing.  

How I am feeling ... A bit overwhelmed.  The Cowboy is depressed.  We went out twice during the week.  Ice for a few groceries once to used book store. 
He was sick 4 days last week so with food poisoning.  He ate Menudo at a new to us by restaurant.  He sleeps most of the day.  

Today's To Do List  
Vacuum house
Clean bathroom 
Organize my crafting area.  To much stuff and no storage
Go curb shopping I hope end tables with drawers so I can make dog beds

Something fun to share   
The Fabulous Party is back 

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On the TV 
The Lost Kitchen 
So Happy Lost Kitchen is back on t.v. And so happy for Erin French to be open and serving again.  I am thankful for Magnolia Network! 

I am also watching Lethal Weapon

The menu   
No order this time just ideas 
Beef Stew
Mexican food maybe.  I hope I get to store for Chili Relleno's otherwise it will be Tacos 
Chicken Drums and Thighs 
Shrimp and Flounder Filets 
A Breakfast Casserole for Brunch
A Tuna Casserole for lunch

A recipe to try  

Oh my gosh.  I didn't even look at the recipe yet.  I am sure they call for Cocoa.  As soon as I remember to get some I am making these babies! 


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Foodie Friday

 Welcome to Foodie Friday  the day I share what I've cooked and served on 

The Rustic Dinner Plate

Or sometimes on Mama's plates 

I got to cook one of our favorite  meals.   The Cowboy  and I always have a giggle  when I cook Chicken  Fried  Steak.  Mine is always  much better than his mom's was.   Boy that was a bit of a wedge between me and my M.I.L. 
She did cook a better plate of Spaghetti  than I do.  I give her credit.  Mine is good but not consistent.   This night it was just  o.k.  Doesn't  even look too good in the picture!
I worried  about this Pot Roast meal.  We bought a Rump Roast instead of Chuck.  I cooked it low and slow  in the oven and it turned out perfect!
Breakfast  for dinner.  The Cowboy  was feeling yucky the early part of the week.  This my plate.  He is not a fan of Tomatoes.  

We did something  we have never done  before.  We ate at the local VFW Hall.  Yummy $4.00 Burgers.  The Fries were nice and crispy.  

A new experience  for us.  And a great meal!  

Leftovers.   Even better the 2nd time around! 

And we ended  the week well almost on Thursday we had a special  treat..   

We found Halibut on clearance.   I love it when get to store at just the right time. 

The Asparagus  was not as good.  I had cooked it earlier in the week and put in freezer. 

The White Beans were very tasty. This was a very nice meal.   

And tonight we will have Poor Man's  Steak  with Mushroom Gravy.  

Happy  Halloween 

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Thursday, October 28, 2021