Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday updated

Today I am tackling the huge job of just getting through the day with a million things I have to do at home and not being there.
I am spending my day with the baby again today. Yesterday we learned our ABC and that V is for Villarreal!
I'll be writing more later but for now I am off to babysit.
I was not sure if I would make it back to finish my post.
Here's my Tackle it Tuesday project for today.
Organizing my life and schedule. This week I have to keep the baby Mon,Tues,and Thurs.
My husband is working this week all week at a TYC boys facility only a few minutes from our house. But the deli ma is we are down to one vehicle. Great timing!
So I am tackling schedules and trying to get everything organized and running smoothly.
Have a Blessed Day
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