Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

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This week I started keeping my new grand baby. He will be 9 weeks old on Saturday. I am so Blessed and thankful to be able to keep him. I have had an amazing week.
He is getting fun as he is really smiling (you know what they say about babies and gas.) and he laughs. It was amazing the songs I remembered, that I haven't sang in years. And the nursery rhymes. We sang Jesus Loves Me,This little light and I sang ABC's and included his name Z for Zane and D for Daddy, M for mommy. He thought that was really fun. (Bear with me I do have something to show)
My daughter his mommy has never been a great reader. She didn't begin to read until middle of second grade. And she was never a great speller. The public school she was in for K to middle of 2nd grade did not teach phonics. She really didn't understand and become a great speller until her jr. year when she was in speech class. Her brother on the other hand was reading when he was 4 years old. I was amazed when I realized as I was reading to him that he was picking out words.
My daughter attributes this to the fact that her brother had ABC sheets. The were Sesame street and they had pictures and the letters in upper case and lower case.
So he was able to learn them while he was supposed to be taking a nap.
So when my daughter found out she was pregnant she said she wanted to find ABC sheets for the baby. Well I haven't found ABC sheets yet but I did find these.
Without further ado here is my Show and Tell

I found this really cool picture in a craft mall. I think it is actually a page from a children's book that someone matted and framed.

I found this one too and of course couldn't pass it up.

We are all about horses around here. My daughter has plans to take a photo of the baby on her horse as soon as he can sit up. So stayed tuned because I'll be posting baby and horse photo's soon.

Thank you for visiting my Show and Tell today. I hope you enjoyed the prints and my story.

Don't forget to stop in tomorrow for Daiy's Doggie Bloggie post. She will be posting about a very special new friend.

Have a Blessed Day and Smiles,
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