Friday, July 19, 2019

Summer Fun-Reading To A Horse

My daughter started something new at work to encourage reading . . . 

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She teaches horse back riding.  When she was a child our horses were on leased property so we drove out to take care of them after school everyday. 
She would read to her horse.  Now 30 years later she is giving her students another chance to 'Love A Horse' . . , 
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This was the first day . . . 
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Everyone enjoyed the reading time . . . These are city kids that will probably never have the chance to own a horse of their own.

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Cowboy is asking where those carrots are!
Everyone is having fun at the barn this summer!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Did You Miss It?

Yesterday was National Hot Dog Day
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Yesterday I needed a quick lunch and there were Hot Dogs in the fridge....I warmed one up fixed a plate and sat down to read for 
a bit before I left for work . . . 

Not as good as the Ball Park but a yummy treat.  I rarely eat 
Hot Dogs!  

BTW the book was great.  I just finished it.  If you like love a good wholesome romance check out Hannah Hart!  
I'll be featuring this one tomorrow at My Reading Journeys.

And here at My Journey Back I'll be sharing pics from the garden!

Come by and see me tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

No Photo's-Wednesday Filled With Words

This is a post with absolutely no photo's.  But don't stop here.
I have good and Happy things to say and I hope you stay and 
come back regularly because . . . 

Drum Roll

I got a new phone!  Yes finally after weeks with a phone that I could only talk ...Oh The Horror and it was actually. . . I can not 
imagine ever going back to that little rotary dial . . . well it would be o.k. as long as I have my cell phone too.  HeHe!

I have lots to share with you!
So I hope you'll be coming around as I get back to normal
Whatever that is!

I am planning on taking some pics of the garden tonight.  
My Zinnias are gorgeous and I have Corn just barely . . . 
there is a family of lizards in the yard and half the corn got trampled when Lola (the new dog was trying to get to the lizard that was under the pallet raised bed.  I had to completely take the raised bed out!  

I'll be taking photo's of the dogs.  For awhile I was not sure they were going to end up being sisters but they love each other now and they are so sweet.  

And since I have a really cool new phone I'll take more pictures of the food I cook and the crafts I create. 

Not much sewing going on here at least in the quilting department...can't seem to get my MOJO back there.  But I am making Junk Journals again and I have a lot of help.  I am in  several groups that SWAP and share things and I found video 
tutorials and I am learning alot. 

And so I have a lot to share . . . Watch out Tomorrow for a post
Filled With Photo's

Have A Blessed Day

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Yum! Just Sayin'

Oh My Goodness! 
There are a few blogs that I get newsletter/emails from  . . . 
Kitty's Cozy Kitchen is one.  She shared this oh so good recipe 
for No Churn Ice Cream.  
Be still my heart... and the recipe is for BlackBerry Ice Cream.
Black Berry's and Chocolate my to favorites. 

I am goin' to Kroger for the ingredients....making Ice Cream!
Click here to visit Kitty!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Have A Good Week-A Blast From The Past-This n/ That

A Blast From The Past . . . 

I loved these pics I shared a few years ago on a Monday.  He's much bigger now.   11 years old.  Wow!  

I thought the pic of him reading the book was precious.  He was checking it out to help me with a review!  I love getting help reviews.  

. . . A little of This n/ That . . . 
I am hoping to get back to regular posting soon.  I will be buying a new phone tomorrow I hope so I can take pics to post.

My garden is growing and I can't wait to share pics of my Sunflowers, Zinnia's and Corn . . . Yes I have Corn.  

I have never grown Corn before!  I am so excited.  I have 
Cucumbers growing and I have some weeds too!  I'll crop them out of the photo's so I can pretend I have a lovely little plot! 

I'll share pics of the dogs too.  Yes there are 2 now.  Domino has a sister.  They are just . . . A mess. 

Today will be a great day when I get my new phone!

Hope your day is  

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Meet Nacho my Grand Cat

I got a few pics from my D.I.L. and thought I would share.
This is Nacho

If you look close you can see my son of to the left watching his daughter ride.
She is riding Scrappy...they are just between Nacho's leg and tail
Nacho is my grand son's cat.  I am not sure what he is looking maybe his master.    

We love our pets around here.  They give us much love and joy.

Nacho say's
Have A Great Day!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Hello July!

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Welcome July
I hope you all have a wonderful month filled with fun and family!
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