Thursday, January 26, 2023

Blog 365 #48 or #50 Something... Foodie Friday

. . . This is how my life is now.  Last week's Foodie Friday . . .

Welcome back to Foodie Friday sorry I have been away.  

Lately  I am just crazy busy.

I bought Christmas  Stockings  marked down 70%.  We haven't had stockings in years. 

I put them up for Valentine's Day  and look what I got . . . 

He was so cute.  But you know what I did!  My stocking was so full.  It was a fun treat. 

We need those fun moments! 

BtW it is National Caregiver Day. Such a hard job especially  for Loved ones.  I know. 

Leftover  Pot Roast from freezer and canned Corn.  

Our pantry was so bare before payday.  It is so small I have to buy in small quantity.  And so lots of grocery runs.  One reason I am so busy. 

A Hame and Cheese Omelet.  They last of the Ham I had in the freezer.  

I have a new skillet that cooks great Hash Browns. 

I think we had Tacos on Tuesday.  I forgot to buy him shellss so I Fried some.  Which is my favorite.   

Oh an lunch on Tuesday was nothing to write home about ...
First may I point out the cheap plastic spoon!  Seriously? 

Actually  the Chili was really good.  But it was super HOT I didn't  even eat half. 

His Sandwich was served on White Bread instead of Rye.  As you can see the cheese is not melted. 

And they had no Ice Tea!

I am not a fan of Strip Steak because  I don't cook it well.  But it turned out better than usual. I might be getting the hang of it. 

I enjoyed the combination. 

Trout seasoned and pan Seared

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Blog 365 #19 Busy Thursday Post A Day . . .

 . . . Almost 

My week is a little off.  The Cowboy is in the hospital.  He began running a fever on Saturday. 

As of today Thursday they still haven't found source.  He is bored and complaining.  LOL.  He feels better and ready to come home.

I have been Busy trying to keep up with house, blogs and Facebook Group.  

I shared this  . . . 

Over at Our Holiday Journey.  I have been Busy planning Valentine's Day post.  Today before I go hospital I will stop at Dollar Tree to get a few VDay things for the Cowboy. 

I have really been doing deep cleaning this week.  It has kept me super Busy!  Did some rearranging of Kitchen cabinets so I can store crockpot and air fryer away.  I live a clean counter and sink? 

Do you? 

I don't often have an empty sink.  I am always Busy washing dishes. 

The dogs miss their daddy.  

They are waiting to go to the park again.  We stay Busy watching people, birds and boats!

I enjoy a few peaceful moments at home before going to the hospital.  

I am glad to start another group CAL Crochet Along Project.  
This one is a different block every few weeks.  Still Busy trying to finish this one . . . 

It's a Busy week! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Meet the Character Andi Grace The Low Country Dog Walker Series by Jackie Layton


I’m Andi Grace Scott. I’m a dog walker in Heyward Beach, South Carolina. At thirty years old, I’m the matriarch of our little family. Nate is my younger brother, and Lacey Jane is the baby of the family. We’re a tight group, and there’s nothing we won’t do to help each other.

In Bite the Dust, I’m a suspect in Peter Roth’s murder. In Dog-Gone Dead, Nate is accused of murdering one of the men in our town. Of course he was innocent, and there’s no way I wasn’t going to help catch the real killer.

I never back down from a challenge, whether it’s raising my siblings or trying to make better decisions about my eating habits. Taking care of others is also something that comes naturally to me, whether it’s a person or animal. My German shepherd appeared one day, and she’s been with me ever since.

I’ve always lived in Heyward Beach, and the locals are like family. For example, Tony Russo, owns the local pizza restaurant. The only thing bigger than his smile is his heart. After my parents died, he kept an eye on us to make sure we never went hungry. Doc Hewitt gave me a job in his veterinary clinic despite my lack of experience. A few years later, with Doc’s blessing, I started my dog walking business. The flexible schedule allowed me to keep up with my siblings and their after-school activities.

I’m not a matchmaker for people, but I have a talent of pairing animals with people. My long-term goal is to build a dog shelter where no animal ever fears for his life. They will be well cared for and loved as long as they are with me.

To the dismay of our local sheriff, I have a knack for solving murders. It’s hard to believe Heyward Beach has so much crime, but I’m doing my best to catch the killers. I’ve also had a few close calls, but I try to play it safe and not do anything too stupid.

Come visit us in Heyward Beach for fun and relaxation. Just don’t come our way if you’re planning to commit murder. I’d rather chat with you over a cup of coffee than question you about an alibi. Hope to see you soon!

Visit the authors website to learn more about the Low Country Dog Walker Series Click Here

The series

Available on Amazon

Click Here

Author links and info.

Twitter: @Joyfuljel

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Blog 365 #14 Happy Homemaker in Texas


Joining Sandra for her regular  party and her new feature 

The Weather winter has been on the island.  Cooler days and nights and wind.  A couple days last week I could where shorts. 

Outside my window 

My porch with empty pots.  I need to clean the porch 

Right now I am trying to stay positive 

Thinking and Pondering always my husband's health.  The daily roller-coaster and the future 

On my bedside table changed from last week.  Took off most of Bibles. ( needed them somewhere else.)   I left  My Women's  Devotional and a jewelry box.

On the t.v. tonight a new Bobby Flay cooking show he is host.  Also watching a chef touring Spain with his daughters

Listening to 

Very good.  Really enjoying this one. 

On the lunch plate 

I didn't  eat breakfast  got busy and forgot.   Lunch was boiled egg and grape tomatoes

The Menu harder every week!

Monday Pork Chops, Stuffing and Black Eye Peas

Tuesday Shrimp Alfredo

Wednesday probably eat out

Thursday Homemade Pizza I didn't  get it done last week

Friday  Pot Stickers and Ham, Pineapple Fried Rice

My Reading Pile 

My To Do List 

Clean the front porch.  Bring in my empty pots and get them ready to refill.

I wonder if I can get my crochet blanket finished this week?  

I think I am going to make a few test blocks to practice the filler pattern I hope to use to fill in the points. 

It will be a challenge  because I can't  find instructions  but it is a simple stitch.  I think I can figure it out.  I hope!

Plans for the week Our favorite  week! Payday week.  We will go to grocery  store.  Post Office and Prayer Room.  I hope to go to Big Lots and look at thier Valentine's stuff.  And hopefully  get me a mug like I got him for Christmas.  Dollar Tree for normal cleaning stuff, Valentine's and flower pots.  I hope they still have the ones I saw a couple weeks ago. 

What I am creating daily trying to create a Happy and Welcoming  home.  I fail alot! 

My simple pleasure A day with no chores

Lesson learned this week 

Looking around the house I need to get some laundry put away and some blankets and quilts put away.  

From the camera 

Fun pictures to taken at the park . . . 

Prayer list 

Some days my husband’s health is good and he is able go to the Prayer room  at Amy Lane the Christian Gift Shop here in town. 

Many days he feels bad and is in bed most of the day. 

It is a roller coaster ride and difficult. 

His interest in food and  appetite changes daily.  

Bible Verse/Devo. 

Hope you have a great  weekend  and week ahead.

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