Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you need Provision?

I found this today over at my friend Alicia's. She wrote a great post. If you need to be encouraged today go over to Alicia's

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Quick update and Thankfulness to share . . .

1 We leased our car hauler trailer for $600.00 cash that will carry us until Cowboy can find a job.
2 Cowboy found out he can sell Plasma for $50.00 every other day.
3 Last night the new program began at McFadden it is was great. I see that it is a time we can sit and talk to the boys. I will be a great time of discipleship.
4 Christian one of our boys really opened up last night he has only been there since May. He is learning and realizing how much God loves him and how he can lean on God. Please pray for Christian he has no home to go to once he is released.
5. One boy Joseph that was released a few months ago has been on my mind. He is in Dallas not far from us. I finally got Cowboy to call him last week and we found out he is in jail in Dallas. He was involved in a shooting. He is innocent he was attacked by another group of boys. We are very thankful he is o.k. and he gives the credit to God.
Here's his photo from Christmas

Christmas program for boys with children the bear was mailed to his sonPosted by Picasa
Joseph always has this smile. He was smiling yesterday when Cowboy went to see him in the jail. He was smiling because God is with him. He is reading his Bible and praying and he said that he knows that God will take care of him and supply what he needs.
Out of the mouths of babe's
I need to remember his words.
Thanks for visiting thanks and if you think of Joseph will you say a prayer for him.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow on Wednesday

Today I am writing a short post just to tell you all I love you and appreciate you and ask you to keep coming by and visiting.
God is giving me much to be thankful for and many things to share.
And I have books ready to review.
But, I don't have inter-net at home yet so not much posting.
I am praying for you guys.
I thank you for your prayers.
I'll be visiting when I can.
Hang in there. Have a Blessed Day and go and visit Amy Dean's Wordfilled Wednesday it will Bless your socks off!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry to keep you hanging . . .

I was thinking about wanting to fill you in on what has been going on and I thought of a photo to illustrate . I hope you like this one. It cracked me up! I found it here.

O.K. on with the news. Sorry I didn't get to update Friday. Cowboy did get the car fixed took longer getting the part than fixing it.

We still need prayer on the financial situation. He hasn't found a job yet.

We did get moved into the apartment on Saturday. We had help moving. Praise God. We settled in and slept in our own king size bed for the first time in 5 weeks. Praise God!

We are getting used to living in an apartment. One thing that is different is we haven't really had neighbors for 10 years. (we have been on acreage) God cracks me up sometimes. We lived in a motel for 5 weeks to prepare us. But I guess that wasn't enough preparing. Saturday afternoon our neighbor across the sidewalk her name is Martha was having a birthday party for a 6 year old. Can you say hello 'Welcome to the quiet neighborhood'! There were probably 15 kids running and down the stairs for 3 hours till they went to the pool
I did not realize this and I don't really know if it is a cultural thing or not but the party lasted from about 3:30 to about 10:30. They grilled outside twice!

I am hoping to get to really know Martha because I really, really love Mexican food and seeing the feast they were setting up I wished I was invited!

We tried to cook dinner on Saturday and the stove wouldn't work. We couldn't find a breaker and searched and searched. (no maintenance on the weekend. . . hellow what happens if your stove quites? ) Cowboy ended up going to get taco's. There went more money.

Then on Sunday we found the breaker box behind the bedroom door! So I cooked on Sunday night. I was annoyed though when a roach (small but it doesn't matter) crawled from behind the refrigerator right where I was working! They were supposed to spray last Monday! Well they will next Monday for sure!!!!!

Then today we fixed leftovers for lunch actually Cowboy did. When I walked back into the kitchen one of the burners was still on. Only he hadn't used it! It was red hot. My olive oil which was sitting next to the stove was hot! Well the element wouldn't come out! Now we know why the breaker was off! And guess what else. Another roach was on the takeout container. I grabbed the . . . (I think it was lysol) Kitchen and Counter Sanitizer. Thank God it sprayed good! That sucker rolled over and started kicking! I am still Praising God that it worked because I hate bug spray. If that stuff works it is my new best friend. But, they better spray next Monday or I'll be an unhappen apartment dweller.

So we have to stop on the way home (we are at the office) and tell them about the stove so maybe we will get a new one! I am a little annoyed about that. Hopefully it isn't an indication of how they manage things. But we have an inside connection to the owner ship so maybe another role for us is to help the other dwellers by letting the ownership know a few things!

Another Praise about this apartment ministry we found out is that the ownership is a foundation. We knew this but didn't know all they do. They provide housing for people that have special needs. They work with safehaven which is our local Women's Shelter. They provide schoarships for young people. Our supervisor took us to lunch on Sat. all you can eat Chinese (which was good considering Sat. night's episode) anyway we were talking about our kids and thier problems with finding suitable places to live and he said we needed to get together and talk. I cannot believe this door. This is such an answer to prayer. Praise God.

So, todays prayer is that they come and nuke those bugs for good and the rest of the building.
Hopefully I will be able to get to a computer earlier tomorrow. I even had a Happy Homemaker Monday post ready. Well even if it is up Tues. or Weds. or Thurs. I guess it is ok. because we really need to be Happy Homemakers everyday right? Even if we have bugs! Dawng I hate those things.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The only way to look at it . . .

Beginning this post with a Praise that at least the car broke down 1/2 block from the motel and Cowboy was able to limp back to the parking lot. Yes, we are doing car repair again.

Cowboy was on his way to go to the county jail to visit one of our boys.

Please dear ones I am praying that right now at 2:55 in the afternoon that you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to think about Cowboy. And to stop by here in the next few minutes.
He is right now walking about 8 blocks to the nearest auto parts store for parts. A belt and some kind a pulley totaling about $40.00 more than we have.

I wasn't going to post this. I was just going to pray myself and I emailed a couple of friends but when I went over to Angela's to read her Fearless Friday post she was talking about not bearing able to share your burdens.

Things like having problems with drinking and eating. And it got me to thinking it is the same way when you don't ask for prayer in other areas. By not allowing others to stand in the gap for you; could you actually be keeping God from getting the glory when your prayers are answered and your needs are met?

In my comment on Angela's post I mentioned that the boys in the prison unit sometimes; most times have difficulty sharing the needs. They want to 'man up' and handle it themselves. And we try to tell them that they need to 'let go and let God'. And sometimes that means opening up to the angels he gives us and the prayer warriors.

So angels and prayer warriors please remember us. Please ask God to give Cowboy strength to make the trek to the parts store and then the stamina to get the parts on.
Please ask God to supply the money we need for the next few days for gas for us to be able to get to the prison unit to provide church services. Please ask God to give us the money for gas to make it to church on Saturday night so we can worship and Praise and be refreshed to face another week. And please ask God to give us faith.

Dear heavenly Father thank you for the prayer warriors that stand in the gap for all of us. Give us strength and faith. Please give Joseph strength. Please let him know you are with him and that he has people standing in the gap and praying for him. Please provide all that we need to continue the work you have called us to do. And give Cowboy the strength he needs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today's topic at Thankful Thursday is marriage I wrote yesterday about Cowboy here. I am so thankful that he is patient with me and shows love in so many different ways.
Today there are a couple of other things I am thinking about . . .

I wanted to share this photo for this Thankful Thursday post because I am thankful for many things . . .
I am thankful that we found a great home at Haven's Horse's for Pal.
I am thankful that God gave me peace about donating Pal . . . I/we miss him.
I am thankful that the staff at Haven's Horse's are so nice and accomodating to the donors.
I am thankful that we were invited to 'Show and Tell' and we got to see Pal perform it was a fun day. The baby was a little neveous because he usually rode (sat on) the donkeys or my daughters. Pal is a big guy.

And lastly I am thankful that God had a plan for us and led us into apartment ministry. We are moving on Saturday into our new apartment and I am thankful that our supervior is even providing 'muscle'.

I have many things to thank God for today these are just a few. Do you have a thankful list today?
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And he shows love again . . . and again . . .

I have dwelled on if I should write this post today. My Cowboy shows love in many ways but today/tonight all I can think about is how he reacts to my venting.

Yes . . . more often than not I do some venting. And, well over the years my Cowboy has received much spiritual wisdom from our heavenly Father. He has learned over the years to listen. And then forget what I am complaining about.

You see . . . (this is why I wasn't sure about writing this) my mother drives me nuts. When I read posts from dear blogging friends that talk about how much they miss their mothers I am really burdened by my attitude.

Tonight I came home having to vent once again. And dear sweet Cowboy listened and didn't make any nasty comments. He did laugh at one of my stories which was about the tupperware bowl with a lid that my mother melted a month or so ago. That particular bowl is still in the kitchen sitting on a stack of containers. I not She said noticed it today. I commented. She answered "l I like it so much I just didn't want to throw it away. "

Ok I know your thinking "my word this girl is just so mean, ugly and probably a dozen other tacky things. But that was just the funny story from today.

It kind of helped me get past the whining about the other kids and grand children not coming over. The 'so did he look for a job today?'

The how do I deal with if my daughter and I go to Missouri with the baby next week alone. My daughter's car is just not big enough for three adults and a car seat. But my mother will not understand that.

And today when she calls just before I am about to leave to go to her house she asks 'do you have any money?' She knows I don't have any money but she wanted me to stop at the grocery store which is not on the way it is more like 15 minutes out of the way. She needed pie cherries.

And so all this and many more episodes drain on me. I feel guilty. I feel bad that I don't have the gas money to run an errand for her. And it is not just that our only car is almost on it's last leg it overheats in stop and go traffic. I feel bad that I can't just drop everything and take her to the produce stand.

I feel bad that my brother doesn't go to see her. I feel bad my nephew doesn't go see her. I feel bad that my daughter doesn't go by as often as my mother wants.

But these things are out of my control. These things even though they burden me when she carry's on and on I know I can't help but it is a burden for me.

And so sometimes I come home and I dump and vent on Cowboy and he just listens until I run out of steam. And I am sure (I actually haven't asked but I am sure) that he prays for this situation because he knows it hurts me.

So, that is how my Cowboy shows love. To join What does love look like in you home . . . click here.

Wordfilled Wednesday

The Adventure's of The Thundering Whales--Review

This was a great book. It was delightful. It is a paperback book about the size of a coloring book. The cover is really pretty and bright all the photo's inside are bright and cheerful.

It is a very educational book and includes a vocabulary page at the end of each chapter which I found refreshing. The vocabulary words have an * by them in the story indicating to the reader they can learn more about the word. I liked that the answers were at the end of the chapter instead of at the end of the book.

It is a delightful story about three young dolphins off on a day of fun. But tragedy strikes when one of the dolphins gets caught in a fishing net and ends up being drug to the bottom of the sea. The story is about how his friends recruit all manner of sea creatures to help in a rescue attempt. And he is rescued and there is a happy ending. The are lots of lessons throughout the story. Lessons like the value of friendship. Working together. And a valuable lesson about putting aside your differences and working together to help each other.

I am not really sure exactly what age group this book was written for. But I think it would be great for any age. It would be a great book for mom or dad to read to younger children.

I did go to the authors website and found information for schools also. It would be a great book for a homeschool but I think it is a little pricey. It is available at Amazon for $16.99.

Would I buy this book . . . well I would have to really think about it. I loved it but in today's economy would I spend that much for this type of book. I am not sure that I would have even considered it when my children were young. Since it is a paperback book and has 55 pages I would have to think long and hard about purchasing it.

If you happen to have a rich mother in law that likes to buy things for her grandchildren then tell her about this book! If you have the budget for it I would highly recommend it. I know your kids will enjoy it. And well you'll probably enjoy it too. I did!

I was provided this book for review by the author in cooperation with Book Surge.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Children's Book Review Coming Soon

This is what I am reading. I'll be posting the review soon. Come back and check it out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra again for Happy Homemaker Monday. . .

The weather in my neck of the woods:.They said Sat. was the hottest day of the year! Seems like it. We need some rain.

Things that make me happy: Getting to go on field trip with the grandbaby this morning and watching him ‘bounce’ at Pump It Up
Book I'm reading: Duckegg & Persons of Interest by NovaMelia (for a review) so far it is rather good!

I'm enjoying on TV: Not much option right now at the motel but I really like to watch Chopped when we get the food channel.

On the menu for dinner
Hmmm thinking breakfast eggs,hasbrowns maybe a pancake yum!

On my To Do List:
Set up electric at new place
Set up cable/internet
Move on Sat. yea!

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon: Lemon Pie by the yard

In the craft basket: still working on my daughters Cathedral Window quilt.

Looking forward to this week: Moving on SaturdayTips and Tricks: You can make homemade salsa easy with a can of tomato’s just add the regular ingredients it works in a pinch.

My favorite blog post this week: Well got stuck on the new recipe…and slow inter-net so not much hopping.

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers): This is one of the first blogs I found and I really love. Although Kelli hasn't been posting much lately you'll enjoy a visit. She has some amazing recipes on her sidebar. And you'll enjoy reading her archives! Stop in and say hi.

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):
don't know if it is blogger or the connection. Can't upload again. Dawn it!

Lesson learned the past few days:
Learning lots of lessons on being frugal and cooking on a budget making new habits. .

On my mind:I am a broken record . . . Moving!
And a Praise 25 boys in church. All 25 made covenants to stay Pure! We need mentors

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.~John 16:33~

Book Review--Making a Family Home

You'll enjoy Making A Family Home by Sannon Honeybloom. I was happy to be offered this review. I haven't had the opportunity before to review any cookbooks or books of this type so I was excited to get this chance.

I really enjoyed the book. I really liked the name it describes what Shannon is sharing. It is basically a 'How she did it' or 'does it'. Each of the 84 pages is filled with bright colorful photo's. Since there are so many photo's there isn't a huge amount of text so it is easy and fast to read. But it is fun. There are many good suggestions throughout the book. One thing that impressed me is Shannon describes how to use and incorporate all of the house from the front porch to the basement to the attic and even the backyard!

This book is not just about decorating or organizing the home it also contains suggestions on how to make the rooms into learning environments for the children. In chapter 3 the use of the twelve senses is discussed. Here's a couple of the examples:
"Touch--the experience of the skin meeting whatever is just beyond it--soft, hard, smooth or bumy..." This is illustrated by a photo of different fruits like oranges and apples.

One idea she shared that I really liked and hope to incorporate is how she set up the Playroom with a daybed against the wall between the windows and a round canopy hanging over it making it a fun place to hide away and read a book. Or "close the muslin drapes aruond themselves to creat a little fort, a castle, a teepee, or a knight's tent. "

The publishers website decsribes the book . . . Making a Family Home is a book of real beauty, one both personal and universal. In describing her home and family life, Shannon Honeybloom shows how she made—and how we can make—a house into a real home as she shares her own efforts, hopes, and lessons in making a safe and healthy home that provides warmth and intimacy for the whole family. Illustrated in color with lively, evocative photographs, Shannon invites the reader into her home and offers warm encouragement and practical suggestions for virtually every aspect of bringing love, comfort, and beauty to a family home. The chapters in Making a Family Home range from “At Home with Children” to “The Front Porch” and “The Playroom” to “The Backyard and the Garden.” Shannon Honeybloom is a friend and confidant who offers gentle suggestions and wise insights for parents who wish to surround their family with the best possible home environment.

I recommend this book. It would be a great wedding gift or gift for a young couple moving into thier first home. Or a couple just starting thier family.

It is available at Amazon and on the publisher's website. I also happened to find the authors blog you might enjoy visiting there. I liked this . . . It’s not about trading up, maximizing profits, buying new stuff. It’s about slowing down, taking stock, and creating thoughtful, comfortable, intuitive spaces for our families. It’s about having a home that is a calming antidote to our fast-paced, stressed out lives.

Many thanks to Shannon for sending me a copy and allowing me to write this review.

Need a hug today?

I found this in my inbox today. Actually almost every morning there is a card waiting and an email from a dear sweet Warrior of Jesus. Denise has been so sweet to take me under her wing and faithfully pray for me and encourage me through the struggles we are facing right now.

I know many of you are praying for us also so I wanted to pass this little hug onto you all.
BTW I am posting a couple of reviews later this morning so please come back. I think you'll enjoy these books.

Have a Great Day

Friday, July 16, 2010

Prayer Request

Tonight dear ones I ask you to pray again for our situation.
  • We are due to move next week into our new apartment and begin Apartment Ministry.
  • Cowboy still has not found a job. We have just barely enough money to rent a truck to move.
Unfortunately we have struggled so much for so long that our credit has suffered. We have been quoted 500.00 to 800.00 deposits for electricity from a couple of companies. I/we are praying for a miracle. That we can find a company that won't require this much of a deposit.

Also I might have the opportunity to go with our daughter to Missouri to see my son and his family.
This is my granddaughter that is 18 months old. I have never gotten to see her. Please pray that circumstances work out that I will get to go with our daughter. I want to see Libby the grandbaby and be able to spend a few days alone with my daughter and my grandson that is 2.

I am trusting God. I am asking him to give my heart peace. No matter how things turn out I am asking him to give me peace and understanding.

Thank you dear friends coming by. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review--Rise of the Fire Tamer

I was pleasantly surprised. Did the trailer get you? I really enjoyed this book. Although it is a young adult book it was really a fun read. I personally am not really a fan of fantasy beause many times the occult ends up a part of the story. Not with this story.

It was easy to read. There were just enough fight scenes to make it interesting. It wasn't overly gory.

I think the author did a great job of developing the characters and there actually were a lot of them. But I didn't have any trouble keeping up with them. It was fun seeing how each of the 5 teenager characters were developed. I began to like each one of them. I don't want to give a way the story but I really enjoyed the new 'friend' that Gemma found toward the end. It made the story magical for me.

I enjoyed the story. The cover discription doesn't give away the ending nor does it give away exactly what a 'fire tamer' is. I was surprised by both.

I would recommend this book for almost any reader. I think it would be a great read for a family.
I am going to suggest this book for the halfway house where I volunteer. I know the girls will really enjoy it.

I hope that I get the opportunity to read more books by this author.

As is my usual style in reviewing I did a little research. Here's some info. about the author:
Kailin Gow is the author of over 30 books for all generations, but her specialty is the young adult/teen genre. Her books have been recommended by PBS Kids, the PTA, homeschooling organizations, and on the Best Teens Books list. She is a mentor for young women, has founded 3A for Autism (Actors, Artists, and Authors for Autism), and runs a publishing and production company known as Sparklesoup, a mid-size publisher and production company.

This impressed me. I am encouraged when I read about other people that have a heart for youth. And, she has some impressive recommendations.

Here's the link to the author's website. Rise of the Fire Tamer is available at Amazon. Here's the link.
I think I forgot to mention this is Book One. So yes that means there are more to come. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

Many thanks to Ms. Gow send me an autographed copy. And to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Books for offering this review.

Book Review--Soul to Soul Parenting

This is one review that I wish I didn't have to write. The main reason is I didn't read more than a few chapters of this book. Before you read my review I ask that you read it carefully and that you read it with an open mind. If you choose to leave a comment please pray about your comment before posting. The reason that I didn't finish reading the book is because only after a couple of pages I realized what the book was about. I did jump into about the middle just to make sure I was correct and I found that I totally disagree with the authors beliefs.
I considered not writing the review but I think that would be a disservice to my readers. If this book was found at a store I might read the covers and think that it could be a great tool for me to use or for my children. Again I would be terribly disappointed if I personally purchased the book.
The book is actually about Universilism.
I googled Universilism so I could understand it a little more before I started to write this post.
Here's what I found. Universalism refers to religious, theological, and philosophical concepts with universal ("applying to all") application or applicability. It is a term used to identify particular doctrines considering all people in their formation. In religion and theology, "universalism" is a principle that asserts that all people are under the consideration and Love of God, and that theological concepts (doctrines) which conform to this concept are in fact more in accord with the divine concepts.
church or community that calls itself Universalist may emphasize the universal principles of most religions and accept other religions in an inclusive manner, believing in a universal reconciliation between humanity and the divine. For example Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam still claim a universal value of their doctrine and moral principles because they feel they are inclusive.[1]A belief in one common truth is also another important tenet. The living truth is seen as more far-reaching than national, cultural, or religious boundaries

This is the discription I found on the authors website: A guidebook for parents who want to infuse greater spiritual awareness into everyday life, inspiring deeper meaning and connections within their family— Parents yearning for ways to inspire deeper meaning in their family’s busy lives will find a wealth of insight and user-friendly suggestions in the new book, Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, June 2010). It’s both a guidebook filled with a wide-ranging “toolbox” of ideas and activities and a remarkable chronicle of one family’s spiritual journey. The author, Annie Burnside, M.Ed.—teacher, wife, mother of three, and professional soul nurturer—is a modern mom who utilizes everyday life experiences including mealtimes, books, movies, art, friendships, time in the car, and family outings to open perspectives and nourish souls, infusing a heightened spiritual awareness into their lives.

I would not recommend this book. I would not purchase it. I felt very bothered reading it because of my own personal beliefs.

For more information you may visit the authors website by clicking here.

In fairness though and as part of my agreement with the publisher and the author who supplied the book for this review I am including the links to purchase it. Here is the Amazon link.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Cowboy Show's Love

What does LOVE look like in your home?

I went by Denise's earlier and found this. I thought how cool. Sort a like my Friday Date Night.
The question is What does Love look like in your home?

Well for me Cowboy has different ways to show love. Most are very small ways that only I would notice. For instance we had a few dollars to spend on groceries the other day. Went to the store together to buy something for dinner and a gallon of tea that was on sale at Kroger and how he showed love to me was he went over to the produce section and searched for packages of salad mix that were on sale. And, he bought brocolli and cauliflower too.

I know this sounds kind of silly and almost insignificant but here's why it is important. I live on salad. I love a big romaine salad. And, we are not usually into convenience type shopping like the bagged salads. But sometimes it is cheaper than buying a head of lettuce. And, he really would rather have just meat and an ocassional potatoe.

So for him to go over to the produce isle without being persuaded just shows me love.

I know you have much better ways in your Home to show love why don't you share with us? Go over here and link up with us.

Waiting on Wednesday

Today I am joining Jill and some other book review bloggers and sharing books that we are ''waiting on". Or maybe in other words . . . Just dyin' to read. For me it is . . .
A Memory Between Us . . . coming September 2010:Major Jack Novak has never failed to meet a challenge--until he meets army nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty. When Jack lands in the army hospital after a plane crash, he makes winning Ruth's heart a top priority mission. But he has his work cut out for him. Not only is Ruth focused on her work in order to support her orphaned siblings back home, she carries a shameful secret that keeps her from giving her heart to any man. Can Jack break down her defenses? Or are they destined to go their separate ways?
I am looking forward to reading A Memory Between Us because it is the 2nd book in the series. I read the first book A Distant Melody earlier this year.

You can go here (sorry the hyperlink wouldn't work) to read my review.
I know you'll enjoy visiting Sarah's site too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wordfilled Wednesday

A beautiful illustration of God's word that I borrowed today from Amy the wonderful hostess of WFW.

FYI the internet here at our lovely little motel room is so slow that I can hardly get anything posted. So sorry I didn't post anything today. (Tuesday) I will be at the office tomorrow so I'll be writing a few words.
If you have a chance please go over and visit Denise today she isn't feeling well and I am sure she could use a hug.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods: Hot.
Things that make me happy: Malted Milk Balls all of a sudden I have a hankerin' for them. Call me weird that is ok!
Book I'm reading: Mercy Rising by: Amber Robinson
on deck: Duckegg & Persons of Interest by NovaMelia
What I'm enjoying on TV: Kate Plus 8
On my To Do List: Laundry and mopping the tile.
New Recipe I tried or want to try soon: Lemon Pie by the yard found at Sandra's
On the menu for dinner: Absolutely no idea. Whatever we find on sale at Kroger later today.

In the craft basket: Cathedral Window quilt by hand. This will be my entry for awhile at least till we get settled into the new apartment and I get a sewing machine set up.
Looking forward to this week: Drama team practise with my boys.
Tips and Tricks: I posted this before but I think it is great. Hast helped me a bunch. During I have a copy of The Happy Homemaker Monday template in my documents. During the week as I am blog hopping if I find a post or recipe I like I go ahead and fill it in and then I change the name of the document to the upcoming Monday. Works for me. Try it! Here's one I am thinking of. Does anyone do this? Am wondering if it will work. When adding your photo's to a template like this I was thinking about uploading them first before I cut and paste the template. Then all I have to do is cut and paste the words between the photo's. Has anyone tried this method?

My favorite blog post this week: Karen at Hallelujah Anyhow
Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers): And this one isn't new but in case you haven't found Denise and you need encouragement go by and see her. She has been my rock the last month. She is an amazing prayer warrior.
No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):
Digital scrapbook page of my grand daughter Libby...done by my DIL
Lesson learned the past few days: It is difficult to get your elderly mom to accept change.
Align CenterOn my mind: 7 boys accepted Christ yesterday. Now we need volunteers to disciple. Praise God. Learning how to love elderly parents through thier stubborness. Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses: Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart, then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. Deuteronomy 15:10

Sunday Blessings

I pray your day was touched with a Blessing.
I was Blessed as God continues to affirm me and he answers our prayers.
Today 7 boys accepted Christ. Praise God.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Prayer Request

Tonight I ask all my friends, readers and anyone that might even stumble in today to prayer for me and My Cowboy. I don't think that if your here today that it was accident.

I have to believe and trust that God sent you here.

Because I need you to lift me and my Cowboy up in prayer.

We are supposed to move on the 23rd to an apartment where we will begin apartment ministry. Today at 4:30 I got the finally approval. I was Praising God.

Today at 5:00 Cowboy found out that his job was no longer available. He has been there three weeks. Which has given us just enough money to pay the motel where we are staying, a little for food and gas.

We have barely enough money for one week and barely enough money for gas and to rent a uhaul to move. There is nothing left for deposits.

We need your prayers. Cowboy needs to find a job in a couple of days and we need to find temporary housing for two weeks. If we can find somewhere to live then we could save the money we have for what we need to move on. But, he still needs a job.

We are volunteer chaplains at a boys prison and we do Sunday services. We have other programs throughout the week. He needs a job that won't affect this work.

We know God has a plan. Maybe it is to include you in this ministry as a prayer partner. Maybe it is to include you as a regular visitor to our ministry blog so that you can lift us and 'our' kids needs up to the Father.

I am so grateful that you stopped in today. I am so grateful for your prayers. I am praying that you my faithful readers have an amazingly Blessed weekend. Thank you for coming by.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

The talk today over at Thankful Thursday is about friends. As I was thinking about the topic I was wishing that I could have put some photo's of some of my old friends. In days past we might have looked something like this. . .
O.K. I know your cracking up. No we didn't wear pink. And we weren't that old. But look at the shopping bags. There were days gone by I might have been in this photo with at least a few bags either from a fun antique shop or kitchen or home shop. Or I might have been carrying a bigger bag filled with fabric!
Speaking of fabric I have many old friends that I met during the days that I was taking quilting classes. They are all old (I don't mean in age) and dear. And no matter how long it's been I have one friend that when I call to catch up it is like I talked to her yesterday. She is my dear sweet friend Jacque. She moved away to a different town. I think I should call her today and catch up. And I will tell her that I am thankful for her.
Then there is another really old friend I have not talked to in years. It is Julie. We met at church. She had two wild boys. I had one semi-wild boy and one girl that had to deal with all those crazy boys. I remember the days when we would take our two and the two we were both baby sitting and pile in her van and go to Poncho's the all you can eat Mexican buffet. Way back then all the kids at free. Great for our budgets. There are lots of memories that I share with my friend Julie. And I am thankful for everyone of them. I miss my friend. I wonder if I can find her on Facebook? Even if I can't I am thankful today that I could call her friend.
I could write about many more old dear friends. I could write about many near and dear new friends.
But the friend that I am most thankful for is Jesus. There are many years of memories we share. Even though I don't spend as much time with him as I should. He is always there waiting for me. Ready to whisper I love you in my ear. There are many times I need to hear that whisper. There are many times I need to stop and rest and wait in peacefulness for that sound.
I hope that today as you are thinking about friends that you get a chance to stop and rest and what for that sweet sound.
Thank you God for my friends. And thank you God for Jesus my BFF!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review--Blind Hope by Kim Meeder

If your a regular reader of my blog you are probably not surprised that I was delighted to get the opportunity to read and review this book. I received an offer from Random House and Waterbrook Multnomah and I was delighted because it is different than most of the books that are offered.

I have to say I was a little apprehensive. I was hoping I would really enjoy the book and honestly I wasn't sure that I would.

But I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Blind Hope is the story of Laurie's relationship with the dog that she chooses to adopt. But more than that it is the story of Laurie's relationship with God and how this little sad, ugly, sick dog brought Laurie to a deeper and more personal relationship with God.

From the back cover: Laurie's dreams had been an attempt to soothe her aching soul, Laurie reached out to save a dog in need. And she soon began to realize that the dog was rescuing her.

Laurie and Mia's story is told by Kim Meeder; Laurie's employer and friend. Kim is the co-owner of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch where Laurie works. Here's the dedication from the front of the book: Thank you for your courage in choosing to be transparent and honest. In doing so, you knew you would become vulnerable to the judgement of others. Yet you took that risk on the chance that through your story...some would find hope. This little book has become that endeavor; it is your Blind Hope

I don't believe that I could have worded it any better so I thought it was important to include the dedication.

I did really enjoy this book. It is my usual style to give you links for more info. and a link to purchase the book. You'll find links below.

I also include my opinion about what audience this book is appropriate for.

Here's my opinion. Get it. Read it. Give to your husband to read. Read to your children. Give to someone that is struggling with their own faith. Buy it for your church library or school library.

Not convinced yet? Here's another reason why I think it is so powerful. From chapter 4 (to set the scene: Laurie and Mia had been on an outing to an open space area where it was comfortable and safe to allow Mia to wander off the lease. When Mia realized that her master was going to release her, she wagged her entire body . . . it was time for the two of them to heard home. Laurie turned and started walking in the direction of the car. 'C'mon, Mia let's go.' To her surprise Mia didn't look up. Mia decided she wasn't going home and she wasn't being caught. Laurie went through many emotions dealing with this scene as told in their story. She did finally catch Mia and on the drive home she thought about what and happened. Here's what she realized. I am exactly like Mia. Just as her dog had run away from her. She had run away from God. Instead of running to God, she had spent her life running after everything but God.

The parallel that she uses here and throughout her story is so easy to understand and grasp. I think that anyone from a young child to older adult would be able to grasp and comprehend God's amazing grace. That is why I was so impressed with the book.

Here is a little about the author:
Kim Meeder is the co founder and director of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, an organization that rescues abused and dying horses and pairs them with children in need. Kim’s first book, Hope Rising, propelled the ranch to win the national Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award and launched her extensive public/motivational speaking schedule at schools, churches, and governmental conferences across the United States. She and her husband, Troy, have been married for twenty-five years and live in Central Oregon. The size of their family fluctuates each year with the number of horses and kids that they rescue.

Here's the link to Amazon. And btw I noticed that it is on sale right now. Go over and buy a couple of copies while you have the chance.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th and My Soul Sang Today

I hope your 4th of July is filled with God's Blessings and family. I spent the day Praising and Worshipping God and having a great cookout at the boys prison facility. (Come by tomorrow for a special post)
I am praying that your day is Blessed. I didn't get to spend it with family and so today I especially want to pray for anyone that is alone. Holidays are always hard when your alone.

But, your not really alone. I know it may feel like it. Especially if your really missing someone.
There was a time not too long ago that I really missed someone. I had lost my daughter for awhile. Although things have changed and I do see her and talk to her a couple of times a week things are not the same. And I really doubt they ever will be. When I was going through that. I ran to God. I prayed. I cried. I prayed and I cried some more. I remember one night sitting in the dark pulling weeds out of my flower bed and thinking that I was actually watering the plants. I was crying so hard. Tears were streaming down my face. It reminded me of the song I think it is Praise you in the storm where it says God is holding your tears in his hand. When I thought of it I cried harder.
That was 4 years ago. Today as I type this I actually almost laugh. Not because things are normal with me and my daughter. But because God answered my prayer.
He answered my prayer by healing my broken heart. It was during that time that he gave me this verse.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalms 34:18
It didn't happen overnight. There wasn't a miraculous miracle which is what I prayed for. But one day I realized my heart didn't hurt anymore. It was then that I realized that my broken heart was healing and that my spirit wasn't quite as crushed as it was.

So dear one. If your broken hearted. If your lost and lonely because someone you love dearly is no longer a part of your life I urge you turn to God. I urge you to do what I did. Take this verse. Underline it in your Bible. Write it out. Type it out. Put it on your blog. Put it on your fridge. Pray it. Ask God to reveal himself to you. And I ask you to Run to him.

I didn't do a Then Sings My Soul yesterday because I was having difficulty getting on line but today I want to share the song I had planned for yesterday. We used it this morning. I pray it Blessed your Soul.

In case the video doesn't load here's a link. It is called When God Ran by Phillips,Craig and Dean. I hope it works for you and it is only my server.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Posting on random thoughts . ..

I know you have heard the saying about 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade' or what about the one 'when life gives you scraps make a quilt'?
Come on over because the fridge is full of lemonade. It won't be served all cute and pretty as the darling photo above but it is filled with love and I stirred it with my finger so it is really sweet! I washed my hands first! Because I was digging through fabric scraps to make quilts.
Making a quilt is one of my true pleasures. One that I really haven't been able to do much of in a very long time. But I am determined that soon I will be sitting a machine and joining all those lovely pieces of fabric together. I have spent a lot of time visiting other bloggers that quilt and I have a few ideas in mind. I have learned a lot too. I can't wait to try out some of the new things I have learned.
And, I have decided that I am going to make my goal to really produce and really finish up some amazing creations very fast.
What will I do with all these amazing creations you ask? Well I might sell a few. I'll post the photo's and if anyone really wants them and wants to pay shipping I will make a deal. But my main purpose is just to create and use the wonderful fabric that I have. And well I also intend to give a way alot of them. The other day my friend Melanie wrote about a friend whose house burned down. It broke my heart as I read that. I wished I had a quilt already finished up and waiting for a home.
Today my friend Carrie wrote about being 'in the pit'. Here are the verses she was talking about . . Psalm 40
1I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
2He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.
3And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

I had to think a little about her thoughts about these amazing words. She talked about being 'in the pit' and how it is the choices that we make that cause those circumstances. She said it may be a pit of my own design or one designed especially for me by the enemy. I wonder as I 'sit in this pit' I tend to question myself. I know in my heart all of the promises that God has for us. But when circumstances and the lemons of life crash in around you it is hard to understand.

But one thing I do understand is that God will redeem me. He will bring me out of the pit. He will make me a better person. And so today I am singing a new song. I am Praising God for the lemons and I am planning a quilt.