Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Lost and Found Faith by Laurel Blount My Review

About the book 

A terrible tragedy nearly broke him.

Can love put him back together again?

Widowed history teacher Neil Hamilton has lost his way—at work, with people and even with his faith. But Neil's shut-down existence is disrupted when a small toddler and his would-be foster mother, vibrantly pretty Maggie Byrne, come crashing into Neil's yard and his life. Can this absentminded teacher find himself again…and take a chance on love, too?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

About the Author

Laurel Blount lives on a small farm in Middle Georgia with her husband, David, their four children, a milk cow, dairy goats, assorted chickens, an enormous dog, three spoiled cats and one extremely bossy goose with boundary issues. She divides her time between farm chores, homeschooling and writing, and she’s happiest with a cup of steaming tea at her elbow and a good book in her hand. 

And I thought . . . 

I knew I would like it.  I have really enjoyed ever book I've read by Laurel Blount. 

Lost and Faith was just that.  

A sweet love story filled with confusion, hope, acceptance and love. 

The characters are all charming. 

Even Maggie's a bit grumpy (at least he wants people to think he's grumpy)  boss and Diner owner who supports a  Summer Backpack lunch program for students. 

Maggie is a hopeful strong young woman.  She is strong from having the chance to get through her early teens living in a great foster home.  Which molded her into a loving and caring woman with a big heart. 

A heart that is ready to be healed and loved.  

Even though Neil is not ready to forget his past Maggie and little Oliver manage to get past his walls and heal his brokenness.  

Lost and Found Faith  is a sweet and touching story. 

I enjoyed ever minute. 

I received a Complimentary copy.

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Crafting A Junk Journal Page


Welcome to my Crafting Space 

Today I am sharing a page for a Junk Journal.  

This one is for a SWAP the challenge was make a Blue page (front and back).  Include a tuck spot and belly band.

I used this piece of paper on the outside to protect in mailing. 
I find it is easier than wrapping in tissue. 
Your envelope stays flatter and costs less to mail. 

I have had the Blue Carousel Horse paper for awhile.  It was perfect for this project 

Inside is the belly band filled with 
Journaling Cards.  The Belly Band paper is textured. I think it is called flocked. It really like it.  It is a pretty piece paper
A Blue girl and Boy cut from one of my kids preschool books. They are in their 40's now! 
I made a little tablet out of different Blue papers.  There is a piece that I dyed and note papers and a scrap from a journal.  I stapled the pages together and then covered the top edge with Blue Polka Dot Washi. 
A simple folded Journaling card made from scraps 
I put a piece of the flocked paper on the edge of the inside
I copied a page from a book.  
I folded it up to make a tuck spot on one side.  
I filled the tuck spot . . .

This is the other side or back showing the page I copied.  I love the buttons and wanted to keep it to use again. 
Blue note paper in the tuck 
A Blue label 
A folded Journaling Card I made from scraps 
An origami turtle I received in Happy Mail
I made another tablet with lots of paper scraps 

The bottom page is paper I dyed with Blueberries
I love how the Blue Berry paper looks
I glued a small sack to the page. 
I folded up the bottom and glued it to make another tuck spot
Lots of papers and tags fill the tuck 
Note paper
Journaling Cards

And a last shot of the back.  I filled the J. J. page with so much I did not add any extra in the envelope.  I think it will lower the shipping costs. 

I hope my partner enjoys the Blue J.J. Page I made her.  I can't wait to receive mine!  

Thanks for visiting.  Leave me a comment! 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Welcome to the weekly party 

The party is hosted by Sandra over at Dairy of a Stay at Home Mom.

Here are the prompts Sandra provides . . .

The weather . . . 

It was a bit cooler for a few days but the weather guys are predicting more 90's up to 94. 

Thank goodness we have ac! 

And thank goodness Ida missed us! 

Praying for those on its path! 

What I am wearing . . .

Trying to stay cool when I take the dogs out for a walk.  

A tank top and shorts.  

Changing into my yard mowing pants soon.  Gotta mow our little strip. 

On the breakfast plate . . .

My Ta Da moment . . .

I almost have our 2nd living space functional.  I got my temporary crafting table cleaned off and I got the printer out of the box.  Yea! 

Photos soon!  I need to hurry up because I am getting ready for a lot of fun . . . 

Your invited!  I will have a link party!  

I am looking for some hostesses! 

The To Do List . . . 

Finish up the room

Give the room a name 

Curb Shopping 

Get SWAPs ready for mailing and go to Post Office 

Go to book store downtown 

Sell some books, a trunk, my mother's sewing cabinet and a couple framed prints for the golf cart fund 

Sweep, mop and vacuum

Clean  the Bathroom 

On the menu 


Hamburger Stroganoff, Green Beans and Salad


Tacos maybe Guacamole


Sheet Pan Sausage, Corn on Cob, 



His Mom's Fried Rice 


Mac and Cheese?

Frito Pie?   

Doroitos Taco Salad? 

We ate out alot the last two weeks. Trying to  cook at home to save $$ for a golf cart!    

Ideas for lunch ...

Hamburger Soup recipe found Here   

Curry Egg Salad Sandwiches  want to try a recipe from a Cozy Mystery

On my reading pile . . . 

And I am reading now . . . 

Something fun to share . . .

Fun little libraries.  These are all over town. 

Does your town have Little Libraries?  

Date Night . . . 

We had so much fun Saturday night. 

I took this photo at the end of our evening.  We were both tired. 

We walked 4 blocks looking in shops and Art Galleries. 

It was an event called Art Walk.  All the Galleries and Antique Shops are open from 6-8 for Art Walk.   They serve free wine and some have food.  

I had to get a picture of MaMa's lamp.  She had a set of two.  Not with frilly Shades though.  This one was marked $59.00.

On my crafting table  

A cluster with 5 items.  I think. Lavender paper cut with scallop scissors,  real cool green stuff came on a spool from Kroger.  It's not ribbon.  Text from a book, a lace applique and a flower on top. 

Yep that's 5.  I am working on an altered book with a fb group.  Each day we get a prompt.  

In the garden  

I don't really have a garden only the end of our porch.  I feel Blessed that we are  in apartment #2 so no one passes our door.  

I got two long flower boxes on our Curb Shopping last week.  

I found Dianthus for $1.35.  I bought 3 White and 3 Red.  

The clerk asked if I had coupons I said no. We chatted and she ended up giving me a 10 percent discount. 

From the camera   

Oh my goodness.  Such yumminess! 
I found these at Kroger on sale so I wanted to try them for the tea Party.  So. So. Good.  I was surprised to find the cream filled. Yum! 


Thanks for joining me for a peek into my weeks plans.  And a little of this and that. 

Linking with Sandra and all the regular parties. 

Don't forget to go over for the party. 

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