Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Friday . . .

Leaving you with a Happy thought . . .

Have a great evening!

Treats for the kids

And treats for Daisy's friends!

Hope you evening is safe and Fun

We're sharing a little fun with the children in the complex.

A little fun for everyone

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fabulous Fall LInky Party--Thanksgiving Edition 1

Welcome to the 1st Fabulous Fall Thanksgiving Party!

I hope your Fall has gotten off to a Fabulous start.  We had an amazingly Fabulous time visiting all the Fall posts!  Thanks to everyone that linked their great ideas! 

   Around here we celebrate early so I am opening the party to share with you! 
I am looking for some Fabulous Thanksgiving themed posts. 
  Feel free to include your cooking or decorating plans.  
Or maybe you have a tip or two . . .
 Or feel free to include your Thankful posts. 
 If you've linked to a Thankful party/linky feel free to share party links!
As always any Thanksgiving or Fall post is welcome.  Old or new. 
This is a perfect time to link your archived posts!
Please invite your friends and join the fun! 
This Fabulous party will run through 12:00 noon on Thanksgiving Day.   Each Tuesday between 4 and 5:00 a new link will post!
And now for the fine print . . .
Please free to link any post.  Please allow me to us your post, or photo(s) here at My Journey Back for a future post.  I will link back to your blog.  Your photo's or post may be featured in an upcoming post or at the Saturday Sleepover. 
                       (All photos featured in the post found on Google images)
Party on!

Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm Blue . . .

Yep today I am Blue I am frustrated with my computer.  
I won't have much time so here's a little Blue for today . . .
Sharing today my daughters birthday present from a friend.
It is custom made just for her.  Can you quess what it is?

 Opened up. . . This is a tack storage unit.  The apparatus on the left holds her saddle.  There is plenty of room for blankets, saddle pads,
halters, head stalls and reins and a medical kit.  All important things for a horse woman. 
Just for fun a pic I found of a local store.  Just a few boots. 
If you come to Cow Town (Ft. Worth) you can find lots of boots.

Hopefully I'll be posting photo's from the horse show yesterday.  My computer isn't cooperating but I can at least get some from her FB post. 

Linking my Blue post with Sally click here to visit/join!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Losing My Sanity on Saturday

           Can we go back to these days and still be able to blog?

My computer(s) are causing me to loose my sanity.  Could not
log on all day yesterday.  So I missed Tex and Good Fences. 

All my current Critter and Outdoor Photo's are on the newer computer which decided to take an unauthorized break.  And believe me it may be permanent! 

The computer I am working on is the older one which has problems too. Actually there's nothing wrong except the cord is broken and it won't stay charged. So this is about all the post I can manage. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'll be around as soon as I can. I can go to the office here at the apartment so I will do that on Tuesday for sure and try to get the link up and to announce the winner of the Give a way. Please be patient with me and come by I'll need the encouragement! One more thing before I go. Make sure you know your passwords and the email address associated with your blog. If your using an old one you don't use anymore make sure your back up with your phone. That was the only way I was able to log into blogger today. Save your sanity!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Letter W Watermark or Not

Winding down with Letter W. 
 Looks like we're almost to the end of the Alphabet with Jenny over at Alphabet Thursday . . .

This week I have been writing (oh that's another W word! forgive me I teach pre-school) about Watermarks on photo's. 

I was having a  little trouble earlier in the week with applying a Watermark to my photo's and wrote this post. 

The comments/tips I got from that post covered the spectrum from advise to comments from friends that don't use Watermarks on their photo's, to tips on how to. 

Watermarking was something that I haven't done until recently. 

Also, you'll notice no warning or request asking you not to use my photos. I am a very amateur photographer.  I have no problem with someone posting my photo's in fact I would be honored if someone liked them so much that they would want to use them. 

I have intentionally not put warnings on my blog because personally I find it annoying.   Personally I rarely visit a blog that starts with a warning.  Not that I intend to use photo's from other blogs.   But because I think it is ridiculous.  If your putting your photo's on a blog or anywhere on the web your opening the door for someone to use them.  So why a warning? 

If I see a photo I want to use I ask first. (except Pinterest pics, usually I can't find the original source) 
                                                                    Found on Pinterest

Or in the case of the Fabulous Fall party I do put in the fine print/rules for linking that I might use the photo's in an upcoming post.  And I always link back. 

                                                              Fabby's Living

So with that said.  Why do I Watermark?  The photo's I Watermark are the photo's that include my family and close friends. 

With that said.  Probably anyone with a little work could copy the photo's and crop the Watermark but that's a little work and hopefully too much effort. 

If your visiting my blog and you like one of my photo's I'd love you to comment and let me know.   

Watermarking or not?  I'll keep trying to figure out the glitch and add a watermark to the photo's of my family. 

So do you Watermark your Photo's? 

Linking with Jenny for Alphabet Thursday. Click Here

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fabulous Fall Linky Party

Well this week we are drawing an end to the Fabulous Fall Party! 
The linky is here.  Feel free to link any Fabulous Fall post. 
All the following photos are from previous party posts.  I'll be adding the links bear with me.

                                  Purple Hues and Me
But never fear because next week begins Thanksgiving!  Yea.
I am so happy I enjoy Thanksgiving so much!

                                     Lovely Living
Don't forget this is the last week for the Pumpkin give a way. 
Any post linked here will be entered.  I will draw on the 28th. 

                                        Fabby's Living
Please feel free to link any Fall themed post.  Any post featuring a pumpkin will be entered. 

I'll be linking my very own Fall post soon.  When I have time to upload wonderfully Fabulous photo's.
Gentle Joy
This one is mine from the pumpkin patch about 3 years ago.  We went on Sunday.  I'll be showing my photos soon!

So until then give me something to do and join the party and link up!  I visit every post!  Thank you so much for joining the party!

And of course the fine print. Please feel free to link any Fall Themed post.  I would love to use your photo's on a future post featuring the linky party.  I might also choose your blog to feature on Sleepover Saturday.  Please allow me to repost your pictures here.  I would love it if you followed me!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Test Post-Dummies At Blogging--Applying a Watermark

I am fighting with my computer!  I am determined to make this work!
Trying to get the watermark to work.  For some reason my computer won't upload this photo.  For some reason some of my photo's my computer won't save.  I have them stored on another private blog. It makes no sense to me.  Some from every upload won't work.  It's random when it happens.

 I finally went around through the back door to get this to work.   I posted the original above photo to my private Facebook page.    Since it wouldn't upload from my computer I started this post and put it at the top of the post.  Published it.  Then I opened the post and copied the address and posted to FB.
The photo showed up.   Then I stored it into my computer from the FB post.  It would not store it from the Blogger post.   It's so weird.   

Look at the two different sizes.   Once I got it stored I uploaded to Pic Monkey to add the watermark.
I can't seem to save anything from Pic Monkey to my computer.  So I posted it to Pinterest.  Then I copied from pinterest and posted here. 

In a long round about way.  I managed to get this photo watermarked.  Wow.  That was really an ordeal and not one I would normally undertake. 

I'm posting this crazy post on all my favorite linky parties in hopes that someone else might know what the problem is and have an idea how to fix or change the settings on my computer which is where I think the problem is. 

Before I close I am going to see what happens if I try and insert the photo again below and change the size . . .
I usually just go into the HTML on the post and find the numbers and change the size to what I want. 
I know that with blogger you can choose Small, Med and Large but those sizes just don't make me smile. 

Let's see what happens. 

Opps apparently not going to work.  Because I copied this photo from FB I guess the size numbers don't show up.  Let's see what happens if I use Bloggers sizing option . . .
Very fuzzy way too big!  Let's try another . . .
Still fuzzy.  It is much better here in the original . . .
But no watermark. 

So, does anyone have the answers?    Is there a setting in your computer that won't allow it to copy certain photo's?      Just a reminder.  These are all my personal photo's the I uploaded onto a private blog to store.  I uploaded them to save from my original computer a slow death. 

So, if you can help I would love it! 

I am going to link this Crazy, Chaotic post of my world on all the linky parties listed on my sidebar. 
Click here to visit the original post it's So Sweet!

Tea Party

I really enjoyed writing the original post.(Click Here)   I love playing around with the pics and making fun mosaics!   Here's the original collage/mosaic made using Pic Monkey.  I wasn't able to save it on the computer so it is posted on my Pinterest page.  I copied it and pasted it here.  This is the original size.

Tea Party
Sizing changed by going into HTML.  Original above photo was 736x736.  This photo is 536x536

I'd love your comments and tips!

Have a great week!  And please visit the wonderful linky parties listed on my sidebar. 
The following parties require a direct link to the weekly party.
Carrie at Frugal Crafty Home
Lydia at Much Ado About Monday

Saturday, October 18, 2014

So Sweet

Last year I had the opportunity to help with a Tea party photo shoot. 

You can't have a tea party without a little Princess Fairy Pig!

Hello!  Will you come to my tea party?
Oh they started without us . . .

Where's the cake?  Tea Party's always have cake!

Mommy can I ride the pretty horse?

These photo's are all mine.  They have been stored in my photo blog.  For some reason I wasn't able to move them to add watermarks for this post.  I'm sure it is a glitch with my computer.  Or because I am a dummy at blogging.  So this post will be in my Dummies at Blogging Label!

Linking at the regular party's.  Check the sidebar for links.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Fences--What a Cowboy Needs

Two things a Cowboy needs . . .
A Good Fence one with a mouser is a bonus . . . .

And  . . .

A Good church one behind a Fence is a bonus when your lookin' for Good Fences with Tex! 
Now there are a few other things a good Cowboy needs but
That's another post! 
I know your just itchin' to know the rest of the list so I'll give you one more and then say Good Bye!
A good pair of Boots.  A must!
So that's a few things that a Cowboy needs! 
Linking this super informative post with Tex at Good Fences, Sally at Blue Monday and a few others!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Very Vintage Leter "V"

Joining Jenny for our weekly ABC post.  I can't believe we're already on letter "V"!  Today I am sharing some of my Vintage favorites all found on Pinterest. 

So looking for one of these . . .
Huge Vintage Horse Trophy Cup Saddle Club Grand by
Very Vintage Horse Show Trophy Found at this Etsy Shop.  I could buy one! I was amazed at the inventory.  I want them all!  I love how this one is displayed with vintage books. 

Which brings me to my next favorite Vintage item . . .

vintage horse books. The Black Stallion was a favorite of mine!
I love Vintage Horse books. These were in an Etsy Shop.  My daughter has a collection.  I buy her one ever year for Christmas.

This fun photo happened to pop up when I was on Pinterest. 
I just had to add it!

I just loved this old t.v. show!
"A horse is a horse, of course of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, Is the famous Mister Ed!"
I love all the old shows.

This pic. reminds me of another favorite Vintage item.  I love vintage horse pictures . . .

Someday I want to have a gallery wall of vintage prints/paintings
from the 50's.  I even love these . . .
horse decor

Vintage Paint by Number prints. This one was found on Country Living's website.  

I just love Vintage Horse things! 

Do you have any favorite Vintage items? 

Over at Jenny's there are some great Letter V posts.  Click Here
to visit Alphabet Thursday. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have a Good Day

Hello Friends here's you with a smile
to brighten your day . . .
I'll be back for a Wordfilled Wednesday post at 5:00.  Have a Happy Day

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fabulous Fall Linky Party

Welcome to the Fabulous Fall Party! 

Feel free to link any Fall themed post.
If your post includes a pumpkin(s) you'll be entered in a give a way! 

So join the fun and link your posts. 

Read the fine print first!  Please allow your posts and pictures to be featured here in an upcoming
post!  That's it it's simple. 

Let's party!