Thursday, March 29, 2012

Multi Tasking

So are you the queen of multi-tasking. Or supermom?
I was thinking about how busy I have been lately.
And how hard it has been to have any real ime with God.  Not much prayerful Praising going on here. There has been prayer but it has mostly been about what I need.   Not much reading the word either.  

While I was thinking I was mult-tasking and looking for photo's in my files for another post I ran across this photo of my grandson.  I snapped it one day when he was playing and added the caption.  
Today I decided it was perfect for this verse.  That's what I want to do 'delight in doing everything God wants me'.  I want to meditate on his word and I want to follow him more closely. 

So while your multi tasking today are thinking about where God fits into all the other areas?   Maybe you need a little reminder like I did.  Feel free to use my photo.  Or use one of your own and add the verse.  And let's follow God more closely together!

Following God 'More Closely' 
                              On the Journey . . .

Happy Thankful Thursday....
Today I have a short list but they are biggies . . . I am not sure where to begin!

Well today I started work at a new job.  This one is big because I am 54 and I have been out of the work force for 30 years!  I have spent the last 8 years in ministry and done a lot of clerical type work.  That was the only reference I really had to use. 

I am now working at an insurance agency in our town.  I had a great first day!  My boss took me to lunch! 

I am also thankful that Saturday is my sweet daughters 30 birthday.  And here's the big thankful part she is getting a horse.  It is an amazing story I'll share the details in another post but God provided her a 'free' horse.  She has been training him for a few months and she loves him and now he is her's!  I'll post photo's and story next week. 

And lastly I am thankful that a kind neighbor of ours gave us a heads up about a tragedy (in my opinion) that is happening in our neighborhood.  We live in a tiny apartment complex that has 10 units.  We are in the middle of a really nice neighborhood on a lake.  One of the neighbors that lives in a house is putting a cage in his garage at night and catching cats and having the animal control pick them up. 

Our cat loves to be outside.  He was originally our barn cat.  He is 12 years old.  And doesn't have any shots.  I know bad but; we do what we can do!  It would not be and option for us to get him out of 'jail' if he was picked up. 

I am so glad the neighbor told us.  Rascal isn't real happy but we are looking at it as a positive.  We are praying we will move when our lease is up in  June so he in training for moving to a new place. 

I didn't have any photo's of Rascal or our daughter on this computer (our newer one) but I did have this one from a Blue Monday post. 

I hope you are having a Thankful day.  Are you sharing a list at Thankful Thursday?  You can join just click here

Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Monday...Deep in the heart of

 Texas . . . of course I thought I would give you a little tour in Blue!
Now I know you might not be a Ranger fan and actually I am not really much of a sports fan but well you have to admit this is a great blue!
I thought this one was perfect.  I was looking for a Texas Longhorn in a field of bluebonnets. This was even better!  Wonder what he is thinking.  And what the photographer is thinking!
One of my favorite places!  I love the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  The sky is Blue!  I love going to the rodeo and window shopping.  I find lots of eye candy in the shops. 

And last; I know I have shared one of these before but this one is new . . .
I thought it was just beautiful!  I would love to drive down this road.   Maybe I will!

Happy Trails!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Than Words . . .

I have stacks of these . . .

Pages and pages . . .
All filled with . . .
. . . My words. My needy words.  My questioning words.  And sometimes God's words.  (Alot of days I will journal scripture.)  And words of songs that express my thoughts and feelings. 

Today the words of this song made me think about the words that I write to God.

And I realize that too many times my words do not say . . . What/who God is to me.  My words do not say
I love you more than words can say. 

And they should . . .

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deut. 6:5

I am humbled. I am ashamed. I am not worthy.

                 I am forgiven

Humbly following Him on the Journey . . .

Marriage Monday

Sometimes I have to be reminded . . .
God gave me my Cowboy.  For better. For worse.  For the ups and the downs and the days of doubt  And believe me the last couple of years there have been a lot more downs than ups.  And many days of doubt.  When I don't hear kind words.  When there isn't any romance . . .

Sometimes I need a reminder.  In case you need a little remider today. 

Thanking God today for my Cowboy . . .

Happy Marriage Monday

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for God's patience.  Again!  The last few months have provided many challenges for me and my Cowboy husband.  We have had to spend many days trusting in God.  And, I have to admit sometimes it is really hard.  Lately our shedule has been really demanding.  We've both been looking for jobs.  Working the current jobs.  Keeping up with ministry (we mentor and provide Chapel Services at a boys re-hab).  Lately the challenges have kept me from spending time in the word.  I have struggled finding a quiet time to read my Bible. And sometimes when I do find time I am so tired that I can't concentrate.  And sometimes I fall asleep!  It is frustrating.  But, I know my God understands.  I know he is patient with me. 

I am also thankful that God provides.  When we really needed it God provided me with a 'little' job that provided enough hours to help pay rent this month, buy some gas and a few groceries.   And, when we least expected it a small church in our area gave us some money to help us out!  

God provides!  Thank you God! 

So has God shown you his love by providing for you?  What are you Thankful for today? 

Praying you see God's love today! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordfilled Wednesday HELLO

Welcome to Wordfilled Wednesday . . .
Joining Amy Deanne again for Wordfilled Wednesday.  I know that many visitors on Wednesdays are Christians and participate in in WFW.  But I thought todays photo and verse is perfect to share with our friends that have not yet met our Jesus.  Please feel free to post on your blog or facebook.
Pas it on.  Say . . .
Please visit Amy Deanne at Internet Cafe for more Wordfilled Wednesday posts.  Click here for more posts.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Review A Quilt Book

Recently I was lucky to find this book at the library.  I picked it up and started looking at the amazing photo's. And then I realized that I knew who the author is!  I had been following her blog for awhile!
I loved the book once I got it home and started getting into it!   I love all the quilts in the book.  The instructions are clear.  And the projects in the book are all pretty simple for the beginner quilter.  Even the more advance projects are simple.   There is one applique project that is beautiful but it has a lot of tiny pieces to applique.  But it is a beautiful quilt! 
Elizabeth has a unique way of cutting and organizing (managing) all the pieces of fabric for each quilt. 
The instructions are easy to follow.  And I guarantee you'll successfully make a beautiful quilt if you buy this book.  Or if your lucky enough to find it at the library.
My favorite quilt in the book is this one . . .

I have this quilt started.  Mine is pink and lime green.  I am making it as a donation quilt.  It will go to a little girl living at Christ's Haven Childrens Home in Keller, Texas.  Click here to go to their website.  I have challenged myself and a few friends to make quilts for the children this year.  We have 30 quilts to make! 

Hopefully I'll get some sewing time this week to get the pink/lime version completed.  I have a blue version cut out and ready to begin piecing. 

The book is available at Amazon.  Click here.  If you go to the Amazon link you can look inside the book!   I am sure it is available at your local quilt shop.  Or maybe your library!  Check it out! 

So since your off to check out Elizabeth's great book  I'll get back to the sewing room now!  

Happy sewing!

Things That Make Me Smile Today

Just sharing a few things that are makin' me smile.

First this great quilt from Elizabeth Hartman.  I recently got the book at the library and I am making my own version of this quilt  . . .

I am lovin' this quilt.  Elizabeth titled her's Kitchen Window.  I loved it when I saw it on her blog. Then
I found the book at the library so I was super happy.  And I smiled! Click here to visit Elizabeth's blog.

A photo I have had in my photo files for awhile.  (I always save horse photo's)

I have this plan once I have a pantry again for it to look something like this.  Well organized and pretty.  I found this one today. Never thought of painting the inside something fun like this.  And I am thinking Red.  Lovin' this one.  The dogs kind a cute too! 

And from my Wordfilled Wednesday files.  This is one of my favorites.  I found the photo and added the the verse.  Today a friend posted on facebook that we can't take 'thing's with us to heaven.  And that
all the 'things' that are important to us now in this world won't be important when we are in heaven.  But that what is important are the people that we take with us.   

And so today.  I pray that if you came by to see some of the things that are making me smile today that your smiling too because your goin' with me to Heaven.   I am praying that you are following Jesus today. 
Well those are just a few things that are makin' me smile today.  How about you?  What is makin' you smile?

Blue Monday Borrowed Blue Part 2

Welcome to Blue Monday today I decided to share a few more borrowed Blue's.  Here's a little tour . . .

First I started at my friend Becky's and found some wonderful vintage Blue's.  

Then I decided to check out pinterest . . .

I am really lovin' aqua and red.  I think I'll be doin' some decorating like this.  Adorable.  

On my next stop I found a fun Easter party in Blue of course . . .

Love the little cake.  Click here to find more party photo's at Ribbonwood Cottage.
And for more Blue's go visit Sally. Click here.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope today's Blues made you smile.  Come by next week for more Blues.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things That Make Me

Smile Today  . . .

Adorable feet . . .

Maybe not adorable but cool . . .


So how about you.  What makes you smile today?

Simple Sunday

Glory in the Lord; O worshipers of God, rejoice.  Search for him and for his strength, and
keep searching! Psalms 105:3,4 (The Living Bible)

May you have a simply Blessed Sunday

Borrowed Blue Monday

Welcome tooooooooooo Blue Monday
I have been having fun lately giving my Blue Monday posts titles.
So today I wanted to call my post Borrowed Blue. 

Here are a few 'borrowed' Blues . . .

 First from our hostess with the mostest Sally.  It says it all I think . . .

I love the amazing imagines I find over at my friend Rachel Anne's.  I love her daily inspirations, suggestions and encouragements to be better wives and homemakers.  Click here to visit Rachel Anne.  .

I really don't like thinking about laundry.  But wouldn't you love a laundry room like this?  And it's Blue.  What more could you ask for.  Except maybe someone to do all the laundry.  This I found at a new friends.  Check out Brook's blog.  Amazing DIY ideas click here.

And from the sweet blog by Becca.  I love this photo.  Doesn't it make you smile?  Click here to visit Becca's Bluebird and Roses blog. 

So I hope you enjoyed the Blue's that I borrowed.  Go by and see my friends and say 'hi'.  And don't forgot
all the other Blue posts linked over at Sally's

But wait . . . Before you go I was gonna give you a hint about the post I have planned
for next week.   Hint...What's in a name? 

Smiling (with Sally) Along the Journey . . . .

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Praise

I don't know about you but I have had the busiest, craziest week!  I am a woman of timing and scheduling.
And this week has been nothing of either.  It has been so crazy I haven't had any quiet time and so my Bible
looks like this! 

So sad.  I am so behind on reading.  And I have to admit that things have been such a struggle and we have so many challenges and struggles that I have had difficulty praying.  I have been leaning on the Holy Spirit.
I prayed this morning and just told the Father...  " I have no words. I don't know how to put it into words."  But I did have so many praises.  And so I thanked him for those!

And one of those Praises is you.  I love you guys that write devotionals and share verses and encouragement.
So even when the house isn't quiet enough to read my Bible I can usually stop in your blogs and get some encouragement.
So today I am thankful for you!  I am thankful for all the amazing bloggers out there that write and encourage each other. 
And I am thankful for my new follower!  Sis...I'll be over soon to follow you!  Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement. 
So do you have some Praisin' to do this Friday?

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Happy Day or Not

And so I ask myself..."Who am I that I have anything to whine about?"  or  "Cry about?" 

There are some days that I let things get me down.  There are some days that I admit it that I do question God.  Yep I do.  I ask questions like Why me Lord? or Will this burden ever end?  And on and on.

I bet you know what I am talking about.  Those times when pressures and things of this world just get you down.  When you see no light at the end of the tunnel. 

But . . . one day we will have endless joy and perfect peace.  Yes one day when we see Jesus face to face
he will wipe all our tears away. 

And so, I/we must live this life waiting for that day.  And remember that even while we are waiting he is collecting our tears in his hand. 

I was thinking this morning I need to just "buck up" and "get over" all the things that are getting me down. 
So I declare this A Happy Day. 

Maybe your a bit down.  Maybe your not convinced.  Watch the video.  It'll make you smile.

Oh Happy Day

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I was sure by now . . .

Leaning on these words  . . .  "I'm with you."  Trusting God is with me.

Facing many challenges right now.  I miss writing.  I miss sharing my thoughts with you guys.  I miss encouraging you. 

I am visiting you.  Sometimes I am able to comment sometimes not. 

And, I am leaning on these words . . . "I'm with you."

While I trust.  While I wait.  Would you say a prayer for me.   

I am sure He is with me.  I am sure He is with you.