Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Wonderland . . . Here in Northeast Texas it's a little like the North. We are snow bound today.

Not your average snowman  For those who live close to one of the poles, snow and ice sculptures are serious art forms. Whether it's a massive ice castle or a fully functional ice piano, the sky's the limit for what these sculptors can create.

Enjoying some time on Pinterest, Xbox and a cozy fire staying warm with some tasty soup!
And of course working on a quilt. I Hope your warm and cozy!

Monday, February 2, 2015

So Why The Rodeo Song?

Are you wondering why the Rodeo video on the sidebar?
I've been wanting to write this post for awhile.
Actually it's been in my drafts for awhile since I lost computer acess.  I happend to get this one going but I'm not able to load photo's so I resorted to this old post to share with you today.
I hope you enjoy . . .

If your a regular visitor you know that I love anything horse or ranch related.   I talk a lot about horses and Cowboy(s).
I call my husband My Cowboy. 

I share a lot of photo's from horse shows and rodeo's. 
I added the Garth Brooks song and video when I wrote a
post for Letter "R" for Alphabet Thursday hosted over
at Jenny's.  Click Here to read my post.  I put the video up that week to highlight the post. 

So why is it still up?  Memories.  Listening to this song brings back pleasant memories for me.  Some are bittersweet.  But they all make me smile. 

When this song was popular we were living in Missouri. 

Which is where our son lives now. 

We were all missing Texas a lot. 

We drove back home to Texas to visit a few times. 

On each trip we saved the Garth Brooks c.d.'s for when we crossed into Texas.   The rest of the ride home was spent listening to Rodeo and all the other famous songs.  Friends in Low Places was always a favorite with us.  We would all giggle at the lyrics.  It was just silly fun. 

I admit I am a huge fan of Garth.  I just love all his music. 
I/we are not concert goer or honky tonkers.  The last concert we went to was in about 1980. I was a Neil Diamond fan. 
I am glad Garth is touring and recording again.  I actually haven't heard any of his new stuff.  I hope it is as good as these old favorites! 

So that in a nutshell is why I keep the video on the sidebar.
It makes me smile.