Sunday, July 20, 2008

He Sleeps

Is this not the sweetest most peaceful looking moment? This is my cowboy finally getting some sleep. "He Sleeps" reminds me of one of my favorite movies. I know some may be disillusioned but one of my favorite movies is Pretty Woman. Yes. I know the content isn't the best. But it is just a sweet Cinderella story. And I really like Julia Roberts and well Richard Gere what can I say. I am weird but I just have to admit he is one of my favorites. (I'll share the others at another time.)

Back to the peaceful sleeping Cowboy. I write today to ask all my friends to please pray for my dear Cowboy. I haven't written much about it but I know that God uses people to hold us up and to intercede. And we need intercession.

Last May . . . as in May 2007 Cowboy tore the cartlidge in his knee. On this particular knee he has had 7 surgeries. He has needed a replacement for almost 10 years but the doctor said he wouldn't do it till Cowboy was at least 50.

Because we are now full time in ministry we no longer have health insurance and so he had to go to the county hospital.

After many visits and pain meds they finally did replacement surgery in Jan. of this year. Yes that was 8 months after the current injury. Almost immediately after the surgery we knew that something was not right and we were suspious that it was infected.

He has had a miserable time since January. Sleeping very little and having to function on pain meds and, they don't even really help a lot.

On June 16 he had a visit with the doctor. The doctor ordered one last bone scan and said he wanted to do surgery asap. By asap he meant in a few days as soon as the scan could be done.

We still haven't had the scan and now they have scheduled another doctors visit for August 7th.

Our wonderful Sunday School class has been keeping track of what is going on and one of our friends from class called today to let us know he spoke with the church staff to see if they knew of a doctor in the church basically just seeing if someone could help out.

Amazingly there is a church member that is on the hospital board. Does God do funny things or what? Well he was contacted on our behalf just before going he was leaving to to go on a mission trip with our church. He told us who to speak to and how to "push" to try to get things speeded up. He also said he would check into it when he returns.

Just hearing this was such an encouragement to us. Please pray with me for my husband. He is in such pain. And it is so hard when your active to have to become inactive. All this effects the ministry and his ability to work with kids too.

Sometime you wonder what is going on. And sometimes all you can do is prayer and just trust and lean not on your own understanding.

So while we wait. We trust. We lean and sometimes we sleep.
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