Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Minute Friday--Imagine

I can only Imagine what it would be like.  
So many ways to complete that phrase.
I Imagine one day when there is no pain.  When there are no tears.
I can only Imagine a day when I don't have to trust that my Lord is holding my tears. 

These are the imaginations of what it would be like. 

But till then I Imagine what it would be like to know what to do.
To know which step to take.  Too many questions and decisions are taking over my thoughts. 

So many silent dreams.  Unspoken dreams that only he and I know about.  I Imagine what it will be like when he reveals to me.  Or I understand what he is revealing.  When I know which step to take.

I can only Imagine

Trusting along the Journey

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My Saturday Was Sweet

A re-post to celebrate Serving . . .
It was a Sweet Saturday.  A celebration.  A Birthday we called it.
6 months in ministry. 

Yes it was Sweet.  Today as I write it is Bitter Sweet.

Would you take a Sweet stroll down memory lane with me?

I first thought of this post because of all the Blue.  But, the more I looked at these pics.  They just said over and over Sweet.

Celebrating our Birthday.  The girls are wearing Prom Dresses that went into a closet for girls to borrow for Prom.  All dresses are brand new with tags.  We have a Dillards outlet in our town. 

Blue quilts in the background

Volunteers and guests

The lovely Blue maiden was on staff.  She just got married.  The sweet girl in red was doing community service.  She completed her assignment and continued to come everyday.

A good shot of the cake.  It was Sweeeeeeet!  It's hard to see but it was a quilt.

6 months later.  Our first Christmas.   Setting up for our first Craft (Quilts) and Bake Sale. 
Quilts are being hung.  The girls are decorating Christmas Cards to be mailed to supporters and donors.

This is what it was all about.  Girls learning to Reach for Integrity and Purpose.  Making quilts for charity.
More Blue

One of our projects.  We made 50 different Teddy Bear quilts for local girls in a New Mom Parenting class

And the Sweetest for last.   One of the most dedicated volunteers.  Her dedication to God and her
amazing ability to reach teenagers was a Blessing.  

She made my days extra Sweet. 

This post is dedicated to all the young women  and those that felt young!  Many lives were changed.   

And it was sweet. 

Journeying Down Memory Lane

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


B is for . . .

I had to share the video.  When I decided that Bacon was my B word I couldn't get the dogs
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon voice out of my head. 

Here's a little of what my family does with this Beloved item! (notice another B word)
Photo: What do you get an 11-year-old boy for Valentine's Day?  You make him a bouquet of bacon roses of course.  I made him share...who needs a dozen thick cut slices of bacon for supper anyway?

The grandsons  Valentine.  The caption read 'What do you do for an 11 year old boy?  Bacon of course"

Cowboy decided that Bacon costs too much in the store.  And we love Bacon.  So . . .

 We made our own.  He checked it out on the internet and got the instructions.  It is started with pork
belly.  Which is hard to find.  We have to go to a Mexican market.  But it turns out yummy.
A little time consuming.  You clean and put the 'rub' salt cure on and then it sits in the fridge for 7 days.
You have to turn it every day.
But it is worth it at the end you have Bacon!   Bacon Bacon Bacon

I think I'll go cook some Bacon!

May your day be filled with Bacon 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words Slow Process

It's been a slow process . . .


Sort of like as sun slow rises in the morning.
It's just slowly on it's on schedule moving
into the sky.  Then suddenly it's there!

I've been praying and praying.  I've been asking God questions.  I've been
pouring out my heart.  I've been seeking wisdom, and strength and courage.  I've
been listening and realizing he's at work. 

But I still feel like I

Messed Up
I wonder.  I ask him questions about circumstances in my life.    I wait for his answers.
I try not to make decisions on my own.  I try to seek him.  That is hard.  I am a go girl.  I make things happen.  At least I used to. 

Now it seems I am on this roller coaster going no where.  I am getting no where.   

I was involved in ministry.  And now I'm not. 

I have been trying so hard to find a job.  I've prayed about it.  I've cried about it. 

There are times that God just seems so quiet. 

I am searching answers and I feel alone. 

Inspirational Images

I know he's there.  I know that even though I am on this long lonely road that he's there.
He's keeping me safe.  He's providing. 

And there are times that all I can is trust and

have Faith.  And seek him.  And even though I cry out to him and it seems he's not there I know he is.
And I have to tell him I am sorry for doubting. 

It's a slow process but I am trusting and I am waiting for an open door.   

Trusting along the Journey


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Chat

                         Coffee Chat

Maybe over coffee or Dr. Pepper in my case!

How was your weekend?  I missed posting and visiting here.

I was spending some time with my mother and I was learning  free motion quilting. 

I am hooked!

I love the Monday  Linky's.  Simple Woman's Day Book . . . a bunch of ladies sharing what's on their mind, plans for the week etc.

And then there is a new one I saw at Denise's Front Porch Chat's.
Sounds like fun. 

Sort a like the old days when I lived in a neighborhood and all the mom's got together while the kids were at school. 

I miss those old days. 

Are there days or seasons you miss? 

I love our new neighborhood here on the inter-net.     I think it is amazing all the ladies I get to meet. 

So do you have plans for the week? 

I only have one thing planned.  I have another birthday quilt to finish! 

Hope your week is filled with filled with great plans and you accomplish all you have on your list! 

Thanks for chatting!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Kitchen Would Make My Saturday Sweet

This kitchen would make my Saturday soooo sweet.  Well not actually the entire kitchen.  Well actually it would.  But there is one part that is extra sweet and special. 

I do really like the whole kitchen or at least what we can see of it . . .                                                           

Well first I really like the idea of the art.

Although I wouldn't put it above my stove.  All that grease yes we fry and all that steam from boiling pasta would play havic on beautiful art like this. 
But I could see it on another wall I love this grouping. 

And I really like the stainless cook stove.  Did you notice the oven? 

Not sure if that is a second small oven drawer or the broiler on top.  But I like stainless.  Did you notice
the floor.  Lovein' me some wood!   
One of my neighbors just moved and the flooring people were here today.  Dawng it if they aren't putting wood look linolieum.  I am praying my tile starts peeling up.  They really should have replaced it already.
Maybe soon!  I can only hope.  Boy that would make my days super sweet.  All of them. 

But,  I know your wondering just what it is about this little kitchen photo that speaks sweet to me. 
So, here it is . . .
That's it stuck over there on the very edge of the kitchen.  Yep that simple little red kitchen stool. 
This one looks like a reproduction.  But there is one just like it well not all shiney and new looking
sitting in my mothers storage unit.

I remember sitting on that stool swinging my legs while holding a big bowl and snapping beans.   Or just sitting and watching my mother cook.  Usually bake.  She baked more than she cooked.  Well no that's not exactly right.  She cooked everyday just not very many different things.  But it was all very yummy. 
She loved making merinque pies.  I hated them.  She still thinks I'm nuts. 

So that is it.  The simple little red stool sitting in my kitchen would make my Saturday sweet. 

What would make your Saturday Sweet?

On a Journey to Sweet . . .

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Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Minute Friday--View

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 minute Friday

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2. Link back here and invite others to join in.

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OK, are you ready? Please give us your best five minutes on the word
View. . . Go
I've changed my view.  I've changed my perspective.  It happened
subtly.  It wasn't overnight.  It just happened after hours of thought and reflection.  After hours of prayer.  It wasn't something I did
because I wanted to.  It was something God did.  He worked in my heart and my spirit.  He made the desires of my heart His. 
He changed my view.  My perspective. 

I've struggled with how to make the changes.  I've struggled with when to make the changes.  And slowly some are appearing but no one really knows.  It's just me and God and where he wants me to go and where this blog is going.

One day when I have more than 5 minutes I'll write down all my thoughts.  My view.  My perspective.  But today I have a cookie timer set.  And moving quickly to the bell. 
I have to admit even though I know that God has changed my view.  My perspective.  I am not totally happy.  I am not totally pleased.  But I trust.  I believe.  I follow. 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alphabet Thursday "A" is for . . .

of course
While I was thinking about this post.  I was trying to think of anything other than Apple but . . .
Posted by PicasaThis little quilt just kept beckoning me until I gave in.  And as I thought about it I realized that it was perfect to post about.  And perfect for my next

So here is my letter A is for Apple Quilt.  I will be quilting it this next week I hope.  And,
I'll be sharing the story behind this little quilt soon.  So you'll have to keep coming by to see it's story. 

Join me on The Journey anytime . . .
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook Review

Do you have a favorite cookbook?  If I am not going to the Pioneer Woman for help I am going to good 'ole Betty. 

Betty Crocker
This is my staple cookbook.  I got my copy when I got married and I use it alot. 

It is where I found out how to make perfect rice (without buying Minuete Rice).
Page 221 has a recipe for oven steamed rice.  I tried it years ago and it makes perfect rice.   Everytime!

My copy is worn in places from lots of use.  I have written in the margins and made notes for my daughter someday I'll give her my copy.  But I'll have to break down and buy a new one.  Once I save a few dollars.
It's kind of crazy how expensive they are! 

It's a cookbook with simple to read instructions.  The recipes are pretty much just normal everyday food. 
Some of the recipes are a little funny since it was printed waaaaay back in the '70's and housewifes entertained way differently than they do now. 

For example the salad section has a complete section on Molded Salads; as in jello type salads.
Betty is my go to girl for a great Ceasar Salad.  I love the recipe.  I leave out the anchovy fillet.
    Cucumber Souffle Salad

I think I'll pass.  Not a fan of cucumbers. LOL

The Lunchtime Sandwich section is a little humorous with a recipe called Chili Dogs, Taco Hot Dogs and Franks and Sauerkraut. 

One of my favorite recipes is in quick breads.  Popovers are just so yummy.  I made some the other night I just had this craving.  They bring back sweet memories for me.  Popovers were a special breakfast treat for our family.  On special days my mother would bake them. 
Popovers are hard to discribe.  They are super simple to make and take on a few ingredients.  They rise up really pretty and they are usually hollow in the middle leaving a wonderful place for lots of butter. 

The simple muffin recipe is another favorite.  I would much rather make a muffin from scratch than buy a box mix.  I have used the muffin recipe alot even for dinner simply not putting fruit in the recipe give you a great little bread for a meal. 

 Chocolate Chip Muffins are super simple and yummy.

One recipe I cannot master is the biscuit recipe.  And, I am still looking for the perfect recipe.  I am just biscuit challenged! 

If you don't have this 'ole time favorite look around at your antique shops or on the inter-net.  You'll enjoy the simple just down home recipes. 

Happy Cooking