Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Good Morning


I hope you have aGreat Day.  

Super busy and a bit overwhelmed.  But it will be a great day.  

Monday, December 27, 2021

Making A Home in Texas...My Weeks Plans


My new weekly  feature  includes my plans.  My menu for the week.  And a little this/that . . . 

The weather 

Did you know we moved to Galveston Island?  It is a beautiful  paradise!  I wear shorts and a tank top everday. 

It cools down  a bit when it rains but so far it's been  gorgeous weather!

A special Christmas  picture 

My new Hot Chocolate  shelf.  I didn't  get to post this pic earlier.   In fact it has been  to hot for Hot Chocolate!

My To Do List 

Laundry today and a few groceries 

Organizing the craft space so I can start sewing 

Make quilts/rugs for dogs 

Set table for New Years  Eve 

Write Blog Posts

My Ta Da Moment 

It was a little late but I managed  to get lights on the tree that I put on porch.  Getting the lights on was a challenge but I managed  it 

. . . I  am learning  to do many things on my own

A few plans for the blog/ New Year 

A sewing quilting post ever week

Post on the holiday blog 

Invite guest posts for Tea Time Tuesday 

Keep the Fabulous  Party going

Link at blog parties 

Menu plans this week 


Alfredo, Salad and Garlic Bread hopefully  I can pick Chicken  or Shrimp when I go to grocery store


Trying  new recipe Mexican Chicken & Rice 



Bar B Que  Chicken,  Cole Slaw, Deviled Eggs


Chili Cheese Hasselbeck  Potatoes 


New Years Eve

Charcuterie  Board  with Black Eye Pea Caviar, Mustard Greens and Chocolate  for dessert


Vegetable Fritata & Salad 

In my crafting  space

Lots of sewing.  I have been missing  a sewing machine.  Thank you Santa! 

Sewing quilts.  Making embellishments for Junk Journals.   

Friday, December 24, 2021

A Christmas Tradition and Our Free Porch Tree


 Merry Christmas  Eve  

Today I am sharing  a tradition I read about on facebook . . . 

You all know our home is filled with Santa's!  This is one of my favorites.   It is a puzzle the Cowboy  bought me a few years ago.  

I am a quilter and I love puzzles and Santa.  

Unfortunately  I didn't  get to hang it this year.  I normally lean him against the wall on one of my mantels.  The frame has glass and not a good hanger.  I am on the look out for a better frame.  We did not bring the vintage mantle

The tradition I wanted to share is . . . 

Purchase a puzzle for the family. 

Don't  wrap

Open the puzzle and find the edges and give them to the family on Dec.  1

Don't  let them see the box!

Each following day give them a good hand full of pieces.  

See how many days it takes to finish the puzzle! 

This is the original fb post . . .

Our Christmas tradition. I started this with my kids in 1995, when we moved to a new town and knew no one. I bought a jigsaw puzzle and gave them pieces every day from Dec 1 - 25. They never got to see the box until it was done, And they finished it on Christmas Day. We have done it EVERY year since, but it's gotten a lot more complicated as they have gotten older. Our youngest just turned 18 and she and her brother are the only ones left here to work on it, but they still want to do it every year. The first year we had a 100-piece puzzle. This year, I mixed 2 puzzles!

We were Blessed  this year to receive  a Free Live Christmas  Tree . . . 
We had limited  space on the truck when we moved.  I gave away the trees . . . 

We had plans to replace them.  There is not a Hobby Lobby  on the island.   We couldn't  find an affordable  tree.

I saw a post on fb last week.  A store was giving away a decorated tree.  I was the only one who commented. 

It was so big we really  didn't  have room so I put it on the porch.  It is pretty.  The neighbors  enjoy it!  

A Christmas  surprise for us!
Merry Christmas 

Thursday, December 23, 2021

TableScape Thursday - Christmas Table for Two


Hello and Welcome!  Today I am sharing my Romantic Table for 2 . . . 

This is the view from my chair. 

I live sitting and looking at the colors in the quilt and deciding what elements to use . . . 

I began with moving the Library table under the Christmas wall quilt. 

As I looked at the quilt the Green Holly Leaves got my attention.  It made me think of this table cloth. 

It is much too big for the table but it is just us.  It brings back many memories and so I decided it was perfect for our first Christmas in our new home . . . 

All the pieces I have chosen bring back special memories.  

Our daughter gave me the gold chargers for my birthday.  

The dinner plate is my Mother's pottery.  It is Scupltered Grape by Metlox.  We began buying it for her in 1977 . . . 

More leaves in these plates I bought years ago at Pier One.    

Mother's cut glass plates.  She had 4. I don't remember her ever using them.  They came home with me in 1990 when we bought our first house.

The green little bowls were mothers too.  She said she got them in Oatmeal. 

The table is small so a small center piece is perfect. 
 I invited Jesus to join us.  This sweet nativity the Cowboy bought in Guatemala.  

I am not sure what the menu will be but . . . 

I know that we will share some memories and make new ones in our sweet little home. 

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2021 Quilt an Hour-A Repost & Guess What Santa (Walmart) Is Bringing

 So the Cowboy is laughing at me today as I impatiently wait for the FedEx driver . . .

. . . According  to Walmart the truck left Houston at 8:00 a.m. 

It is bringing  this . . . 

Yea! Happy Dance! Fist Bum! 

And isn't  she pretty!

I have been w/o a machine since May 24th! 

To celebrate  I am giving you a Sneak at my plans for the New Year.  

On New Years Eve I will be doing my Quilt An Hour posts.  I did it a few years ago.  

I thought it wrought be fun to revisit my 2016 posts . . . 

Happy New Year

A Quilt An Hour

Happy New Year . . . 

I was thinking back to being a youth leader and the 'lock in's' we would have.  We'd stay up all night coraling the youth (LOL)

And so to celebrate The New Year I'm doin' my own version of a 

'lock in'.  

                      If I could I'd stay up all night sewing. 

Not an option so here's to the next best thing . . . 

                               Looking at quilts in a randomly choosen order

Hour #1


Recently I've been drawn to circle quilts.   I'm fascinated with them.

I loved the use of color and the feel of texture!  

The quilter I think is a bit of a Rogue like me she say's . . . 

          "I don't like to follow patterns, I like to make the decisions"

I'm inspired by this lovely quilt.  I love the combination of paperpieced patterns.  The flying geese are hand drawn by the quilter.


                        I'm inspired to "lock' myself in and sew!    

Fast forward 2021 . . . 

. . .

So should  'I Lock myself In' and make my version? 

Hmm.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll  look around the quilt World for new ideas! 

I hope you'll come back on New Years for the 2021 Quilt An Hour.  


Friday, December 17, 2021

Foodie Friday - Cowboys Surgery Week


I/we are having a super busy and tiring week.  The Cowboy had surgery on a Monday.  

I cooked and photographed a few meals . . .

And I fried (burned) me some Yellow Squash the night the Cowboy was in the hospital.   It was so good.  

I finally  made a perfect  Egg.
And the Cowboy ate breakfast!

A few Nachos  on the Cowboys  plate to go with this . . . 
We love these Chili Rellenos. Super simple oven baked yummy!  Always get perfect Avacados at our little  grocery in town. 

A Chicken Thigh, Kicked Up Blue Box Mac/Cheese and fresh Spinach

Love burger patties we get from the butcher shop . . . 
I just put a little S&P and Paprika
Fry some Bacon and then put in the Patties and a  couple drops of Worcestershire . . . 
Out of frozen Fries but did a few fresh Potatoes.  They were o.k. 
I always love Okra. 

Potato Soup 
Homemade Chili.  I will share my recipe next time I make it. 
I think I forgot this from last week. 
Spaghetti and Salad. 

Merry Christmas
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