Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Day Cake

The cake to go with the Birthday Quilt will take me two days to

Layer 1 today the Devils food

The inspiration . . .

Heaven and Hell Cake

Yummmm. . . this is Heaven and Hell Cake by Stephan Pyles an amazing chef.  We've been to his resturant a few times waaaaaaaay
back in the day. 

The cake is an Angel Food layer (heaven)
A Devils Food layer (hell)
A peanut butter mouse layer
And a Chocolate Ganache layer

Yummy for the best daughter in the world!

5 Minute Friday--Broken--Before Duck Dynasty

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Friday . . . a chance to write with a group . . . a chance to write on a topic . . .
a chance to write with no editing . . . a chance to write just for fun . . . writing today on
Broken . . .
start . . . I almost came up with my own word todayThe thoughts I have about the word broken are not thoughts for a beautiful sunny Good Friday day . . .
That is until I remembered this story.  If you want a laugh read on.
It all started when I walked out into the front yard to work in my small flower bed.  As I walked over to the little bed I noticed my darling little clay angel that sat on the edge of the bed on a railroad tie was broken.
And what I noticed next made me even more saddermad.  What I saw
next was green paint splatters!
My children were about 13 (boy) and 11 (girl),  the eldest The Cowboy was about 45 going on 2 at the time. 
I could write a lot about the brokeness they all felt when I went in the house to confront the deliquents.  But I know you want to get to the funny part.  There is a funny part. 
Once the trial was over.  And they were convicted and given their sentence which was 'Go to Hobby Lobby' and replace said 'Broken' angel that they so uncerimoniously Broke when they shot it with a a paint ball gun.  And so the two head off to Hobby Lobby dressed in field camo.  From head to toe they were in camo.  Now you have to remember this was waaaaay back in the day.  In our area of
Southlake,Texas you didn't go walking around in Camo.   
To hear them tell the story is hilarious.   When they realized their mistake they said they were afraid someone was going to call the police.  They were so 'out of place'! 
They were 'broken'.  They learned their lesson!  They don't shoot mama's stuff with paintballs.  And they didn't were Camo in Hobby Lobby.  Actually they never went to Hobby Lobby again!

Photo Credit . . . all photo's taken by my DIL.  These shots are my grandson.  And the now grown juvenile delinquent.  
Have a good day!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alphabet Thursday S is for . . .

Well what does a girl with a name that starts with
 . . . S

S is for stitched . . .

Stitched a few orange blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Stiching a little more dimensional applique on my daughters quilt

Which is what I am off to do now. 

Off to Stitching . . .  Have a good day!

May your Easter be Blessed

Happy Stitching  

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words

How is your day going?  I hope your dry and warm!  It seems winter just doesn't want to completely let go! 

May your day be blessed . . .

Happy Easter
Be Blessed

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baked Cookies Today

Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook: Hannah Swensen's Recipes from the Cookie JarHave you read a good book lately? 
I did and it inspired me to bake cookies. 
Joanne Fluke's is a new author ro me.  I thought I was picking up a cookbook.  And it is but there is also a bit of a story in this one also.
There are pages and pages of cookie recipes that I have never seen!  

And a fun story too!

If you love baking cookies pick up this book at your local book store.  Or see if it is at your library that is where I found it.

Recipes from The Cookie Jar is part of a series of books by Joanne Fluke.  I have never read her books but I am going to check them out. LOL.  Seriously.  My stomping grounds is my local library. 

Have you visited your library lately? 

Check it out you might be inspired to bake cookies too!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Monday Oh Where Is Spring?

Oh it is sooooo Blue around here. 

We keep getting these little teases of spring . . .

Beautiful glimpses of Spring.  (Sources unkown please forgive these were all in my
very, very, very old photo files)

And then.

We get these blasts . . .

Actually we haven't had ice.  But it was BRRRR this weekend.
The Cowboy warned me the other day when I decided to take the winter coats to storage!  Next time I'll listen!

I am definately wearing these . . .

And asking Oh Where is Spring?

Happy Blue Monday

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saaaweeeeeeeeeeeet Saturday Cowboy Made The Bed

I had plans today to spend a little more time in the sewing room working on my Orange quilt for the Rainbow Scrap challenge.
And so Cowboy offered to make the bed!
 I say Saaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Wouldn't you?
 Here's what I found . . .
Hmmm. . .

Oh well . . .
I am off to the sewing room


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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Not a Quilt till the cat Sleeps/Plays on it!

Layed out a few Orange blocks to photograph. Turned my back to get a few more and I found I had some help . . .

They were all nice and smooth and photo ready when I left . . .

Then this happened . . . I decided to leave him to his play and returned awhile later and found . . .

A nice little cat nap going on . . .

I had planned to finish the 3d applique on my daughters Birthday quilt.

Well tomorrow is another day!
Nope can't wait.  But that is ok working on a few Ohio Star orange blocks while he is napping.
More pics coming soon.
May your Saturday be Sweetly Blessed

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Five Minute Friday--Remember

Joining Lisa Jo's prompt and writing for 5 Minutes . . .
No editing, no backtracking, no self evaluation etc.  Just pure writing. . .

Start . . .
Remember when.  Remember to.  Remember that. 
The word brings up all kinds of memories. 
Remember is a good word I think. 
Remembering when always seems to bring back good memories.
Rarely do I think of a bad memory when I am prompted to Remember when. 
Remember to like wise brings good thoughts.  Remembering to do something important.
I think Remember is a happy word. 
I like happy words. 
Some days I really need to hink happy words.
I remember the good 'ole days that I miss.  The days when our kids were still at home and the yard was full of animals. 
Yesterday I posted about my rabbit Rhett Butler.  Just thinking about him brings back great memories.  I remember when my daughter and I bought two new small bunnies and snuck them into the barn and hid them in a stall and laughing said to each "I wonder how long it will be before dad notices them?"  Much to our chagrin
the very next day a borders little girl comes running up to him and announces their precense! 
Just one great memory.  I like to Remember.

Join Lisa Jo for more thoughts on Remember.

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Happy Easter


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Really Big Letter "R"

Welcome to Alpahabet Thursday and the
really, really, really Big letter R . . .

Today I am sharing something very special . . . 

When I saw this photo a few years ago I just thought Wow.
I think he is adorable.  That is because I love Rabbits!

This is a really really big Cadbury bunny! 

This was my very own bunny.  His name was Rhett Butler.
He was a FlemCish Giant.   

This is his one and only Easter Protrait.  I am so glad I have it! 

The perfect letter "R" for me at least.

May your day be filled with Joy


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words

How is your week going?

Is it filled with Joy?   Or are you Hoping for just a little?

Advent - week of hope

Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his dwelling place.  1 Chronicles 16:26-28

Dwelling in Him Today

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blue Monday Memory Lane

Happy Blue Monday to you . . .
Today I am taking a little trip down Memory Lane and sharing
some photo's from the last few years of ministry . . .

 My Cowboy teaching At-Risk teens a little about cars and a lot about God
 Auto Mission was the ministry.  Turning Wrenches Changing Lives . . . Many lives were changed

Our lives were changed . . .

Thanks for taking this short trip.   For more Blue photo's go by and visit Sally
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Minute Friday-- Rest

Joining Lisa Jo and her flash mob to talk about Rest.

Writing for 5 minutes on a the topic.  No editing. No backtracking just writing. 

Here goes....

Start. . .

Rest thinking of resting.  But what about the rest of...  the chocolate cake that looks so good?

Or the rest of a piece of fabric to put into another quilt. 

Or the rest of the book I want to read.

Or the rest of  time I have to spend with you? 

Spending the rest of tonight writing a few words that will maybe make a difference.

I finish my days work and look at the few minutes left and I think I can spend the rest of the day doing  ____

What do you think of when your day ends and you have a few minutes left? 

What does the rest of the day mean? 

I remember it was not long ago that my house was filled with laughter and talking.  Filled with kids. 
And my thoughts were I need Rest. 

But too soon it is quiet.  And I don't have to look for those times of peace and rest. 

Are you looking for rest?   Enjoy them.  The moments of Rest.  And enjoy the moments of chaos. 

They don't last.   Too soon you'll find quiet and Rest.


Joining Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday . . .

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alpahabet Thursday Q

Joining Jenny for the letter Q.  I am so happy to illustrate this letter! 

Of course for me for the letter Q means Quilt

I've shown this one before for WIP (Work In Progress) and it is still a WIP.  I have a goal though it has to be completely done by next Saturday. 

This is a labor of love a birthday quilt for my daughter. 

Although in the above snap it looks finished with binding and all.  I wanted to add some 3 dimensional

Here's some close ups of the added applique . . .

The 3-d applique added. With thread painting embellishments. . . .

I had a great time doing the thread painting . . .
Posted by PicasaThis snap shows the fabric that inspired the thread painting.
I hope my embelishing looks like these flower centers.

So for the letter Q