Monday, February 29, 2016

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Plain Change--Book Review

      I'm starting this review a little different.  I usually save the rating for the end.  
This one is worthy to get your attention . . . 

         Image result for stars for book reviews                                              

                                                Amanda Beiler could never have imagined the course her life would take when she happened to meet Alejandro Diaz. After catching the eye of the Cuban superstar, she hesitantly decides to leave her small Amish community in order to save it from the relentless attention of the paparazzi. Away from her close-knit family and the familiar rituals of her faith for the first time, Amanda goes on tour with the famous singer, and as she begins to see the world under Alejandro’s care, she starts to appreciate life beyond the boundaries of home. Meanwhile, Alejandro is changing, too, and remembering what it feels like to be with someone who wants him despite—not because of—his celebrity.
As their connection grows stronger and their differences shrink, Amanda will have to make a difficult choice: Return to her old life among the Plain, or stay in the limelight with the man she loves?
This one was Plain sweet.  A true Cinderella story.  
The story of an Amish girl that meets a famous entertainer. 

                               She is sweet and innocent.  
                                     He is just plain nice.
In book two of this series (I missed book 1 unfortunately)
Amanda has joined Alejandro on tour.  Which is a bit of a surprise at least to me.  The reader is swept into  to the fast paced world of 
Alejandro the super star through the eyes of the sweet and innocent

The characters are complex and well developed.  The story line is a surprise at least this installment was for me.  I'm curious how Ms. Price will weave the rest of the story of Amanda and Alejandro. 
It's started of so sweet.  Will it stay sweet?  

I look forward to reading not only the rest of the series but going back and reading book one.  

This was a fast read for me.  I couldn't put it down.  

I would definitely recommend this book to all readers.  
I will add a caution for possibly younger impressionable readers. 
The idea of the Amish character leaving her home and lifestyle might be a little bit of a challenge for teenage readers.  

This is the first book that I've read on my phone.  Although I'm not a total convert I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to reading more books.

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian Book(dot)com.
Click on bold for direct links.

I received this book via Net Galley for my honest review.

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra again to share a few plans for the week . . . 

The Weather . . .
Gorgeous already!  65 beautiful sunny degrees.  It ended up being rather chilly last week. I need we'd have another few days of winter!

Right Now . . .
Drinking a faux Dr. Pepper (Krogers copy) and planning and praying over my week. 

Thinking about . . .
Work, family and a lot of things related to work and family and 
our lifestyle.  I see a Wordfilled Wednesday post in my near future. 

On My T.V.
Last night our grandson was here we started Eerol Flynn (sp) Robin Hood.  Mr. Ed last week.  (need to find more episodes)

On The Menu . . . actually haven't even thought about.  That's why this is a good exercise for me.
Monday-- Tacos (1 each from left overs) Chicken Quesdillas
Tuesday--venison sausage, hashbrowns tri color peppers/onions
Wednesday-- Mexican Catfish with a sauce over angel hair, salad
Thursday--Cowboy cooks maybe Pizza
Friday-- Dinner Date

On My To Do List. . .
I was searching for more Blue fabric which I new I had and destroyed my sewing closet.  So now I'm redoing it! Major job!

In The Craft Basket . . .
A Blue Quilt

Looking Forward To This Week . . .
A few hours or work.  (money for Veggie garden) 
And direction from the Lord about work etc. 

Looking Around The House . . .
Mantle is all Spring.  Next need to do the table but there's sorted fabric and more to sort through before it goes back into the closet. 

From The Camera  . . .

Spring Mantle Rabbits:
The little green moss covered bunny is new this year.  A gift from my daughter and grandson. 

Prayer List . . . 
Sandra's Family, The Cowboy's health.  
Our/my work and relationship to our family 

Devotional, Scripture . . .

Inspiring verse #freeprintable 8x10 prints - download and print. Get more #freeprintables to frame:
Free Printable Source

Go by and visit Sandra at Family Corner for 
          Happy Homemaker Monday. 
                           Have a Good Week

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Frugal Pink Spring Mantle

Spring is in the air and it's time to restage the mantle. 
This year I've chosen Pink . . . 
                                              Spring Mantle Wreath:
I began with a simple willow wreath that I bought at Dollar Tree.
Then I took a piece of foam board and covered it with pink fabric.
Because my ceiling is really tall I felt like I needed something to give my display some height.  
The simple wreath is covered with some beaded metal garland that came from Pottery Barn back in the day.
Spring Mantle Candles:
Next I added candles.  They started out white.  I simply covered them with pink paper then added the faux pearls to jazz them up. 
I realized I needed to pull more green in so I added ribbon to 2 of them. 
The little bunny is from 1997.  I love him.  I've collected bunny's for years.  This little guy was digging in the dirt.   Notice his dirty foot.
Spring Mantle Rabbits:
I love the new green moss covered bunny.  My darling daughter and grandson gave him to me the other day.  He was the inspiration to add the green. 
Which turned out really good because I had planned to use this 
pitcher to fill with tulips . . . 
Spring Mantle:
My original plan was to paint the pitcher white.  But I don't have much budget and I still need to add flowers. 

My mantle isn't totally complete.  I need to add the rest of the bunny's.  And I need to get some tulips. 

 I'll also change the wreath a little.  I just taped it to the board.  It stayed up long enough for these photos.  While I was downloading I heard a crash!   And I knew what it was.  

Oh I almost forgot one more pic I wanted to share . . . 
Spring Mantle:
I wanted you to see the paper lanterns.  I bought them at Dollar Tree too.  At the time I only had a few bucks.  I wish I had bought more I went back this year at Valentines and they didn't have any.  I haven't been in the last week or so.  I hope they get some more! I love them.  

So that's part one.  And here are a few mosaics I made while I was playing with PicMonkey.  BTW they are running a sale I think I'll upgrade!
Spring antle Collage 1:

And another layout . . . 
           Spring Mantle Collage 2:

I do want to do something different with the lamp.  At Valentines 
I simply covered it with some lace.  I was kind of thinking about making yo's yo's and covering it.  

What do you think?  Any ideas?

So that's part 1 of my Thrifty Pink Mantle.  And now I'm putting my slippers back on and grabbing some lunch! 

                          Have a good weekend
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My 3 Critters

Today I'm sharing a few pics of my 3 favorite critters . . . 
                                            The Journey Back:
These 3 certainly loved each other.  This is probably the last photo taken with all 3.  
We lost our dear cat just after Christmas.  He was definately the cat with 9 lives.  He'd been through a lot with us.  Poor guys.  
He loved this boy . . . 
He 3 and informed me at nap time "We not tired."  

He loved Daisy . . . 
The Journey Back:  The Journey Back:
He loved me.  Yes that's me.  Maybe I should have titled this post 4 critters . . . 

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Finished It But . . .

This week I worked on using up my stash of fabrics . . . 
I had this stack of precuts plus abijillion more.  And I made this . . . 
Quilt Top:
It turned out much cuter than I expected even with a mistake . . . 
Quilt Opps:
That thankfully was the very last block. My poor doggies are upside down!
I made this in an attempt at using up all those cut blocks.  That were mostly florals.   Which needed to be used.  I certainly stepped out of my comfort zone by putting all these fabrics and themes together. 
And, I was on a roll until I ran out of thread.  So this little number sits and waits for the fabulous border  I have planned. 

But when I'm in a mood to sew I can't be stopped. 
I found a spool of navy thread and I produced these . . . 
Blue Quilt Blocks:
And a close up of a couple of the blocks . . . 
Blue Block 3:
I was using these pre-cuts.  Most of the center blocks were small. 
The centers are 2"
Blue Block 2:
Love how the pink one turned out!
Blue Block 1:
I seriously have no idea where that white thread came from. 
There is no white or even very light grey in this cottage. (that I know  of! ).  I sewed this entire group of blocks with Navy thread. 

I am indeed a Maverick quilter.  

Thanks for coming over.  I'm going back to the sewing room as soon as I finish cooking dinner!  

Tonight I'm linking with . . . 
Crazy Mom at Finish It Friday, Make My Saturday Sweet
and Blue Monday and a few other linky's I'll add later!  HeHe.

Five Minute Friday--Morning

Start . . . 
I love mornings.  Call me crazy.  But it's that time of the day you 
first open your eyes and the sun is shining through your window. 
If you lay there and just enjoy the sunshine then you hear birds singing.  It's a beautiful time between you and God.  I thank him for a new day.  I'm still. 
It wasn't always like that.  For the last few years I was forced to get up before the sun.  I missed the sun.  I miss my Good Mornings
with God. 
But they are back. I am thankful for mornings.  I pray I can keep my mornings.  
That special time of the day when nothing or no one is trying to get your attention.  When you can just 'be' and look at the beautiful sun through the window.  
Mornings.  I do mornings.  Do you?

Joining Kate for Five Minute Friday.
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sunday Morning Fences

I've been wanting to share a few fences for awhile.  But these are hard to capture.   
So one Sunday morning on the way to church we stopped when no one was around . . . 
                                Fence 3:
Great fence and some cool rust . . . 
                                  Fence  3:
It was a bright sunny morning.  I love the shadows.

And here's why these fences were so hard to capture . . . 

                                              Fence 2:
Had to wait till there were no cars around!
                                Fence 1:
                This is a very popular place for lunch and dinner!
And on Sunday they are super busy.  We had to hurry on our way!
                                            Fence 5:
If your ever in the DFW area check out the little town of Roanoke 
north of Ft.  Worth.  There are some great places to eat!

                                                    Image result for reno red's roanoke texas
The Frontier Cooking is actually steaks, ribs, burgers,cat fish to name a few.  They serve great big 'ole glasses of iced tea . . . 
Image result for reno red's roanoke texas
There are some great places to shop.    I'll be sharing a couple of shops in a future post.  

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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Rooftop Growing Guide-Book Review

                                                        Image result for the rooftop growing guide
I was excited to see this book offered for review.  I couldn't wait till I received it!
                           And, I was not disappointed. 
This is a very interesting topic to me.  I'm not planning on
a rooftop garden but the information I think can be used when planning a container garden or patio garden.

From the inside cover . . . 
If you'd like to grow your own food but don't think you have the space look up! 
. . . Annie Novak's passion shines as she draws on her experience as  a pioneering sky-high farmer to teach best practices for raising vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees.  The book includes 
interviews, expert essays and farm and garden profiles from across the country . . . 

And there are lots of pictures! 
                                                        What a gorgeous view
 I enjoyed looking at the different profiles of different gardens.  Many of the gardens featured were from restaurants.  

There are lots of charts and how to's providing information and making it simple to plant a garen.  

Here are a few comments from chefs and other authors
Praise for The Rooftop Growing Guide: “[A] blueprint to reimagine thousands of underutilized acres in urban environments.” — Will Allen, MacArthur fellow and author of The Good Food Revolution “
Annie Novak explores every imaginable detail of how to turn any community’s acres of unused rooftops into deliciously productive gardens.” — Chef Rick Bayless, chef/owner of Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, and XOCO Chicago “
[F]illed with essential information about how to grow food on the alien plains of building tops.” — Joan Gussow, professor and author of This Organic Life

For more information about the author . . . 
Authors Blog (click here), Authors Facebook (click here

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in vegetable gardening.  

Check out this 5 star book!

This book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and from the publisher click here

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I received this book from Blogging For Books for my honest opinion.

Happy Homemaker Monday

Updated I forgot In The Craft Basket
The Weather . . .
Rain predicted.  It rained some yesterday.  The ground was wet when I took Daisy out.
According to my phone its 53 and overcast.  (I just figured out it's on my phone. Duh)

Right Now I'm . . .
Listening to birds outside.  And the washer.  I put the throws from the coach in the washer first thing.
The Cowboy has been sick since Friday.  The sheets go in next!

Thinking . . .
Figuring out my smart phone is smarter than me.  I wish I could get it to do all the things it can do.  And properly!

On My T.V.
I'm not much of a t.v. watcher. (that's why I can read so many books)  The Cowboy usually has control of remote.  We watched House Hunters last night.  It was in Belize.  I think I could live there!  I love the beach.

On The Menu This Week . . .
My menu planning is not going well.  When I am able to have a menu it seems to help in the left overs dept.
It makes it a lot easier to remember when something was made so it can be re-served or thrown out.
I'm thinking about doing a month long rotating list of items that I normally cook.  And then fill in with new fun things to try.

On My To Do List . . .
Decorate Mantle for Spring
Clean sewing off dining room table
Reorganize the sewing room closet

In The Craft Basket . . .
Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone . . .            pulling colors and motifs together for a scrap quilt:
A little scrap quilt.  I'll name it 'Out Of My Comfort Zone'.  I can't believe I put all these colors and motifs together.  I love the black cat!  I shared the inspiration behind this quilt here.
Looking Forward To This Week . . .
Interviewing and getting job offer from Home school family.

Looking Around The House . . .
Doesn't take much it's little.  The living room just is.  The dining room table needs to be uncovered and the bedroom is rumbled.  Need to get the sheets in the washer next.

From The Camera . . .

Shared this yesterday on Sunlit Sunday.  Click here to see the post.  I took these a couple of years ago
when we took out daughter out for lunch for her birthday.  We had such a great time at the marina.
I hope we can go back this year and get more pics.  Last year the lake was closed because we had so much rain.

On My Prayer List . . .
Our sweet hostess Sandra
The Cowboy
The Home school family that needs a household manager (job I'm applying for)

Bible Verse, Devotional . . .

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunlit Sunday-Editing With PicMonkey

Sharing a few pics I've edited with PicMonkey. Have you tried 
I added the Bokeh option to make it look like sunlit.    Its a cool 
photo editing program.  And the best part is it's free!
I thought this was really cool.  I used the poloroid option on this shot.  

These are a few years old but they are perfect I think for Sunlit Sunday especially after edited with PicMonkey. 

If you haven't tried PicMonkey. Check it out.  It's very used friendly.  And you can upgrade for even more options.  

Now about these pics . . . I'm super blessed to be able to be a part of our daughter and grandsons life. 
It wasn't always that way.  I smiled when I ran across these and noticed how small he looks compared to now.  

These were taken on our daughters birthday at a local lake. 
We had taken her out to lunch at the marina and then played around the beach a little.  

I'd love to be able to take them again this year and get more shots
with him grown up a little!  

Thanks for visiting.  May your week be filled with Blessings!
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Five Minute Friday--Forget

Joining Five Minute Friday today.  I haven't done this one in a while.  It's a topic drivin linky party with a twist.  Write on topic 5 minutes.  Set a timer and write.  No over thinking it or worry about editing etc.
Here goes . . .
There are many things a person might want to forget.  I know 
I could make a really, really long list. 
But what's more important I think are things you don't want to forget.
Things like holding your child for the first time.  Or holding your grandchild.  Things like being the day care provider for your grandson his first 18 months.  
Things like your wedding day. Your honey moon.  hmmm (clearing my throat).  Boy the stories I could tell you!  Nothing private I wouldn't share that!  But suffice it to say it was interesting.  
As a person gets older they seem to forget things sometime. 

My mother is 89 this year.  She seems to forget.  The Cowboy teasers her. He tells her things like 'We took you to Disney land last year you don't remember?'  She'll start to answer and then she'll think about what he's saying and she'll say something smart.  Or if she's close enough she'll clobber him.  Sounds mean but it tends to 
help her from being frustrated if she has forgotten something. 

Forgetting can be frustrating.  I'm constantly forgetting something. 
I'll walk into the kitchen planning to do something and have to stop and think about what I had planned. 

It's scary getting older and realizing that forget is an important word in your life all of a sudden. 

I don't want to forget Bible verses.  For some people remembering verse is difficult.  It takes lots and lots of practise.

Yes there is a long list of things I don't want to forget.    

Things link not linking a post. HeHe. 

Linking with Kate at 5 Minute Friday.

                                Or forgetting to add the cute little slippers to your post!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How I Roll In The Sewing Room Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

So the other day I wrote a post about a crazy inspiration to make heart shaped
Log Cabin blocks.
Here is one of the first  blocks . . .
I made 4 with just random scraps.

And then my mind did what it usually does and I had this idea to do them in all pink . . .
Love them!  I'm not completely happy with the white so I've stopped.  That is how I roll.  

                 I end up changing projects mid stream.  Or should I say mid stitch. HeHe.

But while I was working on the blocks I noticed that I had all these fabulous little teeny tiny scraps.
And I couldn't part with them so.  I did this . . .
This isn't a great pic.  I actually had it attached in the middle of the mantle but I wanted you to see the
lights showing through so I took it down.
Here's a closer shot . . .
I started this on Friday.  Our dinner was on Sunday.  I didn't get it as thick as I wanted but it looked good.
Here you can see parts of the string of lights not attached.  I took the fabric off for you to see.
My lights were 3 times as long as the mantle.  So I attached to both ends and then  laid them back across the mantle until I had the entire length attached.
I had already tied about 1/4 of the length so then I just went down my shorter measured length and started tieing on more strips

I love how it turned out.  It really added to this garland I did a couple of years ago . . .
Here's a shot of the entire mantle . . .

I put the mantle together for a Valentines Day Dinner  click Here to see that post.

And now back to how I roll and what I'm doing in the sewing room because I'm not super happy with that white fabric.  I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to see what I might find.

I  saw this today at Red Pepper Quilts . . .
                          Checkerboard Patchwork Quilts | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

And I was inspired to try and use up all those 5" squares I have cut.  Here are a few of the squares I'm working with . . .
I have a 3 stacks of reds and navys.  And about that many or more of pastels.
I am so totally stepping out of my comfort zone here.   Putting reds, navys, pinks, greens, yellows together.

But if my quilt looks anything like this . . .
 Checkerboard Patchwork Quilts | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
                I'll be super happy.  Did you notice the mix of not only colors but the mix of theme?
                                                                 I'm steppin' out!

                                                         In my slippers that I found!

                                  I hope you have a Happy Day whatever your doing!
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