Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tea Party-Tasha Tudor Birthday

Welcome.  Today I am having a lovely little tea party.  
The party is to celebrate a lovely woman Tasha Tudor. Image result for tasha tudor tea party
Let's have a little party to celebrate her birthday.  
As I mentioned yesterday I didn't own any tea cups!  I know your gasping!  But I have some now.  But first I am going to walk you through setting up the party! 

First I gathered something to cover the tea cart . . . 
I chose to layer my fabric.  I wanted to pull out the blue and the plaid was a little homey.  Kind of rustic.  You'll see why in a minute.  
I put the hydrangeas that I dried in the pink vase.  You can see in the first photo I set it to hide the cable router box. 
And next my tea cup.  It might be a coffee cup but I am calling it a tea cup.  It's my party!
When I saw the blue flowers.  I knew it was the one.  I had in mind using the tea cup fabric and knew there was a lot of blue. 

I felt the cut glass plates from my mother were perfect for a little snack. 
And then today while I was out I was gifted a sweet orange 
cake . . . 
Perfect for a little afternoon snack.  Perfect for a little birthday celebration.  
Image result for tasha tudor tea party
Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

If I Had A Tea Cup part 2 Tasha Tudor 102 Bday Celebration

Tasha Tudor's 102nd 
Birthday Anniversary
on August 30th.  
Her birth date was August 28, 1915

Tasha Tudor "Take Joy!"

I only have a couple of days to pull this together.  Today I will be making some fabulous sugar cookies.  Compliments of  Kitty.
She's the one that told me about the party.   She shared her 
cookie recipe here.
Image result for teacup blog post divider
I really don't have a tea cup but there are antique shops and 2 resale shops only a few blocks from my house.  So today 
after work I'll be looking for a few tea cups so I can go to the party!
Image result for teacup blog post divider

Do you have a tea cup?

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday where I join Sandra
and share plans for my week.  

The Weather
Cooler and rain.  I feel like I live in Seattle or some place where it rains daily.  Thankfully the temps are cooler.  We are getting the remnants of the hurricane from down south. 

Right Now I  Am
Thinking about the week ahead.  I am super busy with work. 
I had a past client call to schedule.  It's good but tiring.

On My Reading Pile
I have way too many on the lately I am sharing the one book that is getting my attention.
Don't tell but I took the weekend off from reading for reviews and read one I just wanted to read.  I received this one free from the author.  Check it out.  If you enjoy Christian suspense you'll love this one. 
Kindle Cover
I can't wait to read the rest in the series!  Click here to visit the authors site. 

Something fun to share
 The party begins Sept. 1 at
Do you have any precious little Pumpkin boy photo's?
I loved this shot of my grandson from a few years ago.  I thought it was perfect for the party.  
We go to a pumpkin patch every year.  I'll be linking a few older posts at the party. 
The party rules are simple.  Only Fall Theme posts. New or old. 
Please no Halloween posts.  I have a special Halloween edition.
More on that later.

I am thankful for
Sunday a day of rest.

In the garden
 Herb Roasted Root Vegetables - Eat Spin Run Repeat
On the menu this week
Monday Homemade Stroganof, Corn on Cob, Green Beans
(new recipe for Stroganof see below)
Tuesday Flounder on Angel Hair, Salad, Bread
Wednesday Fried Chicken Wings, Broccoli Salad, Fries
Thursday The kid will be here.  Pizza kid/adult friendly
Friday hmmm I am tired by Friday maybe take out.

In the kitchen
 Beef Stroganoff from Scratch
Fabulous Features
21 Quick Tips For Better Time Management
              Click here
Fabulous Feature

                       Click here

On of my simple pleasures
A bouquet of flowers . . . 
The Cowboy doesn't buy flowers.  I buy my own when I can.

Sometimes when I can I buy for someone else.  They make me smile I figure they might make someone else smile. 

My MIL is back in re-hab.  I bought a huge bouquet a few days and split it between us.   We both smiled. 

From the camera
Today I decided to start something new.  For the next few weeks I thought I would share a 'Blast from the past'. 
 I stumbled onto this photo in my garden files.  This is my parents backyard.  My kids are so little.  I think they are 3 and 5!
Sadly this is probably the only photo I have of my where I grew up.

Devo./ Scripture
Faith Luke 1:37, Original Watercolor Painting with Hand Written Lettering; Unframed 11x15 Inspirational Art, Multi Color Bible Verse

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Simple Sunday - Fabulous Party

Faith Luke 1:37, Original Watercolor Painting with Hand Written Lettering; Unframed 11x15 Inspirational Art, Multi Color Bible Verse
Have a Wonderful Week
Let's Party!
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Flower Friday

Hello are you as glad as I am that it is Friday?  Today 
I am sharing a few flower photo's.  A friend joins a 
Flower Friday party and so I am inspired to share some.

The first one I shared on Monday but today I wanted to share

My sister gave this potted plant to my mother last Sept.  I always thought it was pretty.  But this spring and summer I have been seeing them all over.  There are two really big ones in a flower bed in my mothers complex.  And I see them at several houses in the gated community where I work. 
Apparently they are easy to grow and very hardy.  

They are on my list to purchase!

I took this one because I have been looking at plants around our area.  They were much prettier a few days before.  This was my morning Sonic stop.  Half price Dr. Pepper till 10 a.m.!

And lastly one from my garden. . . 

My zinnias that I started in a pot sprouted again.  I didn't expect it.  I thought they were done for!  I was thinking putting in a pot wasn't a good idea.  But now I am rethinking that.  
Image result for blog post dividers
Can you see the potato vine? It is growing like crazy. 
And yes in the fore ground of this photo that is weeds.  They are driving me nuts!
You can see but the pot is next to a wagon with a couple of pots. 
I have weeded the area but these weeds grew under the wagon!
Image result for blog post dividers
Hopefully tomorrow it will be cooler and dryer and I will get out and tidy things a bit and take a few photo's.  
Image result for blog post dividers
My helper will be here so hopefully I'll get lots done and lot's of pics!  

Enjoy your Friday
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How Was Your Day?

Pig n' pearls
Hope you had a great day
No internet this morning before I went out shopping for pearls
See you tomorrow

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday-Plans For My Week

Welcome to Happy  Homemaker Monday.  Where I join Sandra to share a few plans for my week.  

Image result for happy homemaker monday

The Weather
 Still hot and humid. Most days triple digits.  No rain in sight.

Right Now I  Am
 Awaiting news from DIL.  My 16 year old grandson is hoping 
to buy his first investment horse today.  He plans on a late breeding if all works out.

On My Reading Pile
  I always have so much to read that I've decided to choose one to share with you here each week.  The one I am looking the most forward to read.  In another post I'll share What's on my Reading Pile.  Today I am still itching to read . . .
book cover of 

Bones To Pick 

And I got this one free this week . . . 

Something fun to share
 Get ready for the 11th Tea Cup & Mug Exchange
Click here to visit The Enchanting Rose

I am thankful for
 Our ministry.  We are able to serve at a boys prison unit.  
It is a blessing every week to see them worship God. 

In the garden
Actually from my mothers front porch.  She got this plant a couple of years ago from my sister for her birthday. 
I have been seeing it over and over in landscaping.  It appears to be very hard. I would love to add one to my beds.  I wonder if it comes in other colors?

On the menu this week
Monday -- We call it Goulash ( I didn't make it a couple of weeks ago when I planned) Fried Okra, Salad
Tuesday --  Pan Seared Flounder, Homemade Mac/Cheese Salad, Bread
Wednesday -- Mixed Grill Kilebasa etc, Pinto's, Fried Potatoes
Thursday --Make Your Own Pizza's 
Friday--Expecting a long week either Chinese or Eat Out

In the kitchen
Fresh homemade pasta (using what you already have in the kitchen)
I want to make my own pasta.  I saw an episode of Worst Cooks
last night and was again inspired. 
I have a kitchenaide but no attachment so that is my hold up. 
Maybe some day!

Fabulous Feature
Fun for the garden.  Click here to visit post. 

One of my simple pleasures
Writing on my blog.  Today I have spent over 3 hours trying to write this one post.  Not only do I have a consistant problem with the internet but I have a very old computer.  Which is what the provided says is the problem with the internet.
Strange though we have a brand new Kindle and it is slow too.
I am adding this to this section because I would like you my friends that have the same simple pleasure as I do...
I know you do!  Please say a pray for me.  Hopefully I can buy a new computer soon!
Devo./ Scripture
Charlie Brown, Christianity and Christ [16 pictures]

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This has taken waaaay to long to write.  I am so ready to put my feet up and maybe pour a glass of wine!

Have a great week

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Simple Sunday-Fabulous Party

Charlie Brown, Christianity and Christ [16 pictures]
Have a Wonderful Day

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

God's Crime Scene For Kid-Book Review

God’s Crime Scene for Kids

About the book (provided by Litfuse)
God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective (David C Cook, September 2017)
Hone your reasoning skills as you investigate evidence in the universe to determine the most reasonable cause for everything we see in creation.
In this companion to Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, Jason uncovers a mystery in his grandmother’s attic. He and his friends, Hannah, Daniel and Jasmine, enlist the help of Detective Jeffries at the Jr. Detective’s Academy. Along the way, they develop the skills needed to investigate the mystery and the evidence of God’s existence. The cadets learn logical-thinking skills as they examine the contents of a mysterious box and the vast universe.
In God’s Crime Scene for Kids, real-life detective J. Warner Wallace shows kids ages 8 to 12 what skills are needed to solve Jason’s mystery, and at the same time looks at evidence in the universe that demonstrates God is the creator. Ultimately, kids will learn how to make their own case for God’s existence.
And I thought
I was excited when I  received the offer from Litfuse to review this book.  
I was mainly because I wanted the chance for my 9 year old grandson to read the book.  And because I thought it would be a good book to recommend to home school parents.  
I didn't realize until I received the book that it is the 2nd in the series.  We loved the first book Cold-Case Christianity for Kids.
Both books have great illustrations. 
Both books are both written to get the attention of you readers. 
I don't know  of a better tool for parents.  My grandson devoured 
the first book.
I haven't had a chance yet to God's Crime Scene to  him.  
For a 9 year old he is intrigued with investigating things.  One of his favorite t.v. shows is Mysteries at the museum.
Approaching the Bible in this way using detective skills to prove God's existence is interesting to him.  
I highly recommend God's Crime Scene to parents. 
I highly recommend church leaders and librarians to consider 
this great tool to use in ministry. 

The authors have a really cool interactive website. 
Click here to visit Case Makers Academy.

From Case Makers Academy
View on Facebook

 - studied Cold Case Christianity for Kids this summer! Now they are ALL Christian Case Makers! Congratulations everyone!

I received a complimentary copy from Litfuse. 
This review will appear on all retail sites where available.
This review will appear on Good Reads. 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Spoonful of grace-Book Spotlight and Giveaway

A Spoonful of Grace by Annette Hubbell
About the book (provided by I Read Book Tours)
Just 2 minutes each day can change your family meal time for a lifetime.

A Spoonful of Grace is a collection of 366 evening meal graces taken from all 66 books of the Bible and designed to provide meaningful exposure to prayer and the Bible at a most opportune time: the family evening meal. ​

The Scripture/grace devotions are inviting, can be grasped at several levels, and are brief enough (about two minutes) to hold the attention of hungry kids. Here's why:
  • Each day has an application section called Grace Notes: ideas and quotes to further illustrate the message and stimulate conversation.
  • Sundays are for Story Graces. These 52 devotions are a bit longer to afford the suspenseful, engrossing reading of stories such as David and Goliath, Daniel in the lions’ den, and Jonah and the big fish.
  • Special Graces are celebrations such as  Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays.
  • Each grace:
    • Supports discussions of God’s attributes and of faith-based values, offering moral examples like forgiveness, friendship, honesty, trust, even table manners.
    • Creates curiosity about the Bible and ways in which Scripture can be applied to today’s issues.
    • Demonstrates how the act of praying together lifts one’s own spirit; fosters praise; and increases mutual feelings of appreciation, gratefulness, and accountability.
    • Teaches without overt instruction, similar to hiding extra veggies in the spaghetti sauce.
    • Remind us that our food, as well as God’s countless other daily blessings, is a gift.

Book is available

  About the author
Annette Hubbell earned her undergraduate degree in Marketing from San Diego State University, her M.B.A. from Cal State University in San Marcos, and a Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.  She has been featured in over 160 performances, and starred in the DVD, “Witness to Gettysburg” edited by 33-time Emmy Award winner, Robert Gardner. She was awarded Presenter of the Year twice at the Civil War Round Table of San Diego, and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Hubbell lives in San Diego, California with her husband of 33 years, Monte. They have a daughter, Amy. She and her husband Scott live in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit or

Connect with the Author: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Youtube

The tour
Click here to visit the tour

                                                                                                                   Click here to enter.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

If I Had A Tea Cup. . . (A Let's Pretend Tea Party)

. . . I would have a tea party.
I would invite a few friends
One would bring tea
One will dress up really pretty and bring cookies of course

I'll ask my friend from the library to bring a few books to enjoy

I'll set the tea cart with grandma's pretty glass dishes and pretty pink napkins . And ask my friends to pick some flowers from the garden Oh no we dropped some flower petals we must sweep before the party! . . .
And then we will be all ready for
The Fairy Princesses (in pink) to come in to our party. 
We'll eat cookies and drink tea.  And visit with our friends.
And then we will read one last book.
The very best one!
And as the fairy princess's (in pink) nod off. Because it's been a very busy morning they'll be dreaming about . . . 
Many more adventures and their next tea party.  
Can you guess who they are inviting?

Thank you for visiting my Let's Pretend Tea Party.  All photo's are taken by me.  All prop's are family heirlooms.  The photo's of the fairy princess are actually only one princess.  Who has grown up way too fast.  

This post will be linked at my favorite parties and the Tea Party at Bernideen's.  Click here to visit her party. 

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