Saturday, June 19, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas


Good Morning.  Welcome to a beautiful day in the blog world!

Today is my weekly party.  It is hosted by Sandra.  She provides prompts.  

I add a few of my own . . .

The weather . . . 

Gorgeous Island life.  Upper 80's.  It is hot and stiill and a little humid.  But there is always a breeze by the water. 

On the breakfast plate . . . 

I fried 2 Eggs and some Turkey Little Smokies we found on sale at WalMart.  

The Cowboy is back to eating very little.

I really think it is because of medications. 

I am wearing . . .  

The same 'ole thing.  Shorts and a worn out T.  But!  I got new Sparkly flip flops! 

Actually I guess they are not really flip flops.  I forget what they are called. Super cheap though
 $ 9.00 with 40 percent off!

On my reading pile . . . 

To Do List . . . 

Places to see this week ... 

Dessert options on the island continue to get sweeter. ShyKatZ Deli & Bakery is an East End cafe serving baked goods, breakfast and lunch.

ShyKatZ Deli & Bakery serves breakfast all day, “Blue Plate Specials,” and features Boars Head meats and cheeses. Their bakery serves fresh baked cakes and breads daily.

The women are using old family recipes and hope to create a place where everyone knows everyone’s name.

ShyKatZ also serves up such fare as burgers and gourmet salads. 

And a Spice Shop and Deli ...

Looking for a place to buy nice and different cheeses.  

And on the list ... 
Drink more water 
Go to Big Lots for flower pots
Get plants repotted
Doctor appointments on Monday and Tuesday
Go to Office Depot for mailers
Go to hardware store for Ceiling Fan chain extensions

Go to Post Office on Thursday

And I want to . . . 
Go visit the garden in town and see how  it has changed in 3 weeks.  

Find a dog park for the girls.  Domino needs to run off some energy!  

On the menu . . . 

Pizza night and Happy Hour. This week I want to try the Pizza with Chicken and Spinach.  We will get an appetizer too during Happy Hour they have 3.00 & 4.00 items.  Pizza is 6.00 on Monday! 

Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes and Fried Cabbage  

Pork Chops, Rice and Black Eye Peas 

Shrimp Alfredo, Salad 

Enchiladas, Borracho Beans and Copy Cat Rice A Roni Spanish Rice 

Beans and Cornbread 

Chili Relleno Casserole and Salad

Crafting . . . 
Not alot going on.  I am still unpacking and trying to get a good space created somewhere in our 'Small Space' 
I have been spending time doing Bible Journaling/Writing Scripture. 

It soothes my soul and a good activity for when I am tired.   

This week I will be making a Monochromatic Junk Journal page for a SWAP.  

I have added to my weekly planner write letters on Friday.  

Yesterday I wrote a Thank you letter to my friend who sent the gift cards. 

And I wrote a note and card to a FB friend that needs some encouragement. 

In the garden . . . 
I bought a huge hanging basket at Home Depot.  A friend sent me gift card. 

Now trying to find pots to separate it. 

I bought another plant that is new to me.  The tag says attracts Butterflies.  And it must because they were all over the garden center. 

And on the blogs this week . . . 
Featuring Cowboy romances to honor our Anniversary.  This is Mondays feature.  Each day will feature a different book. 

From the camera . . .

Waiting quietly and praying for my family to be restored.  I miss my daughter and my grand kids. 

My word for the year was appropriate . . . 

Sparkle Anyway

Thanks for joining me! 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Foodie Friday


I hope your having 

A beautiful  morning

Friday it's that day I share what I have served on . . . 

It was on odd week check it out . . .

Starting with our meal from last Friday night.  One of my friends sent us a Burger King gift card.  
The Cowboy asked for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. 
We waited over 20 minutes for this grease fest.  The Cowboy had to get up and complain.  10 minutes later we finally got to eat.  
The only good thing about the meal were the Chicken nuggets.  Maybe I was just starving not sure which.   The rest was barely edible.  
Sad I was so hungry and needing a night out. 

I always struggle with meals the week before payday.  Mother Hubbard's cupboards aren't Bare but the fridge and freezer are.

No fresh veggies.  No Eggs. 

  I resort to Trader Joe's White Kidney Beans.  They were just o.k.  the last can was much better.  The beans were  not soft.  This can was not near as good as the first can. I also cooked canned Spinach.  It needed some Bacon fat.  They just tasted like tin.  

The Bratwurst and Kielbasa were both great.  And the Corn Bread was so good there were no leftovers!

Sunday night I tried to make Copy Cat Taco Bell Pizza.  But I couldn't find the recipe.  It was o.k. but I also used Whole Wheat Tortillas.  It wasn't so good.  
This was my lunch last Wednesday leftover Pizza from Yagga 's. The best hand tossed I have ever eaten. And only $6.00 on Monday!
On Monday night I made Spaghetti. The Sauce was from the freezer.  I added Cream of Mushroom Soup and a 1/4 cup of my favorite Salsa.  It was the best sauce I have ever made.  
I planned Tacos on Tuesday.  I actually used Italian link Sausage.  I just took it out of the casing and fried it up.  Again on Whole Wheat Tortillas. It was surprisingly good.  The Cowboy went back for seconds. 

I didn't  have to cook  at all on 
 We were celebrating PayDay and our early Anniversary.  
We began with an early lunch at Willie's G's.
The fried Calamari was the best I have ever had! 
The Cowboy ordered Shrimp and Oysters.  Look at that Shrimp.  
The Oysters were too small.  
A big disappointment for a high restaurant. 

But my Seared Tuna was delicious.  Even though there was a bit if Cucumber hiding in them.  

After lunch we went to Walmart for our grocery shopping.  
I also bought a crock pot. 

For dinner we went to  Shrimp n Stuff.  We have been driving by for weeks watching the crowds.

Look at this Catfish!  I ordered Onion Rings and Cole Slaw.  This is the Cowboys plate with fries. 

Yum . . .

He was too busy eating.  He didn't realize I got his picture. 

We had gone early. When we left the line was out the door! 

So that was our week!
What was on your dinner plate?

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good Morning-My Favorite Season A Blog Challenge


Today I am sharing my favorite things about each season.  

I saw this challenge over another blog and thought it would be fun.  I like this week's topic.  

My favorite parts of each Season are ...

I would have to say my favorite season is Spring.  Since I live in Texas we have distinct Seasons most of the time.

Spring is planting season.  I guess I love dirt.  I love digging in it. 
I love flowers and vegetables! 
In Keller where I used to live we got alot of rain which made it hard to plant.  The timing of getting seeds in around  gully washers is a challenge but the rewards are plentiful ...
Hot describes our summer.  We love where we live now! We live in Galveston, Texas now.  We only moved her a month ago.  I don't know what to expect.  But I am excited for a new adventure. 

It is hard to decide if I like Fall or Spring better.  I will have to think about that.  Fall is a great time to decorate.  I love Pumpkins.  I am wondering how plentiful they will be here in Galveston.  Last summer I planted Corn and had the nearest stalks when they dried.  I planned to play several rows so I could decorate.  
My new home had no area for planting.  I wonder if I could grow Corn in a pot.  
Next year planting will be an Adventure. 
I love cooking in the fall and planning for Christmas.  

Honestly the only thing I like about Winter is Christmas.  And I love Christmas.  
Winter is cold.  Bitter cold.  Natural Texans are not equipped for cold, ice and snow.  Our area (where I grew up) we rarely got Snow.  If we we did it was a dusting.  I remember 2 snow storms in my life.  
This year ya'll all heard about the Texas Blizzard.  And several years ago we had the prettiest snow in Christmas Eve.  We had 3-4 drifts. It only lasted a couple if days.  But it was pretty.  

Awe.  As much as I prefer Fall and Spring I am grateful God gave us the 4 seasons.  There is much good in all of them.  I am in awe of God's creation. 
Are you? 

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me.  

I am linking with Long and Short Reviews go over and check out the other posts in the weekly challenge 
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Until next time 
Sparkle on 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

This That on a Tuesday

 Hello everyone  sorry I am a bit late posting!

I posted this picture on FB this morning.   I love it and wanted  to share it here . . . 

I never grow tired of taking  pictures of our daily  life here on the island . . . 

I love that I captured Domino looking up . . .
This what she was watching.  Both dogs love it when someone feeds the birds. 
We found a spot we call 'Ours'
We enjoy going to the beach in the early evening.   It is so much cooler.

The bench has these Starfish inlaid.

We take alit if drives looking at houses and gardens.
The flowers are all so big.  Canna's grow well here.  I hope I can find some bulbs to plant when we go shopping tomorrow. 
So cool I have seen several of this neighborhood libraries.   I found a book about Galveston.  

I have mentioned it before I love architecture.  I love doors and gates. 

I have shared this one before.  I hope you don't find.  One that I never grow tired of seeing it. 

I can't wait to go back to this garden and see what's blooming. 

I hope you'll come with me next time. 

Until then Sparkle on . . . 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Menu Monday-Mini Kitchen Tour

 Good Morning.  I hope your having a Sparkly Monday!

Today before I share my menu for the week I thought it would be fun to see a sneak peek of my new kitchen.

Did you know we moved 

We are on Island time and we Love it.  

We downsized alot.  I am getting organized. 

We really didn't know what to expect other than adventure! 
I knew I had an open kitchen with two glorious windows.  
I love my windows. 
This window I can see from the Living room.
The other window is over the sink. 

We had thought we might use our antique Library Table for a kitchen table. 
But it was just too long.  I have moved it into our media room now. AKA the 2nd bedroom.  I will share pics soon! 

 I love the open shelf over the stove.  It is the perfect place to display this photo my grandson took in Florida. 

Let's get on with the menu ...

Monday... Spaghetti (sauce from freezer), Salad and Garlic Toast

Tuesday... It's Tuesday you know what that means!

Wednesday ...Today is pay day and date night.  We have been waiting weeks! 

Thursday ... Whatever we find just off the boat and from produce market 

Friday ... Steak, Baked Potatoes and Asparagus or Creamed Spinach.  I vote Spinach!  

Saturday ... Chicken and Rice Mexican style, Borracho Beans and Guac if I can get some ripe Avocados 

Sunday ...  Hmm maybe eat out.  Lots of fun places to check out! 

Have you planned a Menu for the week.

I usually plan mine on Saturday when I write my Happy Homemaker post so that it is already to post at Sandra's party.  

Have a Sparkly week.  And thanks for stopping in.