Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Crafting Sunday

 Hello.  Welcome to my crafting table.  

Today I am sharing two things I created for SWAPs.  

A Red Junk Journal page and a Flowish Junk Journal.   

First the Red theme J.J. Page. I almost didn't sign up for this SWAP.  I didn't think I had enough Red . . . 

When you sign up this group requires a Sneak Peek.  Here's mine . . .

I had more Red than I thought. 
After I gathered these elements.  I was stumped with how to create my page. 

I have a picture book of images from Country Living Magazine.  
As I flipped through the pages I found my inspiration! 

As soon as I saw these Adirondack Chairs I was on a roll.  I made this picture the front or cover.  I folded the bottom under to make a pocket on the inside . . . 
I folded the picture off center so the 3rd page showed. 

When you open the page you find the fold up pocket.  I made the with a napkin.  Old fashioned decopauge.  

I also folded the last page to make a flip out.  I glued lined paper to cover the text on the page.  I made a tuck and put Journaling cards in.  I also added a small red paper clip. 

Side view showing how I made the tuck.  I added a flower that I had punched.  And Washi Tape with Red Cheeries. 

I also found this page in the book.  
Board games for our summer theme.  I folded this page up for another pocket.  I glued the Uno card to form a tuck spot.  
In the pocket I put a little envelope filled with punched flowers.  And tucked more cards in the tuck spot.  
At the top you can see the envelope and the cards. 

The punched Red flowers. 

On the back I glue Red lace hanging off the edge and game tickets.  I only glued the bottom to create a pocket. 
I included a page from a Vintage Children's workbook. 

I attached a couple handmade tickets and swatches of fabric.  I attached a paper clip that I tied a Red ribbon to.  

I had a time packaging this one for mailing.  I loved the back of the games page.   I used Washi to make it look like the drawing was held up by the tape. 

I sure hope my partner likes this 
Red theme J. J. Page.  

And now I am sharing a Flowish Journal. 

A Flowish Journal is not bound.  It is made to take apart and use for other purposes or in a Journal. 

 This is a photo of the center.  I used a stretchy piece of elastic I got at Hobby Lobby.  I included several pieces of lace in different colors.

The first page which the center is a wax paper sandwich bags. 
Inside the bag I placed a seen piece I made from paper and fabric scraps.  I love making these. 
I included a magnetic book mark
I am so sorry you can't see this pretty color.  I dyed some paper using Rasberry Kool Aid. 
A pattern guide from a horse show.  Lots of cool space to write. 
A pretty picture I photo copied from one of my gardening books. 
Junk Journal contain Junk. This is a page from a Drivers Education handbook. 
I live to include this paper I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It came on a roll and was marked down to $2.00.  
That was a bargain.  I am not even sure what it is used for. 
It takes dye really well.  I left this one plain. 
I folded it to make a pocket and added a Journaling card. 
Interesting color and design.  This paper is lined on the back. 
A pretty little bag . . . 
Cut from a cereal box.  More Junk. 
A paper I dyed and added a piece of ribbon. 
A page from a Muffy Bear journal. 
I made a per snip it roll and used it as a belly band to hold tags. 
A nice piece of paper.  
I made a pocket from the instruction page of a sewing pattern. 
Stuffed into the pocket.  The gold piece is from a Cigar.  The paper is gorgeous. 
A black and white photo
A coring page
A journaling card I made from a hymnal page. 
The back is decoupage 
A pretty floral page from the picture book
This page had lots of blank space for Journaling. 
An Avocado dyed paper.  I left the edges for texture. 

And last a page from the picture book.  I like to include some florals.

Everyone likes flowers don't they? 

One of my favorite things to do I call Cut & Glue.   Which translates to making Junk Journals.  

I love SWAPs it is fun to receive things someone else made.  

I hope you enjoyed visiting my little crafting table.  

I'll be back soon sharing my next project. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Cover Model Clive Meet A New Character 70 Percent Dark Intentions by Amber Royer Great Escapes Tour

      Clive the Octopus

Have you ever been fifteen feet away from everything you ever wanted, separated from it only by a thin glass wall? And you can float in your tank and WANT all the things, but even if you squeeze your way out there’s no way you’re going to make it all the way across the floor and into the other tank before someone catches you? No? Just me then?

And yes, I know, those things have a name. The human who takes care of me calls them fish. But I just think of them as shiny, flashy food. And shiny things and food – those are my two favorites. Because, yeah, obviously. What else would an octopus want?

Actually, I though shiny, flashy food was the all-want – but then my human went away. And I realized that I miss him and want him to come back, even more. My human’s name is Mateo, and he’s traveled all over the world. From my tank, I can see his striped South American rug, and his French teapot. Even his hand-painted ceramic plates from his native Spain – which he has on display above the dining table. And if I look into the mirror behind the living room sofa, I can study the reflection of the small plush llama on the shelf next to the tank of shiny, flashy food. I catch myself changing color just thinking about how badly I want to be in that other tank. Mateo hasn’t figured out yet that I can see the fish in reflection, or he’d probably move the mirror.

But since no one’s here, don’t mind me. I’m just going to squeeze through the tiny gap left when the rock doesn’t get put on top of my tank just right. And I’m going to climb down to the floor and cross onto the striped rug to get the shiny thing off the table that’s been driving me crazy and take it with me to the shiny, flashy food tank. The shiny thing has a key on the end. I haven’t quite mastered keys. I can see how they work when Mateo locks and unlocks his box of important things. But I can’t turn them myself. So forget the key. I’m keeping the shiny, until Mateo takes it away from me.

Mateo actually wasn’t my first human. The guy at the aquarium supply store first sold me to some dude who didn’t realize how much trouble it can be to take care of an octopus. He’d leave me alone all day, and I’d get BORED, and then he’d get MAD when he’d come back and find me out of my tank. And he’d let the water go too long without cleaning it, so by the time he brought me back to the aquarium store, I was really depressed. Mateo had come into the store that day because the aquarium supply guy was a friend of his. Even though Mateo wasn’t planning on getting a room-mate, he was so outraged about how I had been treated, that he took me home with him, and watched over me until I was myself again. He’d put puzzles for me to solve in my tank, and when he left for a long time, he’d turn the TV onto this channel that played nothing buy live fish swimming around in the ocean. That’s how I know something’s wrong: he’s been gone for a long time, and the TV is still a silent, black rectangle.

Mateo has said several times in my presence that he thinks the coolest thing about octopuses is how we change colors when we dream. I had a dream about Mateo in my last-sleep. He was scribbling in his notebook, saying he knew who had started the animal trafficking ring – and that he just needed to figure out what to do about it. I know part of it was a dream – like the part when he turned into a giant clam – but I think part of it was a memory. Not that Mateo ever said who the baddie was he’d uncovered. Not that, even if I knew who it was, I could tell then new girl who has started coming by to take care of me. 

New Girl’s name is Felicity, and she is very kind – even after she caught me in the empty tank that used to contain the all-want. I can feel that she too is worried for Mateo. I listened to her conversation with the policeman. She believes Mateo has gone missing because someone might have hurt him. Felicity said that there was a murder outside her chocolate shop, and she thinks whoever committed it must have taken my human too. I don’t want to believe it. She keeps telling me she’s going to find Mateo for me, that I shouldn’t give up hope.

I want to help her. I’ve tried to figure out the details of the case, mainly by eavesdropping. I know that the young man who was killed is from out of town, and he doesn’t sound like anyone Mateo would know. I know that this may have something to do with diamonds – more shiny – always of interest to me. And I know that Felicity is in danger. I can feel it all the way to the ends of my arms.

But if she said not to give up hope, I won’t. In the meantime, do you, uh, think you could toss me a couple of shrimp from the live-food tank over in the corner? Worrying is mighty hungry-making work. 

Visit the tour 

Click Here

Character Guest Meet Carmen Avino 70 Percent Dark Intentions by Amber Royer


Carmen Avino

Hola! I’m Carmen, Felicity Koerber’s pastry chef at her bean to bar craft chocolate shop Greetings and Felicitations. The shop has a full coffee bar and a mini-bookstore in addition to selling Felicity’s chocolate bars and truffles. She just added in-house-produced cocoa powder and nibs to our inventory – and I’ve gone from occasionally adding baked goods to the coffee selection when I was a barista and general shop assistant to now regularly showing off my skills in the kitchen.

I’ve even started working on a cookbook for the shop, which will give home bakers interesting ideas on what to DO with our chocolate, other than just eat it straight. And now that we’re doing cocoa powder, it’s opened up even more options for recipe building. I’m all about taking traditional recipes and elevating them by adding in herbs and spices, or mixing ingredients from different parts of the global kitchen.

I’ve got some conchas about to come out of the oven that I’ve added an interesting dynamic to by adding cayenne and rosemary to the chocolate topping. Did you ever have an Atomic Fireball candy when you were a kid? No se why, but the topping mixture I came up with reminds me a little of that flavor. Please, try one with un cafecito.

I’m formally trained as a pastry chef, so I’m sure Felicity wondered why I applied for a barista job in the first place. Truth is, I’ve had some trouble in the past, where things that went badly in a previous job got blamed on me – even though they weren’t my fault. I’ve tried extra hard at my job at Felicitations, because I want to prove that I was worth a second chance, although I’ve since learned that Felicity wasn’t even aware of what had gone wrong. She’s a trusting individual. Too trusting, in my opinion.

She’s also a bit too eager to get involved in righting wrongs and looking for justice in things that aren’t really her business. Because she’s gotten caught up investigating not one but two murders. This annoying blogger, Ash, called Felicity a, “Murder magnet,” because both deaths happened here at the shop. But just because people were unfortunately killed here, that doesn’t mean it was her responsibility to go do something about it.

And still – I can’t help but like her need to see people get justice, and to help the grieving families left behind. That probably comes from the fact that she’s lost somebody herself, so she knows what grief feels like.

I like having a boss with empathy. She’s the kind of person who will give me the morning off from my job on days when the waves are good – which is especially rare here in Galveston. She knows surfing is one of my true loves. I have thought occasionally about moving to where the waves are better, but I moved to Houston for culinary school and now it feels like Galveston is my beach. I’m not sure I’m ready to start over somewhere new.

I have family in Austin and in El Paso, and even though we aren’t on the best of terms, the thought of moving even farther away from them breaks my heart a little. And I have a boyfriend here now, and I think he really could be the one.

Besides, I’ve started to feel like I really belong at Greetings and Felicitations. Felicity listens to my ideas, and lets me try whatever I want in the kitchen. I do wind up taking up the slack when she and Logan – the guy Felicity protests far too much that she’s NOT in love with – drop everything to follow up some clue or interview a possible murderer. But honestly – I don’t mind. It is more of a chance to prove I’m responsible, and truly an asset to the company.

While you’re in town, make sure you check out the rest of the Strand. There are so many little cute shops. And take some time to visit Moody Gardens. I just found out Felicity used to work there, back when she was in college. I’d never been before – it seemed waaaay too touristy for my taste — but I was curious after she’d talked about it, and their aquarium is actually really cool. They also have river otters. Otters are my favorite animals. They’re like cats that swim. Water cats. I could just watch them swim all da

Click Here

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Hello and Welcome to my Saturday feature Happy Homemaker in Texas

This is the day I write my post for Sandra's party.  

Here are Sandra's prompts and a few of my own. 

The weather . . .

It's summer time in Texas.  Here in Galveston it is expected to hit 90.  It is always cool and breezy in the morning and the evening. 

Amazingly the beach was almost to deserted last night. 

On the breakfast plate . . . 

Sausage and Eggs maybe an Omelette we have Mushrooms and we really like Mushrooms and Cheese in an Omelette!  

What I am wearing . . .

Well it is Same'ole.  Same 'ole.  Shorts and a tank.  

But lookie lookie at the new bag I got for a mere 7.00 at Walmart.  

Love it! Look at those Pom Poms! 

I am stylin'

On the To Do List . . . 

Go to library

Take down July quilt lt.  Hang 

Souder Amazing Grace 

Finish reboxing fabric and organizing sitting music room 

Play with plants and dirt 

 My Ta Da moment . . .

I had a self imposed budget to spent 10.00 on potting soil and a few plants.  

I found soil 3.00 a bag.  And top soil .50.

Planning on mixing the two for beds.

I found an over grown Begonia handing basket for 5.00. 

I will seperate into several pots. 

Ta Da  

Goal this week 

Keep up with washing and putting away dishes so I can get my counter cleaned off so I can see it! 

On the menu 


Cajun Sausage (found on sale) 

Hash Brown Casserole  and  Oven Roasted Cabbage


White Chicken Chili and Cornbread


Trying a new Pizza place. Thier sale is on Wednesday 


Fried Cod, French Fries, Cole Slaw 


Spaghetti, Salad and Bread 

Fun on the blogs . . .

The second annual!   Yeah!  Even better than before!  Lots of Dog love! 

Save the date!

August 23 to 27

In the craft room . . .

I am making a dog theme Junk Journal that I will feature here along with D.I.Y.

Also finishing my December Daily to feature here for the end of Christmas in July

Fun to do this week . . . 

I read about a new dog park.  Can't wait to go! 

Visit an Antique shop.

Try a new restaurant.  I am hoping to go here . . .

I have been wanting to go for awhile.  Maybe we will make this week. 

Visit Kempner Park 

From the camera
There is a cow in the middle well sorta on a main street in downtown. 
A convenience store, Tacaria (so) and liquor store.  It is amazingly clean.  Caters to the Cruise Ships. 

Last night we drive by and the Cowboy said ... "Look they are watering be the cow!"


I think I want this as my new theme photo!  

Enjoy your week!  Thanks for stopping in!