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On The Road with Danny and Wanda Pelfry


Welcome back to our week with Danny and Wanda Pelfry and the charming town of Adairsville, Georgia the real/fictional setting of thier newest release... 

Let"s meet the Authors

Danny and Wanda Pelfrey are graduates of Point University. Danny earned a masters from Kentucky Christian University. He spent 45 years in the pastorate. Wanda served as a primary Montessori teacher for twenty-four years. They have two daughters: Kellie, a teacher, and Sandra, an attorney. They are blessed with five amazing grandchildren.

Wanda’s career as a writer took off shortly after college, when she started writing curriculum and educational aids for a variety of publishers. Her book, MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR CHILD’S TEACHABLE MOMENTS, published by Moody Press and later distributed by Focus on the Family brought her a lot of attention and respect as a writer. However, she put her writing career on hold shortly thereafter to become a teacher.

Danny’s interest in writing was fostered by his wife’s love of the craft. He wrote articles for national publications, a newspaper column, and eventually traditional publisher Accent Books released his first book, ONE-WAY CHOICES IN A WRONG-WAY WORLD. Later he wrote and self-published a book of local history, LIFE IN ADAIRSVILLE. Recently his book published by CrossLink, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EVANGELISM? has been well received. CrossLink also released Danny & Wanda’s four volume inspirational suspense/mystery series, “The Davis Morgan Series” as well as SOLID GROUND, the first in the “Adairsville Heritage Mystery Series”.

Danny and Wanda live in their little Cape Cod cottage in their small north Georgia hometown of Adairsville, Georgia which serves as the setting for their mysteries with a message. They enjoy a life that is often centered around their five grandchildren and their love for putting words on paper.

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Hanging Out In Adairsville, Georgia with Authors bDanny and Wanda Pelfry part 1

Welcome back to a new day On The Road today we are in Adairsville, Gorgia with Danny and Wanda Pelfry.  The Author couple is showing us around town.

First Stop

1902 Stock Exchange

The Corra Harris Bookshop occupies the northwest corner of the 1902 Stock Exchange on Adairsville’s Public Square, facing the railroad tracks which bisect the town.

The Maggie Mae Tea Room

The Public Square Opera House (which is often used for dinner theater)

and various gift and antique booths fill the remainder of the historic building’s space. Many used and rare books on a wide range of subjects make up the approximately 10,000 books filling the shelves surrounded by exposed brick walls. Chairs invite browsers to sit and stay awhile. Of course, books authored by the Pelfreys are available for sale.

Tomorrow we will stop the General Mercantile Café down the street and Peacock Junction which sits in a reclaimed industrial building just across the railroad track.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Menu Monday-Carols Soup Recipe

 Welcome to my regular feature Menu Monday. 

The day I share my plans for meals served  on the Rustic Dinner Plate.  

 Today as part of On The Road with Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry ...

 I have a special treat a yummy Soup and Cornbread Recipe just for my readers because this Soup is served at a fun Eatery in Adairsville, Georgia. 

Tomorrow I will share a bit about Adairsville but for today here's the recipe and my weeks menu. 

Carol’s vegetable soup  & Southern Cornbread

vegetable so

leftover, diced beef roast 

Beef Broth (either from the Roast or Canned)

2 lb. Idaho Potatoes – peeled and diced

1 large, Sweet Onion – peeled and diced

any fresh Vegetables in season, or large bag of frozen Soup mix or mixed Vegetables

Small can of  Tomato Sauce

Worchestershire Sauce 3 tbsp

Salt and Pepper to tasten 

Instant Mashed Potatoes 1/2 cup

Cover bottom of dutch oven with cooking spray or olive oil. lightly brown Onions. Add 3 cups water and Broth from Roast or can.  If you do not have Broth, add 1 more cup of water and Beef  cube.

 Add Potatoes and 1 tbs. salt. simmer until soft.

 Add Vegetables. 

This is a good time to use any leftover cooked Vegetables in refrigerator, as long as they are not too leftover.  Cook until soft. We southerners do not like undercooked Vegetables! 

Add a can of Tomato Sauce and 3 tbs. Worchestershire sauce.

Add pepper and more salt if needed.

southern Cornbread

2 cups Yellow Cornmeal Mix

1 tbs. Vegetable Oil

1 e

1 cup water

preheat oven to 350 degree

Coat cast iron skillet with oil or cooking spray. warm in oven

mix together all 4 ingredients and pour into skillet. bake for about 20 minutes or until center is firm. whatever you do, do not add sugar.

My Menu Plans 

On the menu ...

Monday Something super easy since we have to go downtown. And we will eat lunch out. 

Tuesday Tuna Steak, Broccoli Salad, A cup of Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp Gumbos for

Wednesday Baked Potato Bar with Chopped Bar B Que and Cole Slaw from my Cabbage 

Thursday Oven Roasted Chicken, Potatoes and Carrots and Baked Beans 

Friday Beef and Vegetable Soup and Cornbread

Thanks for joining us today.  I hope you'll come by tomorrow to meet the Authors!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Hello and Welcome to a new week of ... 

      Happy Homemaker in

I like to make my own photo and this month I took a photo of a pretty Pink image from my studio...

Let's get onto Sandra's party! 

The weather ... Such pretty days.  We are expecting a bit if rain.  We could use some! It us getting much warmer in the afternoon.  It will be a bit cooler next week.

What I am wearing...My yard working clothes.  My grubby pants and a worn out Old Navy Christmas 2001.  My daughter says I can't leave the house in it.  It has holes. 

Maybe I need a Mother's Day one.  Do they make Mother's Day T shirts? 

Around the house ... Dust on the glass shelves.  And dog hair on the floor.  

I have loved we have no carpet but I am thinking an area rug would collect a bit and make it easier to clean. 

On the To Do list ... 

Dental appointment on Monday for the Cowboy 

Grocery Shopping at Mexican Market 

Lunch out 

Tues, Wed, Thursday just staying  in and doing the normal  and try to keep the house up  

Wednesday go to the library book store

Friday take our grandson to In Out Burger and Half Price Books 

Saturday write my Happy Homemaker In Texas post.    

On the menu ...

Monday Something super easy since we have to go downtown.  And we will eat lunch out. 

Tuesday Tuna Steak, Broccoli Salad, A cup of Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp Gumbos for

Wednesday Baked Potato Bar with Chopped Bar B Que and Cole Slaw from my Cabbage 

Thursday Oven Roasted Chicken, Potatoes and Carrots and Baked Beans 

Friday  Beef and Vegetable Soup and Cornbread

I am reading now ...

I learned last week there is a book store in town that supports our local library. I went on Saturday.  I found this Treasure! I was so excited that I began it right away. 

I do love to hold a book in my hands. 

On the blogs this week... 


I hope you'll join me this week when I visit Adairsville, Georgia! 

The Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry have graciously provided recipes and photos and information about thier hometown.  Which us the 'Real' town in thier new Series. 

In the garden ...

I have no idea what these sweet little Purple blooms are.  They appeared under the tree in the backyard.  

This is the first time they have made an appearance.  

Weed or not ... They add a pretty spot in an otherwise blah area.

In the studio ...

 I received a sweet Green Junk Journal Page from my partner...

She used a theme of Friendship ...
Including extra note papers with cute little animal friends...

I love the Pom Poms ..

Also included were little bits of ribbon and trims.  A few tags and ephemera pieces. 

From the camera ... 

When I went to the book store the other day I  stopped into an Antique Mall.  I found this.  

Do you remember it from my Tea Party posts?  

Mine has a green collared and Maroon flowers.  

It was interesting to finally see one.  In all my years of Antiquing I have never seen one. 


Thanks for sharing part of your day with me!  
I hope you have been Blessed by your visit!

Don't forget to go by Sandra's for the party! 

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And the regular parties 

Good Morning


Foodie Friday & Author Evangeline Kelly's Quesidilla Recipe

 Welcome.  This week I've been doing an Author Book Spotlight. 

I first posted this Recipe on Menu Monday.  Today I am sharing the finished product. 

Author Evangeline Kelly has made me a new fan of Quesidillas!  Evangeline's version made with Corn Tortillas was delicious!  

I sprinkled a little Paparika to make the plate less Rustic LOL!
Served with Chips and Guacamole it was a yummy and easy meal! 
I chose to serve for  Dinner but . . . 
Since the inside has Bacon in it these Quesidilla's would make a yummy breakfast!

In case you missed the post on Monday here's the recipe . . .

Bacon and Cheese Quesidilla

two corn tortillas 

a blend of Monterey jack, cheddar, and asadero shredded cheeses

crumbled bacon

chopped green onions


On top of one of the tortillas, sprinkle the cheese, bacon bits, and green onions. Layer the second tortilla on top and cook in a hot skillet with a few tablespoons of oil until each side is nicely browned. 

I am pleased that you this week I have pretty much stuck to my menu plans! 
The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza I have been wanting to make for Forever!  It was so good.  Almost like I remember.  It was easy to find a recipe on a Pinterest.  There are several.  It was simple to make! 
I intended to serve a Salad with the Mexican Pizza but we ate late.  So I used the Swiss Chard I had harvested to decorate the the  Breakfast plate.  
It has been forever since we have had Green Beans
Green Beans is on the dogs diet so I save them for the girls.  But I needed something to serve with Pan Seared Pollock.  I seared a bit of Zucchini we had from a few nights ago. 

I was a week late with both his Lasagna.  From a recipe from  Author Ellen Byron.  It was so good and super easy! Her Recipe called for Trader Joe's Spaghetti Sauce.  I am sure it would have been better with T. J. 

A cool picture with the Toaster in the background!   We had some Good For Your Breakfast Sausage Patties. 

I had gone to a food pantry and got T Bones!  So good with a Baked Potato and Broccoli.  Of course the Cowboy has to have Cheese on his Broccoli! 
I pan seared the Steaks then cut from the bone and put in the oven.  I watched Bobby Flay cook them this way.  They were very tender and only a tad over done.  The dogs loved the bones! 
Today Thursday the Cowboy asked for Scrambled Eggs and Jelly on his toast.    

I hope you've had a chance to visit this week! 
It was a pleasure to host Evangeline and her new book! 

Available on Amazon 
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Blind Date with a Reality Star Billionaire Read An Excerpt /Meet Author Evangeline Kelly


Author Bio

Evangeline Kelly is the pen name I use to write contemporary Christian romance books. I married my husband (my perfect bad boy hero) in my early forties so I understand the longings of a single woman desiring love, as well as the contentment and sweetness of marriage.

And now, a little bit about me. When I was a kid, I had two dreams. One was to work with at risk youth and the other was to write books. After pursuing my passion of working with foster children for over twenty years, I finally decided to pursue my childhood dream of writing. My grandma kept all of my short stories in a box as a keepsake, and I read them occasionally when I need a good laugh. Not only do I love to write, I enjoy the pleasure of sitting down with a good book. I’ve always said that a good book is way better than any movie or television show!

I’ve witnessed suffering in my line of work, but I’ve also witnessed God’s redeeming love. A good Christian romance features both hardship and delight. My hope is that my stories not only entertain, but encourage, and most of all, that they bring glory and honor to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Read an excerpt...

To my right, a film crew looked as if they were conferring with each other about technical stuff. I hadn’t seen a picture of Drake, but I figured I would know who he was the second I saw him, as there weren’t that many people in the room. 

I glanced around, searching for a guy who fit the profile of a bachelor type, and the second my gaze landed on him, I nearly lost my breath. For a second, I just stood there, completely stunned. 

He sat in a chair on the other side of the room, his brownish hair streaked with gold as if he’d been out in the sun lately. A makeup artist powdered his face while I took a moment to observe him, taking in his measure. He wore navy blue sports pants, expensive-looking sneakers, and a white t-shirt that showed off lightly tanned muscled arms. He appeared to be in his early thirties if I had to guess. His five o’clock shadow and the black-framed glasses sitting on his nose gave him a rugged preppy look, but what was most surprising was his weary, frustrated expression as if he didn’t want to be there. 

The man was so gorgeous all I could do was blink and gape at him. And blink and gape some more. 

So, this was Drake Arnold. 

Abby had said he was handsome, but I had only processed that information in an intellectual sense. 

The producers had chosen him for a dating show, so it was reasonable to assume the man would be attractive, and I had assumed that, but I hadn’t given it more thought. Back when I was in college, I’d had a huge crush on my English professor, and this guy kind of reminded me of him because of the glasses. Drake was ten times better looking than Dr. Harris, though. 

That was all before my parents died. After they passed away, I’d kept my feelings so tightly controlled, there was no chance of falling for anyone new.

And the strange thing was…I hadn’t thought that I would personally fall for the guy since I hardly ever looked at men anymore. I had decided a long time ago that a relationship wasn’t possible at this time, so why torture myself?

He must have sensed my gaze because he glanced up and our eyes connected. My stomach dipped and twisted, all the angst of that moment tying me up in knots. I couldn’t get a read on his reaction to me. 

He just stared and then turned away as if…nothing. As if he were thinking about absolutely nothing that concerned me.  

One of the men from the film crew glanced at me and cleared his throat. “Good morning. I’m Brad, the director of this project, and you’re here for a five-minute audition for ‘Who wants to date a billionaire?’” He said it so fast it sounded like a memorized line he spouted to each woman who walked through the room. “We’re ready, so please take a seat.”

I swallowed and forced myself to move forward, but I couldn’t look at Drake for fear that I would start freaking out the closer I got. I took a steadying breath and reminded myself that it didn’t matter how good-looking he was. A man’s character was more important, and I refused to be that shallow person who only cared about someone’s appearance. He was way out of my league, so it was doubtful the producers would choose me, anyway. Abby and I had seen hordes of beautiful women while we’d waited in line, and most were probably used to being on camera. I figured it was safe to assume my audition wouldn’t go anywhere. 

I finally made it to the chair and sat down, and the moment I did, my heart began to pound so hard it felt like I was having a fight-or-flight response. We were sitting very close to each other. Way too close for my comfort. Most likely because the crew needed to film us on the same screen. Or manufacture a more intimate conversation. 

Whatever the reason, none of that mattered. It was making it hard to breathe, and I felt like I was about to suffocate from not getting enough air. 

Drake glanced away as if bored, discretely checking his watch, and I suddenly realized his response was the opposite of mine. My presence completely underwhelmed him. 

Nothing about me brought about the tiniest spark in his gaze. 

I sensed his indifference. 

He wanted to be somewhere else, and he was mentally checking out.

It made me a little sad.

But then it gave me courage. 

If he didn’t care, then neither should I. 

I could get through this audition without worrying that I had to impress him because clearly, he wasn’t impressed. At all.

I’d never been one to back down from a challenge or let any man intimidate me, much less some guy on a cheesy dating show. I sat up straighter, squared my shoulders, and lifted my chin a little higher. Let’s do this.

Brad cleared his throat again. “Please state your name.”

“Karlie Spencer.”

He nodded and checked something off on a clipboard. “Karlie, this is Drake Arnold.” 

Drake shook my hand and mumbled, “Nice to meet you,” but he wasn’t truly looking at me. He was looking past me or around me, but I wouldn’t say he saw me. I understood that he had a lot of sessions to get through, and it was probably tiring, but he could have tried to be friendlier. At least show respect for someone who had been waiting for hours to talk with him.

Brad walked over and held out a bucket with tiny strips of paper in it. “Please take two questions.” When I hesitated, he seemed slightly impatient. “Quickly. Don’t look. Just pull them out.”

I did as he requested, and then he handed the bucket to Drake so he could take out two pieces as well. 

“Karlie, I’m going to count backward, and when I say, ‘You’re on,’ you’ll introduce yourself, and then Drake will ask the first question. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Five, four, three, two, one. You’re on.” 

What happened next nearly floored me. Bored, tired, Mr. Arnold lit up and turned to me with a smile on his face as if he actually cared. 

Surprised by the change in demeanor, which was only because he was on camera, I hesitated for a long moment. And then I let out a breath. “Hello, I’m Karlie.”

He brightened even more as if truly interested, but I knew better. “It’s an honor to meet you, Karlie. Shall we get started?”

Chat With Author Evangeline Kelly


Hello and Welcome this week we are Featuring Author Evangeline Kelly and her new book ...

Hello Evangeline thanks joining me this week.   And thank you for including the link for a free book for our readers! 

Thanks for having me it is always fun to meet and chat with readers. 

Let's chat then ...

Do you have a special place where you write? 

I have a home office that I use but I also like to write at the dining room table. I have a laptop I can move around. Occasionally, when the weather is nice, I set up a folding table in my backyard and move out there. 

 Do you have a pet that assists you or keeps you company while you write. 

Unfortunately, I have allergies so I don’t have any pets. 

If you could go anywhere in the world to write your next Romance where would you go? 

My first thought was Europe, but I think I would be more excited about exploring than writing. A beautiful lake house with a nice view would be perfect, though.

You write such sweet Romances with special dates can you share with us the best date you ever went on? 

When my husband and I first started dating, we went to Leo Carrillo Beach and explored the tide pools. It was the first time we held hands, so that made it really special. Maybe that’s why I often write about the hero and heroine at the beach. 

Today we are Featuring Reality Star Billionaire. Can you share with us how the concept came about? 

I was brainstorming different ideas for a new Blind Date Billionaire story, thinking about different tropes, and the idea of a reality show really appealed to me. I had thought of doing that for one of my Alaskan books, and still might (although it would be a different kind of reality show), but a dating show seemed in line with my Blind Date series. My only hesitation was that I didn’t want to write a story about a bachelor-type character who kissed all the women on the show, so I made it more family-friendly and had the women compete for a date rather than a relationship.

There were several scenes in the book I enjoyed LOL well all of them actually. But I was wondering what scene is your favorite? (I will share mine in the post). 

My favorite scene was near the beginning when the producers scheduled a reception before the filming began, and Drake was supposed to casually talk with all of the women to get to know them better. I wanted to create some tension there where both Drake and Karlie were wary of each other, so I enjoyed writing that part. And then I had a little fun with the rice crispy treats when Karlie shoved one into Drake’s mouth. I also enjoyed writing the tree house scenes because I like the get-to-know you stages of a book when a hero and heroine are just starting to understand the other person better. And who doesn’t like tree houses?

During our Feature this week we will be doing a post about the characters. Which character was the easiest to write about.

Which was the hardest?

I would say Karlie was the easiest to write about because I can empathize with a woman’s perspective more than a man’s. Drake was harder because I always have to ask myself, “Would a guy respond this way? Or is that how a woman would respond?” Plus, men handle their emotions differently from women, so it’s always a challenge to convey that correctly.  

If You were to do a second Reality Star book which character or characters would you have cross over into the new book? 

If I were to do a spin-off from that book, Abby would be the natural choice since she was single and had a cousin who could put a plan into action. 

You have just written The End how do you celebrate? 

Sometimes my husband and I go out to dinner to celebrate, but now that I have a backlog of books, it’s more about having that inner satisfaction of knowing I completed a project and can move on to a new one. 

Can you give us a sneak lol l peek at your next project? 

I’m currently working on the second book in “The Wedding Planners” Series, featuring Daisy, one of the Wedding Divas partners (the first featured Brooklyn). Daisy runs into an actor (I won’t say how) and he ends up utilizing her services. There are a few twists and turns as both of them aren’t romantically available when they first meet, and he has a crazy family that makes a new relationship challenging. I love writing about crazy families! 

Thank you Evangeline for joining bus this week! 

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Blind Date with a Reality Star Billionaire by Evangeline Kelly Book Spotlight


About the book 

Competing for a date with a handsome billionaire goes against everything she believes in, but she has no choice.

Five years ago, when Karlie Spencer found out her parents died in a plane crash, she quit college and rushed home to care for her two siblings. They became her priority, leaving no time for a relationship.

After losing her job, she auditions for a dating reality show and saw it only as a means of income until she found other work. She didn't count on falling for the billionaire bachelor, but when she looked beyond his arrogant demeanor, she saw a lonely man, hiding from pain.

A horrible accident haunted Drake Arnold, making him look to the show as a distraction from thoughts that plagued him. He had no intention of getting into a real relationship with anyone, but then he met Karlie. It wasn’t until his feelings ran deep that he suddenly realized...she might not be able to accept his past.

Can he push through the pain to find a future with Karlie? Or will they both walk away at the end, knowing it was never meant to go anywhere?

This is a contemporary Christian story with strong Biblical themes and Bible references.

Read my review  

Click Here

Meet the characters  

As part of this weeks Feature Evangeline and  I chatted about the Characters read that post click  Here

Buy the book 


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Good Morning


Menu Monday-Quesadilla Recipe by Author Evangeline Kelly

Welcome to Menu Monday.  I usually plan my Menu on Saturday.  

Sometimes by Monday I tweek it a bit.  

Monday Lasagna I planned for last week. Salad from garden greens 

Tuesday  Chips and Guacamole, Cheese and Bacon Quesidilla recipe featured in this book 

Wednesday Coconut Shrimp, French Fries, Cole Slaw

Thursday  C.O.R.N. Clean Out Refrigerator Night

Friday   Chicken Alfredo, Salad and Beer Bread

Bacon and Cheese Quesidilla

two corn tortillas

a blend of Monterey jack, cheddar, and asadero shredded cheeses

crumbled bacon

chopped green onions


On top of one of the tortillas, sprinkle the cheese, bacon bits, and green onions. Layer the second tortilla on top and cook in a hot skillet with a few tablespoons of oil until each side is nicely browned. 

I hope you will join me this week as I Feature Author Evangeline Kelly and her new book ...

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star 

And on Friday join me for my regular Foodie Friday post including photos of our Bacon, Cheese Quesidilla dinner. 

Meet The Characters feat. Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star Evangeline Kelly

Cast of Characters

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star

The Heroine

Karlie Spencer:

At nineteen years old, Karlie became the guardian for her two siblings after their parents died in a plane crash. Five years later, she is twenty-four and puts all her focus on dealing with two teenagers, giving up her own dreams to do so. She believes she has to do everything on her own, and that it’s no one’s problem but her own. She won’t let love in because she feels she can’t grow distracted from her goal. Initially, she wants to make money from the show to support her siblings, and she never planned on seeing the entire thing through. 

Her biggest fear is losing her siblings, and she worries she won’t be able to provide for them. That fuels her motivation to audition for the show, even though it’s not something she would normally consider. She knows her parents would have wanted her to keep them together, and she will do anything to protect them.  

The Hero


Drake grew up in a wealthy home, but a terrible accident his senior year in high school still affects him many years later. He feels that if he failed the two people who were closest to him at the time, he will fail or hurt someone else who gets close. So, he sticks to shallow acquaintances with people who don’t ask questions. After the accident, he pulled away and never developed deep relationships. When his parents died, he feels even more alone and puts most of his focus and energy toward investments and gathering more wealth. 

He has compartmentalized his relationship with God and tries to handle problem-solving on his own, rather than seeking God for guidance. The Lord is a distant friend, and his biggest fear is having to confront the meaninglessness of his life path.

Side Characters 

Jace Spencer: Jace is the seventeen-year-old brother who Karlie has been guardian of for the last five years. He displays typical teenage defiance at times and often withdraws into his phone, but he loves his family and is protective of Karlie.

Brianna Spencer: Brianna is Karlie’s fifteen-year-old sister, and she is the “good one.” She gets good grades and involves herself in positive clubs at school, but she has a few surprises up her sleeve.

Abby Bernard: Rebecca is her cousin, so when she found out about the reality show, she shared the information with her good friend, Karlie, and they both went to the audition. Abby wants to win, but not at the price of her friendship with Karlie. She doesn’t expect to last long and is surprised to make it as far as she does.

Rebecca Bernard: She is one of the producers of the show, “Who Wants to Date a Billionaire?” As a family friend of Drake, she knows him well, but she has a hard-edge that causes her to make decisions that she believes are best for the show.

Thomas Randolph: Rebecca asked Thomas to join her as the second producer for the show, and he has an unlikeable personality. He’s money-hungry and doesn’t care about people’s feelings. He and Drake butt heads a few times. 

Evangeline Kelly gives the reader a fun group of characters.  

I enjoyed how she developed each one. 

The main characters capture your heart. 

The 'Side Characters' were as developed as the main characters and thier on stories added to the charm of the story. 

I came to wish that this book was the beginning of a series. 

I couldn't help but wish to see Jace and Brianna in a Y.A. 

Even though the Reality Show producers weren't my favorites.  In fact I didn't even like them maybe they could redeem themselves and give Abby her shot at getting the Date.