Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The Weather
Looking for fall. Summer won’t let go.  Still in upper 90’s.  I think we
will have some rain this week.

Right Now I  Am
Thinking about posts I have planned for the week and the slow
Inter net.

On My Reading Pile
I can't wait to read this one for The Great Escapes Tour . . . 
Crepe Factor by Laura Childs

I am thankful for
Did you see me post last Thursday?  My daughter is in a relationship.
I am happy for her and thankful God has brought her a Godly man.

In the garden
Not much.  Still trying to get my beds ready for fall planting.  Just still too hot
for much.  I think I will try to get some carrots started.

On the menu this week
A week of food from the freezer.  I am diligently trying to clean out the freezer of left
Overs.  I try to be frugal but I overwhelm myself

Monday—Pork Chops, Stuffing, Green Beans
Tuesday— ShrimpAlfredo for the Cowboy, Spinach Chicken Sausage for m (from the freezer) Salad, Bread
Wednesday—Pinto’s Cornbread, Fried Potatoes
Thursday – Oriental Pepper Steak (sirloin from freezer, Fried Rice, Salad
Friday – Leftover smorgasbord  anything I can find!

From the camera

Quilts For Houston

Fabulous Features from The Fabulous Party 
Lindsey at Simply September shares a delightful DIY to display your children's art.
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Click Here to visit 

Fabulous Feature
Great advice for families considering homeschooling at Jennifer's blog
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On of my simple pleasures
Having a chance to sew quilts.   I am making time and making quits for Houston

Devo./ Scripture
My Photo Journey
I am sharing a photo scripture that I made.  I am making a scripture journal for my daughter for Christmas

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Book Spotlight On Sale Today

I enjoyed book 1 in the series so I was delighted to help the author with announcing book 2.  Check it out!


Preorder Now for $0.99
Sometimes karma wears a clergy collar and calls herself the Matchbaker… 
Vangie Vale is back, after solving the mystery of the murdered macaron! Her small tourist town in Montana has finally recovered from the upheaval of a major murder, and she thinks all that Sherlocking is behind her.
What could be wrong with attending a Bunco group with a friend, in a nearby town, and making a few custards for the guest of honor?
Nothing at all…except that guest of honor never shows up. And when her body is discovered, everyone at the Bunco group is a suspect. Vangie has to work overtime to fulfill all her responsibilities back in Saint Agnes, and also keep herself out of the murder-spotlight. 
Check out the second book in the celebrated Matchbaker Mysteries series, written by “a fresh voice in the cozy mystery genre”. The Corpseless Custard is a clean, cozy, crazy romp with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Preorder yours today!
RECIPE INCLUDED: The Corpseless Custard

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Simple Sunday-Fabulous Party

Welcome to my Simple Sunday post.  I normally share a lovely scripture image I have found on pinterest.  But beginning today 
I will be sharing some of my own scripture images.   I am working on a journal for my daughter for Christmas so you all will be getting a preview.  
I hope you enjoy.
Have a Blessed Day
My Photo Journey

The Fabulous Party Link is over at Our Holiday Journey
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Flower Friday-Mommy's Birthday

My mothers birthday is tomorrow.  
She will be 93. 
We are taking her to dinner.
And taking flowers
 Flowers for Mosaic
Should I take some of these?
Flowers for Mosaic
Or maybe
Flower for Mosaic
Lot's of choices!
Flowers for Mosaic
I love flowers don't you!
Happy Birthday Mommy

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Have A Good Day

I didn't finish my post last.  I was  . . .
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Actually the Cowboy put on a movie and I was lured away by
What can I say The Cowboy and Antonio Banderas in one room!
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Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

Add A Caption _____________

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Something Fun To Share

Paper Swap Blog
Last summer I found the most fun group.  I joined and have had 
a delightful time.

Each month we swap paper.  (You can sign up for the year or just by the month) My 93 year old mother things I am nuts.

Today I received a package from another swapper in Canada.
It's fun because I meet new people and get interesting papers from different places. 
Some papers I keep and use.  And some I trade.  Here is one I got today that I am keeping for sure  . . . 
This piece Wendy made.  It just spoke to me.  I would love to frame it. But doubt I can find a frame to fit.  But it would sit nicely on an easel on my desk.  
Alot of swappers include really cute images they have cut with punches.  I love these butterflies.  I'll be using some in a couple of journals that I am trying to finish for a couple of special ladies. 
A few months ago a special swap started.  It was a brown bag 
filled with blue images and paper.  The swap is going around the world.  I will be receiving it soon.  I hope.  I'll pull out up to 20 pieces and then put in the amount I keep and then send it on. 
I am looking forward to receiving it.  

Another swap I did last year and will do again this November is the post card swap.  Here are a few I received.
This one came from Germany.  It is a simple painted and stamped project.
This one came from California.  This postcard is layered with papers received from other places.  I like the stamp.  I am saving stamps for a project. 
 This one came from Oklahoma.  I think she read my blog and included the horses for me. 
Another one from Oklahoma.  I thought this one was cute. 

Some are mailed as a regular postcard.  Some come in an envelope.  This one came all the way from Germany.  

The paperswap project is a  super fun way to meet new people.

I love getting mail from different places!  

If you interested in the project go over here to the blog. 

Are you interested in swapping/sending Christmas cards?  I
am putting together a Christmas card swap. 
 I would love you to join.  Email or comment if you want to join!

Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The Weather
Fall is around the corner.  We are having cooler weather and some rain from the leftovers of Harvey.  All is well here. Please pray for those affected.
Right Now I  Am
Thinking of the families affected by the hurricane.  I wish that 
I had been proactive and made some quilts.  On my to do list now.
On My Reading Pile
I can't believe how busy this month and next month are lots and lots of offers.  Daily reviews on My Reading Journeys.
The book that I am most looking forward to reading this week is

I was able to read book 1 in the series.  Revelle offered book 2 and I made the tour. 

Something fun to share
A Bible journaling workshop.  Over here at A Kiss On The Chic

A fun new (to me) blog party
It's over here.

I am thankful for
In the garden
Planting Cilantro.  Hoping to find some Rosemary

In the kitchen
Monday--Steaks on the grill
Tuesday--Pan Seared Flounder,Rosemary Potatoes, Corn 
Wednesday --Oriental Pepper Steak,Steamed Rice,Brocolli Salad
Thursday--Our Pizza night (might not have grandson. Last week he got to stay home alone.  He wanted to build a fort on his bed)
Friday--Last week we went out maybe 2 weeks in a row?

Fabulous Features

Carol shared some Fabulous printable calendars.  Click here to to visit the post. There's a special treat on the post too. Check it out. 

Fabulous Feature
25 Ways to Tell Your Husband You Love Him - Marriage is hard work. Good marriages don't just happen. If we want a marriage that lasts for a lifetime, we need to be willing to nourish and protect it. We do that in dozens of big and little ways. I've gathered a list of 25. My list is not all-inclusive, but it will certainly get you started.
Donna shared this great post. 
On of my simple pleasures
Being caught up.  I've been behind the last couple weeks!
Devo./ Scripture
 Be the light. The world is already filled with enough darkness. -Missy
Thanks for visiting.  I enjoy sharing my plans for the week and some new and fun things.
I hope your week is Fabulous.  
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Simple Sunday-Pray for Hurricane Victims-Fabulous Link Party

Please pray for the victims of the recents hurricanes. 
Link up beow
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Features from last week will appear on my Happy Homemaker
Monday post over at My Journey Back.   
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