Thursday, June 30, 2022

Good Morning & Things I've Learned About Galveston


Good Morning.  I hope your day is going great. 

Today I am sharing a Few things I've learned about Galveston weather!  

I am having a slow morning here! It started raining in the wee hours. 

It is still raining.  I just got in from taking the dogs out.  One at a time since the stairs are wet I didn't want to chance a tumble!  

The last couple of weeks it's been really hot!  Really.  Really.  And I noticed that alot if folks don't water thier grass.  

Today I realized why!  We have had a ton of rain over the last few days. 

It's been mostly during the night lots of thunder and lightning that scare the dogs.  They end up in bed with us!   

I'll be washing sheets and bedding as soon as it quits raining! 

Here in Galveston we embrace the rain . . .

I actually found this photo on Pinterest.  My photo of this fun mural had lots of tourists walking into my shot.  Do I googled it.  This one is much better than mine! 

There are really cool murals all over town.  In public places and on homes . . . 

Galveston is a fun and colorful city.

And well . . .

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Chef Wanda's Honey Baked Apples featured

 June 29 – My Journey Back – SPOTLIGHT WITH RECIPE  

About the book 

Whoever thought a sixty plus year old bride-to-be competing for the perfect Southern wedding would need a chaperone? But no, the television show’s rules require all five of the Southern Belle finalists to be chaperoned at night and during certain events. Because Sarah Blair’s twin, Chef Emily, works nights, and Mother Maybelle didn’t want to inconvenience any of her friends, it’s Sarah who’s “stuck” with the task.

It's bad enough juggling her day job and taking care of her own furry pets, RahRah and Fluffy, while she is on duty, but the show contracted for rooms for the Belles and their chaperones at Sarah’s all-time nemesis, Jane Clark’s, bed and breakfast. Mother Maybelle assured Sarah that she could survive the few hours a night she’d have to be at Jane’s Place, especially since she’d be sleeping most of it, but Maybelle didn’t take into account that on the first night they would find the show’s producer lying dead in the front hall with Jane, blood on her hands, bending over his body.

In the last year, Sarah unraveled several murders in Wheaton, Alabama, but tonight she has a dilemma. Sarah hates Jane. Jane is the bimbo that broke up Sarah’s marriage, forced her to go from a life of luxury to an efficiency apartment, tried to steal RahRah, the Siamese cat that was the only thing she got out of her marriage, and has been a consistent thorn in her side, but Sarah doesn’t think Jane is a murderer. One part of Sarah wants to ignore Jane’s plea for help, but her loyalty and fears for her mother’s well-being prompt her to get involved before Mother Maybelle or any of the other contestants are permanently eliminated from the competition.


Read an excerpt

From Heather’s remarks last night, it didn’t shock Sarah that Heather not only ignored Sam’s request, but was fidgeting with her cell phone. Sarah rechecked the mental note she’d made to find out what it was that Heather had against Alan. Barbie and Rose also were obviously not complying. Sarah added them to her mental checklist.

Running the list through her mind, Sarah tried to think if anyone besides Heather had expressed negative feelings for Alan or if she had seen any of them interact with him in a way that might provide a motivation for murder.

Rose had experienced that séance-like episode where she kept repeating “evil” and almost fainted, but Sarah wasn’t sure if her reference was to Alan as a person or to the murder itself. Barbie hadn’t said anything negative about Alan, but she definitely wasn’t thrilled when he stopped her from following Starr into the big dining room on the day intros were taped. It might have thwarted Barbie at that moment, but not being able to fix her daughter’s makeup didn’t seem like enough of a reason to murder someone.

In some ways, Jane had the best motive for having killed him because he reneged on part of what she viewed their deal to be. Still, Sarah couldn’t believe it. Jane was a schemer, and a lot of other things, but from the few times Jane’s façade had cracked in front of Sarah, she didn’t think Jane had the coldhearted ability to murder anyone. The killer had to be someone else. But who?

About the author

Judge Debra H. Goldstein writes Kensington’s Sarah Blair mystery series (Four Cuts Too Many, Three Treats Too Many, Two Bites Too Many, and One Taste Too Many). Her short stories, which have been named Agatha, Anthony, and Derringer finalists, have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies including Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Mystery Weekly, Malice Domestic Murder Most Edible, Masthead, and Jukes & Tonks. Debra served on the national boards of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America and was president of the Guppy and SEMWA chapters. Find out more about Debra at .

The Recipes

Kensington created a cookbook of Sarah Blair’s recipes, Simple Recipes from the Sometimes Sleuth, which can be downloaded for free from Debra’s website,

Chef Wanda’s Honey Baked Apples

6 servings


6 green apples

1 ½ cup of cranberries (works best with fresh ones)

2 ¼ cups of water

¾ cup of packed brown sugar

3 tablespoons of honey

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Core the apples, removing the peel from the top third of each apple.

Place the apples in a baking dish.

Fill the core holes with cranberries.

In a small saucepan, mix the water, brown sugar, and honey.

Bring to a boil. Note: Stir occasionally, making sure, if necessary, the sugar and honey dissolves.

Once boiled, pour the hot mixture over the apples.

Bake one hour at 350 degrees. Every fifteen to twenty minutes, baste with the juices.

Serve with vanilla ice cream.

 Visit the Great Escapes Book Tour

To read reviews, interviews and guest posts click Here

Monday, June 27, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


It's Monday and the start to a Fabulous new week?  

I am joining Sandra for her party with prompts . . .  

The weather . . . Whew it's sure is hot.  Reaching into upper 90's.  Rain is predicted this week.  I hope it cools things down.  As I look out my window . . . The street is quiet. Everyone is out and about enjoying summer!  Right now I am . . .  Writing my post and listening to the a/c.  Thinking & Pondering . . . About not much.  Just thinking  about this post and my plans for the week.  I am pondering how to get a little 'Me Time'.   How I am feeling l am feeling a little tired, emotional and frustrated with the Cowboys condition and his reaction and attitude.  He is back to sleeping all morning. The breakfast plate. . . 

I really like French toast!

Our breakfasts are really our lunches.  The Cowboy sleeps late. 

What I am wearing . . . Grey shorts and a Blue Tank Top with lace trim on neck and arms.  Found at  Walmart several years ago. I wish I had bought more.  

On my reading pile . . . 

 both of these are New Releases this week and on tours.  I need to get the read and reviews posted. And I am reading now 

 This one is sweet little RomCom new release.  I will be posting my review here in a few days. 
On my TV . . . Last night we watched Vets in Houston.  And Super Market Stakeout.  On the menu . . . 
Monday  Chili Rellenos, Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans from the freezer.  Tuesday  Oven Roasted  Chicken, Homemade Stuffing, Green Beans and Potatoes Wednesday Beef Stroganoff and Noodles and maybe a Salad more Green Beans Thursday Shrimp Fried Rice and Egg Rolls Friday Kielbasa, Fried Potatoes and Corn Fritters.  Looking around the house. . . Today we have both bedroom doors open to try to circulate the aire better.  I can see the 'free' couch I got when my neighbor moved. 

It is in our 2nd bedroom the Cowboy calls the 'Music Room'. I was wanting a place to sleep when the bedroom is too hot. The To Do List . . . Do a morning Devo.  Go to Dollar Tree. Mail a card to my new partner in my FB group.  The usual Sweep,Vacuum,Mop daily.  And laundry.  I have 3 loads this week.  I need to call our grandson.  14 year olds don't talk much! 
From the Camera. . . 

Our new date place.  When we were dating we went to Baskin Robbins.  We were excited that our favorite celebrities opened an Ice Cream Shop on the island. 

Devotional. . . 

Joining Sandra and the regular parties!  

Y'all have a great weekend! 

Trying to Sparkle
Even though!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Crunchy Summer Salad by Author Laurel Blount

 Hello and Welcome.  Today I want to share a summer Salad idea I got from my friend to and  Author Laurel Blount. 

Laurel shared this fun idea in her news letter.  I got it today. 

And it was perfect timing I was already planning on making some soup from the same ingredients.  

I had found Broccoli on sale the other day.  Then the next day I found gorgeous Cauliflower. 

And then yesterday our neighbor gave me Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Celery and some gorgeous Red Grapes!  

Here's Laurels Salad . . . 

From Laurels newsletter . . .

It’s almost too hot to cook so this is a great time to revisit one of my favorite make-ahead lunches—mason jar salads. Have you tried these? They’re easy to make, keep for at least a week in your fridge, (I’ve stretched it to a week and a half) and they’re healthy, too! Plus, you can make them with all your favorite ingredients—what’s not to love?

Lettuce (I often tear up romaine or use a ready-made spring mix I can buy at my local grocery)

Broccoli or carrots or some other firm “boundary veggie”

Cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, sliced green onions or whatever else you love in a salad!

Here’s what you do:

Simple layer the “wetter” ingredients at the bottom of your jar. I usually put in garbanzo beans, chopped cucumber, green onion and sliced black olives. 

Then put in a layer of “barrier” veggies. I love to use cut up raw broccoli and carrots. Then stuff your lettuce on top and close with a lid. (I have found that the plastic screw tops on my mayonnaise jars fit mason jars perfectly!)

I usually make five or six of these at a time, and they stay crisp and fresh for at least a week. To serve, just dump it into a bowl and add your dressing and any toppings, like croutons. These make healthy eating easy and quick and portable. Plus, don’t they look pretty in the jars? 

Thanks Laurel for giving me this great idea to use up all those veggies I bought and got 'Free'. 

Y'all need to go by and visit Laurel and sign up for her newsletter!  

I Love it's country feel.  I know you will love it too!  Sign up over Here

Tomorrow I will share the soup recipe.  It's in the Church Ladies Cookbook I showed in the first photo.  

See you soon! 

Monday, June 20, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas and Busy Monday


Joining  Sandra for her party 

The weather in Texas is hot in summer.  It is already hot here on the Island 🏝️.  Hurricanes are predicted by the old timer  when it is hot this early in the season

On the breakfast plate Fried Eggs and Bacon. As I look around the house lazy shedding dogs,nap time is 😊 As I look outside my window can't see from the window but from the door we have a kitten.  It is in our laundry room.  Right now I am thinking that I hope the kitten stays! Thinking and pondering what our new normal will be like.  The Cowboy is home but still weak. Tomorrow is his last day of my antibiotics. How I am feeling good but a little anxious about the Cowboy and his lack of interest. What I am wearing grey shorts and a peach Tshirt. What I am reading Not much.  No mysteries but I have been reading some Christian Romance.  Too much going on. I don't concentrate well. On the TV this week We found Hotel Hell and a channel with dog shows.  Watching The Little Rascals right now. On the menu yesterday I cooked Pinto Beans in the crockpot and Cornbread. On Sunday I heated up a Roast from the freezer.  I cooked it while the Cowboy was in rehab.  Tonight I am planning a Beef Pot Pie.  Tomorrow we may go out to lunch after doctor appointment. Wednesday I will probably make Tacos.  The rest of the week I have no clue. To do list sweep,vacuum and mop.  Brush the dogs.  I have to keep the house as clean as I can.  The Cowboy has a port in his arm. Cook and wash dishes.  Clean bathroom.  I really need to scrub the tub. Crochet between all my chores.  From the camera 

Not sure I shared the new to me coach. It is a futon type.  It opens flat for sleeping.  Our neighbor moved and left everything.  It was a sad story.  The landlord gave all of her belongings away.    I missed the plants and pots.  Devotional  

Linking with Sandra's party and a few more. 

Enjoy your week. I will try to post more.  I want to show off my crochet!  I hope you'll come back soon! 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas

 Joining Sandra for the weekly party  

The weather  

Summer in Texas is hot. 

Sun and clouds all week

 We will hit 91 on Friday  and 92 on Saturday 

As I look outside  my window 

Our property  has pretty flowering bushes.  The newest  bloom I think is a Plumeria.  I need to look it up. 

Right now I am 

Planning  a trip to McDonald's  to take the Cowboy  a Chocolate  Shake.  He is spending  his last day in rehab.  I was waiting this morning  for his meds to be delivered. 

Thinking and pondering  

Our plans for when The Cowboy  comes home.  He is walking great now.  

And finally  healthy. 

Praying the infection is completely gone. 

He spent 2 1/2 weeks in hospital.  And 20 days in rehab.

How I am feeling  

Happy.  It's  a new beginning  for us.  We can finally  enjoy island life. 

On the breakfast  plate 

The Cowboy is home and  asked for Jelly. 

Mine is plain.

Our little  plates and napkins for the month.  Fun little  Lemons. 

On my reading pile 

Just finished.  Great read.  I love this series! 

Hmm. Which one next? 

On my TV this week  

I found a Buying a home on Lake 

America's Test Kitchen 

Christmas  movies

On the menu 


Kielbasa, Mustard Greens and Homemade Mac/Cheese 


I bought the Cowboy  a Tomahawk  Rib Eye.  Not sure what I will serve with it. 

No firm plans the remainder  of the week!






In craft space 

This is the Crochet blanket I started a couple  years ago.  

Had to quit because I needed more yarn. And life got in the way. 

I am excited  to be able to work on it again.  But I feeling I need to take out last Brown row and Pinl.  I don't  like the shade of Pink and I think the stitches are wavy.  I think too many stitch on row. 
And a new sewing project recycling  curtains  our daughter gave me. 

Looking around  the house 

The Cowboy sitting beside me! 

To Do List 

Sweep, Vacuum and Mop daily. The environment has to stay as clean as possible while The Cowboy is still on I.V. antibiotics.  (Lots of dog hairs) 

Go to grocery store on Wednesday 

From the camera   

Super happy to see each other! 


Thanks for joining me today. 

Don't be forget to visit Sandra's party!  Click Here

Have a great week.  

Leave me a comment let me know you came by!