Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather...It's been cooler the last few days low this morning was 40 but it's warming up and the rest of the week will be balmy.  It's cloudy today.  

On My Reading Pile...This month I have a Cozy Mystery focus
going on at my blog over Here. This month is filled with reviews,
interviews, character interviews and Giveaways.  The Cozy tour is sponsored by Great Escapes Book Tours.

Blog Hopping (newly discovered blog)...This is a fun one even if you don't like cats.  Have you seen Traveling Cats?
Lately they've been featuring pet stores.  But they also feature 
cats from different cities like these 
from Jordanyanaka cemetery

su pallosu sardinia cats beach
From Sardinia  and here's the logo
Traveling Cats - Travel Pictures of Cats
Isn't the logo cute.  Even if your not a fan of cat's it's worth the visit the photo's are outstanding. 

Favorite Blog Post...
Kate at Smiles From Kate shared a fun quilt along called 
Laundry Day.  I am sorry I missed participating but the post was really fun.  Here's a sample
Look at the detail in her blog.  There is a big list of quilters that 
participated.  You'll spend 'awhile' viewing all the lovely work.

On The Menu Working out of the freezer and pantry this week
Monday-Oriental Lettuce Wraps, Egg Drop Soup (lettuce from my garden, pork from the freezer and 'on sale' eggs from Aldi
Tuesday-Taco Tuesday (ground beef from freezer taco shells bought on sale huge discount, lettuce from the garden)
Wednesday- Tuna Casserole (how did I end up with so many cans of tuna and packages of pasta? I think I could feed the neighborhood)
Thursday-Italian Drunkin' Noodles and Caesar Salad  new recipe to try (Italian sausage in freezer more noodles from pantry and lettuce from garden)
Friday--Leftover Roast from the freezer I will add fresh mashed potato's and make gravy.  
The Weekend what strikes our fancy!

On My To Do List...
  1. Clean up after planting seeds and take photo's of greenhouse
  2. Finish re-arranging kitchen cabinets
  3. Post the reviews that  are on My Journey Back over to my book blog My Reading Journeys click here to visit.
  4. Always laundry and upkeep
  5. Re-folding fabric in the sewing room on the new shelf.
In The Garden..sorry no photo's yet. 
I have spinach, radish's, romaine, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes
and Zinnias all sprouting.  I hope to get my planting/potting area cleaned this week and I'll take pics. to start my diary.

Something Fun To Share
Come over to the party and link your posts!  It's over here

Looking Around The House ...Bunny's popping out all over!

From The Camera
My view as I write.  Check out the faces!  Surrounded by favorite things and people.

Ϯ ❤ Ϯ                                                        Spiritual Thought                                                ♥How Great Thou Art:
 Thanks for joining me on Happy Homemaker Monday for a look at a few of my plans for the week.   
Enjoy Your Day

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