Friday, March 3, 2017

Frugal Friday

 Welcome to my Friday Feature
Frugal Living
 I try to share on Fridays what I've done during the week to be frugal.  I was inspired by Laura who writes a weekly frugal post
on her blog Harvest Lane Cottage

I/we have made some frugal purchases the last few weeks. 

  • When I delivered donations to our favorite resale shop I found seeds for .10 cents.  I have cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and spinach already sprouting in my green house room
  • I don't buy books.  I read books for free for review.  Super frugal!

  • One of our biggest expenses is food.  We are foodies.  I love finding a bargain at our grocery store. Here are a few . . .  :  3# crawfish   :    :  I will get at least three meals out of this ground beef. 
  •  :   Pies for the neighbor who mows our grass I pay in pies.  I will make a quiche for us.  I bought 4 packages.
  • Olive Garden® Copyat Salad Dressing:  I used the recipe found  here for Olive Garden Salad Dressing.  I checked the price at our store today it is $5.29 for one bottle.  
  • We buy puzzles at the resale store for $3.00 sometimes they are on 20% off  :
  •  :  A client gave me an orchid she was going to throw away because it was 'done' blooming.  Such waste.  In a few months with care it will bloom again. Today I saw orchids marked down at the grocery for $4.99.  I am waiting till they mark them $1.00 hopefully I will be there on the right day. 
It's fun for me to look back and see all the ways that I've provided meals, decor and entertainment while being thrifty and frugal. 

So have you been thrifty or frugal this week? It's much easier than you think.  Keep your eyes open and watch for bargains. 
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