Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather... here in Texas we always have beautiful springs. 
Sometimes the beautiful spring temps last well into the summer. 
Hopefully this year will be one of those.  
This week we have beautiful days from the 50's rising to mid to high 70's.  Rain on Wed. and Thurs.  just enough to keep everything well watered.  And cool enough to enjoy the out doors.

The view from my window...I took a couple of  snaps to share the lovely view I have from my desk.  
 :    :
The view from my desk and the front door.  I walk up to this lovely view everyday.   The photo's don't do justice.  This bush is covered in blooms.  They open up into lovely yellow roses after a few days the blooms turn white.  I have never seen this kind of rose bush.  It is so easy to take care of.  I want more!

On my reading pile...

And on the Kindle  :

Favorite Blog post from last week...
My friend Carol @ Comforts of Spring shared this lovely table.  

New Blog to share...
Michelle at It's A Small Town Life has a lovely blog where she shares her lovely photo's.  She hosts Thankful Thursday.  This weekend they lost their lovely dog who she has photo's on her banner.  Michelle sure could use a hug this week.  Go over and give her a hug.  Click here to visit Michelle.

On The Menu...
Monday--Hamburgers, Onion Rings, Broccoli Salad
Tuesday--Pork Chops, Rice,Black Eye Peas and Cream Gravy
Wednesday--Spaghetti (didn't do last week), Salad, Garlic Bread
I switched from Fri. because I realized I like leftovers for work on Thursday.
Thursday--Kid Friendly Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes,corn
Friday--Split Pea Soup w/croutons and bacon, Bacon Sandwich and salad

In the garden...planted Romain from nursery, lettuce from seeds, radish's  sprouted and growing, spinach sprouted and growing,Basil sprouted and growin,  Swish Chard for decorative planting,  Zinnia's sprouted, Marigolds not sprouted, Yellow Squash just planted.
I have also planted a second round of Zinnia's they seem to grow well for me.  Also I have cucumbers and tomatoes ready to be planted outside.  I have started everything in the green house. 

On the To Do List...
  1. Delete organize photo's on computer.
  2. Continue folding fabric in the sewing room
  3. Plant potatoes if not too late.  Checking on Monday for seed potatoes at the feed store.
  4. Clean up the green house to photo for Outdoor Wednesday.
  5. Try to find pallets to use for outside growing. 
  6. Ask neighbor to plow the plot for a planting of okra.

A Simple Pleasure...
English library:
I dream of a room filled with books.  I have a pinterest board over here.

Looking Around The House...
Spring is in the air.  The windows are open and my decorating has begun.  A little slow trying to figure out how to decorate this space for my first spring here. 

From the camera...
A rabbit waiting for it's journey to Missouri to live with our grand daughter.  I need to add trip to post office on my to do list!

Free Blue and White Spring Printable:
Available here.

Something fun to share...
The May link party at Our Holiday Journey.  I hope you will plan a few posts on the theme . . . 
Image result for copycat
Come over and share recipes, or decor vignettes you've copied from pins or magazines or where ever.  Come and  link 
at Our Holiday Journey.  This month we are celebrating spring. 
Click Here to link 

  Thanks for coming over for A look into my weeks plans. I am 
linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday and all my other haunts. Check out the list on my parties page.  

Enjoy you week

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