Saturday, March 4, 2017

What I Got Done Today-Laundry Room Mini Makeover

It may not sound like much.  But to me I accomplished wonders!
And I didn't spend a dime!
My goal was to tidy the laundry room and figure out something or someway or someplace to store my everyday purse.
I know why is that a big deal?
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I come in everyday through the garage.  The first thing I see is the laundry room and bedroom. 
My purse ends up on the bed.  
Which is not necessarily a bad thing. 
My spring bedding is very light.  White, grey and pale blue.  
Have you ever seen those stories about what is on the bottom of your purse.  If your interested in the ugly story click here.
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 Without further ado here's what I did
Brought this set of drawers in from the garage.  Couldn't sell them in a garage sale.  They were collecting dust.  Now they are useful 
A place to sit my purse and lunch bag.  And a place to store my work shoes.  My slippers waiting for me when I walk in.  2 extra drawers for who know's what.   Here's another shot showing what is on the wall above . . . 
 :  I've always wanted one of those nifty ironing boards in the wall.  Another thing we loved about this house!
Since I was tidying I cleaned the laundry room really good.  I was amazed how much dust was on the dryer!
I think I will move the chicken to the kitchen.  But at least for now there is something on the wall. 
Besides the place for my purse I am most happy about this.
This was the other free find.  This greenery was in the garage too.
Just beside the door.  It hit me in the face very time I walked by!
I want to put it in the garden room but I'm waiting for a pot or basket to sit it in.  The base isn't too pretty.  But it adds some color and texture to the laundry room.  The trash can hides the base.
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I am happy with my little laundry room redo!  Something simple 
that accomplished a whole lot!

Do you have a project to on your to do list?  Shop your garage maybe you'll find just what you need!
Happy Garage Shopping! 

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