Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A New Recipe On The Luncheon Plate

Good morning sweet friends
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Today I want to welcome you to my new feature 
On My Plate
With one caution.  I give you warning. 
Don't expect pretty!
I warned you.  Not really pretty.  No photo edits. Just a shot from my phone
Back in the day one of my favorite lunch spots was Olive Garden.
Now I eat lunch at home almost daily.  And my favorite is still 
an Olive Garden salad.  
Especially since I found O.G. dressing at the grocery store 
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At my grocery store it is over $5.00 a bottle.  When I buy it I have
to warn The Cowboy NOT to use for marinade!   $5.00 ridiculous. So I've decided to try and find a copy cat recipe.

Off to Pinterest.  I waded through the options.  I tried this one. 
Olive Garden® Copyat Salad Dressing:
I made my choice based on the ingredients list on the pin.  
Here's the list . . . 

A simple straight forward list.  
I questioned the first ingredient 1/3 tsp. garlic powder.  I don't have 1/3 tsp. But I love garlic so I used 1/4 tsp.  

The box mix I used was Good Seasons.  I didn't really realize that here are others.   I think that the mixes are slightly different. Which would change the overall tast

I also think the the Italian spice mix is going to be different depending on the brand or recipe you use.  
  •  :

I followed the recipe exactly.  The result.  Yes I did clean my 
plate but I don't think it's the real deal.   

Sorry I didn't take a shot just of the finished product so you could see the amount this recipe made.  Look at the above photo again.

There are two reasons that I am back to the drawing  Pinterest board.
  1.  I thought this recipe tasted sweet
  2.  Cost. I'm not sure the amount it makes is worth the trouble.
It is easier to grab that jar that taste almost like the real thing out of the fridge and chow down.  

When I was grabbing pics for this post I noticed that there are online sources for cheaper options.   Maybe I'll check into them.

All in all.  This recipe . . . 

Olive Garden® Copyat Salad Dressing:

Was good.  And I'll try it again.  But I'm still on the look out for a bit of a different flavor.  

Have you tried any 'Copy Cat recipes'?  What's your favorite 
salad dressing.  

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