Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Have Windows And . . .

. . . I can open them!
We lived in apartments for a few  too many years. 
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 Not something fancy shmancy like this.  
Just a regular 'ole apartment. 
 It was hard to open the windows.  Everything inside stayed dirty if  from the traffic through the parking lot and the endless dirt blown in from the yard crew that came three days a week and blew the sidewalks.   I don't have to worry with that now because
I have windows
I can open them!
Warning photos aren't real pretty.  No photo shop or cutesy borders or anything fancy.
Just real.
Yes that is a rumpled bed.  It's wash day.  But I got distracted because of the window. . . 
. . . This is my view and nope it's not pretty.  Yet.
       :       :
It really isn't a pretty view.  But I don't really gaze out the window.
I just enjoy the breeze blowing through.  There's something about 
clean fresh spring air.  Isn't there.  
We do have some plans of course to get the back yard into shape.  At least clean it up this year.  And hopefully put in a water feature.  I would love to hear the sound of water.  But for now 
I just enjoy my windows because I can open them. 
And for that I am 
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