Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Friday

Good afternoon my dear friends.
Pretty Yellow Bird with Nest Image!
I've been awoke everyday this week to the sound of birds singing.
What a pleasant way to start your day I think!  I hope you've had pleasant days this week.  
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We've had a great week being frugal.  As I am eating my left over lunch I am thinking how humbly proud I am to be saving money by being frugal and eating my leftovers.

As usual we got some real bargains at the grocery store . . . 
 :  Look at this big 'ole pork chops the 
Cowboy grilled they were just over $3.00 for two.  The fire wouldn't stay lite so we had to finish in an iron skillet. He marinated them in 'whatever was in the fridge'. His answer when I asked.  He actually used ...
   :    :
Regularly well over $2.00.  Suggested use is for beef.  I love that is says 'Junk free" beef marinade.  It was great on pork. 
Looks like a bargain doesn't it?  There was a $1.00 coupon on each package.  Yep.  I paid .49 each!  I didn't look at the regular price.  The Cowboy went back the next day.  No more marked down but the regular price was $6.89!   I over head the meat market worker telling the manager that he was almost done with his pallet.  I asked him and he told me that corporate orders for them.  They end up with way more stock they need.   

Crazy.  But works for me.  Here's a couple other finds . . . 
The week before these were $2.00 each.  Last week $1.00
I paid $1.00 each last week.  This week they are on sale at 
Sprouts for .88.  I've seen Sprouts put them on sale for as little as .49.  I rush to grab a few.  I love blackberries!
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I think I mentioned before that I bought seeds at our favorite resale store.  I paid .10 for tomatoes and cucumber little seed pots.  I have 3 of each growing already too big for the little pots! 
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I am always on the look out for a bargain.  Are you? Bargain hunting and finding ways to be frugal make me a really Happy Homemaker everyday of the week.  

I apologize for writing this post so late and not having it up early for my early rising friends.   I have had so much trouble the last few weeks with the internet.  I am writing at 2:33.  Yesterday from 1:00 in the afternoon until about 10:00p.m I could barely get any website to open much less get a post written.   

I hope your day and your weekend is
Thanks for coming by!  


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