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Book Review-10 myths of Teen Dating--Daniel Anderson


About The Book (provided by Litfuse)
The 10 Myths of Teen Dating: Truths Your Daughter Needs to Know to Date Smart, Avoid Disaster, and Protect Her Future (David C Cook, September 2016)

There's no greater moment of panic in a parent's life than when their daughter begins to date.

Due to their lack of knowledge about the world their teens face coupled with the scant dating information they received as teens, many parents feel ill-equipped to guide their daughters through the minefield that is teen dating.

And by the same token, teenage girls crave information about dating and relationships. And left to their own devices, many will develop their own assumptions about dating by talking to their friends or watching the latest TV shows and movies. But that will only lead them down a path toward heartbreak.

So how do you engage your daughter in discussions about dating, relationships, and her future happiness? Expert educator Daniel Anderson and his twenty something daughter, Jacquelyn, help you navigate the biggest dating myths, including: the myth that a boyfriend will make your daughter happy, that she should trust her feelings, or that sex will enhance her relationship. Combining the latest scientific research with poignant personal stories, as well as proven truths and practical application, The 10 Myths of Teen Dating will equip you to teach your daughter how to date smart for today . . . and tomorrow.

About The Authors
Daniel Anderson is a former college All-American basketball player, an expert educator, and a father of two grown daughters and a son. As a veteran high school teacher in the public school system, Daniel was troubled by how his students approached dating and relationships. He and his daughter, Jacquelyn Anderson---a twenty something and also a high school teacher---decided to address this need by equipping parents withThe 10 Myths of Teen Dating, their first book together. Daniel and Jacquelyn both make their home in Portland, Oregon.                                                                            
                                                                       Website | Facebook 
And I Thought ...
Practical much needed resource for parents!  A book every parent needs to read.  
The book is filled with realistic personal stories.

Reflection questions end each chapter allowing the  parent/reader to contemplate and ready themselves to discuss the content with his/her daughter. Here are a couple of examples  . . . 
From Chapter 1- Myth1-If I Had a Boyfriend I would Be Happy.  
Questions-What have you taught your daughter about where happiness is found?
From Chapter 4- Myth 4- Sex Will Enhance My Relationship
Question-What have you told your daughter about why boys want to have sex?

Discussion questions follow the reflection questions and  provide very candid opportunities to discuss the content together with your child/children.  

This is a great book and I highly recommend all parents to read it.  Although it is really written for girls I think that older guys (college students) might find valuable information.  
Anything that parents can do to ensure the safety of their daughters and son's as well is proactive.  Giving children honesty and truth 
preparing them to 'date smart' is parenting 'smart'.  

Check it out at these retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble,
and Christian Book (dot) Com.

I received a complimentary copy from Litfuse.

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Outdoor Wednesday-My New Back Yard-Mini Tour

I have dirt.  I am so happy.  If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you know I've been whining for a couple of years that I wanted to move. 
     Well the whining is over!  Yea.  We have a house!
                                   Image result for 239 hovenkamp st. keller,texas
A photo of the house from google images.  I haven't taken a photo yet.  

But I have taken some shots around the yard to show you my dirt!
I was so excited to see there is a fountain.  Not really sure if it is in working condition doubt it seriously because it appears to be far from any water source.  But the basics are there.  

Close to it in the back corner is this area . . . 

There appears that there was once a corner garden.  You might not be able to see from the photo but there are solar lights.  There pots hanging from the trees.  

Here you can see how far the fountain is from the actual corner.

I was attempting to capture the lights.  It was too sunny for me to see.  But it you look close there are 4 small oak trees.  
We plan to leave them.  Everything else will be removed.  There are lots of what the Cowboy calls 'scrub'
All the foliage in this shot is that 'scrub'.  Can you see the pot hanging?
This is a tree.  Yes really it is.  It's branches are actually touching the ground in some places.  

We didn't even realize the fountain was there because it was so overgrown.  
This is an interesting shot.  You can see the shadow on the left is one of my favorite parts of the house.  I'll show you in a minute. 
The tree shadow in the foreground is actually a crepe myrtle that is as tall as the house.   On the left is the big tree's shadow.  

A shot standing under the tree looking west.  
The area to the left is surrounded by rail road ties.  It is covered in pea gravel which is covered with grass and weeds. 
The Cowboy says we need to 'round up' it!  I'm planning the veggie garden here in raised beds.  

       So does this yard just not look perfect for me?  
Yes it is soooo seriously overgrown.  But a little chainsaw action and it'll be cleared and cleaned right up! 

        And now to show you the best part of the house!
A little sneak peek . . . 
We are calling this the Lodge Room.  The floor is concrete and will need to be stained.  
But check this out . . . 
Three sides are glass.  We have the lawn chairs inside now because we have no place else for them.  We are deciding on furniture.  We think our Equipali table will sit in the corner
                                     Handmade Mexican Equipale Rustic Wood and Pigskin Table Chair Set
Right now it is sitting in The Cowboys room/man cave until we find furniture for that room.  

So that is part one of my new yard.  I'll be posting pic's soon of the front yard.  And my pots of plants that survived the move.  

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40 Days -Devotions Coloring Book-Review

                             Image result for 40 days to a joyful motherhood

About the book...
Nourishment for a mother’s soul through 40 days of devotion and . . . doodling!
Wouldn’t it be marvelous if mothering came with a concrete set of instructions—an easy recipe we could follow? Instead, motherhood challenges women to find their faith, their true selves, and their family through daily doses of trial and error. It is a brilliant and healing time of life that is full of joy, pain, and beauty with a small side of crisis (and humor). What mothers do not know, they learn. And through this lifelong process of learning, they nurture and care for the most precious gifts on earth: children. In a modern society where moms often have a full and busy plate, these 10 minute daily devotions focus on six key topics of motherhood:
—Reconciling with grief, hope and expectations
In addition to the devotions, these beautiful pages are adorned with handmade illustrations to help you refresh from long days or even occasional sleepless nights. So, grab your colors and a little quiet time for yourself while doodling at the kitchen table. You will be grateful you did!
About the author...
Often considered a dreamer and silly heart, Sarah Humphrey uses inspiration from her most beloved career, motherhood, to fuel her passion for writing, creative movement and teaching. She has and is authoring several books and children’s books. Sarah currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and three beautiful, bouncy kids.
Find out more about Sarah at

Available at...Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBC

And I thought...
Delightful.  This lovely color book is filled with devotions that will make you smile. 
Each day begins with a scripture and a brief devotion to ponder followed by a prayer.

The drawings are more like doodles to be colored.  I felt the paper was a medium weight so I was a little worried about bleed through.   

I used crayola colored pencils and markers.  The markers did
bleed through which was a little disappointing to me. 

I felt that the devotions were worthy of a very high rating.

But the bleed through when I was coloring really brought my 
rating down.  

I enjoyed the content. 

 I would have to think about purchasing a copy for a gift based on the paper quality.  

I've seen a few other doodle coloring books that were spiral and I think I would have enjoyed the book better if it was spiral which would make coloring in the binding area easier.  

Overall I think this was a good devotional and deserves 5 stars.  
I don't think that the quality of the printing and the paper that was used deserve 5 stars.  
It really didn't meet my expectations.  I did compare to several other coloring books and the quality just isn't there.  For this reason I have given this book 4 stars.

I received a complimentary copy from Litfuse.

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Threading The Needle-Book Spotlight/ Giveaway

Image result for threading the needle gabriel valjan                                           
Milan. Bianca’s curiosity gets a young university student murdered, but not before he gives her a file that details a secret weapon under development with defense contractor Adastra. Guilt may drive her to find justice for the slain Charlie Brooks, but she is warned by the mysterious Loki to stay away from this case that runs deep with conspiracy. Bianca must find a way to uncover government secrets and corporate alliances without returning Italy to one of its darkest hours, the decades of daily terrorism known as the “Years of Lead.”

“It is even more to Gabriel Valjan’s credit that with Threading the Needle he, as an American, was nonetheless capable of unusual insight into the Misteri Italiani, the Italian Mysteries, without taking any prejudicial standpoint, one way or the other, or putting the blame on anyone, but rather inviting readers to judge for themselves.”
—Claudio Ferrara, Italian journalist and translator

“But after the first few pages, I knew I was committed to the end of the book ... and would be reading the two earlier books…Characters, plot, ideas, background: In Threading the Needle, Valjan weaves it all into an international crime novel worth the read.”
—Beth Kannell of Kingdom Books, a specialty mystery bookshop in northeastern Vermont.

About The Series (from the authors website)  
A "wicked smart" forensic accountant.  A covert government agency.  A complicated romance. A gang of friends that helps solve puzzles and uncover truths.  Rome, Boston, Milan, Naples.  And lots of great food along the way.
The Roma Series features Alabaster Black - living in Italy under the alias Bianca Nerini.  She has left the employ of Rendition - a shadow agency that recruited her years ago to uncover certain truths about white-collar criminals they targeted - and punished in their own way. 
About The Author (provided by Italy Book Tours)
Gabriel Valjan lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of the Roma Series, available from Winter Goose Publishing. Gabriel has also written numerous short stories and essays found online and in print.

Connect with the author:  Website ~Twitter  ~ Facebook

Where To Buy . . . 
Amazon    Barnes & Noble

And I thought ...
Threading The Needle brings us back to Italy with Bianca (Alabaster) and friends.
I’ve enjoyed the first two books in the series so I was delighted to read along in these adventure’s with book 3 in the series Corporate Citizen 

Bianca and friends delve into a terrorist plot in Italy.  The fast paced story begins
with a murder and keeps on rolling from there. 

Bianca is reunited with her boyfriend and other friends as they begin to uncover
Murders, conspiracies, and thrilling suspense that will keep you turning the page.

Threading The Needle along with the other books in the series gives the reader a delightful
tour of Italy.

Threading The Needle is a great fairly ‘clean’ read with a few words and some
violence but not graphic.

I look forward to reading Book Four in the series. 

I received a complimentary copy from Italy Book Tours.

This book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

This review is posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Good Reads

And now the Giveaway . . .    

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Simple Sunday

                                   Be Blessed
            Psalms 72:19 (KJV) "And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.":

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sometimes You Just Have To 'Cowboy Up"

It all started when I got this fancy schmancy bolt of orange fabric out for a table cloth . . . 
And then I planned to layer some pumpkins and make a nice and Fabulous Fall Tablescape that I could share at the Fabulous Fall Party. 
Image result for pumpkin clip art But...where are my pumpkins?  I have an idea . . . 
They are somewhere in this mound of boxes that are in our new 
(to us) 2 car garage.  Yes you heard right it holds 2 cars.  Well maybe someday...but I do go off on rabbit trails....

Back to the Fabulous table.  So if you loose your pumpkins you just Cowboy up and set a Cowboy Chic table...

And wait for the pumpkins.  And the other chargers that are in some other box,  and the stemware,  and flatware.  
I actually love how it turned out. 

 I love the bright Guatemalan fabric on the backs of the chairs.   Since I keep my table set.
I usually don't want to make a mess on the pretty table cloth so when we eat I just move the dinner plate and charger and put the 
fabric over the place setting.  Everything stays nice and pretty!
I used the Cowboy plates that my sister sent to me years ago!
I added the chic part by adding some lace napkins.

Lot's of textures going on here with the fabrics . . . 

I felt like I wanted a little height to the table since there were no pumpkins to decorate the center so I added this metal bird feeder 
with a candle.
I try not to let my candles burn unevenly and then I put in a tea light to make them last longer.  
The candle and the bird feeder stand were thrifty finds in a box by the dumpster at the apartment.  Which I will miss BTW.   But not the apartment!

         Wanna see what it looks like with a few pumpkins?
                                                                I do too!

Taking a bit of a break . . . 
 ...putting my feet up awhile.
And then back to the pumpkin search!

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                                     Image result for pumpkin clip art

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What Is A Mini Donkey For?

. . .Actually
They are great hay burners . . . that means they eat alot of hay!
Image result for mini donkeys eating hay Image result for mini donkeys eating hay
and really don't do much to earn their keep except...  Image result for mini donkeys in sun
Stand in the sunshine and look really cute . . . 

They are rather mischievous.  But they don't mean to.  They just can't help it if you leave treats laying around.  They will find a way to snitch a few...

And they have one little problem . . . 
Image result for mini donkeys eating hay
Their heads get heavy.

Probably what they do best is make you smile.  No matter how old you are!  No one can resist them.  Donkeys are just sweet. 

This used to be 'our' donkey.  His name is Chili Pepper.  He now 
lives with the little boy above and their family.  They have a ranch and teach horse back riding.  So Chili Pepper gets a lot of attention.

Donkey are good at getting lots and lots of hugs and kisses because they are so sweet.  Check out these I found surfing . . . 
Image result for mini donkeys

                      Image result for mini donkeys
                  Now doesn't that just make you smile?

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Favorite Fall Food Pins

                     Image result for fall blog post dividers
                    I don't know what it as about Fall and Food.  

Who isn't ready for a good 'ole pot of soup?

Or baking I always seem to bake more in the fall!  Do you? 
                                             Image result for fall cookies clipart
I collected a little inspiration from Pinterest just in case you need some inspiration!

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs (not with pumpkin in them, but made to look like pumpkins). Repinned by       Football-themed deviled eggs featured on a veggie plate:
                                     Source                                                           Source
               Deviled eggs yummy anytime of the year!                           
Pumpkin {Shaped} Cheese Ball:              Pumpkin Pecan Baked Brie:          Pie Crust Chips & Cinnamon Dip:
 Source                                       Source                                        Source

A few appetizers before we get to that big 'ole pot of soup.
 Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup - loaded with lots of vegetables, beef and tons of flavor! Perfect fall and winter soup made right in your Crock-Pot.:   Yummmeeeee
                            Source Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup - So cozy, so comforting and just so creamy. Best of all, this is made in 30 min from start to finish - so quick and easy!:

This Bacon and Bean Soup is sure to make it into your fall recipe arsenal. Easy to make and full of flavor, this recipe is always a crowd pleaser!

Maybe a big 'ole pot of chili.  Traditional or Non traditional?
Pumpkin Chili is extra hearty with a delicious sweetness and earthy undertone that takes chili to a whole new level of good.  The perfect way to knock off the chill and satisfy hungry bellies.:
I am more of a traditional girl.  No beans.  Do you like beans?
texas chili = no beans.:

       Now that's a bowl of chili for this Texas girl!

                         How about some dessert?

Starting with a Texas favorite . . . 
Classic Texas Sheet Cake Recipe ~ Melt in your mouth good with just the right amount of chocolate this cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser!:
My mom left out the nuts.  Don't be puttin' nuts in my chocolate!
And how about a little twist?
The delicious classic cake in bite-size form!:
These look so fun!  And no nuts!

Since I promised Fall desserts here's a couple Fallish sweets!
Best Pumpkin Spice Cake from Scratch - the icing is to die for!!! #pumpkinspice #pumpkindessert #fallfood

And one more super simple.  And ohhhh soooo yummy!

So that's a few recipes I have on my Fall Board which is full of recipes, decorating and crafts!  

Come back tomorrow for some DIY crafting with my grandson. 

                          Image result for happy fall clip art
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