Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Friday is the day I'll tell the story behind this photo.  Linking 
with the Wordless parties.  My list is below.  Visit the others and see some amazing photo's.  
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Simple Sunday

Have A Blessed Day.
The Fabulous Party is over at 
Our Holiday Journeys.
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Good Morning.  
Welcome to a rainy day in Texas!  Is it raining where you are? 
Today it's HHnT.  Know what that is?  The day I join Sandra over at
Family Corner for her Monday party.  But I do it on Saturday because I can. LOL.

Sharing a few things from last week.  And a few plans for the new week.    Sandra provides prompts but I add a few of my own. 
The Weather
More rain.  It's cooler too.  That's nice.  I am glad I live in Texas.
Our weather most of the time is really nice.  Really hot sometimes.
But no snow.  I think snow is to 'look at'.  I'm a wanna be beach girl.

On the breakfast plate
This is one of Sandra's prompts I don't usually do it.  But today I thought I would.  Mainly because I am hungry.  I am about to cook some bacon and eggs. Domino will have a plate too. 

What I am wearing
Sandra's prompt again.  Black yoga pants and a cami.  It's a stay at home day. 

On my reading pile
I have a huge pile right now.  Mostly for tours.  But a few that I am reading for fun.  
Human-Pet Sleuthing Team Investigates Murder in Diane Wing's Latest Novel 1 for the Beck Valley Tour.

   Crimes Past by Lauren CarrCan't wait to read this one for the I Read Tour.

What I am reading now
40106665 I stumbled onto this on Facebook.  It's a clean sweet romance.  Reading this one for fun.  I'll still post a review. 

What I am thinking
I have a lot to do.  I am glad I can stay home and catch up on a few things.  

On today's To Do List
Breakfast I said I was hungry ✔
Clean the Cowboys bathroom sink  It's too scary for a before shot
More sorting of stuff from mothers.  Box up for donation.  
Work on transitioning outdoor room from Summer to Cabin theme
Put away clean laundry from earlier in week 
Whew that's enough.  Don't you think?

Things that are annoying me now
A new prompt of my own because I am annoyed.
For some reason.  I cannot read the comments that people leave on my blog.  I click on them and nothing happens.  I can't moderate 
either.  I sent feedback to blogger.  I hope they fix it.  If you see spam on my blog(s) please ignore it!

On a better note... Things that are making me smile right now
Lovin' this even more now that it is white.  I came home from work the other day and the Cowboy was in the backyard spray painting this treasure.  It was green.  Now it is all sparkly white.  This was with the first coat.  Sadly it's still sitting under the tree.  No break in rain when we're home!  Maybe tomorrow it can come in. 

In the kitchen 
This looks so yummy want to make it to go with the Chicken on Tuesday.  The recipe is here.

On the menu
Monday BLT's and Potato Soup
Tuesday Lemon Chicken, Pasta Salad, Bread
Wednesday Roast, Potatoes, Carrots 
Thursday Take out with M.I.L.
Friday Stew from leftovers

Last weeks menu...What worked/What didn't  
Monday  Plain 'ole Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Salad, Bread
Tuesday  Split Pea Soup, BLT's maybe dessert. Yum.
Have no idea what we had. Just know it didn't include dessert.  Dawng it!
Wednesday Taking 'Take Out' to M.I.L.  ✔
Thursday  Briskit from freezer, Potato Salad, Corn 
Friday  I think there's a pot roast in the freezer 
No roast! Fried Cat fish and Onion Rings.  Soooo healthy.  I did add a fruit salad!

I cut/paste from last weeks post.  I have no idea why the font changes.  It is also grey but I can fix that. 

In the craft basket
  I've been wanting to make some Fall leaves since I found a pattern on Pinterest.  I shared it a couple weeks ago.  It didn't work.  I even had a seasoned crocheter that's not a word is it? Look at the pattern and yes there is a mistake.  Neither of us have taken the time to correct.  I found this pattern it's not as pretty.  But might work.   
My first attempt is a bit wonky.  But it was an easy pattern and works up fast. 

Features from the Fabulous Party
A couple caught my eye 
Dragon Fly Treasures came back and shared a Whimsical nest. 
She repurposed a tree trunk in her garden. 
Click here to visit her blog and read the post. 

My friend Fabby came over again and shared her tea party. 

Click here to read post. 

From the camera

Thanks for stopping in. 
Enjoy your week 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

A couple from the archives.  Posting on the tablet.

Add a caption    ___________

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Test Playing With Tablet

I've been playing some today.  Proofed a review for tomorrow and published.
Typed the above sentence normally instead of with 2 fingers!

I figured out how to have more than one tab/window open.

Now I wonder if I can cut and paste a photo.

I found the instruction manual then lost it.  Looks like I'll have to look again.
I figured out how to take pics and found the gallery.  Just need to take a pic and see if I can get it into a post.

Let's try.
well some succes.  I took a couple of pics but couldn't find the gallery.  But a drop down showed up and said camera, came corder and some other stuff.  I clicked on camera and it went to the camera so I took this pick.

I got this book in the mail today.  I'll be reviewing for the Beck Valley Tour.

Learning wow the top one was on my blog the other in my Google album.

Very cool maybe I am going to like this!

1 Year ago today--Then and Now

I wrote on Facebook 

Dog Collar-check ✔
Dog leash-check 
Need to find bowls and bed before she comes home

Image may contain: dog
They called her Sadie.  She didn't know her name so for a week 
we tried and tried ideas.  
How about Lucy? Nah
Penny?  Hmm.  Nope
Dot? NO!
Maybe Lucy?  Lucy is nice.  Reminds me of Peanuts. 

And then it happened.  I was letting her outside and she was walking in front of me and I looked at her rump.  Yes she is named after her rump.  HeHe. Sort of.  
     I thought Black dots!

I mentioned it to the Cowboy he said 'Cool'.  I spoke to her and she immediately answered.  

She must have been Domino all along!
Happy 1 year Anniversary-Birthday

We love you Domino!

Monday, October 8, 2018

The New Norm-Learning The Ropes

And a little  This/That. . .
The post with no photos.  My computer is dying a slow death.
Hence the Simple Sunday post didn't post till late afternoon.
Now I am trying to learn to use a tablet and it is not going well.

The good news is the Cowboy didn't make me read instructions yet!

The down falls...yes that is pural!

I don't know how to open more than one window.  Can I? 
The keyboard is way too small.  Iam getting better at typing  most everytime I try to use the left Shift I caps lock instead.
I don't know how to store pics

And I am tired and not sure I can make this work.

Is there anyone out there that can give me advice.

I am getting better at typing with 2 fingers. Sort of.

Time for wine.

I'll be back soon.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Simple Sunday-Fabulous Party

Free Scripture Printables | Are We There Yet?

Have a Blessed Day
The Party is here!
Link up. 
Please no Halloween

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome to HHM in Texas.  I follow Sandra each week and share what's been going on.  What I am planning to do and everything in between. 
Sandra provides the prompts
I add a few of my own.
Because I can. HeHe. 
Here's this weeks prompts

The weather
It's Fall in Texas.  Pretty much like Spring.  My two favorite seasons.  Although Spring I like better because I can do more planting for a longer time.  Sometimes Fall is short.  But we have nice weather now.  Probably the rain is gone for a while.  

On my reading pile
Gosh I have so much to read I need to write a special post.  
Here's a few on my phone
Wreath Between the Lines by Daryl Wood Gerber
The Killer Christmas Sweater Club by Terry Ambrose
Putting Down Roots in Kinsey Falls

What I am reading now
I am finishing up this one this weekend to review on Monday.
The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller (Haunted Bookshop Mystery) by [Coyle, Cleo]

On the t.v.
Nothing and I need ideas.  What are you watching?

What I am thinking
I need to get outside and plants some lettuce,broccoli and carrots.

Dinner tonight 
Not sure picking up steak and leftover chicken from a client. 
We'll see what it turns out to be. 

On the menu
Monday  Plain 'ole Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Salad, Bread
Tuesday  Split Pea Soup, BLT's maybe dessert. Yum.
Wednesday Taking 'Take Out' to M.I.L.
Thursday  Briskit from freezer, Potato Salad, Corn
Friday  I think there's a pot roast in the freezer

Last weeks menu (What worked/What didn't)
Monday-Guacamole Chalupa's (w/leftover beans), Spanish Rice
Tuesday - Tuna Casserole, Salad, Bread
Wednesday - Dinner with M.I.L. ordered in Applebeas I had pasta with chicken all DIL wanted was the salad that came with my order!  
Thursday - Pork Chips, Scalloped Potato's, Green Beans  I don't even know
Friday - Fried Catfish, Baked Potato's or maybe Hash Brown Casserole, Cole Slaw or I might do the Mexican Cat Fish that I didn't do last week   ✔ Well I did the Fried catfish and baked potatoes, and sliced tomatoes 

The Fabulous Party Features 
Did you know you can link your posts at the Fabulous party?
A couple posts caught my eye this week.
This looked so good.  Thanks you Carol for sharing.  Click here

Debbie Dabble shared her Fall Porch
Click here to visit her post and see an amazing sunset too.

My Ta Da moment
I wrote and published posts everyday last week except Friday. 
Yah me!  

My To Do list
Get supplies to make Fall wreath for Mother's door
Plant and work in garden
In the craft basket

From the camera
A treasure I brought home from MaMa's.  It was green and I sweet talked the Cowboy into painting it.   And yes that is the ugly part of the yard where there is no grass.  To much shade.  And Domino does a lot of running over there. 

Free Scripture Printables | Are We There Yet?

Have a Blessed Week
Leave me a comment and let me know you were here!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thankful Thursday

First and foremost I am Thankful that God provides.  
There has been so much going on here in the last few months. 
But God is good and he gives us what we need: physically, spiritually, financially and much more that I am forgetting at the moment. 
I am also Thankful that I am writing this Thankful post.  It's been 
a wild ride this summer.  But I am back and hopefully writing a post everyday.  I hope you enjoy my posts.  Leave me a comment and let me know!
I am Thankful for the facility where my mother is now living. 
I am Thankful for the nursing staff.  The go above and beyond. 
They call me with updates.  They are very helpful.  Good facilities are out there.  You just have to look for them!
I am Thankful that even though my son lost is dream job 2 weeks ago that God is providing.  He was offered the opportunity to buy a barn with an established lesson program.  Not exactly his dream but keeps him in 'the business' while giving my DIL and grandchildren 
jobs.   Please pray with us and them as they consider, pray about and work details out on this opportunity.  
I am Thankful for Fall and that a few of the plants in my garden have gotten a 2nd chance.  I notice the Nasturtiums are growing again.  They never bloomed in the summer.  Just died off.  But they are thriving again.  So I gave them a big 'ole drink of H2O today.
My herbs are thriving.  I even have Zinnia's that have sprouted in the last few weeks from the seeds that fell to the ground.  I don't know if they will have a chance to bloom but I hope so. 
I am Thankful God gives me things that make me smile.  This isn't my garden but I saw this today when I was outside trying to clean up.   The butterflies spent the day hanging around!  It was a beautiful and welcome site.  I hope I have my phone ready the next time!

Today I Smile
I am Thankful
What are you Thankful for?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wordless Wednesday-Add A Caption

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday
                                                   The day I post only a pic.

Add a caption _____________
Linking at a few parties
Come back Friday for the story!
And the caption suggestions.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dinner At Grand Ma's-Sunday Supper

Do you have fond memories of  Sunday meals at Grandma's?
My fond memories with my family center around Summer Sunday evenings at my grandparents.
Stock photo found on Google
This isn't my family but it could have been the year is pretty close to correct.  This photo reminds me of my Grandmother covering the table with newspapers.  I had forgotten that memory till now!

I wish I had the fore site to grab the table.  But I was the youngest
I didn't get the chance.  I remember it looking pretty much like this.
It would be cool now days in a vintage trailer turned 'She' shed. 
Don't ya think? 

Maybe your memories are more of  Granny cooking

Sadly I don't have those memories.  I was 15 when my Grandmother (that is what we called her) died at 104.  We think. 
I think that's pretty accurate but she tended to add a few years.  
It was a little hard to be sure since she had a full head of hair it was jet black.  She knew how to use the dye!

Do you have memories of special things Grandma cooked?

"Grandma would be standing in front of the stove, turning cloves of fresh garlic in a pool of sizzling oil, and forever stirring her big pot of gravy"

Because my grand parents were older I really don't have a lot of 
memories.  I have many more memories of my Mother cooking. 
No photo's but lots of memories.  Pies.  She made lots of pies.

I love this saying.  There is always lots of Love coming out of 
Grandma's kitchen. 
I love the Goose Berry Patch cookbooks.  I don't have this one but I bet its a great one.  I love all the extras these cookbooks have.   The drawings are always fun. 

This is how I remember Grandma's Kitchen
Do you have found memories?
Are you making memories now?  
Lot's of memories are made in Grandma's kitchen!
Sometimes we all need that second chance. Thank goodness for grandmothers!