Friday, February 5, 2016

The Call Of The . . .

Wild?  Nope.  It's the call of the sewing room.  
My little workhorse sewing machine has been whispering to me.

And then the other day I was sitting down working on the Art Journal for my daughter and these teeny tiny little fabric blocks 
chimed in . . . 
They've been sitting in this cute little box for forever. (sorry this shot is blurry) 

I wasn't even thinking about them and then . . . 
Log cabin blocks with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and fussy-cut centers. Wanda Hanson, 2009, Exuberant Color:

I saw this and my heart went pitter patter.  But I kept telling them I'm too busy to sew.  And then this morning I saw this!
log cabin heart quilt- something different:
And crazy person that I am I realized I needed a heart quilt for Valentines Day!  
So the heart pillows I was thinking about making today. Hmm. 
We'll see what happens.  

I might end up making pillows.  I don't have a pattern for this quilt. 
I'm 'winging it' but that's what I usually do. 

Stay tuned...

Oh and this beckoned me too . . . 
What a pleasure it has been to share a month of sewing goodness with you. Today we deliver another designer guest post from Tamara Kate designs. You may remember Tamara from an earlier post where s...::

Oh soo many ideas!  Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!

Friday's Hunt Featuring Letter "F"

Had an idea of what I was going to do for letter "F" then saw this on Facebook!  I had to share it . . . 

This story is in Grit magazine.  This Farm to Table dinner party is to raise money for the local Farmers 

Favorite Photo featuring Faithful Friends and a Faithful God.
Yesterday my grandson had surgery.  One of my daughters friends from church owns a local Farmers Market.  They brought a care package. 
updated:  My daughter work up yesterday with a cold and sore throat. She found this on her porch . . . 

Negative Space . . . 
This prompt was a little hard for me.  Here's what I came up with
My mantle with nothing on it.  I've been planning a post sharing all the areas I normally decorate minus all the Christmas decorations. 
The mantle, the glass shelves, the breakfast bar etc.  This is a sneak preview.  heh

And then I found this I wanted to add.  I wrote a post yesterday for Good Fences this one would have been perfect for that post . . . 

Click here to read my Good Fences post. 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Over The Good Fences

Sharing a collection of a different kind of fence today . . . 

over the orange fence:

thetaillesseventer:  Such a cool jump! (x):
Great shot of Richard Spooner and Cristallo - very cool jumper jump too! #charleighscookies #jumperland #equestrian:
Cool cross country jump! I think this could be easily done by drilling big holes in a fallen log or even 4x4, then bundling cut grasses (I'd wrap the bases with floral wire) and inserting into the holes.:
And a simple and sweet one . . . 
Sunny Side Up   Age: 15   Height: 12.0   Breed: Welsh Pony   Sex: Gelding   Color: Palomino   Discipline: Hunter   Jumping Ability:...:

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Tomato Plantin Time?

Call me crazy but I'm already thinking about planting tomatoes!
Because The Cowboy bought me this . . . 
Image result for topsy turvy tomato
 Now I'm asking why myself.  Because I'll be planting on our patio which gets the afternoon sun and they'll burn up.  

But I smiled and said thank you.  

All the while wishin'  I could take a pic like this later in the summer
This is my kitchen window from a few summers ago.  We got the chance to live for a few years in an old farm house.  I loved that 
little house.  

And the garden I was able to grow.    It was a good year for a garden.  

My very smart son told me how to cut my tomato plants back in July and keep watering them.  We had fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.  He's so smart.  

Doubt I'll be able to duplicate that here on the patio but it's worth a try!  I may end up having to hang them on the front porch.  Won't that look lovely.  

Or maybe The Cowboy has finally decided to agree to move and he has a plan for moving before summer!  

I can only hope!  

Oh and if you happen to have any tips on porch gardens let me know!

Before I go I want to thank everyone for the prayers and sweet comments and messages today.  
Surgery went well.  He was indeed a little trooper.  2 months recovery and he should be back to Karate!
Home laying on the couch with the turtle that went through surgery too.  His t.v. remote, the quilt I made for last surgery.  And the kitten he took wrapped in his baby blanket.  He swaddled it! 

He's showing off the blue tape they put on his hand.  He loved that tape.    

He asked the doctor to save the metal hardware they were taking out.  He plans to display it on the mantle!

We're all smiles and Happy.  Thanks for the prayers.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WordFilled Wednesday/Prayers Please

Good Morning.  I hope your morning is off to a great 'warm' start!
Today I'll be a 'off the grid'.  I am at the hospital with my grandson. 
He had surgery last June.  Some of you might remember . . . 
He was a trooper.  See the blue wrap on his arm.  He tickled us he wanted to take it home.  
He loved it when Pa visited.  The hospital stay was a little rough.
He was in a lot of pain. 
Day two at home.  He isn't a really happy camper.  He has a cast around his waist and all the way down his leg.  
He had the cast for 8 weeks.  After about 4 weeks he learned to crawl out of bed and around the house.  He was a hoot!
He got lots and lots of good wishes.  And silly toys and things to keep him busy.  It's hard to stay in bed for 8 weeks when your 7.

The blue/green crochet blanket was a prayer shawl their church brought to our daughter on surgery day.  She was Blessed.

But he finally got the cast off and he's been back to normal after a few months in a wheelchair. Well till December actually.  

He's had a couple of months of normal activity.  

And now.  Well.  It's back to surgery again.  In June they repaired 
his growth plate.  There was damage due to an injury.  They had to put pins in to hold the bones together.  
Tomorrow they will remove the pins.  It'll be a quick procedure. 
But, more convalescents. He'll be back in the wheelchair for a couple of weeks and then the walker again.  

So.  dear friends.  Can I ask you to say a pray for the little guy?
He needs strength and stamina.  And he needs to be still.  Which is hard to do!  

I'll be at the hospital for the day.  Hopefully I'l be home by 5:00 if all goes well.  

Prayers please!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vintage Cakes--Cookbook Review


The cover caught my eye.  Yummy!!!!!   And, I love anything Vintage so I knew I would enjoy this cookbook.  

Vintage Cakes offers a fun collection of updated recipes for both classic and forgotten cakes.  Some I was familiar with but some were new to me.  

There are recipes for layer cakes, rolls, bundt cakes and even no-bake cakes. And of course cupcakes!  There are over 50 different recipes with wonderful color photos.  I loved the use of vintage items in the photography.  

The author tested 'old fashioned' grandma recipes and made some changes to update . . . 
"I was happy to rid the recipes of any Crisco, Primex, Sweetex and margarine! I replaced the processed fats with good old-fashioned butter for the yummiest flavor and canola oil for tenderizing the crumb and adding moisture to the cake," Richardson said. 

This site actually has some of the recipes and great photo's from the cookbook.  Click Here

I really enjoyed reading this cookbook and looking at the photo's.  I was inspired to try a few of the recipes. 

I looked around the internet to see where you might purchase.  It appears to be widely available at 
Amazon and a few other places.  

Check it out.  You might consider purchasing a copy for a new bride.  I think it would make a great wedding gift. 

Thanks for visiting today.   I am off to the library for a new cookbook to share with you next week. 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather . . . 
It is absolutely beautiful.  It's a spring like day!  Thanking God for this lovely prelude.  Hopefully it'll last!

Right Now . . . 
I'm thinking how grateful I am for such nice weather.  I'm trying to get out more and walk the dog.  It's so nice.

Thinking. . .
About plans for the week.  Planning for Valentines Day Dinner

Looking forward to . . . 
Valentines Day Dinner.  We do an annual dinner for our daughter 
and our grandson.  It's a special time.  The come to our house.
I'm the chef and the Cowboy is the Maitre De.  The first year our 
grandson called him 'That Man' because he was in a suit!

On My Reading Pile . . .
Totally empty of review books.  Waiting for more. I do have  one Miralee Ferrell y/a book left.  This is a great series for young girls.

On My T.V. 
Not much just cooking channel
The Cowboy loves Oak Island
Occasionally a movie

Things That Make Me Happy . . . 
Not working.  Or at least not working everyday
Being able to make a menu for our dinners.

On The Menu . . . 
Monday- Pork and Stuffing in the Crock Pot, Salad
Tuesday- Chili Rellenos, Rice, Refried Beans, Salad
Wednesday- hmm how about a Quiche
Thursday-- Rib Eye, Potato and a Salad
Friday-- Chili

On My To Do List. . . 
Get all Christmas into garage and get garage back in order
Finish the scripture book I'm making for my daughter
Decorations for Valentines Day

What I Am Creating . . . 
Still working on the pink afghan actually haven't touched it since before Christmas.  Need to get back to it!

Looking Around The House . . . 
I see a clean/blank pallete.  Usually my house is a little cluttered in a good way.  At least I like to think it is.  My shelves are filled with books, nick nacks and candles.  The mantle is decorated.  The kitchen counter and table is decorated.  I'm living it all 'clean' this year till Valentines.  I think I'm starting a new tradition.  Less is more for January!

From The Camera . . . 

On My Prayer List . . . 
I've been praying for this girl at work.  She just keeps coming to my mind.  She is young and living with a boy friend and his parents. 
The are in their 20's she has a 3 year old and is pregnant.  There is 
so much more to the story.  I just pray that she is ok.  And that 
God protects her and the children. 

Bible Verse, Favorite Quote or Devotional . . . 

May your day be filled with Joy

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Pink Monday or Blue

So I've been in this whole Pink mood.  I keep seeing these tea cups
and chairs.  And I just want Pink.  
I'd love to have a Pink corner.  Sadly I don't think it's an option just ask Sally.  
Let's think about it. K?
Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas. ITS A THING!! I have a pink sands air freshener in my car and people always make fun of it...It's real people.:
Serious Sally what's so wrong with Pink?

Pink & Blue Color Contrast | Fish | Goldfish Underwater | Ocean | The Sea | Ocean Life | Water Element:
I want a fish bowl!

A Pink corner.  See isn't this Fabulous.  But I'm not too sure this isn't enough Pink.

Pink Floral Dresser | Hometalk:
Perfect for my little Pink (clearing my throat) Blue "HeHe" corner!

Now I need a chair so I can sit and . . . 
I just found a delicious tea called roasted almond that is clear pink until you add cream.....looks just like this:

Drink a cup of tea.  Because I'm going to be tired from  . . . 
Image result for blueberry muffins
Making Blue Berry muffins with my Fabulous Pink stand mixer!
Ooooh!!! This is so pretty!!! Except I think I'd bake more if I had this and then I'd get even fatter than I am! :):
And while I sip my tea and munch on my Fabulous muffin I'll look at the mantle and . . . 
Cute vignette on a dresser. Three mirrors or frames painted the same color and layered.:
. . . plan to paint a few frames for Valentines Day.  
Which btw I have the perfect new frames I got for $1.00 each at the thrift store last week!  I love not working!
pink sparkle quote;
                                                              He He
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Have a Good Day

                              photo 10631_12118_5a_zpse3cad1db.jpg

                      May your day be Blessed with Stillness 

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Hunt--Letter E

Joining Teresa' at Eden Hills for Friday Hunt and here are her topics.

Begins with "E"

This photo is waaaay back from a 2008 post.  Click here to read the post.  
In our house Elephant begins with 'E'.  My daughter collected Elephants when she was growing up.  In second grade she had over 200.  She took a few of them to school for Show and Tell and passed out peanuts. (that was waaaay back in the day when you could do that....She also took a knife to cut her pear!  Well the teacher cut the pear.  They shared it.)
The above photo shows only a few of the Elephants. 
Last year I dug all the Elephants out of storage and did this . . . 
Elephant Tree:
It was part of her Christmas present.  She's taken most of the Elephants home now.  

And now back to the hunt . . . 

Favorite Photo of the week . . . 
This was simple

Outside . . . 
I took this photo a few days before Christmas.  I just love my
'neighborhood'.  It's so nice to look at the pretty white fence everyday when I walk Daisy.  I love being Outside.

It's beautiful 'Outside' this week in Texas I hope your having some nice days!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Critters/Good Fences

Borrowed this from a Facebook friend.  Awesome!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Potlock part 1

                                            Image result for vintage potluck
What kind of memories does this simple word conjure up for you?
Potlock . . . 
Did you have good family memories?
Do you immediately think chocolate cake? 
Do you just envision table after table of food?
                                        Image result for vintage potluck
      Do you think Sunday lunch?  Or family reunions?
                                    Or Deviled Eggs?
                                    Or Potato Salad?
                My mouth is watering thinking about it!  
My most vivid memories of Pot Luck were when we went to family reunion.  Which by far were the boring 'est' few years of my preteen existence.  And a few years of my childhood before that. 
As I write I questions go through my mind that I never bothered to 
ask my parents.  Like why did we never go to reunions before I was 12? 
Twelve that was the first year we started going a couple hours away to the tiny town of Weatherford,Texas. 
                                        Image result for mary martin weatherford
                                           The home of Mary Martin.
                                       And peaches.
I think the peaches is the 'real' reason my mother wanted to go. 
(It was my fathers family)  

I remember the first time walking in to the community room at a local park.  The ceiling had orange painted egg cartons covering it! 

            Snazzy! It was the 70's. I didn't get it.  Still don't.

I didn't 'get' being drug over to all these poor old (at least I thought they were) people that were clueless who I was but were so happy to see me.  

Isn't it weird.  You have these family members you never see. Never hear from but they act all excited to see you and then you never see them again.  

At least that's the way it was back then.  Before the internet and the genealogy crazy. 

And that was the population at these reunions.  The absolute 
total number of children was 1.  Me.  My brother and sister were teenagers.  Actually they were almost adults too.  
                              blossom border
                              Fun times were had by all!

I think I'll go boil an egg or two.  The Cowboy makes the best deviled eggs!

                     How about a Potluck!
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Warm Heart/Wordless

Time again for Wordless Wednesday.  I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  Time flies when your having fun! 
In my case no work.  Oh opp's.  Sorry this is supposed to be wordless . . . 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miss Kay's Kitchen-Book Review

I had a hankerin' and I need a recipe.  So I went to my collection 
and pulled out this great cookbook . . . 
Image result for miss kay's kitchen

I knew my 'go to' homecookin' girl would offer what I wanted.  

Have you had the opportunity to read or purchase this cookbook? 

Let me tell you it is chock full of wonderful recipes.  
And, it is filled with stories and photo's.  So, not only is it a great tool it's a great read!  

I've enjoyed each and every recipe I've tried. 
From the yummy Mexicorn Cornbread (pg. 55) to the Crawfish Fettucine (pg. 118) we tried it first and loved it.  

My next recipe to try is the mouth watering and yummy Blackberry Jam Cake.  Oh my. Yum.  4 layers of yum!  I hope mine will look as good!

The cookbook is filled with photos. 

The chapters/sections are not set up like a normal cookbook which might be a little annoying to you but it's worth it.  

Here are a few of the section titles. 
Cooking with Phil, Feeding My Boys, Company's Coming
and many more.  

Each section has a huge variety of recipes.  It's much easier to look in the index for recipes than go to a section.  

Have you had a chance to check it out?  
Image result for miss kay's kitchen
You can find it at:Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Walmart.

I'm going to go bake a cake now!   

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