Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom

Happy almost Thanksgiving Day to you!  
Before I begin my day of prep.  I was inspired by this photo to write a post for Wit and Wisdom to share with you and Linda Kay!
                                         With or Without, 57 x 67", quilt pattern by Cheryl Wittmayer. Shown in Marcia Derse fabrics:
I saw this on Pinterest this morning and fell in love!  I love the colors.  I love the designs.
I can imagine texture.  I love the way the border becomes a part of the quilt in the rows!

I actually had another post planned but I thought today I would share this fabulous photo
and a little about me and my passion for quilting. 

I began sewing as a small girl.  In high school I took the required Home Ec. class was bored
in both the sewing and cooking by the second day.  I began cooking the entire evening meal by the time I was in 5th grade. (My mother worked nights)  

I've sewn garments for myself (without a tremendous amount of success) off and on until 1982 when our daughter was born.  For a few years I found my niche.  I sewed everything 
we put on her body.  She had dresses for every occasion and shoes to.  Because I saved so much money on clothes we could afford to buy shoes.  (I spoiled her she has a shoe fetish)

I learned tailoring techniques.  I made jodphurs for her with a jean type fly front zipper 
out of pale lavender corduroy.   (I wish had the forethought to keep them!)  

All my sewing was done on an old Elna machine that had been my mothers.  I had no book but a bagillion feet and gears that I knew nothing about.  I didn't know anything about tension or how a machine works.  I just plugged along and sewed and ripped out and tinkered and probably cussed a little till I managed a decent stitch.  

I was self taught.  Well not exactly I was taught by Singer and Butterick.  Everything I knew how or learned to do was through patterns.  The patterns explained in detail how to make the garment. 

I developed a fairly good skill for a person that doesn't read instructions well.  I am more of a hands on kind of learner.  Show me how to do something and I can do it.  

Give me an instruction manual and I'll read a few steps and skip to the end.  

And then The Cowboy got a really, really good job.  And he bought me a Bernina in August of the year our daughter was in 2nd grade.     Only a few months later in January  we moved our kids to private school.  And I was crushed.  She began wearing uniforms.  I had no idea what I was going to do with this expensive machine!  

And then one day I stumbled onto a quilt shop.   Scratch that . . . Into a quilt shop.  

I haven't been the same since.   I loved that little shop.  I learned a lot.   I met ladies that over 20 years later I still keep in touch with.  

I meant to mention when I was talking about my first machine that this was waaaay before
the internet.  But you probably figured that out.  

I took classes on all kinds of disciplines of quilting.  I listened.  I learned.  We students absorbed the information garnered by these fine ladies as Gospel.    

But there was a problem.  I pieced the tops and then I was stuck.   I was spending so much money on fabric and classes that I really didn't have what was needed to actually have the quilts quilted.  At least I thought I didn't.  

The trend at the time was to take your quilt tops to professional quilters.  Long arm quilting was beginning to be a big business and industrious and creative quilters that had a little extra money began purchasing machines and starting their own businesses.    

When I shopped for a quilter within my budget that's when I found out some were better than others.    

Luckily the quilt that I took to be quilted wasn't a great piece but the poor workmanship 
put an abrupt halt to my sending my quilts out to be quilted. 

And so for many years my tops have laid waiting to be finished.  

Because of the inter net and Leah Day I've have taken the plunge and begun quilting my own quilts.  Since finding Pinterest I've absorbed pins and videos much like I did back in the day when I was taking classes.   

I can do this because I don't have to 'read' instructions.  I can watch a video and figure it out. 

I've come along way.  I have a long way to go.  I've accomplished my desire to quilt a king size quilt on my domestic machine.   The work isn't perfect.  My poor little machine tries it's hardest.  It doesn't make beautiful stitches like my Bernina (it's sick needs to go to the shop)
but I don't make quilts meant to 'show'  I don't need a blue ribbon.  

                                                                  I just love the process.  
                                                    That's why I make quilts.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Kitchen Smells Heavenly

Oh my!  This is in my oven . . . 

I've mentioned my local Kroger is crazy with the markdowns.
This fabulous piece of fish was marked down to $7.29.

All I had to do was pop into oven.  And it is smelling divine!  

Not that we would eat the whole thing but for a meal if we did eat it all that's like really cheap per person. 

Really cheap is where I'm trying to go.  

We're blessed we can find bargains like this!

I'm serving broccolli on (on sale at Sprouts) and risotto.  My first time and not sure it'll be a keeper.  
Image result for delallo risotto
Also a bargain at .39.  I've had it in the pantry a few weeks not really sure what to do with it.  Sounded good and needed to use it. 
I just followed the box instructions and looks like regular 'ole rice to me 'cept cooked in chicken broth and onion.  We'll see.  

So if I was to count this meal in my spending $60.00 (if I was doing it) at the grocery I'd be at my target!  

I'm still debating what I can feasibly shoot for on the whole $60.00 challenge.  But it feels good to be trying!

Click here to read about the $60.00 challenge.

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Share A Cup With Jan/Thursday Hostess

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving week. 
I'm working almost harder than if I was at work this week. 
                         But I'm enjoying not being at work!

Today I want to invite you to visit Jan at 
                        Have a Cup With Mrs. Olson.  
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               She has a wonderful Thursday link party! 

I just love link parties.  It's a great way to meet new bloggers.

I'm Thankful for friends like Jan that share their blog and provide away for me to meet new bloggers.  

                                          I have so much to be thankful for. I am blessed!:
If you haven't met Jan drop over and tell her 'Hi'! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Fences/Go Team Tex!

Continuing to celebrate the wonderful party hostesses. 
Today a favorite Tex at Good Fences . . . 
The sweet and wonderful Tex calls bloggers over to link photo's of fences.    I love visiting all the links. 

Here's a few of fences Tex has shared with us through the years. . . 

The newest from today's post.  Tex's caption A long walk for the Sunday paper.

And a fun one from waaaay back at the beginning.  This is Tex's first Good Fences link up party!   

Join her each Thursday and Friday for the linky!

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Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra today . . . .
Happy Homemaker Monday
The Weather:::
Nice.  Been cold but warming up.

Right now I am:::
Enjoying a week off.  

I might be getting a new job.  So this is my last week off for awhile.  They should call today.

On my reading pile:::
Waiting on a couple of review books in the mail 
On my tv:::
I rarely turn on the t.v. Mostly listen to Jazz.
But I am enjoying the Hallmark Christmas movies

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Potato Soup and BLT's
Tuesday -  Green Chili Stew (Cowboys Choice)
Wednesday -   Tacos (My Choice)
Thursday - Thanksgiving at our Daughters
Friday -  Leftover Chili Stew and Tacos 
Saturday - Steak, Potato, Salad
Sunday -  Hmmm  'Wing It Day'

On my to do list:::
Cleaning/moving storage from space to home
Pulling out Christmas decorations
Finishing Denim Commission Quilt

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Pink crocheted Afghan for my daugther, Purple for DIL 
Always a quilt going on
quilting a denim commission that I can't wait to finish so I can get on with my stuff!

Looking around the house:::
Beginning to look like Christmas

From the camera::
Doodle/Art rough draft  for my daughther's Christmas present

On my prayer list:::
My job looking situation and my current job and people there and the situations they are all facing.

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Woke up with these words going through my head. . . 
Cast my cares on you.  You are the anchor in the storm

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Blue Monday-Blue Work Horse

Good Morning.  Happy Thanksgiving Week. 
Today I'm sharing with my little Blue Work Horse . . . 
My sweet little sewing machine is a true work horse! 

My current project is . . . 
A King Size denim quilt.  Normally a quilt would have batting in the middle but I chose to use a flannel sheet for this project. 
I was a little afraid my machine would have trouble. 
The paisley print is the back of the quilt.  I'll also use it for the binding.  
I basted heavily. I probably baste to much but I'd rather be safe than sorry. 
You can see white strips of contact paper.  Contact paper is my choice for marking my quilts.  I don't like using special marking tools.  Sometimes even though the are supposed to erase or wash away I've known other quilters who've ruined quilts with these pens.  So I'd rather not try. Contact paper works great for me.  

I'll be spending my week finishing up this quilt.  Maybe I'll be able to share on Friday with Crazy Mom.  

Until then I'm linking with Sally for Blue Monday.  
Last week I featured Sally.  Click here to visit that post.  Leave a comment on Sally's feature to enter her in my hostess give a way. 
Thanksgiving Barbie
                                 Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cutting Down/Spending Less

Spending less has been on my mind for awhile.  
Image result for spending less
Most of you know I've been looking for a new job.  For many reasons I need to find a new place to spend my days.  

One main reason is we just need more money.  I recently changed my position because I needed less hours (for many reasons) but 
the change cut into our budget just tooooooo much!

Image result for budget money
We've been looking at our expenses and realized that we spend the most money on food.  Not eating out.  Just plain 'ole grocery shopping.  
Image result for grocery shopping cart
We've always been ad shoppers so that's really not something we need to change.   

We're just 'foodies' we love cooking.  We love eating LOL.  We love all kinds of food and we cook all kinds of food at home. 

I'm more of an 'eat out' person than the Cowboy.   As much as I enjoy cooking I just enjoy not having to do it. 

We've already made a few changes.  I've begun making a menu. 
menu planning clipart - Google Search
That has helped us so much.  When I don't have a menu I tend to drive home from work and wonder what to cook and so I stop and buy food.  

Cowboy tends to shop the ads and buy meat.  That's all just meat. 
If we're planning on spending $80 he'll spend $60 on meat.  

I've finally convinced him we have to buy staples and so our pantry right now is really full.  (I'll share pics on my next post)

Which makes me happy.  I hate trying to make a recipe and needing an item and not having it.   One thing we just can't keep on hand is broth!  We really need to buy some this week since it'll be on sale for Thanksgiving.  

We buy our canned veggies on sale usually when they are .49.  We stock up!  

A couple of weeks ago Kroger had pasta .39!  The Cowboy bought 10 packages.   

We don't eat a lot of pasta but it's on hand.  Pasta Salad is great for taking to work for pot lucks.  We have one at work every other month.  

Tonight I read a really cool post at Life At Cobble Hill Farm.
Staci has been sharing her challenge to spend $60.00 a week in grocery's.  I was so intrigued about how she's documenting her challenge that I've decided to do the same.  

I'm not really sure if $60.00 is a good figure for us.  We'll have to think about it.  But just the idea makes me feel good.  It's a goal. 
I love goals.  
Image result for goal

I hope that you'll enjoy this new Journey and come along with me.
So beginning this week.  I'll be sharing my new Journey.  

If your following by email I hope you won't mind if I write more than one post a day.  I'll still be doing the regular link parties.
And I'll be continuing featuring our party hostesses this week. 
Come by and check out the features and visit my favorite parties!