Thursday, May 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday--Follow

Joining Five Minute Friday again.  It's nice to be back writing from a prompt for only 5 minutes.   Simple.
Easy.  No plans, no regrets, no edits etc.  Here goes . . .
Start . . .  
Who do you follow?  That's a big buzz word in the blog world.  I catch myself checking my stats almost daily to see who's stopping by.  Who is following me.  But I wonder why?  Do you follow me because I follow you?  Do you follow because you like what you find here.  Do you follow to build your list of followers?  These are all questions I am sure we've asked ourselves at least a few times.
I know when I choose to follow another blogger I tend to choose bloggers that like the same things I do.
But I also follow bloggers that have different interests.  Bloggers that live in different places.  Single moms, lovely ladies with 1 child or 20.  Working moms, stay home moms.  Yes I do follow a lot of different people.  Please with different hopes, dreams.  Different hobbies.  Different  ways of dressing.  I could go on an on.  I don't know why you follow me. Or if you do.  I do follow bloggers.  But there are footsteps I follow too.

                                               Image result for jesus walking on water
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                                                         Happy Trails

Alphabet Thursday "A" is for Apple

A few years ago my mother moved back to Texas.   It was a difficult and bittersweet move.  After 52 years
she was setting up house all alone.  There was a part of her that was a little giddy.  I talked to her several
times prior to her move and she talked about decorating her kitchen with apples.

Image result for vintage apple decor
I wish I had found this phone.  I can just see her sitting and chatting on an apple phone. Is this just not an adorable example of Apple decorating.  I found this when I googled Vintage Apples

Eventually her kitchen was filled with apples.  From canisters, to towels.  Of course there's a clock and a rug.  But I noticed there is no apron.  Now this is interesting because she makes and sells apron!  She just doesn't use on.

I got to wondering how many apple aprons I could find on Ebay.  Here are the results.
Vintage 1960's Colorful Red Apple Fruit Floral Cotton Kitchen Half APRON
This one looks like one my mother would make.  If she made Apple aprons. (Snicker) Click here to buy it on Ebay.  The description says it's from the 60's.

How about one a little older . . .
Red Apple Kitchen  Apron Vintage 1950's Handmade Adorable Never Worn!
I like the '50's version better.  Found here.
Red Bandanna Apple Print Handmade Vintage 1/2 KITCHEN APRON~Rockabilly~Retro 50s
Wow.  This one is supposed to be old too and it's only at .99!  Click here to bid.
Vintage Retro Red Black White Gingham Check Apple Rockabilly Glam Teacher Gift
Another old one.  Click here and here
Full Length Bib Apron White Green Red APPLES Room Essentials
Very cute I think for a newer apron.  Click here
All this talk about aprons makes me want pie . . .

Image result for apple pie Image result for apple pie

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                                                       Happy Trails
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Journey

Linking with Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.
Choose a photo write a story . . .
 photo 10631_12118_5a_zpse3cad1db.jpg

The road is long.  The Journey begins and you don't know where it will take you.  You might have an
idea.  Or a hope.  Or a dream.  But you really don't know.

Sometimes when you stumble you wonder whats the purpose.  When you feel pain or hurt you ask questions.  Most of the time there are no answers.

You put one step in front of the other and you press on.  Because you realize your not the only
one on this Journey.  It's not just about me.  Even though its my Journey its decided by other people.  Other circumstances.

The Journey continues. One day at a time.  One adventure at a time. One dream at a time.  One heartache.
And sometimes one Surprise at a time.

Thanks to Linda Kaye for hosting Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  Click Here.

                                                          Happy Trails

Tuesday Garden Party

Sharing a few of the lovely garden areas I get to see on my daily walks.
The begonia are really thriving . . .
Anyone know what the vine on the fence is?
It's always hard to get the flowers and the dog.

And one last one I found in my files . . .
A few zinnias I had planted by our barn.

Today I am restarting my tradition of ending each post with a horse photo. Perfect for garden photo's.
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                                         Happy Trails 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I enjoy joining Ashley for her weekly photo Scavenger Hunt.  She provides the prompts and a link up.
It's fun to creatively fi go nd photos to match the prompts.

These prompts were petty simple for me.  Some weeks I really have to stretch myself and that is good.

So, without further ado here's this weeks . . .
Makes me happy. . . I put the collage together for another linky.  Going to a horse show with my daughter always made me happy.  Now I get to with my grandson.

This one is a stretch for the prompt but bear with me.  Horizon . . . This one was hard.  But I love this pic.  She is the sunshine of my life and so I think it works.
Favorite Place . . . I enjoy walking the dog.  And getting to do it with the Cowboy is a Blessing.
Doesn't happen often.  This lovely lake is just across the street from where we live.
Another stretch.  Bubbles. . . I was playing with PicMonkey and and added this effect  if you have an imagination it might look like bubbles.

And one lone Yellow shirt in a sea of grey.  This photo was taken where we pastor.  My  Cowboy pastors at a boys prison unit .

Have a wonderful week!

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Critters Make My Saturday Sweet

My favorite thing to do on a Spring Saturday is go to a horse show. Makes my Saturday Sweeeeet!

'Wanna a see  a few of my favorite pics?

My daughters horse is named "Cowboy".  This horse is 15 and amazing.  He performs and competes well in her advance classes and then changes gears and settles in for our Sweet little 'Cowboy' to compete.

This is called a Lead Line class.  Young children are led in by a handler.

They all win.  He has been so proud of his prizes.   This was a decorated horse shoe prize.  It's displayed proudly in their living room.

And a few more . . .

We just  love our 'Critters' they make my Saturday Sweet

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alphabet Thursday Z is for Zentangle

Z is for Zentangle . . . 

fabiola FUNG - 20 - canada   art  sketch gown

I first became interested in Zentangle when I was searching for quilting patterns and ideas.  I really didn't
know exactly what it was.  But, I was enchanted.

Here's a definition . . .

Zentangle Method

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over this world across a wide range of skills, interests and ages.
We believe that life is an art form and that our Zentangle Method is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.   (Click Here for more info.)
 Here are a few samples . . . 

I am very interested in illustrated scripture.  My interest in Zentagle has grown since I realized that it is an excellent method to use for illustrating scripture.

Here's one example . . .


zentangle cat - Google Search
Lots of ideas . . .
And one perfect for letter Z . . .
 Ehlers Danlos is a genetic condition, and those of us with it are known as ZEBRAS. Because when Dr.s hear hoofbeats, they think horses, not zebras. Our symptoms often are misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or other disorders.

Z is for Zentangle 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Can't Grow A Bean

"I can't grown a bean."  Strange words for a mother to hear from her son that grows Blue Ribbon Tomatoes.
 I couldn't imagine why he was having trouble with beans.  He has given me tons of gardening advice.

Like how to get your 9 year old to help in the garden . . .

And how to line your boots up in a row . . .

And I thought well hmm.  I need to help him out.   Maybe, just maybe I can find some help over at Jami's.  Jami hosts a fabulous Garden Party every week.   Maybe one of her party goers can give some advice!

So here's his delima.  His plants get to a few inches tall and then those rascally rabbits eat them up!

Now his solution wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear so I am calling out for Help.

Here's a hint of what he intended for the poor little rabbits!

If anyone has a solution please let me know!

The younger garden and turkey hunter is a budding photographer  also . . .

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Wednesday Filled With Words

Wednesday Filled With Words ---Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed big dreams.
Her dreams were big or at least she thought they were because if they were to come true  . . . 
It would be really, really Big.
And so she dreamed . . . 
She would sit in the car and watch for fences as the family drove through the country.  Not just any fence but special fences.  Fences that meant . . . 

She loved weekends when the family toured the countryside.
And she dreamed.

Every day when she walked home from school she would stop.

She would look around to see if anyone was watching.  And slowly tentatively she would reach up and climb a fence. 

All the while hoping that maybe today was the day she actually got to touch . .  .
And she would say to him. " I would not leave you here all alone."
And . . .  'I'll save all my kisses only for you.'  

 And she knew that one day her dreams would come true . . . 

                                             And they did
And her . . . 
                            Trails were Happy
And she gave him all her kisses until one day. . . 
She kissed the Cowboy.  And that's another story.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing with PicMonkey

I  love editing my photo's with PicMonkey.  It is fun to play around with.  Here are a few simple
changes . . .
First I made a fun collage of photo's from our daughters birthday a few years ago.  We took her to lunch at the marina of a local lake.

I added this water effect to the collage.  Just for fun playing around.

Next I played with individual photos adding frames etc.
I love this shot.  This is a couple of years ago.  He has all his teeth.  Now he is missing his two front teeth.
This one I changed the size when I put it in the post.  I love the large size.
Playing in the water.  I framed this one like a snap shot.  This is the size of the photo's straight from Pic Monkey.
Here's the same one with a frosty edge.

I think I like the snap shot best.  And one more with Mama . . .
Pic Monkey is really fun and free.  There are more options if you choose to spend a few dollars and upgrade.   Check it out. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue Monday Mothers Day Dinner

My Mothers Day was fabulous and filled with Blue so I had to share with Sally at Blue Monday!

There were five of us treking between the rain storms to go downtown to our favorite place for Tex-Mex.

This has been our families place to eat since I was a child.   I can remember siting in the booth and looking
at the Blue tile on the wall.

This fabulous vintage photo is on the menu and tells the history.  If you look close you can see the Blue tile 
and the lighter tile which have pictures of from Mexico.  I always loved the donkeys in the tiles.  
My mother always ordered coffee.  They served the cream in tiny little pitchers and I would drink the cream.

When I go I never look at the menu!
Chicken and Rice is the only thing I ever order.  Only in the last few years have the added the chalupa on the side.  I remember being young and getting a small round plate while my older sister got the adult portion.  
I couldn't wait to be older enough to order it.  Finally when the day came my parents said I would never 
eat it all.  I fooled them!

Just to add a little more blue for Sally . . . 

And one more . . . 

The taco dinner is good too but I love the Chicken and Rice!  

I remember as a child and going almost every Sunday for lunch!  Well maybe soon we'll be going more regular because they are building another one in our town just a few minutes from us!   

I wonder if the walls will have Blue tiles?  

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
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