Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Happy Homemaker In Texas

Good Morning. Welcome to my Saturday feature . . .

I join Sandra.  She provides most of the prompts.  I add a few of my own when things pop into my head.

Let's get with it!

The weather . . . B.B.B.Brrr! Winter kind of  in my neck of the woods.  On Friday we had sun and 40 mile an hour winds! 

We'll have wintery weather for the week. But mostly sun upper 30's in the morning then upper 60' in the afternoon.

On the breakfast plate . . . I am thinking Pancakes today.  Wonder what the Cowboy will suggest.

I am wearing . . . Warm fleece pants for outside then I strip down to shorts and a tank for inside.

Things that

 make me happy . . .

Dr. Pepper.  

My dogs.  


On my the menu . . . 

Monday Mussels over Angel Hair Pasta, Salad (from the garden) a Baguette

Tuesday Back to Taco's again. We really do love 💕 them!

Wednesday Leftover Ham I cooked on Saturday, Scalloped Potatoes and Broccoli from . . . Guess where!

Thursday . . . Pork Cutlets, Stuffing and Green Beans 

Friday . . . Split Pea Soup with Ham, B.L.T.'s 

The To Do List . . .

P.T. on Monday no stopping at Mexican Market.  Payday on Wednesday.

Plan a grocery list.  We get paid this week so I will get all my house supplies.  And fill the freezer.  We ne d fresh fruit and veggies too.

The Cowboy is having knee replacement.  On Monday I need to call and schedule a dental check before they can schedule surgery.

Always on the list Vacuum,sweep and mop 

I need to mow leaves didn't get it done last week.

Check if seeds are out at ACE hardware.  Maybe go to Tractor Supply on Thursday after payday to check on seeds and bulbs.

Still working on organizing books after moving shelves.

I wrote about the chaos over Here

Still trying to get the Studio organized.

And still trying to keep up with putting away clean laundry.

My 'Ta Da' moment . . .  I managed to get all laundry washed and clean the pile of stuff from in front of dryer.  I can sweep and mop now!

Still have my clothes to put away.

I am reading now . .  .

On my TBR pile . . . 

I have a pile right now.  Lots if ARCs for tours, lot's of freebies from Christmas.   

Here are a few

In the garden . . . There is so much I want to do.  

I want to add a row of climbing Green Beans to shelter the Broccoli bed.

I want to start a bigger bed for Okra.

I am thinking of adding a bed  along the fence for more Green Beans.

Only planning 1 to 4 Tomato plants.  The Cowboy really doesn't like them.  But he likes Salsa so maybe we need to talk! 😎🍅🌮

 Planning more space for Cucumber 🥒 and Corn 🌽

In the studio . . . I had a super productive week last week.  I was able to write a post about my Journaling.  

My post is over Here

I have organized a lot and moved things around so I can be more productive. 

We have agreed I need a new work surface.  The table I moved in a few weeks ago is o.k. but doesn't really fill my needs and it is too big.

So I am shopping for a replacement.  I am hoping to find a desk with a hutch that I can afford. 

Coming soon . . .

To relax this week I will . . .

For weeks I have been wanting to go the library.

Or just sit in the greenhouse and look at my magazines

From the camera . . .

The wind was so cold I on my big coat with hood and the beer a quilt and down filled throw! Lola was guarding me from Lizards!


I hope your week is Sparkly!

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Good Morning


Foodie Friday-In The Rustic Dinner Plate


Welcome to 

Foodie Friday

On the plates this week . . .

Two pieces of Toast slathered in Peanut Butter just the way the Cowboy likes it?
A yummy meal. I sprinkled Wright Rub seasoning on Chicken leg quarters . . . It's what we feed the dogs.  Did you know I make the dogs food?
I served our meal with Rice.  I drizzled the dippings from the Chicken on the Rice and dipped the Baguette.  A colorful meal with Yams.

I got the Eggs right.  Leftover thin Pork Cutlets and Hash Browns.
This is my plate.  The Cowboy doesn't eat store bought 🍅 and will only eat big fresh Tomatoes.  Weird huh?

I was tired and trying to clean out the freezer.  Chicken Fried Steak . . .
We always clean our plates when we have Chicken Fried Steak!  He finished off the Fries too!
He didn't even save a bite for the dogs.
A lunch that reminds me of growing up.  No Tomato Soup.  Not a fan.
Sometimes the Cowboy has odd ideas.  He wanted this Canned Ham on a Sandwich.
Just the way he wanted it.  He used a Mexican Bread.  I don't know what it's called but they are in the deli and cheap.
The Chicken I showed earlier was the leftover from this meal.  I had made Mexican Chicken and Rice.  The Cowboy isn't really a fan but he humors me because I love it!  I served his with Leg quarter and made a big Nacho from a Chalupa shell
A chopped Salad I thought was great.
Tomato on the side.  I ate them all.
Here's the Rustic Plate again.  I used as a platter.  Finished off those French Fries.  
Served with a strange to me cut of Meat.  I just put in Wright Rub and baked.  

Desert was waiting.  We love Angel Food Cake.

My lunch . . . 
Very yummy and filling with lots of meat.  
Planning on cooking this soon.  Look at the Broccoli I grew!

And our Thursday night meal.  It turned out so good.  My mouth is drooling thinking about it.  I never do soft Tortilla for Tacos.  We had a small amount of Hamburger.  I just cooked it up threw on Onion Powder (out if Onions how can it be?), Garlic Powder because I too lazy to peel and chop because all my attention was on the Pablano that I filled with the last if the Shrimp from the freezer.  I cooked it it then chopped and put in the Pepper and topped with Cheese.  I intended to wrap with Bacon but when I pre-cooked the Bacon I left in oven to long so I just broke it apart and topped the cheese.  A couple minutes in the broiler and yum!

So good
My favorite meal this week!
What was your favorite meal?

Have a Sparkly Day

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Good Morning


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Good Morning In The Studio

 Good Morning friends.  Today I am opening the door to my studio.  So grab a cup of something warm and come inside . . . 

It is always cozy inside.  This is my special place.  The door is always closed and rarely do I have visitors.  

The dogs are sweet.  They wait patiently while I am creating.  

This week I am working on an Altered Book that will become a Journal.
Are you wondering
What is an Altered Book?

Here's the definition I googled

What Is An Altered Book? Simply put, an altered book is an art object that has been created from an existing, printed book. The book is altered through whatever means and media the artist chooses. This generally means using the book's pages as a canvas on which to apply paint, collage or rubber stamping. 

Creator's  usually take a book and tear out some pages and then create an art piece

  If your interested there are all kinds of examples on Pinterest and You Tube. 

I think my project will be a place where  I either write scripture, or use to write letters to God.  Or as a Daily Journal.

I haven't decided it. Yet.  My project was inspired by one of my FB groups called Junkin' For Jesus.  

Each day the group provides a video with a prompt.  

I began a few days late because I struggle with the entire concept of tearing up books.  Most folks use thrift store finds.  Or buy at Dollar Tree.  But I still struggle.  

I also struggle with Bible Journaling that covers over the word.

I really wanted to do this challenge and when I started watching the daily videos I was more and more interested.  

On day 1 the artist planned to do hers out of a Magazine.  Call me weird but that concept got me.  I can cut up a magazine all day long.

But the thought of tearing up a book.  I just can't do it.

And the other day when I was taking books off shelf's to move things around.  

I found this book . . . 

It is actually a homeschool Spanish book.  The size was perfect because if I decide to journal I will have lots of room because I write big.

To prepare your book you start by tearing pages.  The reason you tear pages is because when you add glued elements the book gets bigger/thicker.

Starting on page 1 we were instructed to count 4 pages and then tear out page 5 & 6.  
Then continue this process all the way to the back cover.

Also on day 1 we were prompted to decorate the cover.  I chose to skip decorating because I haven't decided how I will use my project.

On to Day 2
We were prompted to use junk mail.  I also used some tea and coffee dyed paper to fill in blank spots.
On the upper right I used a piece of a Daily To Do List.  I dyed.  It had lines so it will give me a place to write.  I also added a blank piece of dyed paper as a spot to journal or write.

I left the seed packet complete and opened at the top so I could put something inside.

Day 3
This was a fun day.  The prompt was to use packaging.
Bits and pieces from anuthing.  In the right is a tag from a clothing line I manufactured years ago.  I also used a piece of packing from France.  I am thinking it held soaps maybe.
Here is a close up. . . 
And a closer shot I glued it to be a tuck spot.   I have the Day 3 sign tucked in so you can see the tuck spot.

I really loved this spread. . . 
I glued the fork at the top onto both pages so they would be connected.  

The fork and spoon I cut from a Trader Joe's bag.  The green paper underneath and sticking out from the coffee dyed paper is from my water bill.  I also used it on the previous page.  The purple paper is actually from a toilet paper roll.  I thought it was funny.  I saved it knowing I could find a use.

 On Day 4 we were prompted to use a magazine.  I started the spreed using text.  I went through several magazines and also used a couple of old Dictionary pages to make a foundation.  
I chose text with different fonts.  I rubbed a nail file over the paper to take off some of the gloss and then applied Brown eye shadow to give it an aged look.  I will go back later a choose  magazine photo's that compliment my theme.
On day five the prompt was to use Ledger paper.  I have only a few pieces of Vintage Ledger so I hoard it.  But I found in my stash some ephemera.  The Bicycle is on Ledger Paper. The graph paper to the right I had cut with scalloped scissors I let it hang over the edge just barely to add interest to the edge of the page. 
Since I only have a few pieces of Ledger I used the Coffee dyed Graph Paper, a page from an office calender and phone message. 
For day 6 our prompt was to use Lace.  I know I will use Lace in lots of places once I start actually filling my pages.  

I am having a lot of fun with this new project  I hope you enjoyed visiting my Studio. 

I am itchin' to work on my next page so I  am off now to go check out Facebook and find today's prompt. 

Enjoy your day.  I hope it is Sparkly!

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