Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don't Fence Me In

Fences and Gates . . . seen a few in my day . . . I actually love gates
especially if I don't have to open them. LOL.

When a Cowboy rides in the truck with friends he sits in the middle so he doesn't have to open the gate.  LOL.

Not so true anymore since everyone has 4 door trucks. 

Well here's a few fences and gates . . .

Worked many a gate this girl has.  She loves Horse Shows.
Her favorite class is Trail.  Horse and rider have to complete a pattern of obstacles.  Including opening a gate. 

One from the days in Colorado.  Looks like a greeting card I think.

Love boots on fences. Not sure exactly where I took this one.
Borrowed this one from Pinterest for a Blue Monday post. I love picket fences! Especially painted ones.

And ending with a special one . . .

I realized I love photo's of fences.  I need to get my camera out!

Happy Trails . . .
Wild horses!   We'll ride them someday! ...And He said, "Who will ride with Me?"

                                                  Just had to add this one!

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