Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What To Wear On The 4 also. th

So should I go to a cook out?  Or maybe that invite to dinner?  Then there was that pool party?
Or maybe the day at the lake?   Maybe some fireworks in the evening?

So just what am I  going to wear?  How about a few ideas? 
4th of July Tank  DIY  With Instructions n Photos    WithScissorsAndASpatula             DIY american flag patriotic shoes for 4th of July! These couldn't be easier or more adorable! Definitely gonna throw together a couple pairs for my little ones!
                                                      Source                                 Source
This is a fabulous idea from Rebecca at With Scissors and a Spatula. Would you believe she made this
fabulous tank?  It started life as a plain 'ole regular T.  The flag is painted.  I couldn't believe it. She shares
photos of exactly how she did it!    The shoes are super cute too  I found this at Daniele's blog.  She includes a how to.

How about something a little fancier for that house party?
betty sun dress - red polka dot.                  Perfect for a deployment homecoming!!!       7. Red Sun Dress - 8 Stunning Red Dresses That Make a Statement ... | All Women Stalk
               Source                                                       Source
Adorable and only $38.00!                 Well this one's not $38.00 It's a Oscar De la Renta oh sooo cute!
                                     Spring Summer Fashion Trend Stripes Dress
                                          A little nautical.  Not so much for the Texas weather.  But Love it.
Chambray & lace.. never thought of pairing a button down with a skirt, cute! Like a lot if the skirt was longer!
I've seen these all over.  Very cute.  But I think I need to tone this little shopping spree down and find something I could wear.  Ya think?

Red Round Neck Sleeveless Striped Mid Waist Dress      Summer Anchors 

Prideful Stripes Maxi Skirt | Don't miss out on this patriotic maxi skirt outfit!
                                                Out to Sea Swim modest set (2 pc.) - Dainty Jewell's How perfect is this for summer?!?! Purchase at
                            I really, really like this one.  Too. Too cute!
But, we need something for picnic at the lake . . .

Oh wait but what about this?  I am in love . . .
Patriotic sweater, tulle skirt, cognac belt, cognac boots, pony tail. #style #outfit Tulle skirt inspiration- karla reed's instagram
And the skirt is only $55.00.  This is so me!

But, not so much summer.  Back to the search . . .
Love it!  for the 4th of July!     Love this Sheer Striped High Low Tank from NoVae Clothing! Perfect for the 4th of July! Free shipping plus an EXCLUSIVE Coupon Code for 10% off! Enter Code: novae10 at checkout! Good through Sunday 6/23/13
Cute and simple.  Great for a picnic.  The link didn't work but it's from Novae Clothing Company.

Or maybe just a simple Old Navy T . . .

      Simply perfect for a lazy day at home But it was fun to dream.
                            Happy Trails
                                                                                 Harrison, a 17.3hh Friesian stallion owned and bred by Sherri Wilson. #flag #horse #America

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