Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Pintrest Picks

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as  I am?  When  am not visiting blogs or writing a post I am visiting Pinterest. I get some fabulouse ideas there.
Here are a few that caught my eye last week . . .

K so seriously this is the best Cowboy trailer I've seen!  I am smitten.  I want to see the inside.
Sadly there wasn't a link.
Home sweet vintage bus.
This one was cool too.  It's an old bus!  I love all the plants.  The link led to an interesting article.  Click here.
K so maybe your not interested in redoing trailers or buses.   How about this?
Don't let those pests ruin your Outdoor Entertaining! Check out these 3 mosquito repelling plants, and enjoy the rest of Summer.
This was a really interesting article.  I want to look for these plants. Click Here.
Some pins are fun.  Some make you realize you have work to do.  This one made me feel guilty. . .
Brilliant tutorial on how to replace your old, tired, and ugly ironing board cover with a custom one
The bad part is I didn't even need this tutorial.  I've already done this on my mini ironing board in my sewing closet.  I need to stop procrastinating and cover my regular ironing board!   Seriously it's super simple.  I am just lazy.  Click here for the tutorial.

I was smitten with this one. I so want this table . . .
I am gettin' out the spray paint!  I have a table I want to paint for Christmas.  Love this!  Click Here.
(not sure about the link.  I didn't find this photo)  But I was only interested in copying the look.

Here's one more that is just ridiculously random . . .
How to make a matcha green tea latte
I wouldn't make this.  I only picked it because I really liked the way they used the succelents in the photo.
Click here if your interested in Green Tea Lattes.

Well that is my short list of favorites for the week.     Do you have any favorites?  I know your as addicted to Pinterest as I am.
                                                     Hope you have a great week!
                                                   Happy Trails

                                                     Love Hearts In Nature - Possibly the sweetest horse ever!


bj said...

I love your cute personality...and how excited you get when you find something you just love.
I like all the ones you showed us...and, I LOVE TO THE MOON AND BACK, Pintrest...It's so fun to go there and surf all the goodies. :)

bj said...

P.S. You gave me a good idea on MY FAVORITE PINTREST I want to copy cat you and do a post on MY favorites....k ?

Denise said...

thanks for sharing, have missed visiting your blog.