Friday, July 10, 2015

Test Post--Updated

Updated: Saturday 8:48 . . . How to add post dividers.(all the way down on my list.)
Updated: Saturday 9:01 ....After I previewed the changes in pink.  I thought it would be pretty 
and make the changes stand out.  They do but a little annoyingly I think.  Sorry.  

Did you notice the new background.  Not sure I really like it but trying some new things like
Adding a post divider. I think this is pretty.  Do you?

O.K. so I've figured this out.  Now I am off to figure out how to add pretty little side bar tags.
Very pretty and cute.  I have this list of things I want to change.
Adding the post dividers is super simple but a little annoying in my opinion.  I am not sure I did it right but the positive for this 'Dummy at Blogging' is I made it work. 
Really all I did was search on Pinterest.  You'll find tons of help.  I chose one I liked.   There really weren't any instructions and I actually searched alot.  Finally I figured out all you do is . . .
  1 Save the image to your computer (it was a little of a duh. moment for me)
  2. Upload just like any other photo.   (to me this is the annoying part. Every where you want it
 you add it as an image. 
There might be an easier way. Or a techy (heck how do you spell that?) way but I couldn't find it. 
1. Adding pretty side bar tags. Check  (comment below)
2. Changing the header and adding a couple more photos
3. Find a background that I really like.
I was able to add the pretty side bar tags.  This was a little more of a challenge for me.  Basically I couldn't find what I wanted.  
Most of the free ones that I found and was half way interested in were in 'Zip Files' here's my 'dummy' coming out again.  I don't know how to open a 'Zip File'.  
I'll write a post later on how I did the side bar tags.  
Now I am off to play in the sewing room/closet while I think about more changes.  
                                 Have a Good Day

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