Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Cowboy--My Hero

Today I want to share my Thankfulness.  A Prayer reguest.  And a little about  My Cowboy-My Hero
I shared this photo yesterday with just a few words.
 God gave me a rainbow and said every so softly. "It's all taken care of stop worrying."

I claimed that rainbow as my own. But today I share it with you in case you need something to make you smile or to remember that it is all taken care of.  

                                                                          Because God is in control and he cares.

I took this photo a few years ago.  And I truly believe that God gave me this rainbow.  We were going through a really, really rocky time.   

The interesting thing was we were exactly where God wanted us to be.  

After 25 years My Cowboy left the cooperate world and answered God's calling on 'his' life. 

I went along for the ride.  And there were times we really did feel like God was moving and working 
and we were just along for the ride!  

Ours is a long story.  For 10 years we managed a non profit.  We began sharing the gospel with at-risk 

And then, God seemed to just disappear.   We lost all the funding.  We lost our house.  

We were homeless for  6 weeks.  The 4 of us.  The Cowboy, me, Daisy ( my dog) and Rascal (the cat) lived
in a Motel 6 for 6 weeks.  Interesting huh...6 weeks in a Motel 6.    

A friend helped The Cowboy get a job in a garage in the middle of the summer.    He lost a lot of weight that summer.  
He never gave up on God.  He stayed in  prayer  because he knew that God had called him.                                                      
And then he was called to Pastor at a Boys Prison unit.  That is where we serve now.   A lot happened between the Motel 6 and where we are today.  

He teaches Drivers Ed. and preaches on Sunday.  

I think he is closer to God than ever before.   He is so faithful.  He trusts God.  

The other day he had to go to the doctor because he needs a knee replacement.   He had to go to a G.P. for a referral.  He found out he was waaaaay over weight and his blood pressure was really high!

In a way this has been an answer to my prayers.  Because The Cowboy isn't a healthy eater. 

But God got his attention.  This is thankful part of this post.  He is eating healthy.  He bout edaname tonight.   He is eating fruits and veggies.  And salad.  And whole grain breads.    I am actually shocked. 
I think God really got his attention and for this I am thankful.  I knew that he needed to change his lifestyle.   But he wouldn't listen to me.  Thankfully God answered my prayer. 

Oh and one more thing.  He is riding his bicycle everyday before work.  
                            My Cowboy is My Hero

Would you mind saying a prayer for him.  For us?  

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Denise said...

God bless you, and your cowboy. will be praying for you both.

Leah Adams said...

Lynn, it sounds like your hero has a heart that is tuned to God's radio frequency. What a wonderful thing! Oh that we could all be so ready to listen to God and to trust Him. This is a wonderful post, and I'm so glad you linked up with us this week at The Loft. Please join us again!

Anonymous said...

Praying right now for you and your cowboy...

Down On The Farm said...

Praying for you both. God is good, even when we don't understand.

Christine Malkemes said...

Wow! what a wonderful story. In the loss you found the cost - the cost to rise up heroes in the eyes of God. Can't get any greater than that. Glad the Cowboy is listening with listening ears to His Creator God who formed, designed and shaped his body perfectly for each and every day. Blessings, my friend. Blessings. Your Chris