Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mini Kitchen Tour

Here I am on Saturday enjoying my day off and playing around trying to get the tablescape I posted about
here completed and posted.

I had written about going to pinterest for inspiration and I found some great ideas. From all the inspiration I
chose this one to recreate.
Remodelaholic » Blog Archive Beautiful Natural Tablescape by 33 Shades of Green » Remodelaholic
My plan was to recreate a similar tablescape using two simple items to create a fun simple tables for two

From the ideas I had a plan to use simple white dinner plates something like these from Williams-SonomaBrasserie All-White Dinnerware Place Settings #williamssonoma. Clean and simple. These are what I want in my kitchen someday. Source        In treasure chests. | 32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best PlantsEver Source

I had some great inspiration and was working on a plan using items I already owned.  I was still kicking around how to pull it all together.

Then I saw this pin . . .
                                                                terrarium1   Source
Found at one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration the site of Joanna from HGtv's Fixer Upper.
Seeing the terriarium style planters got my juices flowing and I was off and running around the house in serch of containers.

After washing a few dishes.  And popping the last of a candle and washing another container this is what I
came up with.

Needs a little tweaking but a good start.  Here's a few more shots . . .
T                            T
And the little mini kitchen tour . . .
Love my pedestal.  I've used it many different ways and move it around some but my favorite is on the counter holding the things we cook with.  The spode tea cup was a gift.  It normally holds garlic.

The little lamp shows my eclectic style.  I wanted a lamp for the counter and this is all I have been able to come up with.  It was originally in our daughters 'girly' bedroom.

A shot of the side of my refrigerator.  This is one of the views I have while I'm cooking.  I love clean and uncluttered.  I love the little magnets.  They make me smile.
Do notice the Country Living sign which by the way was dumpster find.  It is hanging on a piece of foam core that is just leaning against the wine rack.  I just taped the sign.  I covered the space so I could hang the sign.  I don't have any wall space in my kitchen.  Covering it gave me a little more storage too!
 Did I say clean and uncluttered.  Well I try to be.  Living in a small space I have to find unique ways to store my things.  I recently got the enamel tins at my mothers.  They were on the 'give away' table at her apartment community room.  I had been wanting something to put these utensils in so I could use the drawer for another purpose.

I know the top of the fridge probably looks cluttered but I love to display my cookbooks.  This is really the only space I have.
I shared this shot because I wanted to show you my clay pots.  I heart them.  The Cowboy bought them
years ago from the Sundance catalogue.  (that was waaaaay back in the day when we had a few $$ to spend) I always find a place for them in my kitchen.

And one last shot to show you the top of my cabinets.


  I found an idea for what I want to do with them for Christmas.  There is very little space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets. Last year I did green garland and it was ok.

 I think this idea will be better!
DEOCRATING WITH MASON JARS | Decorating With Mason Jars | Centennial Farmhouse
I love this super simple idea.  A perfect way to display my mason jars.
I know your probably rolling your eyes because I am already thinking about Christmas.  Actually I never really stop!
                                                       fabric wrapped candy cane ornament 2
                         Are you thinking about Christmas?
I hope you've enjoyed my mini kitchen tour!  I'll be sharing my photo's of my tablescape when I finishing tweaking!
                                                        Happy Trails
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GalleryJuana said...

I love the tablescape you came up with.
I made a terranium years ago and love that effect. Having more than one, like you did, and using them as a centerpiece is even better!
visiting from sunday sketches

Denise said...

very nice.