Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Story

And here's the story behind the picture . . .

I shared this photo earlier on the Wordless blogs but it had a story and so I thought it was perfect 
to share with Linda Kay and Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  (Sorry I haven't linked in a couple of weeks. 
My early post this morning explains that.) But here's the story behind the picture.  

This is the fountain outside the church where I work. The church hosts a preschool and a K-12 school.  Every day when I drive in I see these fabulous cool fountains.  This photo was taken with my phone which I am just learning to use.  

The cool planter fountains are the prettiest blue.  I am sorry they turned out so dark.  They are just a pretty sight when I drive in.  In January during one of our ice spells they were so pretty.  I was sad I missed the shot. 

This afternoon when I left I really need something to lift my spirits.  These birds and God provided.  Did you see the birds? 
There are two.  I wish the shot was better and maybe someday I'll get it right and you can really see the blue.  These fountains were meant merely as decoration.  But they also provide a refreshing drink for the birds.  And a simple reminder 
that God supplies all we need.  

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eileeninmd said...

Good morning, the fountains do look pretty. I am sure the birds appreciate a drink of water. Have a happy day!

A Colorful World said...

Wonderful decorative fountains that are providing for the birds! This is sweet!

Michelle said...

I did not see the birds, at first.
I looked back and see them now.
I love that vase!! xoxo