Friday, July 17, 2015

Fence-Do You Know What Its Called Part One

Part 1 I intended do a post on fences with steps.  I intended to share a few from different places. 
But something happened along the way . . . 
I remember seeing steps leading over fences when I was child.  I'm showing my age here but I remember places along the highway where there were fences steps leading across and a trail into the woods.

Farm Fence Stile Crossing
They were similar to this.  I didn't know what they were called and actually I don't think my parents knew
either.  They were just steps.  I googled it.  They are called Stiles.

The Stiles pictured below were an interesting find . . .

A little like I remember.  But check out what is beyond the steps . . .

A closer shot so you can see exactly what is on this deck.
 Look way over on the left behind the bench.
You can see stepping stones leading to Stiles.
Follow the stepping stones . . .

 and up and over the fences and you see . . .

And this is why you want to cross the fence and go through the field . . .

It took my breath away.
Interestingly this is not where I was going with this post.  But when I found the Stiles I was intrigued.
Their purpose is so much different than the ones I remember.  LOL.

And now are you itching to find out more?
Cracked me up when I learned the details of this property.  This property is in Park City, Utah and was the
2012 HGTV Dream Home!  Click Here to visit the post with more photo's of the house.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some modern day Stiles.  Please come back to see Part 2.

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TexWisGirl said...

i knew they were called stiles. there's only a couple of places around here that have them. :)

(i will link you in as i see you didn't do so this morning.)

eileeninmd said...

Wow, the hub tub and deck look awesome! Wonderful images, happy weekend!

LV said...

You did a marvelous fence presentation. A very interesting find.

Ida said...

The "Stiles" are so cool. - That's quite the home and view there.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Oh I love those stiles steps!! Such character, such life.

Linda Kay said...

Looks like a pretty handy way to get over the fence!

Denise said...

nice pictures.