Thursday, July 30, 2015

5 Minute Friday--

Try...The prompt.  Written in 5 min.
Start. . .
Do you ever feel like you just try so had and no matter what you do it's just not enough.  I think if we
were totally honest that we would have those feelings more than not.
At least I do.
I try to be what others want/expect/need.
I try to be what The Cowboy needs.
I try to be The Child of God that is expected.

But the truth is I am a Child of God.  I am what God wants and needs and hopefully expects.

Does God expect us to 'be' a certain way.  Without getting all theological with you.  I think he does.
I mean our nature is what it is.

I naturally try.

I try to please.

I try to help.

Sometimes I fail.  Many times I fail.  But, I try.

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Unknown said...

I'm right there with ya, friend. Many times I fail, but God offers much grace at every turn. Thanks for sharing! And have a great Friday! :)

Denise said...

wonderful post. you are all you need to be, precious you. I love you.

Linda Kay said...

Our failures are why we have God to turn to! Have a good weekend.

Tammysincerity said...

I'm so glad you mentioned that this is what God expects. He created us, and He's not surprised at our results!
Great post!!
(visiting from FMF at #4 this week)