Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Summer Fun

I found this at my friend Michelle's blog.  Thought I would pass it on.  Sounds great for summer family fun! This is a repost from Michelle's blog.  

Take The Plunge*

There's still time to participate in the 2015 Summer Challenge!

Sign up for the challenge at for access to weekly verses to memorize, ideas for family fun and suggestions for service projects that allow a family to share their faith.

Additionally, anyone who signs up to participate in the Take the Plunge challenge will receive a free scene from the latest Adventures in Odyssey album, as well as a free story from the book Strange Journey Back.

The Take the Plunge challenge features:

Master Mind Monday - commit God's Word to memory 
Ways to Play Wednesday - spend active time with your family 
Faith Sharing Friday - share God's love with others
The Take the Plunge challenge helps families memorize at least five verses, engage in five activities together and share their faith with five people before the school doors swing open again.
Those who sign up will receive a plan with suggested verses to memorize, activity ideas (such as visiting a war memorial) and ways to witness (such as passing out popsicles at the park with an invitation to your church), making this challenge the perfect tool for parents who want summer to be a time of spiritual and social stimulation for their kids.

We want to hear how you are "taking the plunge" this summer! Share on your blog about the different ways you are implementing the challenges in your summer! Challenge your friends to finish this summer strong!
Email Litfuse letting us know you signed up; then be sure to blog and share on social media about your participation---how you and your family are completing the different challenges. Submit your links to us by August 15th!
To sign up for the Take the Plunge challenge, visit   

To learn more about the Take the Plunge challenge, visit
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Denise said...

sounds awesome.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Sherri!

I need to go back and listen to Adventures in Odyssey.