Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red, White and Blue Quilts

 I wonder how many Red, White and Blue quilts I can find?
                                             God Bless America Pillow - I can stitch something like this myself - $84 seems like a lot for a pillow, even one as cute as this
I thought this one would be fun to start with.  The  photo is actually displaying the pillow.  Which is
gorgeous in it's own right.  But I love the quilt.  Simple and yet warm and cuddly.  I love the stripe binding.
Did you notice the chair? Adorable!

                               I have always wanted to make a Patriotic Quilt - this one is great inspiration!
I think this one is breathtaking!  I love it.  I've seen the pattern before.  I love this star block.  It is
very simple to make.  The center applique just makes the quilt don't you think?  If you visit the site
there are a lot more quilts to see!

I  love quilts.  I love making quilts.  Making quilts is my therapy.  If I haven't sat at my machine and played with fabric for awhile I get well it's not pretty!

patriotic red white and blue log cabin #quilt in a barn raising setting
A classic block.  The log cabin.  Super simple and fun!  I don't think quilts are just for beds.  And Blue ribbons are not important to me.  I think a quilt needs to be used and loved.
                       Quilt Shops In Missouri | mom has been busy as a bee whipping out quilts left and right we are ...
I love that this one is photographed on a porch.  I could see this hanging outside to celebrate the 4th.

                                   Make a quick-to-assemble patriotic picnic throw or cozy cottage twin-size bed quilt from your favorite scrappy assortment of red, white, and blue prints.
Another super simple choice.  Love it with the denim chair.  Quilts just make a room homey.
Inscribed over the chapel doors at the United States Naval Academy, Non sibi sed patriae-Not for self but for country-is a simple but powerful statement. This quilt, Non Sibi Sed Patriae, was made by Tony Jacobson in honor of Seaman First Class Vernon C. Gaworski, who served on the U.S.S. Aaron Ward.                   
                      Source                                                                                    Source
I would love to have this many Red, White and Blue quilts.  I guess I need to get the sewing machine  out.
I hope you enjoyed this collection.  There are lots and lots more quilts you can find on Pinterest ad Google.

 I think I am going to go sew some red fabric.  Have a great 4th!  Oh come back tomorrow for some cool vintage images.
                                                            Happy Trails 

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