Saturday, December 15, 2012

Daisy's Bloggie Doggie Friends Meet Cocoa

Welcome to Daisys Saturday post.  This is the day that we award a special dog.  

Todays award goes to a special puppy  with a special mommy! 

The award goes to Cocoa Oldham.  She is so special she even got a stocking!

When mommy isn't feeling well Cocoa cuddles and gives mommy lots of love.

She isn't camera shy . . .

She is growing up to be a Big girl. 

She heared about Daisy's award and wrote her own post.  Click here 

Cocoa was a huge Blessing to the sweet Denise.  Here's what she says in her 
Life with Cocoa post . . .

She constantly makes us laugh, she cracks me up with some of the things she does. Every time I vacuum, she chases after it, barking, and growling. When the mop, or the broom, are standing up by our closet in the kitchen, she keeps running in there, and barks, and growls at them. Whenever I take a bath, she comes in the bathroom, and begs to get in the tub with me, so funny!! She sleeps in the bed with me every morning after Eddie goes to work. When we wake up, she gets on my belly, walks up to my face, and starts licking my face, and my ears. Of course, then I get up, get dressed, and we go out for a walk. Actually, she takes me for a walk!! She takes off running as soon as we get outside. There is a huge field behind our apartment building, she loves it. After our walk, we come in, and then it is playtime.

A puppy definately brings happiness and joy to life. 

And so for all the sweet puppy kisses and tail wags Cocao you deserve the award today. 

 Is your child asking for a puppy for Christmas? 
It's not too late!  I promise you all the extra work is very worth it!    And I promise many, many
happy faces and Smiles.

Merry Christmas!

On a Smile Filled Journey . . .


Anonymous said...

Congrats Cocoa :)

Denise said...

Ruff, Ruff to Daisy and Sherry. This is Coco, thank you both very much. This award means alot to me. Big tail wags, and puppy licks to you both.