Sunday, December 30, 2012

I began  2012 feelin' lonely . . .
I used this photo on my header to remind myself that I am not alone.  That even though you can only see one set of footprints that, I am not alone . . .
There is someone I can talk to.  Someone willing to listen.  But it is hard,
Even though in my head I know that I am not alone.  Even though I know that My God is with me in my human spirit I need more.  I need someone to say "Hi." "How are you?" I need someone to spend a few minutes and just ask me How I am.....
Tonight I read a few comments/posts on facebook that made me stop and think.   I have a lot of friends 'out there' that are lonely.  I have a lot of friends that would just love for someone to say . . .
"Hi.  How are you doing?" 

Is there someone in your circle of friends or family that needs some encouragement? 

Maybe they just need someone to say. . . "I care." 

There is someone I know that needs a little extra special attention right now. 

There is someone I know that needs just an extra hug.  Even though it is sent through the world wide web....she knows I care. 

There is someone I know that needs to be reminded that God is there.  He may seem distant.  He may seem silent today.  But someday soon she will see His plan....because His plan is to give her a future.  A future that is filled with Hope because he says he will.  

Are you facing frustrations and pain tonight?

Are you asking yourself will I always be alone? 

Dear friend I want you to know you are not alone.  There are times I feel alone.  But I just have to stop and realize that I have sweet, sweet friends that God has put in my life that help me remember that I am not alone.  God is with me.  He may seem far away.  He may seem distant.   

But if I open my heart and I allow he'll provide.  I may not realize it until much later but when I stop and think about I always realize God was with me even when I didn't think so.

Tonight if you need a word of encouragement or a reminder of God's love please let me know.  I would love to pray with you. 

I would love to show you just how much God love's you. 

You can have two sets of footprints too....just ask God to join you!

Wishing You Love and Blessings on the Journey . . .

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Denise said...

Praying with you, and for you. I love you.