Saturday, August 6, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas


Joining Sandra for her party. 

Here are her prompts . . . 

The weather

Sunday and Monday clouds and 91/92.   Tuesday thru next week scattered showers.  Still 90/91 most days. 

As I look out my window

Hearing the neighbors.  They are on the way to Chuckie Cheese for 3 year old birthday.  She is super excited! 

Right now I am 

Resting.  I have been busy all day finishing this . . . 

I am in love withe white border . . . 
And so glad I decided it was time to 'give in' and put the border on. 
My Ta Da Moment 

Thinking and Pondering  about my next crochet project.  It is Fall theme blanket with Sunflowers.  I think I have all the yarn I need now.  I have been getting a few skeins each month as I find it in sale. 

How I am feeling . . . Tired from sitting most of the morning.  And feeling accomplished ... last night I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the dogs to the Seawall alone. 

The Cowboy has no interest in getting out.  

On the breakfast plate 

French Toast and Bacon.  He will add syrup.  I add powdered sugar to mine. 

On the lunch plate 

No lunch.  We had brunch. 

On the dinner plate 

Last night I made Chili.  It was so good.  

Mine with Cheese and Crackers 
His with only Crackers

On my reading pile 

On the TV  

Mostly he watches Baseball reruns, Johnny Carson reruns and America/Global Got Talent. 

I just crochet or read. 

On the menu  

Monday Mexican Pot Rice with Carrots and Spanish Rice

Tuesday Chili Stew from Sunday leftovers and Cornbread 

Wednesday Chicken Alfredo and Caesar Salad 

Thursday Pork Chops, Black Eye Peas and Scalloped Potatoes 

Friday Fried Shrimp, Cole Slaw and French Fries 

Saturday White Beans and Ham and leftover Cornbread 

To Do List 

Wash dog bowls 

Vacuum, Sweep and Mop 

Post office

Get Green Beans and Rice for Domino at Walmart 

From the camera  

They love the new rug.  Barely got it laid down and they were on it! 


Thanks for stopping in! 
 I will be linking at Sandra's party and the other regulars. 
Sandra's party is over Here

Have a great week! 


Jean said...

Your menu sounds good! I've been craving stews and chili type foods but it's been too hot here for them (I think of them as cool weather things). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Stacy said...

LOVE that blanket it is so gorgeous! You are super talented! My son has been asking for chili! They are ready for chili and football season lol! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Luludou said...

Love the crochet border on the blanket! Glad you went out alone with the dogs, it's good for your mental health. Have a great week

Sandra said...

What a gorgeous crochet blanket, and the white border makes it pop. Love the doggies, how sweet. I hope you have a blessed week.


Jodi said...

Love the afghan!! Sweet puppy pic! Have a great week!

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks for visiting! Chili is a favorite of ours!

GranthamLynn said...

Oh thank you. I love the blanket too very happy with how it turned put! Thanks for visiting.

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks for stopping in. I had fun on the border. I love how it turned! Thanks for visiting and encouraging me. I needed it!

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks for stopping!

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks for stopping in!